Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hubby makes it to 10 weeks. Rewarded with humiliating orgasm

It’s a new record for us! James was denied since August 17 and yesterday was exactly 70 days. And what a day it was. Hubby was primed after a day of walking around the leather flea market with me and my dominant girlfriend, Ginger, seeing all the kinky clothing and toys. The sights and smells added to his arousal and anticipation.
I bought a few small items, nothing fancy or expensive, although I have a nice collection of business cards with websites to order things in the future. I also picked up the book “At her feet”, which I’m looking forward to reading.


The four of us did dinner at Gordon Biersch in Rockville and then we headed to Ginger’s house. I didn’t bring a fetish outfit although I wore leather pants all day (I knew that would add to hubby’s excitement) with an orange and black sweater to give me a Halloween/Autumn look.
Once we got back to her place, Ginger had her hubby change into his maid’s outfit. He waited on us, fetching us drinks. Ginger had a glass of white wine. I had a beer at Gordon Biersch so I just had ice water at Ginger’s.
After we socialized a little, Ginger decided to give James a real thrill. She changed into her custom-made leather catsuit. I was there the day she was measured for it when we were in Vegas last June but yesterday was the first I saw her in it. Wow, did she look hot! The catsuit is black with red laces on the sides from her ankle to her underarms, and more laces on the arms. She wore a pair of red high heel shoes to complete the outfit. James’ tongue was practically hanging out of his mouth. Ginger sat back down on the couch and had her hubby kneel with his head to the floor so she could use him as her footstool.
It was now time for the fun to begin. I grabbed my purse and produced the key to James’ CB6000. I had him undress and then I unlocked his chastity device. Surprisingly his erection was soft, which told me he was embarrassed and nervous being naked in front of Ginger. But once I caressed his skin with my hand and told him to stare at Ginger in her sexy catsuit, his erection sprang to attention.
I did a little verbal teasing, asking him how long it had been since he last climaxed. Then we began to tease both husbands about being cuckolds. About this time I reached into my purse again and pulled out a dildo and a small tube of KY Jelly. I lubed up the dildo and I slowly inserted it into James’ anus. I then told him that I wanted him to ‘cum’ for me without any stimulation to his cock. I teased that he wasn’t worthy to have me touch his genitals.
I began to fuck him, holding the dildo in my hand, sliding it in and out. James was completely humiliated and totally embarrassed. Ginger added to his humiliation, making all kinds of comments, saying naughty things such as “You heard her, Bitch, cum for us!” and “Show us what a slut you are!”
James was dripping pre-cum so Ginger fetched a condom and put it on him. James got really excited as she touched his cock briefly by rolling the condom over it. He was on the edge but struggled to orgasm with no physical touching of his penis. Ginger twisted his nipples as I continued to hand fuck him with the dildo. I admonished him, “Come on James, DO IT, my arm is getting tired. DO IT else I’m putting you back in chastity.”
Ginger chimed in, “You heard your Mistress.DO IT BITCH!”
And with that James’ body convulsed and he shot his load into the condom.
“Good boy!” I commented as I withdrew the dildo.
Ginger held up a small plastic garbage can and James had to roll off the condom and expose of it in the trash. Ginger drove the point home by saying, “That’s what your wife thinks of your orgasms, Bitch. They belong in the garbage along with other unnecessary and useless things”.
Ginger likes to call her hubby her Bitch, so she uses that word a lot. James seemed to respond to being called ‘Bitch’ so perhaps I’ll start calling him that when I dominate him. 
After he dropped the condom into the garbage, James then knelt down and became my footstool as Ginger and I chatted a little more, totally ignoring our husbands. We stayed until around 10:00 before finally heading home. Although he was embarrassed and humiliated I think James had a great time and was most appreciative of my efforts to make his orgasm special.
This morning, I allowed him to masturbate once more, kneeling in front of me, climaxing into a hand towel. I wanted to make sure he was totally cleaned out before locking him back in chastity. Our next denial goal is 11 weeks. That means hubby will be denied until January 3. Maybe I’ll make it New Year’s Day. That would be 10 weeks and 5 days, which would be a new record for us.
Now comes the hard part. James experiences a letdown that lasts for days after he is allowed an orgasm. He has a lot of leafs to rake today. As long as he tends to his chores I’ll give him his space as his sexual batteries begin the process of recharging.
I’d still like to find a Halloween party on Thursday night. I’d love to wear my custom made leather pants and leather Sgt. Pepper’s jacket.


It’s the one night each year I can wear fetish clothing locally and people not think anything of it. Maybe my girlfriend, Amanda, will go with me. I think I’ll leave hubby home alone.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leather Flea Market this Saturday in Rockville, MD

Ginger finally wrote me back and she’s definitely down with doing something for Halloween but not on October 31 because she has other plans that night. She suggested we do something either this Saturday, October 26, or next Saturday, November 2.
Ginger also told me that this coming Saturday there is a Leather Flea Market in Rockville Maryland at the Crown Plaza hotel. There will be 50 vendors selling goodies from whips to leather and latex clothing to corsets to kinky footwear to all types of toys. She suggested that perhaps James and I could meet her and her hubby there and we could all go shopping together. Afterwards we could have dinner and then return to her place where she and I could dominate James prior to granting him permission to finally release in a yet to be determined humiliating way.
Sounds like a plan to me. Here is the link for the Leather Flea Market. We will not be going to the play party since we are not members of this group but I’m sure our own little private party back at Ginger’s place will be second to none.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pushing hubby’s limits as Halloween approaches

Not much to report lately. I’ve made a conscious decision not to ‘play’ with hubby until Halloween in order to safeguard he doesn’t have an ‘accident’. He hasn’t had an orgasm since August 17th and he is pretty much at his limit. I’ve been teasing him, calling him my little horn-dog as he is noticeably horny and very affectionate from the denial process. I know from experience that any kind of intense D&S play or sexual contact would be setting him up to fail, and I want him to reach my goal of Halloween before he is allowed to climax.
At this point I’m even afraid to allow him to give me a massage as any kind of touch might be too much for him to handle. Just the other day he confessed to having lots of sexual and bizarre dreams. That’s a sure sign that he is desperate for an orgasm. I’ve been trying my best to channel his sexual energy into serving me domestically, assigning him extra chores and housework. I allow him to wear a pair of my panties to give him a little extra thrill when he does the housework but I have to be very careful over these next 10 days. It is times like this that I wish I had a lover who lived close-by because I feel denied since I can’t ‘use’ hubby’s gifted tongue or even strap a dildo to his face. I’m afraid it would be too much excitement for him.

I guess I’ll just have to use my vibrator when I’m alone in bed between now and Halloween. In fact, I did just that the other night as I replayed my sexual liaison with Derik in my mind. I also like to think about denying hubby and how he is suffering to please his Mistress. I can’t explain it but knowing that my husband is locked in chastity and completely under my control always makes me very wet.
I’m trying to organize something special for Halloween. I wrote Ginger to see what she is doing. My idea is for us to go to a Halloween party where Ginger and I flirt and dance with other men while our husbands watch us. Then later that night, perhaps in a hotel room, I would allow James to remove his chastity device and make him jerk off in front of me and Ginger and whomever else I invite. That would be most humiliating for James. As always, I am open to suggestions and ideas.