Monday, October 24, 2011

Invite to a Halloween Party

People are starting to find my blog. In the past week I’ve received e-mails from two former phone clients and I’ve been contacted by a woman who used to attend my ClubFEM group. I’ll refer to her as Ginger because she is tall and slender with red hair and she always reminded me a little bit of Tina Louise who played Ginger on “Gilligan’s Island”. She e-mailed me and we talked briefly on the phone. I remember how uncertain she was when she came to her first ClubFEM social with her husband. But my how she’s grown in the lifestyle.

She’s invited me to a fetish themed Halloween party next Saturday night that some friends of hers are throwing in the DC area. Her invite couldn’t have come at a better time. I was planning to attend a Halloween party with Chase but we went out this past Saturday night and we’ve mutually decided to take a break from each other. My relationship with Chase has been an off again, on again friendship for many years. It was exciting seeing him again but I’m ready to move on to other experiences, hopefully with new people.

I asked Ginger if I could bring James to the party. She’s undecided about whether she is going to bring her husband or not. She’ll let me know this week and I’ll follow her lead. Now I’ll have to decide what costume to wear but the great thing about a fetish themed party is I have plenty of leather. I can probably construct a sexy outfit from what I already own. I have leather boots, a leather corset, leather gloves, leather pants, and a leather trench coat.

I also have masks from the Dominatrix type to the Phantom of the Opera masquerade party type.

If Ginger and I decide to attend without our husbands, James will have to remain at home, and I’m sure I will require that he be locked in chastity. But if we bring our husbands, I could feminize him and make him accompany me as my sissy maid. He would hate that. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Yet another D/s session

I had another D/s session with James last night. Lately, I’ve really been in the mood to dominate him and play with him. My sex drive has been on high and it is finding its expression in dominating my husband. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been seeing much of Chase these days. I cooled a little on him and we took a break from seeing each other. However, he’s taking me out tomorrow night so we’ll see how it goes.

Last night I was in the mood to play with my husband. He had a long day at work and he was tired. In fact, after he made dinner and cleaned the dishes, I allowed him to veg on the couch while I showered. He fell asleep and it would have been easy for me to just blow off our session but I was really in the mood. I went through my toy chest and my closet and chose an outfit that consisted of a leather bra, my leather shorts and my leather thigh high boots. I had trouble getting my shorts zipped up in the back so I woke James and had him assist me. I told him to give me five minutes and then meet me in my bedroom.

We began the session as I had him strip naked and kneel in the middle of the room. I teased him a little by rubbing my flogger over his body. I then very gently stepped on the back of his calves with my boots which caused him to lunge forward from the pain of my sharp heels. I scolded him for not being as flexible as he used to be as his hamstrings were very tight. I told him he needed to work out more and do stretching exercises.

Next I ordered him to worship me by licking the leather on my shorts, front and back. His tongue made its way to the crack of my ass and he licked the leather up and down which was very pleasurable for me. I then sat on the edge of the bed and had him lick the front of my shorts. He paid particular attention to my crotch area, which I encouraged.

However, I was disappointed when I noticed that he wasn’t completely hard. He was semi-hard to soft and when I questioned him why licking my leather shorts was not turning him on, he begged forgiveness and promised me he was very excited but perhaps because he had just gotten up from a nap, and was still tired, it was preventing him from getting a full erection. I listened to his lame excuse and then I scolded him about how I’ve noticed as he gets older he seems to have more and more of these semi-hard to soft erections. I also reminded him that is why he is a cuckold and why I like to date younger and more sexually potent men.

James wanted to lick my boots, I could tell, but I decided to deny him this and instead I told him he could hump my boots, like a dog, to see if he could get hard for me. James snapped right to it and it worked. I played with his nipples while he humped his cock against my leather boot and he became fully erect. I humiliated him by telling him how pathetic it was that he could only “get it up” this way.

By this time I was getting aroused and I was in the mood to whip him. I ordered him to get some towels out of the linen closet and place them on the bed. When I told him I was in the mood to whip him, James asked me if I could first give him an over my lap spanking. This is where communication in a session is so important. I wanted to whip him but in his submissive nature, something was triggered, perhaps from his humiliation of having to hump my boots to get an erection, but regardless he wanted to feel the more maternal discipline of an over the lap spanking.

I wanted to further explore this avenue so I went and fetched a hairbrush and my Spencer paddle from my toy chest and ordered my hubby across my lap. I warmed his ass up with my bare hands, administering maybe two dozen slaps on his buttocks. I also groped him and felt him up real good. I have always found my husband’s ass to be cute and very inviting when it comes to spanking. I love to slap, squeeze and fondle his butt.

After I enjoyed myself groping and spanking his ass with my bare hands, it was time for some serious discipline. I started with the hairbrush. I administered probably two or three dozen smacks with the hairbrush against his buttocks. They were turning a pretty shade of red right before my eyes. His cock started out rock hard when I was spanking him with my hands but I could feel it getting soft when I began to smack him hard with the hairbrush.

I then picked up the Spencer and told him to brace himself because I was going to give him ten hard whacks with the paddle. He jumped and jerked his body with each blow from my paddle. He was barely able to stay on my lap and I had to keep a firm hold of him else he would have rolled off my lap and onto the floor. By the time I was finished, he didn’t have tears in his eyes but I could tell he was close.

James went to his knees and kissed my boots and he started to lick them. I stopped him and ordered him to lay across the bed because I was still in the mood to whip him. I took it easy on him by using my soft flogger. I didn’t want to hurt hum but I was in the mood to hit him hard. I wanted to reach back and put my weight into each blow. I wanted to relieve some of my pent up dominant aggression and I knew there was no way he would have been able to handle one of my more severe whips. Therefore I used a soft flogger.

James was sprawled out on my bed and I whipped his back and his ass with the flogger. I really got into it and I was getting very, very wet. The flogger might have been soft but it still carried enough of a punch that James flinched with almost every blow. That only added to my excitement. I bet I gave him over 50 slashes from the flogger.

The flogger made his skin red but it didn’t leave any marks. However, he wasn’t going to get off completely easy. I got my riding crop and gave him ten hard cracks against each butt cheek. He let out a nice scream at about number five and by the time I got to number ten, he was very contrite. Contrite about what, you ask? Anything and everything!

I was primed by now. I took off my shorts and my boots and I took his place on the bed and I commanded him to orally pleasure me with his tongue. Wow, it didn’t take me long. I like to hold back as long as possible but I couldn’t hold back. I climaxed in a matter of seconds. James kept licking me trying to bring me to another orgasm but for some reason after my first orgasm, I became very sensitive down there so I had to push him away.

I was going to allow James an orgasm so I asked him how he wanted it, did he want to masturbate or did he want me to rub my breasts on his cock. Usually when I offer my breasts, he jumps on the chance but this time he actually made the request if he could hump my boots again. “Why not?” I thought.  

I pulled my boots back on and I crossed my right leg over the left one and ordered my hubby to hump it. He started out by getting very hard again and he was really getting into it. He went at it for at least five minutes and then I gave him the command  “do it, James, do it NOW!” but he couldn’t. I even twisted his nipples and gave him the verbal command again. He tried, I could tell he really was, and he was ever so close, but he couldn’t do it. I finally counted to twenty, telling him if he didn’t do it by the time I reached twenty, he would not only be denied an orgasm tonight but he would be denied one for at least another two weeks.

My poor hubby failed. I have no idea why as that’s not like him. Oh well, his loss. We lay down together and cuddled on the bed. I was totally fulfilled on every level, sexually satisfied and fulfilled as a dominant woman. And I was happy to hear him say that although he couldn’t cum, he felt emotionally fulfilled. James told me he felt loved and that’s really all that matters.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Last night's D/s session

I’ve been wanting to have a D/s session with James but it seems the nights have been getting away from us and we’re too tired after dinner. So last night I decided to be ready as soon as he got home from work. I called him earlier in the day and told him to come right home.  I arrived home first so I showered and dried my hair. Then I went through my toy chest to select an outfit and the implements of discipline I wanted to use on my hubby.

I put on my leather corset, leather gloves, and thigh high leather boots. James arrived and I met him in the hallway wearing my leather outfit.

But that’s not all. I was not wearing any panties and in my hands I was holding an enema bag and the attaching tube. James froze as I ordered him to strip naked and had him follow me into the bedroom. I had covered my mattress with an old blanket and towels and I laid out a series of whips and paddles that I planned to utilize. 

I ordered him to kneel in the middle of the floor as I fastened a leather dog collar around his neck. I went into the bathroom and filled the enema bag with warm water and clasped shut the tubing. I took the hook on the bag and fastened it to the inactive ceiling fan above my bed.  I then ordered James to worship me beginning with my corset. I whispered for him to smell and taste the leather and James obliged by giving the corset a deep tongue bath. He licked every inch of it from top to bottom, front and back.
Next, I ordered James to lick my boots. I was still standing but as he began, I decided to sit on the edge of the bed and raise one boot up at a time to allow him easy access. James licked the boot beginning with the point of the toe, licking around the sides, stopping to suck the heel, and finally working his way up to my thighs. After he was finished with my left boot, I lowered it and raised up the right one. James repeated his ritual of adoration on that boot as I watched with approval.
I then told James that I was in the mood to hurt him. I ordered him to lay face down on the bed. I began to whip his ass, first with my flogger. It is very soft and I used it for a warm-up.  Then I went to one of the first whips James had ever bought for me. He got it at Dream Dresser in DC back in the late 90’s and it has a leather handle with a dozen thin strands of rubber. I began to whip James and he jumped as the rubber strands bit into the sensitive flesh of his ass cheeks. I loved it when he tensed up from the pain as he grasped the mattress with his hands.
I knew he needed a little reprieve after I had dished out a few dozen strokes from the rubber whip so I picked up a fur mitten that is nice and soft. I began to lightly run the fur over his ass to soothe it a little. James began to relax but then when he least expected it, I grabbed a wooden paddle and gave him five hard whacks. James jumped and let out a scream. It was precious. 
Finally, I ended his whipping by dishing out a dozen hard smacks from my short riding crop. I made sure the final six strokes were something he’d remember for days to come. I’m sure the welts will stay on his ass at least for a couple of days.
Now it was time for his enema. I wasn’t originally planning on giving him an enema but when I was fumbling through my toy chest, I came across the black pumpkin enema bag and attached the metal butt-plug shaped nozzle. Seeing the enema bag brought back some wonderful memories of D/s sessions from our earlier years in the lifestyle. That’s why I decided to hold the enema bag in my hands when I greeted him in the hallway. I was saying to him “Remember this?”
James has a love, hate relationship with enemas. The reasons are private and have to do with childhood experiences. Giving James an enema makes me want to engage in age play. There is so much that can be done with an enema age play scenario. I can be the naughty nurse, the punitive Aunt, the nurturing Mommy, the dominant Governess, or some other female authority figure. How I decided to play this one must remain private between my husband and I, but I will say it had deep meaning for him and took him to a vulnerable state of being.
I put on a latex glove and lubricated his anus in a very sensual way. Then I slowly inserted the butt-plug shaped nozzle. Once it was secure, I undid the clasp which allowed the water to slowly flow inside of him. I told James to let me know when he felt full of the water. Once he expressed to me that he didn’t think he could take anymore, I clasped the tube shut and I had him carefully roll over on his back, with the nozzle still inside of him.
I then pulled my breasts out of the corset and climbed on top of my vulnerable hubby. I took his hands and placed them on me. I told him that he would have to bring me to two orgasms before I would allow him to relieve himself of the enema water. James was semi-erect, a little soft from the discomfort of the enema but still very excited from the sensuality of my naked pussy sitting on his stomach while he was fondling my naked breasts. I was getting very turned on so I inched my way up until I was sitting on his face. I directed him to lick me. As I placed my hand behind me for balance, I brushed against his penis which was now rock hard.
James began to lick me with passion and fortunately for him, I came very quickly. But that was just the first orgasm. I wanted more. He continued to eat my pussy and I took my right hand and reached behind me and pushed on his stomach which made my poor hubby very uncomfortable. Of course we were still in character so we addressed each other by our role-playing personas. This just made us all the more excited and I came for a second and then a third time as he continued to tongue me.
My goal was to give him an orgasm by rubbing my breasts against his cock while he still had the enema water trapped inside (I even contemplated releasing what remained in the bag into him while I did this) but James begged me for mercy. Once I had climbed off his face and he was no longer lost in my pussy, reality set in and he was consumed by his discomfort. Therefore, I permitted him to make the necessary trip to the bathroom. He grabbed the towel that was underneath him and held it firmly in place against his bottom, the nozzle still inside his anus, as I unhooked the bag from the ceiling fan. James then made the mad dash for the bathroom.
I was so relaxed from my many orgasms that I brushed all the toys off the bed and climbed under the covers. James was in the bathroom for a long time (he had to clean himself up as well as the enema equipment) and by the time he re- joined me in bed, I had already fallen asleep. Too bad. No orgasm for James.
When I awoke from my nap, James had prepared a late dinner for me. It was a truly wonderful night.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My own personal experience with ball busting

When Michelle shared with me her tales of how she loved to bust her husband’s balls, I was both surprised and, I must admit, curious. Steve used to run a program on his PC during our ClubFEM socials that would display one at a time, in random order, his collection of FemDom pictures he had collected over the years. Most of these were from FemDom internet sites and they had a variety of themes, one of them being ball busting. I couldn’t help but notice the pictures since his PC was in the same room where we held our socials. Some pictures really caught my attention. Steve’s collection was big on pony play, trampling, and ball busting. I found the ball busting pictures to be enjoyable to look at. I’m not sure why but seeing the euphoric look on the women’s faces and the pained look of agony on the male’s faces made me smile.

We did a little mild c/b play in our ClubFEM group. One wife used to love to put her slave in a humbler device during our socials. But none of the ladies were really into ball busting and it never came up when we dominant gals shared ideas or asked questions of each other during our socials. We were of varying experience levels from complete novices to more advanced lifestyle players. Although I was the Head Mistress, I was somewhere in the middle. I was still a novice in many areas but more experienced than the majority of the women who joined our group.

My philosophy was basically “I’ll try anything once” and I can honestly say I’ve stayed true to that philosophy when it comes to FemDom. You name it and I’ve probably done it to my husband, or if not to him than to a client, at least once. If I didn’t like doing it, than I would never do it again. But if I liked doing it, than I had found something new to add to my FemDom repertoire.

So when Michelle told me about how aroused she became when she busted her husband’s balls, my curiosity got the better of me. I was able to relate a little because one of the first clients I ever dominated in person wanted me to whip and punish his cock because he wanted to be punished for having slept with too many women in his past. We met for dinner then he got a hotel room. I brought the outfit he wanted me to wear; my leather corset, a pair of tight leather shorts and my knee length leather boots. I also brought my light deerskin flogger.

I got dressed in my outfit and he stripped naked for me. I tied him face up on the bed and when he gained his full erection I saw that he was well-endowed. I did some teasing and denial with him, getting him very excited, than I took my soft flogger and began to whip his cock. I whipped his cock with a rhythm that had him on the edge of orgasm. A few times I accidently got his balls squarely which hurt him enough that it broke the mood, but I must admit that it excited me. He bounced back immediately from the pain and he asked me to whip him faster and harder, which I did and he couldn’t hold back so he finally climaxed. I was very, very aroused from this session.
Talking with Michelle and drawing from my own experience made me want to bust my husband’s balls. I tried it, tying James down on the bed and using my deerskin flogger I began to lightly whip his cock. He was able to endure having his cock whipped (although he grimaced and winced in pain) but once I began hitting his balls, James was not able to endure it. After two of three solid blows to his balls, he yelped and used his safe word. I made him describe to me the pain he felt. He said it was like a shot in his gut and he had difficulty catching his breath. Too bad because I was having a good time. Oh well, that’s why there is such a thing as a safe word. I didn’t want to have to take my hubby to the emergency room like Michelle had to do with her hubby.
I have no idea how Michelle’s hubby was able to endure what she did to him. According to her, she really busted his balls with full kicks and hard whippings.  

From time to time, I still have been known to press the heel of my boot or my knee hard against my hubby’s crotch during sessions which causes him to gasp.

While it might not have the force of ball busting the way a whip or a kick to the groin would, it’s still close enough for me.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Ball busting

One of the more interesting dominant women I met back when I was the Head Mistress of the MD/DC chapter of ClubFEM was a woman from Norfolk, VA. I received an e-mail from a woman who wanted to attend our socials. We exchanged phone numbers and she began to call me up almost weekly to talk about her FemDom marriage. Her name was Michelle and she was married to her husband Gary and they were not only into FemDom but also S&M.

Michelle wanted to join ClubFEM but she lived over 3 hours away and she was very busy. She said she had a time-consuming career and on the weekends she taught a karate class. What she was looking for was a mentor and someone to share ideas with. I was willing to talk with her over the phone once a week but it didn’t take too long before it became apparent that Michelle was way more advanced than any of us in ClubFEM when it came to how she played with her husband.

Michelle told me all about her attic and all the BDSM gear they had and how intense her sessions were with her husband. They were into some very heavy S&M and I ended up asking her more questions about her lifestyle than she asked about mine. Michelle talked about how she used PGS tens units and engaged in electricity play and how she drilled holes into a jock cup and fitted her husband with the cup and inserted an electric catheter in his penis and attached metal wires and prongs and all of this wild stuff that I had no idea what she was talking about. It was kind of freaky to me to tell you the truth.

I told her our ClubFEM group was very tame compared to how she played with her husband but Michelle said she wanted to join a group so she could publically humiliate him and she wanted to share ideas with the other women in the group. I was totally honest with her and told her that some of the women in my group were barely able to administer a spanking to their husbands without feeling weird. I could image how they would have felt if Michelle were there telling the group her tales of what goes on in her attic.

Michelle never made it to a ClubFEM social but she still called me up from time to time to discuss how her FemDom marriage was progressing. I told Elise about Michelle and I interviewed her for one of the 2006 issues of Predominant.

One of the things that Michelle told me about was how she loved to engage in ball busting. She loved to tie her husband down to the bed or on a bondage table and bust his balls, either with a whip or by kicking him with her boots or by kneeing him in the balls. Michelle told me that nothing got her more aroused than busting a man’s balls. She actually confessed to me that she had injured her husband on one occasion to the point that he had to be treated at a local hospital. His testicles had become very swollen and she was afraid she had done permanent damage.

He turned out to be okay but that episode scared her enough that she decided she needed another submissive male to play with. She said that while she loved busting her husband’s balls, she realized that he could only take so much.

The last time I talked with Michelle, which had to be 4 or 5 years ago, she had placed ads on some BDSM sites like looking for another submissive. She wanted to introduce another man into her sessions with her husband. This new sub would have to allow her to bust his balls and he had to be open to some forced-bi sessions with her husband because she was training Gary to become her lezzy slut. I wonder if she ever found someone who fit the bill.