Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lifestyle challenges for Hubby

As I was disciplining my hubby the other night with my trusty strap-on, he opened up to me about some of the challenges he’s been struggling with when it comes to my dominance. I encourage open dialogue so I was anxious to hear his thoughts.
The biggest area he has been struggling with is his loss of control over our finances. As you know from reading my blog, I have taken total control in this area as his paychecks are direct deposited into my account and I have him on a strict allowance. When he needs additional funds, he must make his request to me and I either accept it or decline it. Most of the time, I’ve been denying his requests. In addition, he has had to cut back on his lunches during the work week and I use that money to treat myself to a spa day where I am pampered.
The other area he had some misgivings about was last Saturday when I cuckolded him while making him listen in over the phone. My hubby was humiliated and thus sexually aroused by this event however, he was concerned that I was engaging in risky behavior, not so much the sex (as I take all safety and health precautions) but in that my sisters and friends might find out seeing that the young man that I was intimate with is a friend of my niece. My hubby is afraid that my family will find out and that will make him look like a wimp in their eyes should they discover that he submits to his wife being intimate with other men.
I allowed him to express his concerns but then I told him it boiled down to him trusting me. And should family or friends learn of our lifestyle, he will have to deal with it. After all, sometimes the truth hurts and the truth is we have a femdom marriage. I take every precaution to ensure our privacy but as my hubby knows, I am an honest woman so should someone ask, like my niece or one of my sisters, I will not lie. In fact, my one sister knew that I cuckolded my husband back in 2005 as she saw me out with another man. She thought I was having an affair but I told her the truth. I was not cheating on my hubby. I was on a date with another man with my hubby’s full knowledge and blessing.
Me and my one sister have a very close relationship and she has confided in me some private secrets of her own. She didn’t tell a soul about my “one way open marriage” (that’s how she saw it) and I never told a soul about her private secret. However, she does not know the full extent of my femdom marriage and I don’t volunteer information but should she ask, I will be forthright as I am not ashamed about my marriage. I am proud that I have a very successful marriage and femdom is a big part of it.
So my hubby has to accept the possibility that people might find out. I do my best to keep things private but if someone sees me out on a date and they ask about it, if I am close to the person, say a family member or a very close friend, I will be forthright. But if it’s a co-worker or a member of my hubby’s family, I will not “out” him.
When it comes to the finances, I knew this was going to be a challenge for him but I’m not about to change things. I love having this power over him. I love that he has to come crawling to me and begging to me when he needs money. He has to accept it because I refuse to be flexible in this area.
I explained this in great detail as I took hubby with my strap-on and I topped it off by administering to him an OTK spanking. After his spanking, I made him stand with his nose in the corner for an hour so he could dwell on my words and contemplate his role in our marriage.
Not only are we not going back, I plan on expanding my dominance over him. I’ve had very few dates in the past six months. I plan on having a much more active social life in the future that will not include my hubby. He will participate by getting me ready for my dates and at times he will be required to listen in or perhaps even watch me being intimate with other men. I know deep down, he loves it. Deep down, he loves to be humiliated by me. He struggles with it, sure, that’s natural as he doesn’t want people to find out because they might think less of him as a man, but that’s not my concern. I would never do anything knowingly to harm him or my marriage. That’s where he must learn to trust me and overall he does.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

My sexual fling over the weekend

I know it’s been awhile since I last posted but time flies when you’re having fun. Last weekend I visited my sisters which turned into a four day weekend as I bookended the weekend by taking off both Friday and Monday. As usual it was an activity laden weekend as my sisters ran me here, there and everywhere visiting family and friends.
Saturday night I was able to get away for a few hours as I had a date with the young man who took me out New Year’s Eve. He’s been begging to go out with me again so I promised him the next time I came to the city to see my sisters I would go out with him.
I met my date at a popular watering hole that I used to frequent with my sisters. As soon as I saw him I got aroused, I think we both did, because the last time we saw each other was in a sexual context shortly after we brought in the New Year together. Those memories were triggered as we greeted each other with a kiss. He has a very muscular, firm and hard body and unlike New Year’s Eve when he was shy and nervous around me, this time he was more confident and very free with his hands. I encouraged it and the sexual attraction was immediate.
We sat in a booth at the back of the bar and he was kissing my neck when I inquired whether or not he had gotten his own place yet. He had not. I told him I only had a few hours before I had to meet my one sister. I was curious to see how he would react and to my surprise, my young date impressed me by pulling from his shirt pocket the keycard to a room in a hotel he had already secured just a few blocks away.  
I excused myself and ducked outside where I placed a call to my hubby. He was home locked in chastity, wearing a pair of my panties, tending to his long list of chores I expected to be done when I returned Monday night. I called him to tease him about my young date and how we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other and how he had naughty plans for me. I told my hubby I would call him when I got to the hotel.
My date apologized that it wasn’t a five star hotel, but it was a nice Hampton Inn that was very clean with a King sized bed. I called my hubby to let him know my exact location and then I ordered him to kneel at the foot of my bed with this head to the floor and I wanted him to put the phone on speaker and set it on the floor next to his head. I set my phone on speaker and set it on the nightstand next to the hotel bed.
For the next two hours my hubby listened to his wife being intimate with her young date. It was very, very hot. My young date became a little uneasy a few times as we could hear James moan as his erection was painfully stifled by the chastity device. But I was able to refocus my young suitor’s attention back on me with little difficulty.
When I arrived home Monday night, James could hardly control himself. He was still in a deep state of subspace. I have no idea how he went to work like that Monday morning. I’ve teased him about my sexual fling for the past several days and tonight I’m hoping to take him with my strap-on as I have him describe back to me what he heard over the phone. I can’t wait to share with him the exact details as sounds are not always properly interpreted. All that moaning and groaning and panting and screaming he heard may not have been properly deciphered so I’ll have to be sure to elaborate on what exactly transpired that night as I exert my dominance with the assistance of my strap-on. Should be a lot of fun.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spank night

Last night I decided my hubby was in need of some discipline. Overall, he’s been a good boy and our romantic Valentine’s Day has carried over. We’ve been very close. However, he was starting to get on my nerves this week. We are getting some work done around our house and I am making all the decisions (of course) but James has argued with me about a few items as he disagrees on a few of my decisions. I value my hubby’s input and I welcome his input but let’s just say we were not seeing eye to eye on a few things. He relented to me, naturally, but nonetheless his attitude was getting on my nerves so I knew what to do to remedy this situation.
We haven’t “played” since Valentine’s Day so last night became spank night. I wore my long black leather skirt and for a top just a leather bra. I ordered James to undress in front of me and then I ordered him to fetch my leather paddle from my toy chest.

I commanded James across my lap and I proceeded to administer a firm spanking on his buttocks with the leather paddle. I rotated between butt-cheeks and had him squirming in no time. As I blistered his ass with the paddle, I lectured him on how I make the decisions and once I make a decision he is to embrace it as if it were his own. I told him how his negative attitude caused me additional stress and that such behavior was unacceptable. I continued to paddle his ass and he was very penitent as he apologized and promised to improve in this area.
“Mission accomplished”, I thought to myself but the act of spanking my hubby was getting me aroused and I got in the mood for a longer discipline session.
I tied him face down on the bed and spank night continued as in succession I used my tawse, my long handle riding crop and finally the cane. As I punished him, I reminded him that I would be going to visit my sisters in two weekends and during that visit, I would be going on a date with the young man who took me out New Year’s Eve. I asked him, "You don't have a problem with that, do you?" Naturally he didn't express any objections to my plans.

I dished out about a dozen strokes with each implement and when I was finished, my hubby’s tush was nice and red with a few welts. Nothing too severe but just enough to get my point across with an explanation point.
Spank night was concluded with my punished hubby performing oral servitude on his loving Disciplinarian. He began by licking my leather skirt with hard enough licks so I could feel his tongue against my leather covered ass. I wasn’t wearing any panties so I forced his head under my skirt and he began to orally service me. That was just the warm up. I removed my skirt and he performed body worship as I reclined on the bed, concluding with him crawling between my legs and tonguing me to multiple orgasms.

He was denied. I told him to take a cold shower and install his chastity device. I want him to wear it the rest of the weekend.
Nothing beats a well spanked hubby. I saw an immediate improvement in his attitude. He was up nice and early this morning tending to his weekend chores.