Thursday, August 28, 2014

The benefits of cuckolding

I got home last night to an immaculate house and, more importantly, to an adoring husband. It almost defies logic, at least the way society has always viewed marriage and relationships. I mean here I am, a married woman, who goes away on a trip with another man, has sexual relations with that man, and instead of returning to a jealous husband, I return to a man who is full of affection.

James was all over me last night and he was in a most obedient frame of mind. He eagerly unpacked my car and he was full of pride that he had accomplished all the chores I had left him on his hubby-do list. I was tired but I allowed James to join me in bed because he was so full of affection. I allowed him to lay next to me and caress my body as I told him the non-sexual details of my trip. I told him of the beautiful weather, the winery we visited, the museums, the walking trails, etc.  

Of course it didn’t take long before James asked me if Derik liked the outfit I had bought, you know the lingerie. He tried to be subtle but I knew he wanted to be teased and humiliated about being a cuckold. He wanted to hear the details. I had planned on waiting for this weekend to tell him, perhaps during a D&S session, but the moment was here and there was chemistry. I could sense it as I was feeding off of James’ excitement. If nothing else, I have learned to seize these moments when they present themselves instead of waiting for a better moment because the better moment may never happen. 

I gave James permission to suckle at my nipples and continue to caress my body with his hands as I told him about the great sex I had on the trip, especially Saturday night when I wore my outfit for Derik. It didn’t take long before I was as excited as hubby, so I ordered him between my legs as I continued to tease him, adding a little humiliation to my words. James wanted to dive right in and lick me all over down there, but I was still sensitive from all the sex I had with Derik, so I told hubby to suck my clit instead of licking it. I was in the mood for a marathon session of having my clit sucked.  

As James complied with my directive, I gave him more details, of course emphasizing how Derik fills me with his large cock in ways James never could. This made James all he more excited, as he was rubbing his caged cock against the mattress. I had to admonish him to be careful because an “accident” would not be tolerated, no matter how good of a husband he has been. James sucked me down there probably for a good 20, 25 maybe 30 minutes before I was ready to be licked to orgasm. Once I gave him the command, he was very eager, full of passion, and I came almost right away.  

Now I was totally relaxed. James cuddled next to me and caressed my body some more with his hands until I fell asleep. I could feel the love radiating from him.  

Yes, there are benefits to cuckolding, more benefits than I ever imagined. In fact, I was against cuckolding when James first mentioned it to me those many years ago. It took me awhile to come around to the idea, and it has not always been smooth. We’ve had obstacles to overcome and James has not always been at peace with the idea of me being with other men, even though he was the one who encouraged me to do so. I guess that is the bottom line. It really is the husband, the submissive husband, who holds the key as to whether cuckolding can work in a marriage. What woman wouldn’t want this sexual freedom within a loving marriage? But either the husband can be super supportive or he can struggle with it, and if he struggles with it, that adds stress to the woman’s life. It is only when the husband accepts his place and his role as a cuckold that the harmony takes place.  

I still plan on having a more intense session with hubby this weekend, perhaps a whipping and strap-on play with verbal humiliation as I go even deeper into the details of my time with Derik, but I will do this for James. I know he loves to be dominated and humiliated so the session this weekend will be more for his benefit. He gave me a special gift last night so I in return want to give him a special gift this weekend.


  1. Thanks you for this beautiful post, Ms Kathleen. There are so many remarkable things!

    It is lovely that you found your husband so full of affection after your intimacy time with another man! I guess it means he fully trusts in your love. And of course, it also says a lot about his love for you.

    I would had never thought that the key for cuckolding could be in the husband... but it really makes sense, although on the other hand it is a quite challenging thought. You say: "What woman wouldn’t want this sexual freedom within a loving marriage?" So "What man wouldn't want to help his wife to be happy and fulfilled?"

    As I guess it has to be challenging for your husband that his "reward", after his hard work and his painful angst during the last days, is basically a long session on clit sucking while making sure that no "accident" takes place! That, even without hearing what you were telling him, is really humiliating.

    And finally, those last sentences about his bigger reward coming in the weekend... "I will do this for James". Well, I wonder what would happen if he could choose, would he be interested in a different kind of reward, perhaps?

    Apart from the "accident" related words, there is no more mention about it in the post, which makes it even more amazing... It is admirable your ability to manage his mind and his emotions. He is so lucky for being in such lovely and sexy hands...

    Thank you so much for sharing, Ms Kathleen.

  2. Congrats!! It's amazing reading about your journey. You are so loving to your husband but at the same time treat him as your slave. He knows this and in return you get all that you deserve. What a relationship and I can only hope to one day reach your level with my wife.

  3. Maybe you can have Amanda come over to catch up some. Have James if course wear him panties and serve you both. You can fill Amanda in on you weekend of course while James is in the room with both of you. Encourage her to ask for more detail of course with out staying it. Then you can tell James it's time for his bare bottom spanking to were Amanda does see the chastity this time. Would love to hear how that would go!

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