Friday, June 8, 2012

Our mundane femdom life

Weeks can go by with little or nothing to report when it comes to our femdom lifestyle. Most days are fairly mundane and I don’t like to embellish things just to make my blog more interesting to read. So I would rather write nothing or reminisce about past experiences than write about our day-day life that usually isn’t all that interesting. If I did, a typical post would read something like this;

“I got off work and headed to the fitness center. James came home, prepared dinner and attended to his evening chores. After dinner, I fiddled in my garden (or read a book or went through my e-mail or took the dog for a walk, etc.) while James cleared the table and did the dishes. Afterwards we watched some television before retiring to bed.”
That’s a typical Monday thru Thursday night around our house. Not very exciting but that’s our reality. I might have James give me a foot massage while we watch television or I might be in the mood for a full body massage, which can lead to female body worship and oral servitude, but that’s about as wild as things get around our house on most weeknights.
The weekends are usually more exciting but do not always involve D&S. When something out of the ordinary does happen, like Memorial Day weekend with my getaway and James’ subsequent marathon discipline session, I love to record it in my blog because it is a departure from the usual.
But every now and again, there are those life events when something comes from out of the blue that makes for a femdom situation. That’s what happened this week but rather than go into here, I will write about it in a separate entry.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Marathon whipping session

I know some of you have been anxious to hear about my Memorial Day weekend and I finally have a few minutes to write about it. Where to begin? I think the best place to begin is at the end because that is the freshest thing on my mind.

Monday evening I made it back home to find an eager and willing to please hubby, nice and secure in his CB-3000. I left him a long list of chores and I must say he really pleased me by completing all of his tasks. It was a hot and sticky weekend (in more ways than one) and most of his assigned chores were outdoors so that made it a bit more of a challenge for him as he had to endure the heat and humidity as he power washed the deck, mowed the lawn, cut down some low hanging tree branches and swept and cleaned out the carport. He also had to do his usual inside chores of vacuuming, dusting and doing the laundry. I, on the other hand, enjoyed a weekend of rest, relaxation, and good food as I visited my sisters, and I enjoyed hot and steamy sex as I went on a date with my young male friend. But more on that in a minute.
After hubby unloaded my car, we sat in the living room and chatted. Hubby poured me a glass of wine and I unwound from the long drive. The traffic was terrible and very stressful so the wine was just what I needed.
I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to James over the weekend, much to his disappointment. I usually call him more often when I’m away but I was having such a good time, I simply forgot. I called him Friday night to tell him I had made it safely to my sister’s house and I touched base with him again Sunday morning but I didn’t have the time to fill him in on any of the details of my Saturday night date. Luckily he was so busy with his chores that he didn’t have much time to feel neglected.
Once I relaxed from the wine, I told James to remove his clothes so I could inspect the CB-3000. He said it was a little uncomfortable wearing it all weekend while he did his chores but he didn’t have any real issues with it. He even slept fairly well, but that might have had more to do with him being tired from doing his chores.
Seeing him standing there in his CB-3000 began to turn me on. I teased him about my date and I began to give him the details. I told him how all of my sisters were at my oldest sister’s house Saturday night which left my youngest sister’s place, where I was staying, completely empty. So after dinner, I invited my young suitor back to her place. She thought I was out with a girlfriend but to play it safe I inquired about what time she would be returning. My sisters love to stay out late when they're together so when she told me around 10pm, I knew it would be close to 11 before she came home. We didn’t have a lot of time so me and my date got right into it. It was humid outside and I told him I was sticky and needed to take a shower. Then I invited him to join me and the rest you can use your imagination of what happened next.
When I told my hubby the details, he got excited and he struggled inside the CB-3000 as his erection was restrained and his balls became very swollen. That settled it. I could have just chilled the rest of the night but I wanted to discipline him. I knew if I didn’t seize this opportunity, it wasn’t going to happen.
For something different, I took him to the basement and I tied him in a standing position in the utility room off the laundry room. It is a small room where the hot water heater is located. I strung him up by his wrist cuffs, tying them to hooks that are in the beam that hangs from the ceiling. I hadn’t whipped him in this room for some time, not since last December.
I went upstairs and unlocked my toy chest. I knew I was going to be engaging is a physical workout so I dressed only in leather bra, leather shorts and a pair of leather boots. I selected my implements of choice. I chose the flogger, the long handle riding crop, the leather strap, the tawse and the cane. I returned to the basement and I decided I wanted to see his erection during his whipping so I removed the CB-3000. His cock jumped right to attention.
Once I got started, I really got into it. I’ve wanted to have a marathon discipline session with him for weeks but couldn’t get motivated to initiate it. But now here I was and it became a marathon. Once I got started, I really threw myself into it. James was also in the mood as my cuckolding tale really had him aroused. I made him beg me for his whipping and he really got into it, acting like such a little bitch boy, pleading with me to punish him.
I warmed him up with the flogger but I didn’t waste too much time with a lot of foreplay because I could tell he was in the mood for a hard whipping. I got to the riding crop and the chemistry was there. That’s not always the case but him being locked up in the CB-3000 all weekend and then hearing about my sexual fling with my young male friend was the perfect mix. He felt very inferior and submissive to me and that combined with an intense sexual arousal is usually when he can handle a hard whipping.
The floor and walls in this small room are concrete and it makes for great echoing sounds during a whipping session. I had him dancing and the sound of my crop striking his flesh was really turning me on. In fact, at one point, I slid out of my shorts and I began touching myself as I continued the marathon session.
I’m slow and methodical with a whip. I have never been one to go hard and fast. I find a slow whipping, allowing 5 to 10 seconds between each stroke, to be the most erotic. I also took a few breaks to rest my arms and to get a drink of water.
I switched from the crop to the strap to the tawse and finally the cane. By the time I got to the cane, his erection had gone limp so I knew he was getting to the edge of his limit. His sexual energy had given way to the pain and his body was quivering. I know from experience that when this happens, it will not be too long before he uses his safe word. Therefore, I only gave him 5 strokes with the cane and I stopped. We had been at it for 90 minutes.
I freed him and took him over to the laundry room where I could examine his body better in the brighter light. He had some nice marks and welts but nothing that wouldn’t fade in a matter of hours, or a day at the most.
I took him upstairs to my bedroom where I relaxed on the bed and James orally worshipped my body, bringing me to orgasm at least three times before I finally pushed his head away from my pussy. Now it hit me. The weekend, the drive, the physical workout from his discipline session and now my orgasms ushered in total exhaustion.
But poor James, I knew he needed relief. Therefore, I gave him permission to masturbate in front of me. It didn’t take him but a minute and I wasn’t in the mood to be cruel so I gave him the command immediately, “Do it, James! Do it now!” He climaxed on my command and I sent him off  to bed.