Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hubby gets feminized

Last night I broke the news to my hubby about Thomas wanting to see me again next month. I can’t say he was enthused about it but he reluctantly gave me his blessing. That’s an improvement over the other night but still not the reaction I was looking for.

At least this time I wasn’t caught unawares. I’ve was thinking about this all day Friday and I remembered one of my former mentors, Hillary. You may or may not recall hearing about her but she is one of Elise Sutton’s associates and she goes by the name Boss Lady. She lives in the Houston area and I used to communicate with Hillary quite a bit but haven’t heard from her in years.
I thought about Hillary because when she began to cuckold her hubby, she was adamant about how emasculating her hubby was an important part of the cuckolding lifestyle. Her hubby struggled with some jealousy issues but she was able to help him overcome those feelings through feminizing him and turning him into her sissy-maid. I have always liked the sissies I have met in this lifestyle and I have met a few dominant wives whose husbands are sissies. I fooled around with sissifying James but it was just bedroom play and not anything serious.

I remember this one time, a phone client was into sissification and he sent me one of his sissy dresses and wigs for me to try on James. It was a cute pink dress and a blonde wig. I dressed James up one night and had him sever me all evening as he was dressed like that. It was a blast but to be truthful, James didn’t make a good sissy. For one thing, he is too masculine looking. And I have come to realize that you are either a sissy or you’re not. It can’t be faked or coerced.
That doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun using forced feminization as a humiliation tool. That’s what Hillary did to her hubby and his humiliation helped him to overcome being jealous when she spent time with her lover. The lesson she taught me was that if a man enjoys being humiliated, such as her hubby Raymond and my hubby James, humiliation can be a powerful weapon to get a man to submit to areas he would otherwise be reluctant.
So last night, after I broke the news to James that I would be seeing Thomas again and could sense his obvious disappointment, I told him I had a surprise for him waiting in my bedroom. When he walked into the bedroom, he saw that pink sissy dress and blonde wig lying on the bed. I ordered him to undress and I dressed him up as a sissy. I seductively dressed him in white stockings, a feminine garter belt and then I assisted him as he pulled the pink dress over his head and onto his body. I tied the lace strings nice and tight. Once he was dressed, he sat in my vanity chair and I applied make-up to his face and really dolled him up. Then I put on his wig and the transformation was complete. He looked adorable and he was deeply embarrassed and humiliated. The term ‘forced feminization’ is the perfect way to describe it.
The rest of the night, James had to serve me like that. He bathed me and gave me a mini massage as he applied moisturizing lotion all over my body while he was dressed like that. He was also wearing his CB-3000. I could tell he was very uncomfortable in that sissy dress and wig but I reminded him that this was part of his punishment for the other night.
As he was rubbing the lotion into my body, I teased him about how he would prepare me next month for Thomas. I teased him how he would bathe me, trim my pussy hair and make my skin nice and soft for Thomas to touch. Hillary is a genius because this approach worked beautifully. I could see James was slipping into subspace and he was no longer jealous. He was also fighting an erection which the CB-3000 kept in check.
After my mini massage, I retired to the living room and watched television while my sissy served me popcorn and a cold beer. While I was enjoying my snack, I had my sissy kneel in front of me with his head to the floor and I used him as my foot stool.
I was getting very turned on and around 11pm, I had my sissy remove his dress but I made him keep the wig on. Under his dress he was wearing a garner belt and while stockings. I had him go to the room where we keep the massage table set up. I took off my robe revealing the black bra and panties set I was wearing underneath. Then I got my strap-on harness and I had my sissy bend over the massage table with his feet still planted on the floor. I lubed up his anus and my dildo and I proceeded to take my sissy as I further verbally humiliated him.
I reminded him of my upcoming social calendar as I banged him with the strap-on. I reminded him that next weekend I was going down to Baltimore to a concert with my young male friend whom I was intimate with over Memorial Day weekend. Then I told him that on the 4th of July, Thomas is coming to town and we are going on a picnic at the lake. Later that night, we will be coming back to our house where we will watch the fireworks. James is welcomed to watch them with us but later that night I will be going to Thomas’ hotel room and spending the night with him.
James verbally gave me his blessing but that wasn’t good enough for me. I asked him what he was going to do to make these occasions extra special for me and my dates. He didn’t understand at first so I had to give him a few suggestions. Such as, he would prepare our picnic lunch when Thomas and I go to the lake and it would be a nice gesture if he were to get Thomas a gift card at the restaurant at the hotel he will be staying so he can treat me to breakfast the following morning when I spend the night with him. James caught on and he promised to do both of those things and he made the suggestion that he could get me and my young date a gift certificate for dinner in Baltimore prior to the concert. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s what I want to see from my hubby.
I withdrew the dildo and I took my sissy to my bedroom where he orally pleasured me. Once I was sexually satisfied, I allowed my sissy to wash the make-up from his face and go to bed. However, I think we will repeat this scenario again tonight. I have no plans in turning my hubby into a full-time sissy but forced feminization is a nice tool to use to humiliate your hubby. If he responds to humiliation, it definitely will take him to subspace and that will help him to overcome any feelings of jealousy. Thank you, Hillary, for sharing this with me those many years ago.


  1. So interesting. Like James, I wouldn't make a great sissy or enjoy the whole makeup and wig thing, but the D/s dynamic here is undeniable.

    Having James take the strap-on and be reminded at the same time of his place, not to mention a description of things that he's fighting with internally is certainly genius. James is having to deal with subspace and troubled thoughts all at the same time and fuck me that's amazing. I'm sure his brain is shorting out in all kinds of directions.

    Kathleen in my opinion, this is a great balance of realistic, relationship D/s. You are a fantastic lady for pushing James the way you do. He's one lucky man and I'm riddled with jealousy of your relationship. :)

    1. Wish I could take credit but Hillary is the genius behind this approach. Having mentors was important to my growth back when I was new to all of this. I'm just glad her words came to mind yesterday. It was like a flash and such an inspiration.

    2. Wow this was hot. Is your hubby good at penetrative sex? Is the femdom aspect purely for kink?

  2. Dear Ma Kathleen
    That was wonderful to read. My Wife Mistress told me that when she sees her lover Craig I am to behave appropriately. I told her while on my knees at her feet that I would ve very respectful to Craig as he is my better. She asked me to name a few ways I will show this. I told her I will address him as Sir, offer to wash his car, offer to shine his shoes, offer to cook meals for them. She liked that idea and it makes me feel so inferior.

    Servant rob

  3. Dear Ms Kathleen, the feminization process seems highly appropriate. It will be very humbling for James. I speak from experience but not from having to wear 'a cute pink dress and blonde wig,' but baggy plastic pants and a pink pvc baby doll top! Your fresh and inventive ways of domintaing James always made great reading. Thanks

  4. Honoured Mistress may I suggest that you obtain some female cleaners uniforms, dresses, tabards etc and give your husband reuular domestic servant sessions correctly dressed with specific household tasks to be done no matter who else is in the house, Once this has become a regular routine he should be thinking of himself as a domestic servant and not only be respectful to your boy friends but to any other visitors you may have and your friends will come to accept him as your domestic drudge