Sunday, May 20, 2012

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak

Seeing my hubby parading around in his new chastity device has definitely increased me appetite to dominate him in other areas. I have the mental and sexual urge to tie him up nice and tight and administer a marathon discipline session with my assortment of whips and paddles. I’ve been thinking about this for the past two weeks but while my spirit is willing, I have not been able to muster the energy.

You see with the nicer weather I am outside doing more things, like working in my flower garden or taking long walks or riding my bike. So when the sun goes down, I am too pooped for BDSM play with my husband. As a matter of fact, lately I have become a passive Domina where I make my hubby do all the physical work, such as bathing me, giving me massages and orally pleasuring me. That’s the benefit of being the Mistress in the relationship. When I am tired, I can order my ‘slave’ to serve my needs.
Right now he is the giver of submission and I am the receiver of pleasure. But that doesn’t change the fact that I want to engage in D&S where I am the giver of domination and he is the receiver of my physical discipline. Those thoughts of doing nasty things to my hubby are in my mind a lot but alas, I am spending my energy on other things right now and the older I get there isn’t an abundance supply leftover.
Oh well, what’s a Mistress to do? Maybe next Monday night. I hope to recharge my batteries over the Memorial Day weekend when I visit my sisters and we do lots of fun stuff. And I have finalized my date for next Saturday night with the young stud who took me out New Year’s Eve. Leaving hubby alone at home to tend to his chores while he is locked up in his CB-3000 while I am out with another man should get my dominant juices flowing and by the time I return home on Memorial Day night, after James unpacks my car and puts my stuff away, that should be the perfect time for his marathon discipline session while I tease him and fill him in on all the fun I had.
That’s the plan. The spirit is raring to go. Hopefully my body will follow.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hubby becoming more accustomed to wearing the CB-3000

Now that spring finally seems to be here for real, I have been very busy planting flowers and all the outside activities I love to do this time of year. The downer is I’m not spending near as much time on the computer and as a result I just haven’t been motivated to post new entries on my blog. But that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been much to report. Quite contrare!

Last Friday, for the second consecutive weekend, I had my hubby put on the CB-3000 as soon as he got home from work. I made him wear it all weekend long and he confessed to me Sunday night that he is slowly becoming more accustomed to wearing it. And while he still isn’t sleeping soundly all through the night, he did sleep better this past weekend than he did the previous one.
As for me, I don’t know what it is but every time I see him locked in his little cage, I get seriously turned-on. Maybe it’s my own little personal power trip. I love to tease him by ordering him to do intimate acts to me that I know will only further his sexual frustration. I had him give me a massage last Friday night and Saturday night I had him bathe me and dress me prior to me going out to dinner with a girlfriend. But don’t get the wrong the idea, she is not that kind of ‘girlfriend’, we are just good friends who like to go out every once and awhile to dinner and possibly a movie if there’s a good horror flick playing. She loves scary movies but James hates them so if there is a good horror movie out in the theaters, I will go with her.
She knows very little about my lifestyle but it was still erotic having James bathe me and dress me before she picked me up. Having his soapy hands touching my wet skin while he is locked in his little cage (okay, it’s not really a cage like the CB-2000, it looks more like a clear tube shaped like a penis) is definitely a tad cruel. I teased him that me and my girlfriend might go out for some drinks after the movie (we saw “The Raven”) and pick up some guys. I had no intention of doing that this time but it was fun teasing my caged hubby about that possibility.
Sunday night I disciplined hubby, while he was still caged, with an OTK spanking and a light whipping with my short handle riding crop. The discipline session concluded with him orally pleasuring me to multiple orgasms. My how his passion was smoking red hot that night. The chastity really had him aroused and I had to finally push his head away from my pussy once I was totally satisfied. I believe he would have continued until his tongue fell off had I allowed him.
What can I say? I am loving the CB-3000. I used to think the honor system was fine for us but I’m starting to understand the appeal of having a man in a chastity device. I don’t recall this level of excitement when we got the CB-2000. Maybe it was there and I just don’t remember it but this seems different. I think it’s because I can envision him wearing it for long periods of time whereas he mostly complained about wearing the CB-2000.

This weekend I am going to extend his length in the CB-3000 to 3 days. I am going to have him wear it to work on Monday and if all goes well, he will only get 2 days of freedom before putting it back on Thursday. You see, I am heading to the city for Memorial Day weekend to party with my sisters. My plan is to have him in the CB-3000 the entire time I am gone, from next Thursday until Memorial Day night.

He will have his usual list of chores to do while I am away and I will be having a blast with my sisters. I also hope to set-up a date with my young admirer but those details have yet to be worked out. I’ll keep you posted.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hubby test drives the CB-3000

One of my former phone clients (and a regular reader of my blog) was kind enough to send me his old CB-3000 chastity device. It was in immaculate condition as he only wore it once. It arrived on Thursday and James has been locked up in it all weekend. He says it’s an improvement over the CB-2000 but still not comfortable enough for long-term wear. We’ll see. Nevertheless, he put it on Friday evening and I will not free his locked up member until later tonight.

After a weekend of merciless teasing, he has a nice case of severe blue balls going at the moment. He’s had to do all of his weekend chores while wearing the CB-3000 and last night he had to bathe me, give me a full body massage and orally service me all the while wearing the CB-3000. His balls were nice and full and he was very frustrated when he went to bed last night. He said he didn’t sleep very well. I, on the other hand, was nice and relaxed from my massage and my multiple orgasms. I slept like a baby.

I will unlock and remove the device tonight, probably around 9:00pm, so he can get to bed early and get a good night’s rest before starting a new work week. We’ll play with it again next weekend.