Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Having a wonderful summer thus far

I know I haven’t written in over two weeks but I’ve been very busy, especially with my social life. I am really enjoying my summer thus far. To give everyone a brief update:

The weekend of June 15th I went to B-more and attended the Beach Boys concert over in Columbia with Chris. It was a fun-filled weekend as the city of B-more was celebrating the 200 year anniversary of the war of 1812. Chris finally got his own place so that just might mean more frequent trips to Charm city. It’s a tiny apartment and I’ve told him if he wants me to visit more often, he must get a bigger bed. Chris is young and he needs a lot of training and if I lived closer, I might take that challenge to mold him into a more domesticated male but for now he serves a purpose with his well-toned, muscular and tanned body.
He was such a novice lover back on New Year’s Eve but I’ve since taught him how to pleasure a woman. Chris thinks I’m a sexy Cougar and he is dying to spend more time with me but I’ve been totally honest with him about our relationship. As long as he pleases me and obeys me (he didn’t want to see the Beach Boys and he hesitated about getting his own place) I am willing to be his hot Cougar part-time girlfriend. At least for now.
While I was away, James had to stay home (of course) in his CB-3000, attending to his hubby-do list. I have begun implementing more feminization into his weekend routine. In addition to wearing my panties, I require he wear a garter belt and matching white fishnet stockings.
He adapted fairly well to the CB-3000 but he still had some problems therefore I ordered the CB-6000 and he’s been wearing it since last Friday night. So far, he hasn’t had any problems. I’m keeping my fingers crossed he can wear it fulltime, all the time. We’re not there yet but we’re getting there.
Thomas is coming to see me for the 4th of July and I’ve decided to take a rather big step. I do not want Thomas to get a hotel. He is going to stay here and sleep in my bed with me. James is nervous about this arrangement so I’ve compromised with him. He doesn’t have to interact with Thomas unless he wants. Thomas and I are going on a picnic on the 4th. James is off on the 4th but he has to work on the 5th and 6th.

Thomas is going to stay with me until Saturday the 7th. We have a day trip planned for that Friday but we will come back to my house that night. James will have to be locked in his CB-6000 and he will be feminized on the 4th and the 7th but he has my permission to attend to his chores when Thomas and I are out of the house. When we are here, James can keep to his room if that is what he prefers to do. I am hoping he changes his mind and will venture out and talk to Thomas as a gracious host but I’m not going to push it.
This coming weekend, I plan on using James a lot. Between now and the 4th, James will be applying moisturizing and tanning lotion to my body to prepare me for Thomas. I want to make sure he is in the proper frame of mind so I will require he give me a massage Friday night and on Saturday I plan on having a D&S session with James. I haven’t decided exactly what all that will involve but I think a spanking/paddling and definitely the strap-on are in order, with lots of verbal humiliation reminding him that Thomas will be sharing my bed with me. I think I will also send James to the local drugstore to get some condoms, just in case I’ll need them when Thomas is here.

One area I am training my hubby is for him to go above and beyond in his service of me. I told him that when Thomas and I come back from our picnic, I expect my bed to be prepared. I want the red satin sheets on the bed, the box of condoms on the night stand, one of my sexy lingerie outfits hanging on the back of my bathroom door so I can change into it (I want James to pick it out as if he were going to be spending the night with me) and anything else he can think of to make the night special. I want him to surprise me with something extra nice.
Am I moving too fast? I don’t think so. James and I have been living this lifestyle to varying degrees for over a decade, closer to 15 years. I think this is all a part of a natural progression for us. Chris and Thomas are in my life right now. They might not be in a few months but I plan on making the most of it while staying focused on the bigger picture as it relates to my marriage with James.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hubby gets feminized

Last night I broke the news to my hubby about Thomas wanting to see me again next month. I can’t say he was enthused about it but he reluctantly gave me his blessing. That’s an improvement over the other night but still not the reaction I was looking for.

At least this time I wasn’t caught unawares. I’ve was thinking about this all day Friday and I remembered one of my former mentors, Hillary. You may or may not recall hearing about her but she is one of Elise Sutton’s associates and she goes by the name Boss Lady. She lives in the Houston area and I used to communicate with Hillary quite a bit but haven’t heard from her in years.
I thought about Hillary because when she began to cuckold her hubby, she was adamant about how emasculating her hubby was an important part of the cuckolding lifestyle. Her hubby struggled with some jealousy issues but she was able to help him overcome those feelings through feminizing him and turning him into her sissy-maid. I have always liked the sissies I have met in this lifestyle and I have met a few dominant wives whose husbands are sissies. I fooled around with sissifying James but it was just bedroom play and not anything serious.

I remember this one time, a phone client was into sissification and he sent me one of his sissy dresses and wigs for me to try on James. It was a cute pink dress and a blonde wig. I dressed James up one night and had him sever me all evening as he was dressed like that. It was a blast but to be truthful, James didn’t make a good sissy. For one thing, he is too masculine looking. And I have come to realize that you are either a sissy or you’re not. It can’t be faked or coerced.
That doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun using forced feminization as a humiliation tool. That’s what Hillary did to her hubby and his humiliation helped him to overcome being jealous when she spent time with her lover. The lesson she taught me was that if a man enjoys being humiliated, such as her hubby Raymond and my hubby James, humiliation can be a powerful weapon to get a man to submit to areas he would otherwise be reluctant.
So last night, after I broke the news to James that I would be seeing Thomas again and could sense his obvious disappointment, I told him I had a surprise for him waiting in my bedroom. When he walked into the bedroom, he saw that pink sissy dress and blonde wig lying on the bed. I ordered him to undress and I dressed him up as a sissy. I seductively dressed him in white stockings, a feminine garter belt and then I assisted him as he pulled the pink dress over his head and onto his body. I tied the lace strings nice and tight. Once he was dressed, he sat in my vanity chair and I applied make-up to his face and really dolled him up. Then I put on his wig and the transformation was complete. He looked adorable and he was deeply embarrassed and humiliated. The term ‘forced feminization’ is the perfect way to describe it.
The rest of the night, James had to serve me like that. He bathed me and gave me a mini massage as he applied moisturizing lotion all over my body while he was dressed like that. He was also wearing his CB-3000. I could tell he was very uncomfortable in that sissy dress and wig but I reminded him that this was part of his punishment for the other night.
As he was rubbing the lotion into my body, I teased him about how he would prepare me next month for Thomas. I teased him how he would bathe me, trim my pussy hair and make my skin nice and soft for Thomas to touch. Hillary is a genius because this approach worked beautifully. I could see James was slipping into subspace and he was no longer jealous. He was also fighting an erection which the CB-3000 kept in check.
After my mini massage, I retired to the living room and watched television while my sissy served me popcorn and a cold beer. While I was enjoying my snack, I had my sissy kneel in front of me with his head to the floor and I used him as my foot stool.
I was getting very turned on and around 11pm, I had my sissy remove his dress but I made him keep the wig on. Under his dress he was wearing a garner belt and while stockings. I had him go to the room where we keep the massage table set up. I took off my robe revealing the black bra and panties set I was wearing underneath. Then I got my strap-on harness and I had my sissy bend over the massage table with his feet still planted on the floor. I lubed up his anus and my dildo and I proceeded to take my sissy as I further verbally humiliated him.
I reminded him of my upcoming social calendar as I banged him with the strap-on. I reminded him that next weekend I was going down to Baltimore to a concert with my young male friend whom I was intimate with over Memorial Day weekend. Then I told him that on the 4th of July, Thomas is coming to town and we are going on a picnic at the lake. Later that night, we will be coming back to our house where we will watch the fireworks. James is welcomed to watch them with us but later that night I will be going to Thomas’ hotel room and spending the night with him.
James verbally gave me his blessing but that wasn’t good enough for me. I asked him what he was going to do to make these occasions extra special for me and my dates. He didn’t understand at first so I had to give him a few suggestions. Such as, he would prepare our picnic lunch when Thomas and I go to the lake and it would be a nice gesture if he were to get Thomas a gift card at the restaurant at the hotel he will be staying so he can treat me to breakfast the following morning when I spend the night with him. James caught on and he promised to do both of those things and he made the suggestion that he could get me and my young date a gift certificate for dinner in Baltimore prior to the concert. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s what I want to see from my hubby.
I withdrew the dildo and I took my sissy to my bedroom where he orally pleasured me. Once I was sexually satisfied, I allowed my sissy to wash the make-up from his face and go to bed. However, I think we will repeat this scenario again tonight. I have no plans in turning my hubby into a full-time sissy but forced feminization is a nice tool to use to humiliate your hubby. If he responds to humiliation, it definitely will take him to subspace and that will help him to overcome any feelings of jealousy. Thank you, Hillary, for sharing this with me those many years ago.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hubby gets punished

Monday night an old co-worker, Thomas, contacted me. We worked together in the 1990’s and I was always attracted to him but back in those days, as a married woman, I never would have considered going out with another man. I was brand new to femdom and knew nothing about my hubby’s interest in cuckolding. To tell the truth, when James first mentioned his fantasy of being a cuckold and I would play along and tease him about me possibly one day dating another man, Thomas was the man I would think about. Naturally I was only role-playing with James and I had zero intention of ever being intimate with anyone other than my hubby. But women have fantasies too so when James would mention cuckolding when we were engaging in D&S bedroom play, to help get me in the mood, I would think about Thomas.

Thomas got married and moved away in 1999. I made the mistake one night of teasing James that it was too bad Thomas got married because he would have been a definite candidate for a possible lover in a cuckolding scene. To my surprise, James became rather jealous and copped an attitude toward me. I was only engaging in fantasy talk and it wasn’t worth a fight, so I told James I was only kidding about Thomas. You must remember this was in the late 90’s and I was still a novice when it came to femdom. I allowed James to top me from below a lot in those early years.
Anywho, back to Monday. Thomas recently got divorced so he was in town this weekend visiting some old friends. He called me up to see how I’ve been doing. One thing led to another and I asked him out to have dinner with me Tuesday night. When I told James, he got very jealous. Forget the fact that I had just cuckolded him Memorial Day weekend with a guy who was young enough to be my son much younger brother. James submitted to that and seemed to enjoy it. However, he was definitely against me going out with Thomas. I guess he felt threatened by Thomas since he knew him fairly well when he used to work with me.
To show how much I’ve grown in this lifestyle, I did not coddle my husband nor allow him to manipulate my emotions like I did in 1999. I told him I was disappointed in him for throwing his little pity-party. I thought he had matured enough by now to accept the reality that I can go out with whomever I want. James knew I was right and to his credit, he apologized to me later that night.
Tuesday night I went out with Thomas while James stayed home, wearing his CB-3000 and a pair of my panties. Thomas looked great. He was always a nice looking man but he had lost some weight since the last time I saw him. He also lightened the color of his hair and he had a different haircut that definitely agreed with him. There was no denying my attraction for him and we had a great time talking over dinner.
Maybe it wasn’t the best thing for me to do but Thomas was leaving Wednesday so I made a bold move after dinner. I asked Thomas if he wanted some company back at his hotel room. I think I totally surprised him because during dinner I told him how happy I was being married to James. The new Kathleen must have been a real shock to Thomas because when he worked with me, I never went out with the others after work for happy hour and I never flirted with other men.
Back at Thomas’ hotel room, one thing led to another and we became intimate with each other. I didn’t go all the way with him but I was as intimate as you can be without actually fucking. I think we were both slightly inhibited due to our past friendship. After all, we hadn’t seen each other in 13 years.
When I got home, James had already gone to bed. I thought of waking him up to tease him about what I had just done with Thomas but since it was a work night, I decided to let James sleep. Plus I was tired and not really in the mood for a potential D&S session. But yesterday, after dinner, James was asking me about my date. I told him a little but I suggested we wait. I was planning on having a D&S session with James this weekend where I was going to tease him by telling him the intimate details between me and Thomas. But James kept asking me questions, not in a mean or judgmental way but I could tell he was deeply bothered. So I gave in and started to share with him the details of my date. My hubby did not respond well to it.
When I told him I was intimate with Thomas but we didn’t go “all the way”, James kept asking me questions that were not appropriate. He asked me if I allowed Thomas to touch my body in intimate places. When I told him I did, he became noticeably upset. Then he asked me if I touched Thomas with my mouth in intimate places. When I told him I did, he turned and walked out of the room.
I couldn’t believe it. This was not what I had planned. I was planning on a tease and deny session with James where I used my date with Thomas to playfully dominate and humiliate my hubby, which he loves. But he ruined it. It could have been so much fun but he missed out because of his bad attitude. This reminded me of when I was new to this lifestyle. I remember when I did phone calls with clients, James would get jealous if he sensed I liked someone. We have come such a long ways from those days but James had a relapse this week and it wasn’t pretty.
So, instead of a wonderful D&S session with his lovely wife, James was punished. He knew he was in the wrong. After he calmed down, I ordered him to the bedroom and I had him lie across my bed. I did not change into leather or lingerie or anything sexy. His body had recovered from the whipping he endured Memorial Day but I didn’t really care. I got my cane and gave him ten firm strokes across his buttocks. They must have really hurt because he jumped and yelped after the first three.
Then I made him stand in the corner, with his nose to the wall, for the next two hours as he contemplated what he had done wrong. Before he went to bed, he had to kneel before me and apologize, which he did and I felt it was sincere. I also made him verbalize to me that if I want to sleep with Thomas in the future, I have that right and he will never again cop an attitude about it. At the time, I didn’t know if I would ever see Thomas again, but hearing James say this was important to me.
Finally, as part of his punishment, James is going to be locked up in the CB-3000 for an entire week starting tonight. This will be the longest he has worn it and a real challenge for him. I’ll let you know how he does.
On the one hand, I was very disappointed in my hubby for reverting back to some bad habits I thought he was over long ago. But on the other hand, it’s sweet to know that James can still get jealous. In a way, that shows me how much he loves me. He was in the wrong, he knows he was in the wrong, he got punished, and we’ve kissed and made up. He’s making amends. He sent me flowers today and he called me this morning and apologized again.
I didn’t have the heart to tell him that Thomas also sent me flowers. Thomas wants to come see me again next month. I plan on breaking this news to James later tonight. Who knows? This might pave the way for an interesting weekend. If James submits to this and gives me his blessing, that just might be enough to get me in the mood to dominate James. Perhaps that tease and denial session might happen after all.

Our mundane femdom life

Weeks can go by with little or nothing to report when it comes to our femdom lifestyle. Most days are fairly mundane and I don’t like to embellish things just to make my blog more interesting to read. So I would rather write nothing or reminisce about past experiences than write about our day-day life that usually isn’t all that interesting. If I did, a typical post would read something like this;

“I got off work and headed to the fitness center. James came home, prepared dinner and attended to his evening chores. After dinner, I fiddled in my garden (or read a book or went through my e-mail or took the dog for a walk, etc.) while James cleared the table and did the dishes. Afterwards we watched some television before retiring to bed.”
That’s a typical Monday thru Thursday night around our house. Not very exciting but that’s our reality. I might have James give me a foot massage while we watch television or I might be in the mood for a full body massage, which can lead to female body worship and oral servitude, but that’s about as wild as things get around our house on most weeknights.
The weekends are usually more exciting but do not always involve D&S. When something out of the ordinary does happen, like Memorial Day weekend with my getaway and James’ subsequent marathon discipline session, I love to record it in my blog because it is a departure from the usual.
But every now and again, there are those life events when something comes from out of the blue that makes for a femdom situation. That’s what happened this week but rather than go into here, I will write about it in a separate entry.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Marathon whipping session

I know some of you have been anxious to hear about my Memorial Day weekend and I finally have a few minutes to write about it. Where to begin? I think the best place to begin is at the end because that is the freshest thing on my mind.

Monday evening I made it back home to find an eager and willing to please hubby, nice and secure in his CB-3000. I left him a long list of chores and I must say he really pleased me by completing all of his tasks. It was a hot and sticky weekend (in more ways than one) and most of his assigned chores were outdoors so that made it a bit more of a challenge for him as he had to endure the heat and humidity as he power washed the deck, mowed the lawn, cut down some low hanging tree branches and swept and cleaned out the carport. He also had to do his usual inside chores of vacuuming, dusting and doing the laundry. I, on the other hand, enjoyed a weekend of rest, relaxation, and good food as I visited my sisters, and I enjoyed hot and steamy sex as I went on a date with my young male friend. But more on that in a minute.
After hubby unloaded my car, we sat in the living room and chatted. Hubby poured me a glass of wine and I unwound from the long drive. The traffic was terrible and very stressful so the wine was just what I needed.
I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to James over the weekend, much to his disappointment. I usually call him more often when I’m away but I was having such a good time, I simply forgot. I called him Friday night to tell him I had made it safely to my sister’s house and I touched base with him again Sunday morning but I didn’t have the time to fill him in on any of the details of my Saturday night date. Luckily he was so busy with his chores that he didn’t have much time to feel neglected.
Once I relaxed from the wine, I told James to remove his clothes so I could inspect the CB-3000. He said it was a little uncomfortable wearing it all weekend while he did his chores but he didn’t have any real issues with it. He even slept fairly well, but that might have had more to do with him being tired from doing his chores.
Seeing him standing there in his CB-3000 began to turn me on. I teased him about my date and I began to give him the details. I told him how all of my sisters were at my oldest sister’s house Saturday night which left my youngest sister’s place, where I was staying, completely empty. So after dinner, I invited my young suitor back to her place. She thought I was out with a girlfriend but to play it safe I inquired about what time she would be returning. My sisters love to stay out late when they're together so when she told me around 10pm, I knew it would be close to 11 before she came home. We didn’t have a lot of time so me and my date got right into it. It was humid outside and I told him I was sticky and needed to take a shower. Then I invited him to join me and the rest you can use your imagination of what happened next.
When I told my hubby the details, he got excited and he struggled inside the CB-3000 as his erection was restrained and his balls became very swollen. That settled it. I could have just chilled the rest of the night but I wanted to discipline him. I knew if I didn’t seize this opportunity, it wasn’t going to happen.
For something different, I took him to the basement and I tied him in a standing position in the utility room off the laundry room. It is a small room where the hot water heater is located. I strung him up by his wrist cuffs, tying them to hooks that are in the beam that hangs from the ceiling. I hadn’t whipped him in this room for some time, not since last December.
I went upstairs and unlocked my toy chest. I knew I was going to be engaging is a physical workout so I dressed only in leather bra, leather shorts and a pair of leather boots. I selected my implements of choice. I chose the flogger, the long handle riding crop, the leather strap, the tawse and the cane. I returned to the basement and I decided I wanted to see his erection during his whipping so I removed the CB-3000. His cock jumped right to attention.
Once I got started, I really got into it. I’ve wanted to have a marathon discipline session with him for weeks but couldn’t get motivated to initiate it. But now here I was and it became a marathon. Once I got started, I really threw myself into it. James was also in the mood as my cuckolding tale really had him aroused. I made him beg me for his whipping and he really got into it, acting like such a little bitch boy, pleading with me to punish him.
I warmed him up with the flogger but I didn’t waste too much time with a lot of foreplay because I could tell he was in the mood for a hard whipping. I got to the riding crop and the chemistry was there. That’s not always the case but him being locked up in the CB-3000 all weekend and then hearing about my sexual fling with my young male friend was the perfect mix. He felt very inferior and submissive to me and that combined with an intense sexual arousal is usually when he can handle a hard whipping.
The floor and walls in this small room are concrete and it makes for great echoing sounds during a whipping session. I had him dancing and the sound of my crop striking his flesh was really turning me on. In fact, at one point, I slid out of my shorts and I began touching myself as I continued the marathon session.
I’m slow and methodical with a whip. I have never been one to go hard and fast. I find a slow whipping, allowing 5 to 10 seconds between each stroke, to be the most erotic. I also took a few breaks to rest my arms and to get a drink of water.
I switched from the crop to the strap to the tawse and finally the cane. By the time I got to the cane, his erection had gone limp so I knew he was getting to the edge of his limit. His sexual energy had given way to the pain and his body was quivering. I know from experience that when this happens, it will not be too long before he uses his safe word. Therefore, I only gave him 5 strokes with the cane and I stopped. We had been at it for 90 minutes.
I freed him and took him over to the laundry room where I could examine his body better in the brighter light. He had some nice marks and welts but nothing that wouldn’t fade in a matter of hours, or a day at the most.
I took him upstairs to my bedroom where I relaxed on the bed and James orally worshipped my body, bringing me to orgasm at least three times before I finally pushed his head away from my pussy. Now it hit me. The weekend, the drive, the physical workout from his discipline session and now my orgasms ushered in total exhaustion.
But poor James, I knew he needed relief. Therefore, I gave him permission to masturbate in front of me. It didn’t take him but a minute and I wasn’t in the mood to be cruel so I gave him the command immediately, “Do it, James! Do it now!” He climaxed on my command and I sent him off  to bed.