Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Femdom movie coming soon: My Mistress

Sorry I haven’t posted anything new in a while but my social calendar has kept me busy. In fact, I am heading to B-more later today and will be spending a few days with my sisters. James has been a good boy, working hard, doing his chores and making sure my needs are met. We haven’t “played” in a couple of weeks but I hope to make time for that later this week.
I have been receiving a lot of e-mails lately from my readers and as always I appreciate your feedback and words of encouragement. Just yesterday I received an e-mail from Michelle and since I used to review FemDom movies, she informed me of a new movie coming out called “My Mistress”.

It looks most interesting, kind of the Femdom answer to “Fifty Shades of Grey”, which is also currently running its movie trailer in various places, only “My Mistress” has the extra taboo of the male sub being a teenager. Here is the premise of “My Mistress”:
It’s a long hot summer for Charlie Boyd. He’s sixteen and his hormones are racing.  When a tragic family event tumbles Charlie into a world of pain, a pain so intense he thinks no-one can help, he tries to escape. Desperate and alone, he meets Maggie, the mysterious woman who lives down the street. She’s a professional and she specialises in pain. Giving it, exploring it, and sharing it, all for money. 
So Charlie insinuates his way into her life and despite herself Maggie can’t stop from going along with his wishes. However dangerous their relationship may be, she knows he needs her.  She needs him too. As much as she tries to deny it, she needs his sort of love, because in the part of her life she keeps from Charlie, she has been judged and found wanting, and is paying the price. Maggie is drawn to this troubled boy who takes all the pain she can give and uses it to heal himself.  As Charlie heals, he turns that love back onto her, his Mistress. 

Here is the website so you can watch the trailer: 
I hope it plays in a city near here so I can go see it. That might make for a wonderful femdom night out, taking hubby with me, and maybe Ginger and her hubby could join us. It would be fun to see the kind of people in the audience. I’m sure a lot of femdom enthusiasts would be there.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

More verbal humiliation for hubby in front of my girlfriend

You may recall that last month I verbally humiliated James in front of my girlfriend in a purely spontaneous moment. Well Friday night Amanda and I went out again, doing dinner and going to hear a band at an outside concert, and during our most pleasant night, Amanda asked me about James and I could tell she wanted to discuss something in particular but was hesitant. So after the concert, which ended around 10, we went back to her car so we could talk in private and with some probing I was able to get Amanda to open up. She admitted that she has been thinking a lot about the night I verbally dressed James down in front of her and she has been curious about it.  

I reiterated to her what I had told her that night, how James enjoys being bossed around and humiliated by me, especially if I “tease” him about me picking up other men. I didn’t want to get too detailed else I might freak her out. I need to ease her into things so I just told her my interaction with James that night was kind of a fantasy we engage in, a way to spice up our bedroom life. But I did tell her it is real in the sense that I am the dominant partner in the marriage. Amanda understands this as she has seen my dominant personality with other people, including her. Amanda has told me before that I am too bossy and opinionated with people.  

As we continued our conversation, I picked up that Amanda was more than just intrigued with how I humiliated James that night, she was excited by it. She didn’t come out and admit it but I’ve been around this lifestyle long enough to tell when people are turned on or turned off by femdom. Amanda would not have brought it up again if she were turned off by it.  

It was now almost 11:00 and I asked Amanda if she would like to watch me humiliate James some more. She played it coy, acting like she didn’t want to but it didn’t take much persuasion on my part to get her to agree. So I called James to make sure he was still up and I told him not to go to bed, that Amanda and I were coming to the house and I needed him to fix us and serve us some refreshments. I also told him, with Amanda listening to the entire conversation as I had James on speaker, that he was to go and put on a pair of my panties and wear them under his clothes.  

As we pulled into the driveway, Amanda got cold feet. She said she changed her mind and needed to get going. I told her that James would be very disappointed if she didn’t come in and at least have some of the snacks he prepared. I knew Amanda was going to need a push but her late resistance told me I needed to tread carefully else I might scare her off. As we were driving to the house, my mind had been racing to all kinds of things I might do, like perhaps having James remove his pants and show Amanda his panties and his chastity device. But her display of cold feet as we pulled into the driveway told me that would be too much, too fast. Therefore, I decided to keep it to verbal humiliation. 

James served us vegetables and dip along with chips and salsa. He has come a long ways as the tray was well prepared and very decorative, the carrot sticks and celery making a colorful circle around the cups of French onion dip and salsa, the chips making the outer perimeter around the veggies. He got me a beer and Amanda a glass of Sprite. He sat the tray on the coffee table and began to exit toward the kitchen when I told him I wanted him to join us but as he attempted to sit on the couch, I told him to kneel before me and put his head to the floor. He hesitated, looking at Amanda but then he slowly obeyed my command as he kneeled. I placed my feet on his back and used him as my footstool as Amanda and I talked and enjoyed the refreshments. I totally ignored James as if he wasn’t there. Amanda kept looking at him, not sure what to make of all of this.  

As we were talking, I made sure to mention some of the cute guys we saw at the concert. To my surprise and absolute delight, Amanda jumped right in and talked about the two guys who bought us drinks and especially the guy who asked me for my number (all true). I teased how I might give him a call and go out with him (not true), how I noticed the bulge in his pants (not true), and how it was obvious that he wanted to get me in bed (probably true). Amanda suggested that perhaps we could double date with them. It was at this point that I addressed my husband for the first time since he had become my footstool, 

“Is that okay with you, my dear husband, if Amanda and I go out on a double date next weekend?”  

He grunted that it was. 

“Not that you have any say in the matter. I mean look at you, down there, debasing yourself in front of my friend, wearing my panties under your pants, listening to your wife making plans to date other men, what kind of a man are you anyway?” 

James didn’t say a word so I just continued on, verbally humiliating him about what a pussy-whipped, emasculated husband he had become. 

“Amanda was telling me tonight how she couldn’t get over how I boss you around and how you just take it. Isn’t that right Amanda?” 

She also got very quiet but finally she whispered “Yes, Yes I did”. 

I could tell I had made her uncomfortable so I didn’t ask her any more questions, I just continued to humiliate James. 

“James, Amanda has to get going, so after she leaves I want you to put this refreshment tray away and clean up the kitchen before you go to bed. Do you have your list of chores I expect you to do for the weekend?” 

James grunted out that he had. 

“Tell them to me, from memory, what are you going to be doing this weekend while I go shopping tomorrow.” 

James hesitated a little too long so I gave him a nudge with my feet. Then he told us how we would be doing the dusting, vacuuming, laundry and cutting the lawn.  

“Very good, and if you don’t do an excellent job, and I mean A+, you will be punished. But you like to be punished, don’t you husband of mine? You have a bit of a Mommy thing going, don’t you, wanting your wife to punish you when you are naughty.” 

James’ face turned red when I mentioned the punishment and the Mommy thing.  

“Look Amanda, he is embarrassed. See how easy it is to embarrass him. But it’s all true you know, he likes to be punished.”  

I said some more things, like how I can go out with whomever I want, when I want. How I am free to sleep with other men, if I so choose but he must remain totally loyal, devoted and monogamous to me. James acknowledged all of his by nodding his head up and down.  

Although she didn’t say much, I could tell Amanda enjoyed watching, especially when I humiliate him about me dating other men. I couldn’t  quite read her when I was humiliating James about his chores and possible punishment but Amanda seems to get a real kick watching me humiliate James about my active social life. Go figure!  Who would have thought that conservative Amanda would harbor cuckolding fantasies? I wonder how she would respond if she knew the truth about me and Derik? I just might let her in on that. Maybe not right away because I have to be careful. I have to be certain I can trust her with those kinds of secrets. Fantasy talk is one thing, reality based femdom is another. 

Finally, the show was over. Amanda got up and left and I retired to bed. I originally told James to join me in the bedroom when he was done with his duties in the kitchen but once I hit the mattress, I was out. James came in and woke me by climbing into bed, thinking he was going to be allowed to orally service me, but I sent him away. I wanted to sleep. It happens. 

Yesterday, James asked me if I thought we could bring Amanda more into our femdom play. Obviously he thinks I have some kind of a plan when it comes to Amanda, but I really don’t. I hope she continues to ask questions. I would love to see her blossom into a Domme but I have no plans right now to have her watch me discipline or dominate James outside of humiliation. Maybe in the future but I know from experience to take these things very slow.


Sunday, July 6, 2014

The correlation between male endowment and humiliation play

I’ve gotten quite a few e-mails regarding my last post. One e-mail wanted to know more of the details on how exactly I dominated and verbally humiliated James after Derik left the hotel room. Perhaps I should have elaborated on that a little more than I did but my post was already longer than I had planned. Besides, readers of my blog can always go back and read some of my past entries that involve humiliation play to get an idea of how I go about it, the kinds of things I say, the buttons I like to push, etc.  

In order for humiliation play to work it has to be a two way street. Yes, I want to humiliate James in a way that turns me on but I also want to do it in a way that turns him on. Over the years I have learned which buttons to push in order to turn his embarrassment and humiliation into sexual arousal. James would be the first to admit that he was embarrassed and humiliated as he watched me performing an intimate act on Derik. He confessed to me that it was hard to watch at times and he also felt some jealousy. After all, it has been ages since he has last experienced what I did with Derik. And if I have my way, he will never experience the pleasurable sensation of a woman’s mouth on his penis ever again. I can guarantee you he will never again experience me doing that to him.  

So to give you a few additional details about last Monday, after Derik left the room I had James take off his clothes and lay down across the bed. I gave him a warm-up whipping with the flogger before switching to the riding crop. But it was a mild whipping, nothing too harsh. For one thing, I don’t like to whip a man hard in a hotel room because I am always afraid someone in the next room might hear it. Secondly, I wasn’t in the mood to whip hubby too hard. The whipping was more about what it represented. Derik gets an intimate BJ. Hubby gets the whip and the strap-on. 

And thinking of the strap-on, that is where the verbal humiliation comes into play. I put the harness around my waist and as I was lubing the dildo and hubby’s anus, I began to taunt him how much bigger Derik’s “cock” is than his and how much I enjoy sucking a “real man’s dick”. Those are the kind of buttons that I press to get hubby aroused. Watching me with Derik was not easy for James but having me humiliate him about it is what turns him on. I’ve learned these little sayings over the years, the sayings that excite my James.

To be honest, he has an adequate penis. I was never disappointed in his penis prior to this lifestyle. Granted he doesn’t measure up to Derik or to some of the other men I’ve been with but I was never a size Queen. All things being equal, I prefer a bigger cock, I think any woman who is honest would admit that, but for most women it is not the end all. Men are far more obsessed with measuring themselves against themselves. I think us dominant women simply use men’s insecurities about penis size as a weapon.  

James loves it when I tell him that he doesn’t measure up. I don’t know where that comes from. I asked him once if a woman ever said that to him in his past and he said “No”. So why does he want to be humiliated like this? Maybe it has to do with porn. A lot of men watching porn are seeing guys with bigger packages fucking women so they assume that their smaller packages can never please a woman. I don’t know but it is prevalent in femdom. A lot of submissive men like to be humiliated about having smaller cocks, whether it is true or not.  

Derik is bigger and thicker than James, that is the truth, and that is why I wanted James to watch. I had shown him pictures of Derik’s cock before, snapping photos of it with my cellphone, but I knew it would really humiliate him if he saw it in person. Now that he has, I can forever use that in our playtime. Now when I tell James that he doesn’t measure up to Derik, he has the visual forever in his mind. It presses those old buttons while adding a new button at the same time.  

So while I was taking James with my strap-on, I verbally humiliated him about how he doesn’t measure up. I made him confess to me how he felt when he watched me pleasuring Derik. James searched for the right words and the strap-on brought out more of his submission. He was very vulnerable and that is when he confessed to me that he felt unworthy of me and inadequate as a man.  

Is he inadequate as a man? Of course not! He is a lovely man and very adequate on many levels. But for whatever reason he wants to feel inadequate sexually. He wants to feel unworthy of me. And furthermore he NEEDS to feel inadequate and unworthy. That is his sexuality. I used to try to figure it out but it is pretty much a futile endeavor. It is like asking a man why he is gay or why he likes women. James is what he is and there are thousands and thousands of other men just like him out there. Cuckolding sites are popular because a lot of men are turned on by the concept of their wives being with a better endowed man.  

So yes I verbally humiliated my hubby as I took him with my strap-on and I’ve been teasing him about last Monday all week long. I love to come up from behind him and reach around and grab his cock cage, teasing him how he is locked up because he can’t please me the way Derik and other men can. Whenever I do this, James gets very turned on. We both do. It never fails.  

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cuckold humiliation: making hubby watch

I am a little hesitant about posting this but I feel it is in an important development in our femdom marriage. I am going to keep this as short and sweet as possible because it involves Derik and my sex life with him. My blog is about femdom and how James and I practice femdom in our marriage. I am uncomfortable sharing what I do and don’t do in the sack with a lover. Believe it or not, I am rather modest when it comes to those things. I have never been one to talk “details” with girlfriends when it comes to sex. Even with Ginger, who loves to give “details” about her sex life with Dante, I try to keep things to femdom and how it relates to what I do and don’t do with my husband. I might tell her or someone else that I “got laid” or “we had great sex” or if I am feeling extra naughty I might say “I got fucked” but I rarely give details. However, to do this post justice I have to give a few intimate details. So here it goes.  

One of my fantasies lately is to have James watch me with Derik, at least once. I wanted to do this not so much for the eroticism but for the femdom. James is even more private about sex than I am. If I was to make him talk about sex in front of other people I can guarantee you his face would turn red. And although he has fantasies of his own, when push comes to shove he would rather not participate in anything sexual that involves anyone other than me. In fact, when we were active in ClubFEM and I would dominate James in front of the group, he was always uneasy about it. He would rather sit back and watch others “play”. He likes to “play” only if it is me and him and only if it is in private. Even when we used to meet and play with other couples, James was more “voyeur” whereas I was more “exhibitionist”. I am a bit of a ham when it comes to femdom and public play. It is only when things turn overtly sexual that I become modest.  

Those that read my blog know that James is a cuckold. However, we are different than most couples that practice cuckolding in that we have never been into scenes where the husband is forced to watch his wife with her lover. For the most part I have protected James from this because I know it would make him uncomfortable. On the other hand, James likes it when I humiliate him. He gets turned on by humiliation play and the appeal of cuckolding to him is the humiliation. But he prefers to be humiliated by me sharing the “details” with him in private, within our own private playtime. He is not interested in being humiliated in front of a lover.  

However, that is one of my fantasies so last weekend when I was away with Derik, having great sex while hubby was home doing chores, I felt Derik out about having James watch us one time. He was dead set against it therefore I decided to find a compromise. I asked him if he would be against allowing James to watch as I gave him a BJ (yes, I like to perform this sex act on a well-endowed lover). Derik was against the idea at first but I kept at it and finally got him to agree.  

The next problem to overcome was when and where? Derik was not going to come all the way to our house and I couldn’t have James join us on our trip, as the weekend was almost over by the time Derik agreed. Derik was flying out of BWI to head back west on Monday but he had a late flight. That gave me an idea.  

I called James and told him to take off on Monday and get a room at a hotel near BWI. I told him I had a surprise for him. James knew Derik was flying out on Monday so he naturally assumed that I wanted to use the room to dominate him once Derik was gone. He was half right. I told James to bring one of my floggers, my short handle riding crop and my strap-on. 

Here is where I will skip most the intimate details and stick to the femdom. Derik and I met James at the hotel and James was totally embarrassed. Derik stayed in the lobby while James and I went to the room. I needed a few minutes to get James in the proper frame of mind. Inside the room, I told James that I wanted to engage in some humiliation play with him and I “commanded” him to obey my every order else the humiliation would become much worse, and not in a good way. To assist in the process, I undressed down to bra and panties and ordered James to worship my body by planting kisses all over me, starting at my feet and working up to my ass. As he was kissing my feet, legs and ass, I told him about all the great sex I had with Derik over the weekend.  James got an immediate erection.  

Once I had hubby prepped, I commanded that he sit in the chair closest to the bed and he was not to move or say another word unless I gave him permission. I then called Derik and had him come to the room. We didn’t have a lot of time so I got right into it. I kissed Derik and undressed him down to his underwear. I took his hands and placed them on my bra and allowed Derik to fondle me in front of my husband. I pulled my breasts out of my bra and Derik sucked my nipples.  

I slid his underwear down and pushed him onto the bed. I gave him a long, slow and very intimate BJ. Several times I stopped to look at my hubby. The first time he was watching, the second time I glanced at him he was looking away. I snapped at him and ordered him to keep his eyes fixed on what I was doing. I didn’t necessarily want to humiliate him like that in front of Derik (he still doesn’t know much about our femdom marriage so he had to be shocked with how I spoke to my hubby in that moment). James kept his eyes on me as I finished the BJ, ending it by giving Derik an explosive orgasm with a hand-job (I never allow a man to climax in my mouth). 

I fetched a towel and wiped him off but Derik was quick to jump and head into the bathroom. As he was in there, I went over to hubby and gave him a long, deep and passionate kiss so he could taste Derik. I could tell James was deeply humiliated.

Derik came out of the bathroom, gave me a kiss and said he had to get running. It was obvious that Derik was also embarrassed with James being there. He couldn’t wait to get out of that hotel room. Once he left, it was time to dominate James. I put the flogger, crop and strap-on to good use, verbally humiliating James the entire time, making him share his thoughts on how he felt watching me giving my well-endowed lover a BJ. James started out slowly, searching for the right words but he eventually was overwhelmed with his submissiveness and he confessed to me that he felt inadequate as a man compared to Derik and as such, he was unworthy of me. That’s what I wanted to hear, not that I view him that way, but I wanted him to view himself that way. His confession got me very excited and we finished our playtime with James worshipping my body and licking me to orgasm. 

After a brief nap, we went to dinner before checking out of the hotel and driving home (we both had to work Tuesday morning). The results of humiliating hubby like that have definitely been measurable. He has been more submissive and eager to please this week. He even brought flowers and 4th of July cupcakes home Thursday night. And he has been most affectionate, giving me a wonderful massage the other night.  I think he is ready to watch me “fuck” another man but I don’t believe I will ever get Derik to agree to it. The act is not what’s important. What is important is having James willing to please me, no matter what I require of him.