Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hubby gets spanked in front of my girlfriend

I know I haven’t posted much lately but its summer time and I’ve been out having fun. I try not to neglect hubby but there really hasn’t been much time for D&S play. Thinking of having fun, Derik and I are going away next weekend for a 5 day trip. James will be neglected again but I plan on leaving him a long list of chores to keep him occupied. I don’t think he is all too happy about me taking another vacation with Derik but that is the life of a cuckold. I plan on having a session or two with him before my trip to make sure he is in the proper mind space. Being dominated always helps James to view my vacations with other men in a more erotic light. If I approach it the correct way, my time with Derik is just a long D&S session for James. For me it is a whole lot more than that but I am mindful of hubby and his needs. 

Last night was a good start. I’ve been going out with my friend Amanda and I’ve shared with her bits and pieces of my lifestyle with James. I even told her that I had a “male friend” who I was going away with on a vacation. I’ve humiliated James in front of her a couple of times but I’ve wanted to do more. It’s a fine line to walk. I know she is very curious and intrigued but she is like that timid animal that if not approached correctly, it would be easy to scare her off. Finally I got her to agree to watch me spank James, as long as it wasn’t anything sexual. No nudity.  

So last night after we got back from our night out, Amanda and I relaxed in my living room while James served us a late night snack. I prepared hubby the night before, telling him of my plans, not for his benefit but for Amanda’s. I wanted it to go smoothly. James was very excited, I could tell by the bulge of his swollen balls in the tight shorts he was wearing as he served us.  

Finally the time was right. I ordered James to fetch my leather paddle from my bedroom. He was wearing a white tee-shirt and tight navy shorts. I had him hand me the paddle, remove his shorts and lay across my lap. He was still wearing black underwear. I’m not sure if Amanda noticed his chastity device or not. The dark underwear covers it pretty good. I was totally clothed, wearing blue jeans. I spread my legs and pulled the CB6000 between my jeans covered thighs then closed them tightly.  

I started by spanking his underwear covered ass, just as a warmup and to keep things light for Amanda. I didn’t include her, didn’t talk to her while I spanked James but I kept looking over at her to make sure she was okay with the scene. She was watching very intently. Her body language told me she was a little uncomfortable but definitely fascinated by what she was witnessing. 

I decided to be a little bolder so I hiked hubby’s underwear into the crack of his ass, exposing his cute butt cheeks. I began to spank him harder while I scolded him. I added some humiliated by informing him that I had a long list of chores I expected him to do while I went away with Derik. I continued to spank him harder and harder and James began to become most penitent, agreeing to be a good hubby and doing what he was told. James seemed to be extra humiliated with Amanda there watching him in such a vulnerable state.  

Normally, if Amanda wasn’t there, I would have injected some cuckolding talk into the conversation while I was dishing out his spanking, teasing hubby about all the great sex I would be having with my lover. Perhaps I should have because the last time Amanda seemed to enjoy me teasing him about other men flirting with me. However, I didn’t want to go there this time out of concern it would be too much. All Amanda knows about Derik is that we are close friends. I figure if she wants to know about my sex life, she will ask me, and if she does I will definitely tell her the truth. But I don’t want to push it unless she inquires. 

I ended his spanking by having hubby count out the final 10. His ass was a nice bright shade of pink with some red. It wasn’t the hardest spanking he’s received, not even close, but it was more than I had planned. I ordered him to put his shorts on and go clean up the kitchen. 

I’m not sure how Amanda felt about it. She is a girl of few words anyways and she didn’t offer much feedback. The only thing she said was “does he like being spanked like that?” Which I assured her he does. Amanda seems to be intrigued with dominating a man but she definitely always comes back to making sure James is happy in this arrangement. That shows she has a good heart, yet I sense there is a budding Domme wanting to come out.   

She didn’t leave right away, so that’s a good sign. She stayed and we watched a little television. James refilled our drinks once but he spent the rest of the time in the kitchen. Amanda eventually left. It will be interesting to see what she says to me the next time we get together, after last night has a chance to sink in. Baby steps, but if nothing else, last night allowed me to have a much overdue D&S session with hubby. That will help to set the stage for next weekend when I go away. I want to have at least one more session with him between now and Friday. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The art of ball slapping

I finally have something new to share. Yesterday I had a surprise visitor, my dominant girlfriend Ginger. I hadn’t seen Ginger since last February but she and her hubby were passing by our area on their way to visiting relatives. She called me about 30 miles out and asked if we’d be home. They couldn’t stay too long but we ended up having a marvelous time.  

The only downer was that James had her hubby look at the Dream Lover 2000 to see if he could get the technology working again. It still works with the remote but the mobile feature hasn’t been working so I can’t use it remotely over the internet. I’ve wanted to take a trip to see Ginger so her hubby could look at it but we haven’t been able to make it down to visit her in the DC area.  So yesterday was the first chance. He tried his best but to no avail. Oh well, at least the hand remote still works for now. Perhaps we’ll get a new one later on because I really like the mobile capabilities and I understand they have a new and improved mobile app for the newer Dream Lovers.  

While the boys were playing around with the Dream Lover, Ginger and I got to catch up. Her lifestyle is about the same. She is still dating Dante and her cuckolded hubby still cleans her house and Dante’s apartment, which I just find to be fascinating. It has to be beyond humiliating for a man to be not only his wife’s sissy maid and clean her house but to also have to clean the home of the man who is fucking his wife. Now that’s humiliation.    

The only real new development according to Ginger is that she attended a demonstration by a DC area Dominatrix on the art of ball slapping. Last summer I engaged in ball slapping/ball spanking with my hubby during a session but I’ve been a little hesitant to engage in it again due to how his balls bruised and were badly swollen for a few days. I have slapped his balls a little here and there during some of our play sessions but nothing as severe as what I did last summer.   

When I shared this with Ginger, she enthusiastically volunteered to demonstrate what she had learned so she could pass her new knowledge on to me. Using her hubby as the subject of the demonstration, she borrowed my riding crop and showed me how to properly slap a man’s balls so that it is very painful but greatly cuts down on the chance for injury. Her hubby is pierced and wears a custom made Lori permanent chastity device. However, his balls are exposed and easily accessible. The bottom ring of the chastity device almost works like a cock ring, which makes ball slapping all the more painful.  

He removed his clothes and put his hands behind his back as he stood before Ginger. She took my short handle riding crop and placed the crop between his legs and brought it upward with the flick of her wrist, lightly slapping his balls with the leather tip. She rotated between left testicle and right testicle, never hitting him hard but the repetition of the light slaps from the crop made the pain build slowly and before long he was squirming and doubling over in pain. His balls became engorged and turned a light shade of purple as she continued with the ball slapping. She never slapped him hard and she never increased the force of the slaps but the repetition of light blows took its toll on him. A few times he fell to his knees from the pain but she ordered him to stand back up again and resume the positon, which he did. She slapped his balls with the crop for I’d say a good ten minutes in total before she stopped and when she was done she allowed me to examine them. There were a few minor bruises but no deep bruises and no broken blood vessels. That is important because prior to learning the proper technique, Ginger admitted that she broke a vessel one time from busting her hubby’s balls and as a result he had a very bad and large bruise that didn’t go away for weeks. So you have to be very careful, even when you use the proper technique. 

Naturally she wanted me to try it on my hubby. James was apprehensive, I could tell, but he undressed and put his hands behind his back. He was wearing the CB6000 with his balls exposed, the plastic ring around the base of his balls working just like a cock ring in that it squeezes his balls tightly if they swell from sexual arousal. Ginger guided my hand for the initial ball slap with the crop. We went a little too hard as James jumped. I was afraid he might move around too much and get injured so I suggested we go down and do it in the confinement room where I could restrain him to the wall. So we all descended the stairs to the basement and I placed James in his wrist and ankle cuffs and locked them to the hooks in the wall. Only I could fit in there fully with James but Ginger was able to stand in the doorway and watch as she instructed me on how to do it correctly.  

It really is an art form. I placed the tip of the crop a few inches below his balls in the open space of his spread legs and in an upward motion I gave a quick curl of my wrist, holding my arm perfectly still. The tip of the crop struck his balls, not too hard, and at first I thought it might be too light because James hardly moved. No wincing, no nothing. But Ginger encouraged me to continue to do it lightly and give it time. She was right as after about a minute or two of lightly slapping his balls, James began to jerk his body from the pain. The first few flicks of my wrist I had trouble controlling where the crop would strike his balls but after a few more tries, I got quite good at aiming and slapping the desired spots, rotating between his left and right testicles. I keep flicking my wrist repeatedly, holding my arm still the entire time and I had James groaning and eventually wailing. The wrist and ankle cuffs prevented him from bucking over or falling to his knees like what we saw from Ginger’s hubby.  

I kept at it for about five minutes, James’ eyes were watering as his body tried to twist to escape but to no avail thanks to the bondage. Ginger heaped praise on me, telling me that I was doing it perfectly. When I finally stopped, hubby was actually whimpering a little.  I untied him and had him step into the light of the basement so we could examine his balls, they were puffy and red but no bruises. It was an intense and painful experience for him but he was no worse for the wear.  

I prepared two ice packs for the boys to assist them as their ball sacs began to shrink back to normal size. I invited Ginger to stay for dinner but they had to get going. She encouraged me to come down to see her real soon. I just might have to take her up on that. I always learn new things from Ginger and yesterday I learned the art of ball slapping.