Friday, September 27, 2013

Lately our sessions have been quality over quantity

Since I got back from Vegas I have been extremely busy at work and tending to some personal business. That’s the downside to vacations and trips. Always stuff waiting on you when you get back. Thank goodness I have a submissive hubby to do the housework and to run errands for me. Women who don’t practice this lifestyle have no idea what they’re missing out on.
I haven’t had much time to “play” with James but last night we had a session and while our play times have been lacking in quantity lately, the quality of the sessions have been excellent. Nevertheless, last night’s session got off on the wrong foot as I decided to dress from head to toe in leather but I wore an old pair of leather pants and not the custom fit pair. The pants I wore are very loose fitting, although they hug my hips and my butt nicely. James was a little disappointed that I wore these pants because he is now accustomed to seeing me with the custom fit pair. The custom fit pair is tight all over and makes me look like the leather is a second skin. The loose fitting pants are somewhat baggy from the knees down.
The leather top I wore was an old halter top that is probably 11 or 12 years old. It’s seen better days and didn’t really look all that great with the pants, I admit, but I wanted to be comfortable and this top is nice and stretched out. I added my pair of leather opera gloves to complete the outfit. I thought I looked pretty damn hot but James is spoiled now seeing me in custom fit clothes. So when I asked him “what’s wrong?” when he came into the bedroom, he confessed he was hoping I would be wearing the custom fit pants. “Too bad”, I told him and his slight criticism just made me want to beat his ass all the more.
But being the kind wife that I am, I wanted to get him in the mood so he could receive and even enjoy the harsh whipping that was coming his way. So I blindfolded him and I rubbed my leather clad body up and down, back and forth across his naked body. The only thing he was wearing was his chastity cage. I admonished him to lose himself in the feel and the smell of the leather. I placed my gloved hands over his nose and face, allowing him to savor the aroma. I pushed him to his knees and pressed my leather clad ass against his face, ordering him to kiss it and to lick the leather.
James went into subspace (I can always tell from the way he answers me, his voice sounds as if he has been hypnotized) and I ordered him to lay face down on the bed (he was still blindfolded). I went through my toy chest and laid out an array of whips and paddles I hadn’t used in some time. I guess I was in a nostalgic mood last night from my outfit to the implements.


I started out with a slapper, which is a short handle riding crop with two pieces of leather that makes a most lovely slapping sound as it strikes James’s buttocks. Its bark is worse than its bite but it is a wonderful toy because the loud sound can really get into a sub’s mind, especially if he is anticipating a harsh discipline session.
Next, I went to my leather flogger. I own several deer skin floggers that are very soft and thus rather mild but this leather flogger carried quite the bite. The leather strands are very tough and hubby was jumping from the first lash. I usually keep his discipline to his buttocks and the meaty parts of his thighs and upper legs but when I use a flogger, I will also whip his upper back and his shoulders (NEVER whip the lower back or the spine area). James was squirming from the flogger and I had him in a most penitent mood rather quickly. He apologized profusely for questioning my choice of outfit and reaffirmed how fortunate he is to have a wife who likes to dress in leather. I must have dished somewhere between 80 to 100 lashes with the flogger before I stopped and took a short break.


The next item I used was my feather duster. I soothed hubby’s hot and sore skin by running the duster all over his backside from neck to feet. He sighed from the sensual massage yet he knew from experience that this was just a tease as the harder stuff was still to come. But not before I told him a little tale I had been holding back about my trip to Vegas. I told him this very true tale while still massaging him with the feather duster.


When I was in Vegas, one night Ginger and I went over to the lounge on the 23rd floor of the Mandarin Oriental. It is a quiet and lovely lounge with awesome views of the strip. There wasn’t many people there but we got a table next to the window and purchased a couple of cocktails. Sitting at the bar was this very distinguished gentleman, a light skinned African-American male probably in his late 40’s or early 50’s. Ginger had been hitting on and was being hit on by younger guys each night we went clubbing, and I did my best to keep up with her, so I wasn’t expecting to meet someone more close to my age. However, this gentleman at the bar had the waitress send over a couple more drinks to us. Then he came over and asked if he could join us. I could tell Ginger wasn’t interested but I accepted his offer and invited him to sit with us.
Ginger wanted to get going as she wanted to head over to the Cosmopolitan and get in line for the nightclub. I told her to go ahead and I would meet up with her later. I ended up staying at the lounge at the Mandarin Oriental for close to two hours, chatting and having drinks with this most interesting gentleman. He was retired military who now ran his own consulting business. He was tall, well-built and dressed to the hilt in his expensive suit, shirt and tie.
We flirted with each other and I was getting very horny. I didn’t expect it to happen but there I was, getting turned on. During our conversation I told him I was married but it was “complicated” and he told me he was recently divorced. He also told me he hadn’t been with a woman other than his wife in the past 25 years. Hey, he could have been lying but at that moment I didn’t care.
He had a room there at the Mandarin Oriental so I texted Ginger and told her she was on her own for the rest of the night. We went to his room, which was really a suite, and he had some champagne sent up. We sat in the living room area and chatted some more. I kept wondering if he was ever going to make a move so finally I made the first move. I kissed him and unbuttoned his shirt. That's all it took. Once I gave him permission, this gentleman became very aggressive, and I loved it. He undressed me and took me to the bedroom.
It was the first time I had been fucked by a man since my trip to Louisville with Thomas back in late May. All I can say is that it was well worth the wait. This man was in shape and he had a very nice cock, nice and thick, and he knew how to use it. He said he hadn’t had sex with a woman in over 9 months. Again, I don’t know if I believe him but he sure was passionate so it probably was true. He used protection (hey, he didn’t know me either) and the sex was absolutely great.
I didn’t spend the night with him as I ended up going back to the Aria to my room. However, we exchanged numbers and e-mails and I’ve been communicating with him. He lives in Oregon but he wants to come to either Pittsburgh or DC to meet me some time in October.
Anywho, back to my session with James. I told him this story and he got very excited, I could tell as he wiggled his hips as if he were trying to hump the bed (if only he wasn’t locked up - lol).
I then fetched my next item of discipline, the tawse. I hadn’t used the tawse in ages and he hates the tawse but he was so deep into subspace by now I knew he could handle it. I too was very turned on sharing my tale, teasing him about once again being a cuckold. I lit into his buttocks with the tawse and he jumped and flinched. I continued and I made him yell out that he was my cuckold. I made him say it over and over with each stroke of the tawse. Hubby was turning and twisting trying to avoid the dreaded tawse after about 20 strokes but I dished out another 10 to 15.


Finally, I grabbed a wooden paddle, but not just any wooden paddle. I totally forgot I had this one. It was lying at the bottom of my toy box. It is a long, narrow paddle with holes, made of very heavy wood. It was made by the same man who made me the wooden paddle that hangs in the confinement room. And just like that one, it has “LFA” carved into it for “Loving Female Authority”.


I had James on the edge of tears as I dished out about two dozen smacks with this paddle. I had him begging me to stop, and he actually used his safe word, which is unusual for him.
I of course stopped, I removed my gloves, and I rubbed my hands all over his hot flesh. It was on fire, which just made me all the more aroused.


I had him turn over, I removed the blindfold and I fetched our newest toy, the ball gag with the attached dildo.


I placed the gag in his mouth and secured the harness around his head. I slid out of my pants, removed my top, pulled my breasts out my bra and I began to rub them against his caged cock, teasing him about his status as my denied cuckolded hubby.

I then straddled his face and inserted the dildo attached to his face into my pussy. But I didn’t ride him this time. I made him raise his head up and ordered him to use his neck muscles to fuck me. He lowered his head up and down, which made the dildo slide in and out ever so slightly. It felt wonderful but was a little too intense for me to climax.
I made him pleasure me this way for about 10 minutes before I couldn’t take it any longer. I climbed off him, removed the gag, and had him lick my clit. I came almost immediately.
So it was another fantastic session that ended with me pleasured and satisfied and James denied and frustrated. We haven’t played a lot lately but when we have, it has been special.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hubby ignored while I was in Vegas but he received a special gift on my return.

Where did the time go? Ginger and I had a blast in Vegas. We had so much fun that we totally ignored our hubbies who were back home, doing chores, anxiously awaiting our nightly call. I know we promised we were going to use technology to dominate our hubbies from a distance BUT we were having too much fun. So our hubbies were neglected. Too bad! We didn’t ignore them on purpose but time got away from us.
We stayed at the Aria and had a corner suite on the 54th floor with gorgeous panoramic views in every room. The bathroom had a whirlpool tub and I loved soaking in the tub, drinking a glass of wine, taking in the awesome views. If only I had a slave there to bathe me and refill my wine glass. We stayed in luxury as even the toilet had a Bidet with a heated seat.
I did the pool by day, we ate in nice restaurants in the evening, and we hit some clubs at night. We also did some shopping and took in a couple shows. There simply wasn’t time to play with our hubbies over the computer. We talked about it but we never got around to it. We called them each night just to touch base and tease them about all the cute guys who were hitting on us but much to their dismay, the calls were very brief.
I met a most fascinating gentleman over at the Mandarin Oriental one night. More on him in a later post. I can’t share the details with you before I share them with my hubby.
Thinking of hubby, on Monday afternoon Ginger and I ventured into a Fetish store and I got hubby a gift. Or is it more of a gift for me? When I saw it, I knew I had to have it.

It is a mouth gag with an attached dildo. The ball gag goes into hubby’s mouth and the straps secure the gag tightly around his head. The dildo is of course for me.

So I can now gag hubby and use the dildo for my pleasure as I ride his face, forcing the gag deep into his mouth, which is why they call it a gag because it will literally “gag” the male.


Another possible use for this toy is I can place the gag in his mouth, tighten it around his head, make him kneel before me (perhaps with his hands cuffed behind his back) as I recline in a chair (or relax on a bed), spread my legs and order him to pleasure me with the dildo. That will be quite a workout for James as he will have to use his head and neck to fuck me with the rubber cock (while he is totally denied).


When James picked me up at the airport Tuesday night, he was very happy to see me but when I asked about his weekend I could tell he was disappointed that I didn’t follow through with the domination from a distance using technology. Nevertheless, he did all of his assigned chores like the good hubby he is.

So last night I gave him his gift. I tied him face-up on the bed and produced the gag. You should have seen the look on his face. It took me some time to figure out how to do the buckles around his head (why are these toys always harder to use than they appear?) but once I solved the puzzle, James was tightly gaged.


I placed a condom over the dildo, removed my leather thong and gave our new toy a test ride. Poor James had to endure the ball gag being shoved deep into his mouth from my weight riding the dildo. He was drooling, slobbering and yes, gagging, while I was being pleasured. He never used his hand signal (I always leave one hand tied loosely when he is gagged should he need to signal me) so he was able to endure the ordeal. Not only that, but his chastity device was full from a swollen penis as he was very excited. I rode the rubber penis for a good ten to fifteen minutes.
It felt great and I tried my best to achieve an orgasm but I was unable to climax from just riding the dildo. I was very close several times but couldn’t quite get there. So I had to climb off of hubby's face and remove the gag. I climbed back on his face and had him lick my clit. It didn’t take long before I had a very intense orgasm, so intense it felt like a whole body orgasm. My hands and feet were actually tingling and my nipples were as hard as they’ve been in some time. James’ face was drenched in my juices.
I grabbed the toy again, removed the condom and ordered James to suck the dildo and clean it off by deep throating the rubber cock while I held it in my hand. More gagging for him as I shoved it deep down his throat.
I have a feeling we are going to have a lot of fun with our new toy in the days and weeks to come.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Heading back to Vegas with my dominant girlfriend Ginger

I haven’t posted on here for a few weeks and to be honest there hasn’t been much to say. I once wrote about our mundane femdom life and many days are not all that interesting. I don’t like to embellish things just to make my blog more stimulating so when we have these days where nothing overly exciting happens, I would rather write nothing or post a movie review or reminisce about past experiences than write about our vanilla experiences. However, the beauty of this blog is that it motivates me to press forward and it prevents me from getting into a rut. Even with femdom you can get into ruts if you’re not careful.
My dominant girlfriend Ginger has to head back to Vegas on business and she’s invited me to go with her again. We went out there in early June and had a blast. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go back so soon but I think this is just what I need. We are going Friday and I will be returning on Tuesday while she stays until Wednesday.
Just like last time, we plan on dominating our hubbies from a distance using technology. And of course being the liberated wives that we are (Single Married Females), the potential for cuckolding is always a possibility. The last time I went I was still seeing Thomas. This time will be different. I haven’t had a lover all summer and I do miss it. I am not about one night stands but if the right situation presents itself, it will be hard for me to resist. Perhaps Ginger’s carefree and wild ways will rub off on me this time. The woman is a rabid Cuckoldress.
To get me in the mood, I broke the news to James during a discipline session last Saturday night. We hadn’t “played” for a couple weeks due to a variety of reasons and I thought a maintenance discipline/attitude adjustment session was in order. I restrained James to wall inside the confinement room and I dressed in my custom made leather pants along with a leather bra. After a warm-up flogging, I dished out a dozen intense strikes from my long handle riding crop to his buttocks. Then I dished out 20 moderate to severe shots with two of my new Delrin canes (the black cane and the thick white cane).

While I was administering his discipline, I told James about my Vegas trip and how I would be leaving him a long list of chores that “must” be completed on my return. I also told him to be ready for some intense discipline and humiliation as Ginger and I will monitor him over the surveillance system cameras.
When I was done disciplining hubby, I found him lacking in enthusiasm for my trip. He was compliant and agreeable but I want him to be excited for me. He lacked that. Therefore, I sentenced him to ten minutes of sitting on the spiked mats while he worked up his enthusiasm level.
After his punishment, hubby’s bottom was quite the sight. Not only did he have some nice stripes and welts from the crop and the canes but he also had the many indentations from the spiked mats. His enthusiasm had improved and tonight as I write this, hubby is doing my laundry and packing my bag for my trip. He will be driving me to the airport on Friday.
I’ll be sure to post the details of my trip when I return home.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Going Under

Directed by Eric Werthman 

Starring Roger Rees & Geno Lechner 

Release: 2004 

Length: 98 minutes

"Going Under" marked the feature directorial debut of Eric Werthman, a 65-year-old practicing psychotherapist. This is most interesting because the main character in “Going Under” is a psychotherapist. Its first public showing was in 2004 at the São Paulo Film Festival. It debuted theatrically in 2006 in New York City, and was released on DVD in 2007 through the independent company Blue Underground. 

The film reveals the influence of director/co-writer Werthman's profession because it adopts a highly clinical and thoughtful tone. However, I found myself wishing for much more eroticism. After all, this is a movie about a personal relationship between a Dominatrix and one of her clients. How can that be dull? Well, the writing in this movie might have been better suited for a platonic relationship between a shy Priest and a rigid Nun.  

The plot goes like this: Peter, a psychotherapist, and Suzanne, a professional Dominatrix who goes by the name Mistress Diana, have been meeting once a week for over two years, in the privacy of a dungeon room at a New York House of Domination.

During the opening credits, images are shown of frescoes from a villa in Pompeii called the Villa of the Mysteries. Of particular relevance to the film is a fresco depicting an Angel with a whip. From there we see Suzanne in a dungeon setting with her client, Peter. She encourages him to allow her to pierce his penis. He hesitates but submits. After the first needle, Suzanne asks him if she can do another one. He agrees and painfully endures as Suzanne confesses how much she enjoys piercing a man’s genitals.  

After they are done the session, Suzanne informs Peter that she is quitting at the end of the month, and gives in to Peter's request to see her on the outside. Their agreement causes Peter to be distracted at home with his wife, Pat (Kit Flanagan), and at his work as a psychotherapist. Pat confronts him and, although she already knows and accepts Peter's visits to see professional Mistresses, she is concerned to hear of Peter's attachment to Suzanne. 

Upon meeting Peter on the outside for the first time, Suzanne is unsure if she has made the right move in deciding to see him, but her curiosity overpowers her reluctance and they continue talking. Later, it becomes apparent that Suzanne is just as preoccupied by their relationship as Peter, when she is shown in bed with her girlfriend, Miko (Miho Nikaido), who notices Suzanne's distraction and confronts her about it. 

Through a series of flashbacks, we see how Peter and Suzanne met. Calling himself "Robert", Peter enters into the commercial House of Domination and fills out a questionnaire where he lists his D&S interests. Next, he looks through a book which contains the pictures of the various Mistresses that work at the Dungeon. Peter chooses Mistress Diana. Peter is next shown naked while he waits to meet his Mistress. Suzanne enters and the chemistry between them is immediately established. At the end of their initial session, they share their real names with each other.  

In the present time, Suzanne's relationship with Miko is faltering. Peter is struggling to write a psychiatric paper, remembering his childhood of coping with a severe learning disability and Attention Deficit Disorder. Peter and Suzanne continue exploring their S&M relationship in flashbacks, with Peter receiving clothespins on his skin and performing leg worship on Suzanne but being denied his request to orally pleasure her through her rebuke that it would be unethical. Peter also tells Suzanne that one of his hard limits is that he is squeamish when it comes to being pierced. The first scene in the movie tells us that she was able to expand his boundaries and that he trusted her enough to allow her to breakdown even his hard limits.

Outside the dungeon, Peter clings to her, but also tries to analyze her at the same time. Suzanne confides to Peter that the reason she retired from being a Dominatrix was because she was having trouble controlling her contempt and hatred toward some of her male clients. Suzanne admits that she found herself really wanting to hurt this one man in particular and it scared her.  

In a meeting at a diner, Suzanne tells Peter about a time in her teens when she tried to make friends with a boy named Tim in a new community by performing oral sex on him. Suzanne says she felt proud of herself until everyone at her new school found out about it. Peter suggests that if the memory did not still hurt, she would not have brought it up. She corrects Peter by reminding him that she already has a therapist and that she doesn’t need him analyzing her.  

Peter tells Suzanne about his struggles in school with a learning disability and how it still affects him. Suzanne again becomes uncomfortable with Peter's intimacy with her. After Suzanne puts off meeting with Peter on the outside again, he goes to an S&M club, where he watches various public scenes between Doms and subs.

He approaches a woman, Mistress Terry, whom he had watched flog a man. She orders him to buy her a bottle of water. She asks him if he wants to be dominated, which he agrees, so she binds him naked and proceeds to flog him while an audience gathers to watch. Peter is unable to get in the mood and stops her by using his safe word shortly after she begins flogging him. Mistress Terry seems interested in Peter, even asking him if he is married. Before he leaves the club, she informs him that she frequents the club most weekends, should he ever want to session with her again.

Meanwhile, Suzanne is contacted by her former employer, Juno (Phyllis Somerville), the woman who runs the House of Domination. Juno tells her that an old client is willing to pay her a healthy sum of money if she were to travel to Philadelphia to dominate him. At first she refuses the offer, but when her female roommate breaks up with her and moves out, her need for the money makes her reconsider the offer.  

She goes to Philadelphia for the one-time session with the old client, Walter. Here we see a scene that is a perfect example of a man who wants to be dominated, but tries to control the session. Suzanne shows up wearing a sexy black leather outfit but Walter immediately tells her that he doesn’t like black and that he is deeply disappointed that she is not wearing a red outfit. As the session begins, he corrects her about the tone of her voice. She is obviously not doing an adequate job of conforming to Walter’s fantasy and Suzanne becomes agitated. She finally grows tired of his complaining so she gags him and proceeds to whip him with fury and disdain.  

Afterward, Walter pays her for the session but not before he reminds her about what he didn’t like about the session. However, Walter hesitates and thanks her, perhaps revealing that he enjoyed being put him in his place. Once Walter is out of her sight, Suzanne breaks down and cries. 

When she returns to New York City, she gets news that her mother, Gretchen (Jenny Sterlin) has cancer. She calls Peter to drive her to her mother's house. Suzanne and her mother are shown to have a tense relationship, causing her to lean on Peter after the visit.


Peter drives Suzanne back to her apartment and they go inside. Peter marvels at Suzanne’s art, especially the plates from books that Peter has gifted her as inspiration.  
They begin passionately kissing for the first time. Suzanne says that she will never be comfortable with how they met, and although she seems to want more, she stops Peter before he penetrates her. She leaves the room only to return and begins to allow Peter to touch her sexually, however she stops him again and she collapses in his arms, sinking to the floor. Peter sits with her for a while and returns home.  
Days later, they meet again outdoors. Suzanne says she cannot allow herself to want Peter. He says he understands how she feels but does not want to lose her. Nonetheless, Suzanne ends the relationship. 
We see Peter and his wife Pat sitting lakeside, watching their college-aged daughter in the lake. Peter comments on how secretive their daughter has become about her life.  Pat reminds him that their daughter is just like him. Peter apologizes to Pat for the things he has done to hurt her through his relationship with Suzanne.  
Finally, a year has passed and Peter backslides yet again. He has seen an ad in a Femdom publication that Suzanne is once again working as a Dominatrix. In a voice-over telephone conversation, Suzanne explains to Peter that she is only working one day per week to make extra money. Peter asks if he can see her again. Suzanne says it will not be any different than it was a year ago and denies his request.  End of movie. 
Werthman gets kudos for making his characters multi-faceted and transparent at the same time. These are intelligent and complex characters. However, these are also very dull people, or so the dialogue makes them seem that way. Peter is a sad and depressed character. So is Suzanne, for that matter. There is no humor in this film. The characters rarely smile or laugh. The sex is non-existent. The S&M scenes in the dungeon are neither erotic nor interesting.  
Contrast Suzanne with Mistress Midori. Readers of “Predominant” may recall that I reviewed her movie, "Portrait of a Dominatrix" back in May 2005. In that issue of Predominant I wrote the following about Midori;
"I particularly enjoyed the way she spoke to her slaves. She bargains with them, reasons with them and gets them to agree to whatever whim pleases her. The smile that appears on her face as she whips her slaves is inspiring. She goes from playful and aloof to serious and demanding in a split second." 
In other words, Midori loves what she does. If you are a submissive male, I doubt if you would want to session with Suzanne. And if you are a dominant woman, I don’t think Peter would be your dream submissive. Peter is a needy person and perhaps Suzanne likes him because he is different than her other clients. Maybe she sees a future with him, a successful man who could give her a new life. But she knows he is married and there is no future with him. Therefore, we are left with two needy people trying to be friends, but neither can meet the other’s needs.  
Toward the end of the movie we see Suzanne driving in her car and we hear her voice-over talking about how she has this need to break a man down. We hear Peter talking about his need to be broken down. You would think two such people would be compatible and a perfect match. That was obviously the attraction and the chemistry they enjoyed in the Dungeon. Sadly, it could not translate to the outside world. And sadly, this film does not reveal the potential benefits of a loving Femdom relationship. Suzanne and Peter are running from what they really are and what they really need, instead of embracing it. Thus they are left sad and depressed.  
On the DVD extras, there is a short documentary about the annual Black and Blue Ball held in New York City. It runs about six minutes but it gives you a glimpse of what these kind of fetish events are like. If you’ve never been to an event like this, you will probably be shocked. Better you see it on a DVD prior to going in person. Just keep in mind that not everyone who attends these events are as flamboyant or over the top as what they show in this short feature. 
I bought my copy of this DVD on Amazon. This film does have some artistic merit but don't let the subject matter entice you. It's neither a sexy nor a romantic movie.
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars