Friday, September 30, 2011

Boot Lovers

Here is a secret that few know. One of the couples that were a part of my original ClubFEM group ran a website dedicated to women wearing boots. The husband did the photography and his wife was his number one model but he would also take pictures of other women wearing boots.

The first time I met this couple at a ClubFEM social he just gawked at my knee length leather boots all night. Later on he asked his wife to ask me if he could “worship” my boots. His wife was very beautiful and she was wearing a pair of black thigh high boots so I suggested that my husband could worship her boots while her husband worshipped my boots. She thought that was a wonderful suggestion.

We sat in these comfortable chairs as our hubbys groveled before us. I must say this man was an excellent boot licker. He kissed, licked and worshipped my boots for at least 30 minutes straight. He sucked the heels and covered every inch of my boots with kisses and long, loving licks of adoration. I could feel his tongue through the leather and it was like a gentle foot and leg massage.

James also demonstrated a passion for being a boot slave as he did his best to keep up by doing likewise to the other Mistress’s thigh high boots. She complimented him on his performance which carried some weight because she was married to a true boot fetishist.

The best thing about knowing this couple was seeing her boot collection. She invited me and some other of the ClubFem Mistresses over to her house this one day and she showed us all of her boots.

We all tried them on and her husband took some pictures for his website. My foot was a little bigger than hers but I was still able to fit into a couple of pairs. My favorite was this pair of blue leather boots with black laces. I looked damn sexy in them and I asked her if I could wear them at the next ClubFEM social. She agreed and I was a big hit that night.

But because they were was such a tight fit on my feet, I could only wear them for short spurts of time. I made sure that any man who worshipped my boots that night (and there were quite a few) also gave me a foot massage afterwards.

I began to accumulate my own boot collection. It’s nothing special and I rarely wear them out because I’m not big on walking in heels. But donning a pair of leather boots and having my husband worship them in the bedroom has always been a lovely experience.

I believe I'm in the mood for some boot worship and boot domination this weekend.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kathleen meets Mistress Lynn

My search for finding a new location to host our ClubFem socials (later part of 2004 and early 2005) led me to a lifestyle Mistress in the DC area who had just begun doing professional domination sessions at her new dungeon located across the river in northern Virginia. Her scene name is Mistress Lynn.

Lynn contacted me and expressed an interest in joining our group so when I told her that our group was in transition she invited me to check out her dungeon in Fairfax county Virginia. James and I traveled to DC, around the beltway toward Springfield and we met Lynn at a restaurant. We had lunch with her and then we followed her as she drove through some back roads until we came to the rather isolated house on a dead end street. The basement of the house was Lynn’s play-space. She gave us the tour and it was cozy with a kitchen area, a bathroom, a cozy little living room with a fireplace and a bedroom. The living room and bedroom areas were full of bondage equipment.  

Like most of the Mistresses I’ve met in this lifestyle, Lynn was very nice and down to earth. Lynn expressed to me how much she loved the D/s and FemDom lifestyles and how she had joined various groups around the DC area. Lynn had a special love for foot slaves and she was a member of a foot group where men worshipped the feet of women. I didn’t realize such groups existed. I thought that I might be interested in a group like that as I have always loved having my feet tended to.

I told Lynn that some of the women at ClubFEM were talking about having a foot fetish night where our slaves gave us foot massages, foot baths, pedicures, etc. I suggested that if we were to use Lynn’s place to host our socials, perhaps the first night could be a foot fetish night.

Lynn was honest with me and said how she would be willing to host ‘some’ socials but not all. Her suggestion was that we find several venues and rotate. Lynn planned to use her place for professional domination sessions as well as a hosting place for some of the other groups she was associated with. That sounded fair to me and I told her I would discuss it with the ladies of ClubFEM to see how they felt about it.

I really thought we would use Lynn’s place to host our next social but in the meantime a new couple contacted me and offered their home. It was in a more centrally located area so we chose that location over Lynn’s studio. Naturally I invited Lynn to the social but she was unable to make it that night because she had a prior commitment. It was during this time that I decided to hand the group over to Mistress Lisa and she became responsible for finding the venues. We never did use Mistress Lynn’s place but I did a search and I see that she is still a practicing professional Dominatrix and it appears she is still in the same location.

I only met her the one time but based on my first impression I would definitely recommend Lynn to anyone seeking a professional Mistress in the DC/northern VA area.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Kathleen meets Mistress Sable

Back in the latter part of 2004 I was still the Head Mistress of the Maryland/DC chapter of ClubFEM but the group was in transition because our hosts of the previous two years were in the process of moving to Europe and I needed to find a new location for our monthly socials. I checked out a number of different places in the Baltimore and DC areas and one possible lead directed me to a professional/lifestyle Dominatrix who resided in downtown Baltimore. Her scene name was Mistress Sable.

To be honest, I can’t recall exactly how I came across her name but I called her up and discussed the possibility of holding our ClubFem socials at her place. She invited me and my husband over to check it out. It was in a row home and she had converted the upstairs into a dungeon area. The downstairs was a typical residence area with living room, dining room and kitchen.

Mistress Sable was very cordial toward me (she basically ignored my husband) and we had a pleasant chat over coffee in her kitchen while one of her slaves hurried about doing his assigned chores. It didn’t take long for me to see that Mistress Sable was a strict, stern and no-nonsense Dominatrix. She treated her slave like … well a slave … as she barked out commands and bossed him around.

I described my group to Sable and told her how our socials were structured. This led to a very open talk about female supremacy. Sable was a female supremacist but her views differed from mine. She was old school BDSM where slaves are to be seen (and used) and not heard. My group was more about relationships and was a support group for FemDom couples based on Elise Sutton’s philosophy of LFA (loving female authority).

At one point as I was espousing my FemDom philosophy, Sable looked at me and said “I don’t agree with you but I love your passion. It’s erotic as hell. You’re an erotic woman. Are you bi-sexual by any chance?”

Her words threw me off track and I became tongue tied, which led us both to laugh. Sable was cool and she could read me so she changed the subject by giving me a tour of her dungeon upstairs. James accompanied us and she showed me her equipment. She also told me how she had a female “friend” coming from England and that they were booked to do some very "heavy" scenes with male masochists in the weeks to come. She showed me her very nasty and not for the faint of heart whip collection and proceeded to tell me how her friend was a true sadist and how they loved to beat the living shit out of men.

My husband was very quiet the entire time but between Sable semi-propositioning me and her tales of female sadism and male masochism, I could tell that James had become very aroused.

I told Sable I would get back to her about using her place for our ClubFem socials. I discussed it with some of the other couples in the group but the location in downtown Baltimore was not the best for our group so I passed on Sable’s offer. I never talked with her again but add her to the list of interesting people I’ve met in this lifestyle over the years. She was one tough gal and although our philosophies differed, I respected her and appreciated her inviting me to see her place.