Thursday, August 6, 2015

A long awaited update

A number of you have asked for an update on my life. I took a break from femdom over the winter months. I don’t think I had a session with James in January, February or March. I get that way. I go full throttle with things and then I have burnout. However, we began playing again in April because I missed the intimacy with him and we just don’t click doing vanilla. Our sessions have been excellent since April. We use the massage table which we turn into a bondage table and we have had some intense discipline sessions, bondage, tease and denial, boot worship and strap-on play.  

Probably my favorite session was last month when I took a roll of blue medical adhesive bandage tape and wrapped his penis and the base of his balls tightly with it, leaving only the mushroom head of his penis uncovered. I made him take a Viagra an hour prior to this session so he had a stiff erection. Then I worked a large condom over his penis and the bandage. I tied him to my bed and I used him as my sex toy for an hour to 90 minutes straight. Due to the bandage tape and condom, James could fell no pleasure. In fact, it actually was a bit painful for him as I rode his penis. I kept rotating back and forth, riding his cock for a while and then sitting on his face and having him lick me. Back and forth I went from his cock to his face. I had multiple orgasms while he was feeling no pleasure at all.  

He had been denied for about a month and since he took a Viagra, which he rarely does, I decided to take pity on him but it would have to be a ruined orgasm. So I tied him face up on the massage table, I carefully removed the condom and took our Hitachi double head vibrator and ran it against his very full and swollen balls and the exposed head of his cock which was a nice shade of purple. I rotated back and forth between the tip of the head and his balls until his cock pulsated wildly. I immediately removed the vibrator and he came, shooting his load way up in the air and all over his chest and stomach. His facial expression and the sounds he was making told me it was a most painful and frustrating orgasm. He begged me to touch him, to bring him to a more complete orgasm, but of course I denied his request. I then cut the bandage off his erection. It was quite intense for him as I un-wrapped his penis, his skin sticking to the adhesive tape. Then it was off to a cold shower so he would lose his erection in order to reinstall his chastity device. When using Viagra, it made for a most agonizing next morning as he awoke with an erection that was rebuffed by the chastity cage. The drug stayed in his system for around 12 hours or so, which made it fun for me as I teased him frequently throughout the day.  

It’s been a fun summer. We saw the Rolling Stones in Pittsburgh in June and Billy Joel in Baltimore in July. We’ve been having a session about once a week. It’s just me and James right now, no cuckolding and I like it that way for now. You never know what the future holds but for the time being I am enjoying keeping our lifestyle just between me and hubby.




  1. Hi. As always, nice to come by and take a look for your entries. Your blog have always been very insightful and I look forward to reading more when you contribute. Thanks

  2. It's good to hear that you are having more FemDom fun with James!

    The Viagra is a sweet twist to tease torture and ruined orgasms - OMG!

    I should see about getting a prescription just for this type of thing. I'll need to ask my Mistress what she thinks :-)

    Thank you for sharing with us!


  3. Great to hear from you - thanks for sharing this :)

    big fan of yours here - my blog is at

  4. Big Fan of your profile.... my wife and I play sometimes tease and denial and she loves doing ruined orgasms for me... James isn't getting a ruin one he is getting an explosive one..... let me explain.... hardest thing to do is a ruined orgasms... sometimes my wife has me do it to my self... while she watches and always laughs a little at the end.... on a ruined orgasms the cum is suppose to come out dripping almost like a slow river... never should it shoot out not even once... not a lot will come out depending on the guy but he will have some ball relief.. but stay horny..... the wand... I have had mind blowing orgasms with the wand... cum buckets

  5. James or you would constantly take him to the edge and stop...remove hand... my Cock head bounce a little back and forth and stops and after a few times it will just come out

  6. I love this. I would love to be at your mercy. The viagra reminded me of something my mistress wants to try. She wants me to wear a tiny skirt to a bar on Halloween. She said she would slip me a viagra once there and watch me struggle to keep everything in the skirt.

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  8. I hope you are well Ms Kathleen - best wishes to you!

  9. Dear Ms. Kathleen,
    Thank you for your blog, which has opened doors and minds to new possibilities for many women and men. I hope you and James are happy and well.
    Best wishes, Choreboy
    Best wishes

  10. My wife would like you. She edges me for about two weeks until I am given permission to ejaculate and eat my semen.