Saturday, August 25, 2012

Discipline Night inside the confinement room

Last night was Discipline night so I decided to do it in the confinement room. Since James wants me to find my inner sadist and treat him ‘more cruelly’, I told him I was in the mood to hurt him and that he should be afraid. I dressed in a pair of leather pants and wore by leather bra. No boots, no gloves. I tied him using wrist and ankle cuffs with his nose up against the south most rubber wall. I rubbed up against his naked backside so he could feel the cold leather of my bra and pants. I began his discipline by choosing a flogger.  

The sound inside of the confinement room really adds to the mind games. The loud echo off those rubber walls makes it sound like I am hitting much harder than I really am. Not that I am not hitting him hard, but the echo is incredible.  

I always begin with light blows, rotating between his ass cheeks, his back and his thighs. I began with just the one flogger and I added another, going in a circular motion. I believe this method is known as the windmill from those who are into the fine art of corporal punishment. I built up the pace to moderate, adding to the severity.  

The floggers sting more than anything else. I actually whipped myself with them one day, just to see, and they do not hurt all that bad and they don’t leave marks, but they do sting. It is the psychological effect that drives James wild. I can hit him with severe force using the floggers and not hurt him, but the hard blows, the stinging sensation and the loud sound echoing off the walls was taking him to subspace. I was really getting into flogging him, more so than usual. I probably spent fifteen or twenty minutes just on the floggers. My arms were already sore and we had just begun. Whipping a man can be a great workout, if you want to tone up your arms.  

I took a brief break as I was getting hot. I stepped out of the confinement room into the basement and sat down to rest and cool off. I closed the door and left James bound in the dark. After I treated myself to a glass of water, I returned to the room. I once again brushed up against James’s naked flesh and got inside his head. I told him how the floggers were just the start because I was very turned on and I was in the mood for a marathon whipping session.  

The next item I chose was a long, thick wooden paddle with holes. A male from our ClubFEM days made this paddle for me. He carved “LFA” into the paddle for “Loving Female Authority”.

James hates this paddle because it is not for the faint of heart. It packs a big wallop. I usually don’t use this particular paddle for that reason, but this night I wanted to try it again. As I was using the paddle, I reminded James of the errors of his ways. James is an excellent husband but he is like most men, he can always improve and he tends to get lazy from time to time when it comes to doing his chores.  

The first five blows of the paddle were light, but James still jumped as if he had received the most painful spanking of his life. After the next five more moderate blows he began to beg for mercy and that is unusual for him. I took a little pity on him (I’m still new to this ‘cold and cruel’ thing) but I made him promise to be a better husband. I made him promise to do all of his chores and I made him reiterate his acceptance of me having lovers. 

I switched to a leather paddle that isn’t as harsh.  The next ten were light but still painful enough. Then I gave him five moderate blows and James began to twist to avoid the paddle. I love the sound of him groaning and gasping inside the confinement room. The echo of his mild screams added to my sexual excitement. I told him what was coming. The last five blows of the leather paddle would be hard. I made James beg me for five hard swats. He was actually shaking a little in fearful anticipation but he did as he was told. He begged me for them and I was glad to oblige. I made them fast and hard. James’s body twisted from the agony but he endured them like a good boy.  

I took another break by leaving him alone in the room while I cooled off and treated myself to more water. I knew James’s ass was throbbing and I wanted him to think in relation to that which I had scolded him. I wanted it to sink into that male mind of his. I gave him a good fifteen minutes alone before I returned. 

I inspected his ass and it was bruised a little, I’m sure from the wooden paddle. James curses the day that man gave me that paddle. My next toy of choice was my riding crop. James usually enjoys being whipped by my riding crop. I don’t consider myself an expert at what they call the fine art of corporal punishment, but I am getting better at it. I am especially good with the riding crop. I have excellent aim as I zero in on certain spots of James’s body. He hates it when I strike the same exact spot two or three times in a row. To me, that is a challenge. I can flick my wrist and strike a spot on his ass and then I try to see if I can hit that exact same spot again. My goodness does James hate it when I am accurate with my aim. 

I was on my game last night. I was striking him on his back, on his thighs, on his balls and on his already bruised ass. James was dancing, or trying to dance to avoid the crop, but the wrist and ankle cuffs kept him bound snuggly against the rubber wall. I can’t say that James enjoys the bite of the crop as much as he likes how I intermingle those bites with a soft massage from the leather tip of the crop. He likes it when I stop the beating and begin to lightly caress the tip of the crop against his skin. He loves it when I play with his cock and balls by rubbing the tip of the crop against his member. Last night I was playing with his balls, gently rubbing them with the riding crop, in-between my marksmanship of dishing out his punishment. 

James was breathing heavy so I made sure he was Ok. I unloosened him and had him walk around outside the confinement room to make sure his circulation was alright. I also had him drink some water because I didn’t want him to get dehydrated. Once I was sure he was Ok, I bound him back against the wall. 

I continued with the crop. The crop is a familiar implement to James and although I had him repentant and eager to obey from the bite of the crop, he was able to relax and he entered into a deep state of subspace. Have you ever experienced this? It doesn’t happen as much as we would both like, and I read other couples who say the exact same thing, but when it does happen, it is like I can sense what James is thinking, and he says the same about me.  

James was in that state of being, that place that those of us in this lifestyle call subspace. I could read his thoughts. He was floating in submission and he wanted more. On this night, he could handle a harder whipping. Most of the time, James’ tolerance for pain is low to moderate, but there are those rare times when he is so full of sexual energy that his endurance increases. James wanted more and I wanted to give him more.  

My next implement was the tawse. This is a nasty device of strips of leather bound by a
single handle.

I don’t use the tawse much but this was a night to break-out those implements that James usually despises. If it were up to James, I would only use the floggers and the riding crop and maybe my leather paddle. But what fun is that? What fun is it to only use toys the sub wants?  

I began to work him over with the tawse and James actually whimpered a little. The tawse was making some wonderful marks on his ass. I had to stop myself several times to feel the heat coming from his ass. I fondled his cute bottom with my hands. The marks and welts were turning me on. In fact, I was getting hot, not only sexually charged, but hot from the body heat we were producing. I stripped out of my leather outfit, down to nothing at all. I was rubbing my sweaty naked flesh against his sweaty naked flesh. I kneeled on the floor and I began to run my breasts against his reddened ass. My nipples were so hard. My biggest regret was that I didn’t have my favorite vibrator there with me. I fingered myself until I could take no more. We both got turned on beyond words. James knew what I was doing, even though he could not see me other than slight glimpses from his peripheral vision. But he could tell what I was doing by the erotic sounds I was making. 

I was on the edge but I am not the best masturbator in the world, especially standing up. I need to lie down and have my clit stimulated at the same time. What I really wanted was to have my clit licked but I wasn’t done disciplining James just yet. I had taken him farther than he had gone in a while and I knew he could take a little more.
My final weapon of choice was the strap. It is like the tawse, only much more rigid with very little give.

James did not want the strap. He knew the sensation and pain level would rival the wooden paddle. His ass was already marked and bruised. I thought to myself “Dare I do this?”  

I asked James if he would take it for me. He was still fearful from what I had done to him with the tawse. I tilted his head back and the energy was incredible. My pussy was on fire. I looked James in the eyes and I asked him one more time if he would take the strap for me. “Yes Mistress!” was his sweet reply.  

I took the strap and I gave him a half dozen moderate wallops. James did not scream but he moaned and grunted very loudly. His body was shaking and I stopped after a half dozen because I was afraid he could not take any more, and I knew I needed to stop before I actually injured him.  

I freed him from his bounds and I sat on the floor with my back to the wall. I ordered James to crawl between my legs and worship my pussy. I knew his ass had to be throbbing but he was nurtured by my pussy. He licked me with incredible passion and endurance, and it wasn’t long, maybe only a minute or two, before I had my first orgasm. He kept sucking my clit, he kept tonguing me and I had multiple orgasms. You should have heard my screams of pleasure echoing off the walls in the confinement room. 

When I was satisfied, I had to decide what to do with James. I was in the mood to be cruel, to deny him, but after I had my orgasms, I softened enough that I decided he deserved release. I was too drained to use the strap-on. I was too relaxed to exert much effort. Therefore, I ordered James to hump the hard rubber wall. He instantly came on my command.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Loving the new room

The confinement/sensory deprivation room is complete (outside of installing an intercom system) and the room got plenty of use the past few days. One advantage of the room for me is now I can banish my hubby to the room whenever he gets on my nerves or I simply want some alone time in the house or when I want to entertain a friend but I don’t want hubby around. I love having this option. It is so much more controlling than simply sending him to his bedroom.

When he is locked in the confinement room I have total power and I decide when he gets to come out.  I also get to decide how he is to be confined. I can simply lock him in there as if it were a prison. Or I can make it into a deprivation chamber by placing a blindfold over his eyes and plugs in his ears. Or I can make him suffer in there by utilizing any one of several tortures (he was the one who said he wanted me to become a little more cruel toward him). For example we have these mats with plastic spikes that are made to keep pets off the furniture. Thursday night I laid those mats on the floor and made hubby lie on them the whole time he was locked in the confinement room. It really is empowering to have this much control over my husband. 

There are hooks on the walls for bondage but I wanted more bondage options so he installed a thin rubber mat on the floor with hooks bolted to the floor. That makes for a great bondage mat so I can tie him face up or face down to the floor. 

Friday night we had our first D&S session in the confinement room. It is a very tight fit when we are both in there with little room to maneuver. But I love the echo in there when I was administering a whipping. It makes the whipping sound absolutely brutal when in fact it was moderate at best. And I must say that strap-on play was a real blast in there. He was totally helpless and it was so tight in there that my full weight was bearing down on him which made the strap-on that much more intense.

There are some additional enhancements I want to see made to the room. I want him to install a bar on the wall so I can balance myself when I trample his body. Having him bound to the floor makes him all so enticing to trample with my boots. But I need something to hold onto so I don’t lose my balance.

Hey, he wanted more cruelty and I am having a lot of fun with this new little room. I had a girlfriend over last night and we watched “The Change Up” on HBO. She asked me where my husband was at. I smiled and said he was out. Of course he was in his little prison, blindfolded, wearing ear plugs, locked in his chastity device and wearing my panties.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Confinement Room

Hubby is getting very close to completing his little prison.

Still no intercom but I could tell he was getting very anxious to give the room a test drive.

I did not place him in any bondage but I locked the door (he had his cell phone with him) and he had to spend the night in the dark and in total isolation.

I’ll keep you posted.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cold, Maternal and Cruel

Hubby has been a man obsessed as he goes about building his confinement room. He worked on it every evening this week and I granted him permission to take a vacation day on Friday. He spent all of Friday and most of today working on his little prison. So far he has put up the walls and he has covered the walls, floor and ceiling with rubber matting. It looks pretty wild in there. He has also secured various bolts and hooks into the walls, the floor and the ceiling should I want to tie him up or place him in advanced bondage. He still needs to create a door that I can lock and he has to install the intercom system.

I’ve been contemplating this sudden burst of creative energy within my hubby. He is truly like a man possessed. I love that he is this passionate but I am still trying to get my head around this latest development. I was going through my Femdom book collection and I came across a book Elise Sutton recommended I read way back when I was doing phone calls for her. It is titled “Coldness and Cruelty” by Gilles Deleuze and it is about masochism. I don’t believe I ever read it, although I remember seeing it referenced in Elise’s book “Searching for Wanda”.

I’m about half way through “Coldness and Cruelty” and the more I read, the more I am noticing definite masochistic traits within my husband, and not just recently but behaviors he’s shown for as long as I’ve known him.

“Coldness and Cruelty” is a study of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. In fact Sacher-Masoch’s novel “Venus in Furs” is included in the edition of “Coldness and Cruelty” I purchased all those years ago.

Deleuze talks about the three women of Masoch. I kind of see myself a little like the first woman, the free spirit who believes in the equality of the sexes but who also believes that the female principal will ultimately win out. The free-spirit and independent woman is owned by no man and she gains dominance over the men in her life because “man trembles as soon as woman becomes his equal”.

At the other extreme is the third woman, the sadistic woman. She enjoys hurting and torturing men but she only does so at the prodding and encouragement of the masochistic male. She is very cruel. That is definitely not me.

The woman in the middle between these other two women is the ideal female of the masochist. She is a good woman, with a tender heart but also with cruel instincts. She is gentle and care-free but she is also stern. She engulfs the other two women and is a lot like nature herself. She is cold, maternal and cruel.

Now that could be me. I am part the first woman with many traits of the second woman with just a pinch of the third woman. What I refuse to be is the embodiment of my husband’s fantasies. However, if I can understand his fantasies and use them to my benefit, than I have no problem being cold, maternal and cruel.

Reading Deleuze’s book also has given me some insight into my husband’s zeal for the confinement room.

“Waiting and suspense are essential characteristics of the masochistic experience. Hence the ritual scenes of hanging and other forms of physical suspension in Masoch’s novels. Masochism is a state of waiting; he masochist experiences waiting in its purest form. The masochist waits for pleasure as something that is bound to be late, and expects pain as the condition that will finally ensure the advent of pleasure. He therefore wants to postpone pleasure in expectation of the pain which will make gratification possible. Disavowal, suspension, waiting, fetishism, and fantasy together make up the specific constellation of masochism.”

This makes perfect sense. The confinement room will combine all of these elements. He will be suspended in there. It will be his place of waiting. He will be waiting on me to decide when and if he shall gain freedom, both physically and sexually. There is fetishism in the room with the rubber walls and floor. And the entire thing will be fantasy as only God knows what will be running through his mind when he is bound inside his little prison.

I doubt if my hubby fully understands what is driving him but this must be a place he feels he must go. My goal is to take him there and in the process gain more control over him and our relationship. I am hoping that we will bond in a new and special way.