Sunday, April 29, 2012

3's company but 5's a crowd

The past two weekends James and I were supposed to visit Ginger and her hubby for a private foursome CFNM party. However, Ginger canceled on us both times. I must confess that I was a little ticked off when I got her call Friday night because I was looking forward it. But I can’t say that I blame her.

Ginger is in the midst of a new cuckolding arrangement. The past three weekends she has had sexual relations with Dante, the handsome and well-endowed man she met at the CFNM party back on April 7. Two weekends ago she made her hubby watch while he was trapped inside his CB-3000 with the Dream Lover remote at Ginger’s fingertips to further torment him while she was having sex with Dante. Ginger said it was such an erotic experience for her that she wanted to do it again this weekend.
Apparently Dante is going to be away the first two weekends in May therefore Ginger couldn’t wait three whole weeks to see him. I was disappointed but I understand. 3’s company but 5’s a crowd. Hopefully James and I will make it to Ginger’s place for our little CFNM get-together one of these weekends while Dante is away. I’ll keep you posted.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Aftermath of CFNM Party

Well, it’s been a week since I attended the CFNM party and the aftermath has been rather profound. First, I had a D&S session with my hubby the other night where I shared all the details with him while I dominated him via bondage, spanking and strap-on play. I hammed it up, teasing him how gorgeous the naked bodies of the men were and how his plight would have been similar to that of Phil’s had I allowed him to attend. I teased James that should I ever allow him to attend a future CFNM party with me, he would have to suffer the embarrassment of being naked in a room full of beautiful, younger men and then he would have to watch his wife ogling over all the eye candy.

Not only that but he might have to endure seeing me select a potential lover to accompany us back to our hotel where a hot cuckolding scene just might unfold. James got extremely excited when I told him these things. He seemed to really enjoy the possibility but I reminded him that it’s only a fantasy until he actually experiences it. Poor Phil had to endure it for real. Nonetheless my tale made for a great D&S session between James and I.

The second reverberation that came from the CFNM party is that next weekend, Ginger has invited James and I to visit her and her hubby at their place for a private CFNM party. Our plan is for Ginger and I to remained clothed (in street clothes, no fetish wear) while our hubbies are totally naked. They will have to serve us all night in that vulnerable state. James should do okay in this setting because he knows Ginger from our ClubFEM days and she’s basically seen him naked before.
And thinking of Ginger, the third aftershock from the CFNM party will occur tonight when Ginger goes on a date with Dante, the hunk she met at the CFNM party. Ginger didn’t waste any time. She told me she’s been thinking about Dante almost non-stop and she can’t wait to be alone with him. I cautioned her to be careful and not to rush into anything but she’s a grown woman.
I, on the other hand, have made no plans as of yet with the young man I met at the CFNM party. He wants to go out with me but it seems to me, based on his e-mails, that what he really wants is to be dominated by me. That might be a possibility down the road but the more I think about it, I would rather use the CFNM experience to further dominate James for now. Next weekend at Ginger’s house should be a real hoot.  

Monday, April 9, 2012

My first CFNM Party

Well, I did it. I attended my first CFNM party Saturday night. There is so much I could write about. I’ll try my best to hit on the highlights of the night.

It was held at an old Inn in a suburb of the DC area. Ginger and I arrived a little early so we stayed in her car and listened to music on her car DVD player before walking up to the door five minutes before 8:00. The two women working the door checked our names off their invitee list and welcomed us to the party. The party was in the basement of the old Inn. The place was kind of dark with a beautiful stone fireplace and a long bar. They had tables and chairs set up. There was also a small dance floor in the corner.
They had snacks and horderves and a cash bar. Ginger and I enjoyed a couple of adult beverages as we sat at one of the tables close to the dance floor and watched as the people funneled in. I would guestimate that there were about 25 women and 15 men total. At around 8:20, the hostesses, Terri and Debby, introduced themselves to the crowd and announced that the “Full Monty” dance would occur at 9:15. In the meantime, we were to mingle and make new friends.
I would describe the mood in the room as one of extreme nervousness. The men were by in large young and attractive, most of them being in their late 20’s to early 30’s. There were maybe 3 or 4 couples there. One couple, Donna and Phil, asked if they could sit at our table. They were around our age, maybe a little older, and he obviously exceeded the male age limit of 40 but he was allowed to attend because he came with his wife. They had made the trip from Richmond, Virginia and were spending the night at a local hotel. As we got to know them, we learned that they were a femdom couple. She seemed to be amused when I told them that we left our hubbies at home and my hubby was doing his chores while wearing his chastity device and a pair of my panties. Ginger told Donna all about the Dream Lover 2000 device she uses to train her hubby.
Most of the men hung around the bar area and some of the women were going up and talking to them but we just stayed at our table and enjoyed our conversation with Donna and Phil. Then at 9:15, the hostesses invited all the men to the dance floor. Phil was very hesitant but we joined in with Donna and egged him on. Ginger said “Come on, Phil, don’t be shy. Show us what you got.”
They played the song “I’m too sexy” and the men began to remove their clothes. Some of the guys really got into it as they did a striptease but about half of them looked very uncomfortable up there and all they did was basically undress as if they were at the Doctor’s office nervously awaiting an exam. Maybe I’m showing my age but I wasn’t the least bit aroused at watching the men undress.
Most of the women were hooting and egging them on but it was rather subdued because nervousness was still present. Only a couple of guys had an erection when they stood and faced the audience. The rest of the guys were too nervous or embarrassed or both.
Overall, I was impressed with their bodies. Some of them were very attractive with muscular builds, nice tans, and smooth shaven skin. There were only two African-American men and one Asian looking man. The rest were Caucasian. All of the women I saw there that night were Caucasian.
Terri encouraged the women to applaud the naked men as they stood there before us. Then she said that the contests would begin at 10:00 and from now until then the men were to be at the ladies beckon call. The guys walked around the room and some of the girls groped them, touching their asses, groping their balls, caressing their chests, feeling their muscles, etc. I would say that half the women there had been to these parties before and they were the ones who were the most aggressive. The rest of us just sat back and enjoyed watching, at least in the early stages of the party.
Phil looked like he was terrified and his body was a little flabby and not on par with the hard bodies of the younger men so we went out of our way to make him feel good about himself. Ginger and I groped and slapped his buttocks and complemented him on having a cute butt. Donna pretty much ignored him as she was eyeing up all the cute naked men in the room. I have lots of experience teasing naked, insecure middle aged men from my days doing live sessions and being the Head Mistress of ClubFEM, so I rather enjoyed teasing Phil and he actually got an erection when Ginger and I were fondling his buttocks, with his wife’s permission of course.
Around the room the men were serving the women by fetching snacks and drinks and allowing the women to touch them. One woman had a bottle of some kind of skin lotion and she kept asking guys if she could rub the lotion on their bodies, including their genitals. She was very aggressive and she probably felt up over half the men in the room by the time the night was over.
As the women were groping and touching the men, most of them began to overcome their inhibitions and they started to grow full erections. Much to Phil’s dismay, Ginger sat her eye on this one guy, Dante. He was one of the African-American studs and I must say he had an awesome body and he was very well hung. A group of women at the table next to us were touching him and Ginger couldn’t resist joining in. I, on the other hand, laid low and other than toying with Phil a little and a brief conservation with this one young guy (more on that later), I just enjoyed watching the spectacle that was unfolding all around me.
At 10:00, Terri and Debby called the men back on the dance floor and the contests began. The first contest was best body. In order not to embarrass any one, they passed out slips of paper and we did a secret ballot of who we thought had the best body. They called the top 5 on stage and made them pose and flex for us. The winner was chosen by who got the loudest applause. This guy who went by the name Derrick won. He had to be a professional male dancer because in addition to having a gorgeous body, he was unbelievably at ease posing in front of an audience of clothed women.
The next contest was biggest erection but they did it cleverly by making it a kind of a social experiment. They asked for female volunteers from the audience to measure the size of each of the men’s erections. But they also had to measure their hands and their feet. The purpose was to see if the size of a man’s cock was in anyway tied to the size of a man’s hands or feet. Terri teased that if we could prove her theory, women would be able to tell which men were well endowed simply by looking at their hands or inquiring about their shoe size.
This contest turned out to be a lot of fun as some of the men didn’t become fully erect due to being paraded in front of an audience. They needed help and there were plenty of female volunteers who stroked them to erection. Other men became hard right away and some of them were dripping pre-cum from being excited so they had to be fitted with condoms. It was during this contest that I became somewhat aroused for the first time all night.
From what I saw, there is no correlation between the size of a man’s hands or feet and the size of this cock. However, Terri seemed to think there was, especially the hands. The two guys with the biggest cocks had big everythings. They were big guys with big hands, big feet, and big cocks.

But this one guy who came in 3rd place was rather short with average hands but he had big cock. And this other guy was very tall with big hands and big feet but an averaged sized cock at best. So that to me disproved Terri’s theory but she still maintained that while her theory is not perfect, based on her experience at these CFNM parties, looking at the size of a man’s hands is the best barometer for women to use, more so than a guy’s shoe size.
Next, they used the measurements from Terri’s experiment to determine the finalists for the biggest erection contest. The top 5 guys were called on stage and they had to perform a dance for us. The atmosphere in the room had changed by now and the women were getting very loud and aggressive.
The next contest was largest balls. The finalists were determined by secret ballot and the 5 guys were lined up against the wall and a female volunteer was selected for each guy and she had to lift his cock so we could all easily see his balls. Again the winner was chosen by applause.
After the contests, it was time to party. They played dance music and invited everyone to use the dance floor. This is when the party became pretty wild. Women danced with the men (still naked) and there was plenty of groping and fondling and stroking but thankfully all the women knew where not to cross the line. In other words, an orgy did not break out and nobody engaged in any sexual contact other than women briefly stroking men’s cocks with their hands and squeezing their buns and their balls. I didn’t see anyone having an orgasm but I’m sure some of the guys had to be awfully close at times.
Ginger made her move on the African-American stud she had eyed up and felt up earlier. He came in second place in both the best body and biggest erection contests. He was very popular as women were all over him on the dance floor but Ginger is a very beautiful woman and she wasn’t intimidated.  She made her way over to him and you could tell that he really liked Ginger. They danced and she kissed him, groped him and playfully stroked him on the dance floor and before we left, she exchanged phone numbers with him. There were a lot of phone numbers exchanged from what I saw, which is one of the purposes of the party.
Donna was having a good time as she danced with and fondled this one guy while her hubby looked on, no doubt humiliated, which I’m sure is why she brought him along. The guy she was dancing with was older than most of the male guests. I’d say he was in his late 30’s probably pushing 40, but still probably 10 years younger than Phil. He was an okay looking guy with a nice body, he wouldn’t have been my type given what else was roaming around the room, but Donna sure thought he was hot judging from the way she was carrying on with him on the dance floor.
Through Ginger, I learned that there was an after-party being held at a nearby hotel where a few of the women rented rooms and they invited some of the guys to join them there (gee, I wonder what might happen at a CFNM after-party that didn’t happen at the regular party?)
Ginger and I didn’t get an invite to the after-party but Dante did and he invited Ginger to go with him. It was after 1:00 am so Ginger declined his offer because she promised me I could stay at her place and she was driving. He told her he wasn’t going to go if she didn’t go, but she didn’t buy it for a second, and neither did I. Like I told Ginger on our drive back to her place, Dante probably just said that to her because he wants to go out with her sometime in the future.

Dante had to be so aroused from having all of those women touching him all night that there was no way he was going to resist attending the private after-party where sexually charged women would no doubt be doing sexual things that were forbidden at the regular CFNM party to the invited male guests. Ginger and I agreed that the women that thought of the after-party idea are freaking brilliant. They got to be alone in a hotel with a bunch of attractive, well built, well-endowed and highly aroused males. If those guys didn’t get laid that night, they didn’t want to get laid.
On our drive back to Ginger’s place, we discussed the party and we got a chuckle out of Donna and Phil. She didn’t say goodbye to us but I saw her leaving around midnight with both her hubby and the guy she was dancing with. Was there going to be a possible cuckolding scenario happening that night with her hubby forced to watch? It sure looked that way to me. Poor Phil, not only was he ignored most the night (other than when Ginger and I gave him some attention) but he had to drive his wife and the guy she just met back to their hotel so she could get laid while he watched. I sure never saw that one coming when we first met them.
As for me, I kept a rather low profile all night and pretty much just observed the action at my very first CFNM party. However, I eyed up this one 20-something young man throughout the night.  He caught my attention because he was rather shy and not a finalist in any of the contests. Yet he was very cute and had a really nice body. While the majority of the ladies (including Ginger) went wild over the big hunks, I made my way over to this young man and introduced myself.
I didn’t grope him or fondle him or touch his erection. I simply had a nice conversation with him so I could measure his personality. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed looking at his naked body and he was very nice eye candy, but more importantly I found him to be very sweet. His bashfulness in such a sexual setting was a turn-on to me. He told me this was also his first CFNM party and when I asked him why he wanted to be naked in a room full of clothed women, he said he liked aggressive, controlling women and he always fantasized about being naked in a room full of women. Naturally this interested me so I told him to check out my blog the next time he got on the internet. He must have liked what he read because he’s already e-mailed me twice and he wants to go out with me. The fact that I’m happily married doesn’t matter to him. So we’ll see where this goes.
As far as the CFNM party, I had a good enough time that I’d like to attend the next one that is scheduled for the summer. Ginger definitely wants to go. Perhaps I’ll be more of a participant the next time now that I know what to expect.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More info about the CFNM Party

Ginger sent me some more information about Saturday night’s CFNM party. I thought you might enjoy reading it. I can’t wait!  

Following are the rules the women have set for the party:
All men have to strip totally nude during the dance routine at the beginning of the party. Once nude, they have to remain fully nude until the end of the party. Any man showing up with his girlfriend or wife also have to be completely naked.
The women will remain fully clothed for the entire party with no exceptions.
The guys have to be courteous and respect the women and basically be servants to the women, get them drinks, snacks and tend to their needs.
The girls are encouraged to prick tease the guys mercilessly.
The women are permitted to fondle any part of the mens' bodies at any time.  
Who is invited?  
All attendees must obtain a personal invitation and be on the invite list. Most people use alias names so no identification needs to be shown at the door but you will be required to give us your alias so we can check it against our list. The exception is for women that look to be under 21. We require a minimum age of 21 so if a woman appears as if she does not meet the age requirement, one of our hostesses will check her ID in private but we promise that no names will be recorded.  
We encourage women to bring their girlfriends along but they also must be cleared prior to the party. Bringing your girlfriends will make you feel more comfortable and will make it a much more friendly environment. Women should attend if they enjoy meeting other people and are comfortable in the presence of totally nude men. 
For the benefit of the women, we are a little more selective with the guys focusing on nice (considerate) guys that are somewhat younger with physiques ranging from full-time body builders and athletes to slender physiques. All men must be prescreened and no men will be permitted access at the door unless their names are on our list. For this party, we are only inviting guys between the age of 21 and 40. Men wishing to participate may e-mail us, and must include a full description of themselves including age, height, weight, general occupation and at least two photos of themselves. Nude photos are not necessary; however, at least one should show the entire physique. Note: those that have misrepresented themselves will not be granted entrance to the event. Preference will be given to body builders, athletes and men that are well groomed.
This may sound unfair, but this party is for the benefit of the women. Screening the men also protects the women and maintains a high female-to-male ratio, as our events are designed to have more females than males. You should attend if you are a playful exhibitionist that doesn't mind being fully exposed to numerous women. In addition, for those men that have a fantasy of being a nude male servant catering to a bevy of women, you should find our events much to your liking.
This is a non-profit event and we will request donations to cover our costs. We will be renting this estate, and therefore must ask for a small donation. Any excess proceeds after payment of expenses are kept to host the next party. 
Q: Will there be open sex?
A: This is not a "swingers" party, nor is there an agenda for open sexual activity. We intend for all women to be comfortable and happy, and many will be a bit nervous being their first time and not knowing what to expect. But again, the women will set the tone.
Q: OK, interested, but tell me, what is it like? Is it just a bunch of horny naked guys?
A: No, you'd be surprised. First, the majority at our parties have historically been women. Since the guys are at the disadvantage (exposed and vulnerable) some may even be a bit shy. With that said, the goal of many of the women is to tease the guys into an aroused state, and they are quite good at it. So, there will be "horny naked guys" at the party; however, no sex is allowed. Of course, guys and gals do meet and leave the party together, but we never ask them to kiss and tell.
Q: I'm just a girl that enjoys a little voyeurism, and I love the "Haha - I can see you but you can't see me" quality of your parties but I have no desire to pick up a guy or have a sexual encounter. Is this for me or is there another agenda? 
A: The party is designed for girls like you as well as for women that enjoy being more empowered in a social setting - that is, they like the men being naked and vulnerably exposed with women in control. Our parties are designed to cater to both of these themes. But there is another equally as important agenda, and that is for people to have a good time and get to know each other as with any other fun party. Other women come to meet guys and hopefully establish a post-party friendship, which is very possible given we typically come from the same general region.
Q: What do the women wear? 
A: Dressing sexy is definitely welcome, although casual and comfortable dress is the norm. Clothing worn by the women should be no different than what you would wear to a fun party held at a friend’s house. Historically, clothes range from a pretty dress, to pants to jeans to sexy club wear.
Q: Is this legal?
A: This is a private, non-commercial party on private property. The venue will be secluded such that the party cannot be seen from off-site by non-attendees. Consequently, we believe it is a non-issue and there will be no problems. 
Q: Will I be safe and not hassled by the guys?
A: All the females will attest that the guys who have attended our parties have not only been friendly and courteous, some have been downright shy. In addition, the women will outnumber the men. Our goal is to assure that the guys are all nice and understand the theme. All males will be instructed to treat all women like princesses, to get them drinks if requested, and to be polite. And anyone at the party that feels the least bit uncomfortable may leave at any time. We will also have designated males (big guys) to act as bouncers for unwanted guests. Our goal is to make sure you have a good time! 
Q: Can I bring my boyfriend/husband/male roommate? What if he is over the age limit for men?
A: Yes, we welcome couples but he must be on our invite list and he must adhere to all of the rules, and, he must also remain nude for the entire party once the ‘Full Monty’ dance occurs. And a word of will be parading your significant other naked in front of other women, that may be eyeing him closely, which is what the party is about. Consequently, only bring him if you feel very secure and not prone to jealousy. 
We will make exceptions for a man who exceeds our age limit if, and only if, he attends the party with his wife or girlfriend. But again he must be on our invite list so be sure to contact us prior to the party.
Q: I love flirting with and sexually taunting guys to get them aroused although I may have no desire to have sex or anything. How do you feel about a prick tease like me? 
A: Prick teasing is encouraged and is an integral part of the theme of the party! With the guys being fully exposed, all the girls are afforded the rare opportunity to instantly see the guys' physical reactions to whatever prick teasing technique the girls are you can certainly get in some quality practice!
Q: Is this a female-dominance/bdsm party, or, is it something else?
A: This is not the traditional femdom/slave environment wherein men are subjected to humiliation and forced into obedience. Femdoms have come to our parties and enjoy it, as do feminists that enjoy the empowerment of women over men wherein the men undress for the pleasure of the women with the men not being afforded the same in return. The men coming all must pledge to be respectful, and polite to the women, and most importantly, they understand that at our parties the women's pleasure and enjoyment are placed first, even if (and especially if) it is at the expense of the men's embarrassment or awkward feelings.
Q: Will the guys be getting erections? Will they be touching themselves in a self-erotic way? 
A: With the amount of teasing that went on at our last party, almost every guy was parading about with a full erection at one time or another, much to the viewing delight of the women. So yes, you can expect to see erections...and for that matter, some of the contests and events involve erections (see below). As it pertains to the guys relieving their sexual frustration as the women watch, again, we will leave it to the women as to what they desire. So far the majority of women are in favor of observing the men perform auto-erotic acts, provided it is done in a sensuous, sharing way that is not overbearing on the theme (and there is a history of such performances at our parties).  
But keep in mind that most men will be too inhibited absent a lot of encouragement from the again, the tone will be set by the gals. And if it is the collective desire of the females present is to watch the men perform such acts, we will expect for the men, in the spirit of putting the women's enjoyment first, to accommodate the women and allow them such viewing pleasures.
Q: Can I touch the guys?
A: Of course! As long as the guys and gals are enjoying themselves, women may touch, pinch, fondle, grab, grope, massage, stroke, the guys anytime and anywhere on their bodies. However, the men are not allowed to touch the women without them prior granting of such permission, and the women must always keep their clothes on.

Q: What type of games/contests will be played?
A: Best buns, best chest, largest erection and biggest balls contests, a ring toss contest, "Guess who's attached to that?" and a "Minute Man" contest in which the guys are teased by female contestants. We also welcome more idea and suggestions.

Monday, April 2, 2012

An invite to a CFNM party

My girlfriend, Ginger, from my ClubFEM days has invited me to attend a CFNM party in the DC area with her Saturday night. I must say I’m excited about this but also a tad nervous. This will be a girl’s night out. We are leaving our husbands at home. Besides, I don’t think James is ready to be naked in a room full of other naked men and a bunch of wild clothed women.

James has been faithfully doing his P90X and he’s looking pretty good for a man entering his late 40’s, but mentally and emotionally he is not ready for something like this. ClubFEM was different in that the men wore panties or leather thongs and the women fetish attire. But for him to be naked with lots of 20-somethings and 30-somethings strutting their hard bodies around, that could be intimidating for my hubby. Ginger feels the same about her hubby so we’ve decided to make it easy on them by letting them stay home. Plus, I think Ginger and I will have more fun playing the roles of two hot single Cougars in a room full of naked men.
I don’t know a lot of details about this party but Ginger e-mailed me some of the rules and protocols. Everyone will be clothed for the first hour. People spend the first hour breaking the ice. After the initial hour, a “Full Monty” striptease dance is organized by the hostesses. Music is played and the men must strip while the women watch, laugh and applaud. The last song finds the men standing there only in their underwear or jock straps. They then finish this last dance by removing those as well leaving them completely nude. Once they are nude, the clothes are gathered by the women and put away.
From that point forward, all men must remain totally stark naked at all times for the remainder of the party. However, the rules establish that women remain clothed and even going topless is forbidden. The party begins and ends with there being no female nudity whatsoever, and all men coming know in advance they will never see any female nudity at any time at the party.
The men cannot approach the women in a sexual way, they cannot touch the women without an invitation to do so, and must be respectful, polite and offer naked servitude at all times.
Later on in the night there will be CFNM contests. The contests can vary based on the mood of the ladies but some of the possible contests are: best body, best chest, tightest buns, biggest erection, biggest balls and maybe a “minute man” contest where the men do their best to refrain from ejaculation while receiving a hand-job. That might be interesting to watch. I can’t see myself participating but hey, you never know. I never thought I could whip a man or take a man with a strap-on in front of an audience before but I did these and other wild things at our ClubFEM socials.
Anywho, it should be a wild night. I’m sure I’ll give a full report of the evening’s activities in a future post.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tease and Denial with a frustrating Happy Ending

Yesterday I realized that James hasn’t had an orgasm in almost a month. I can tell when he is in need of sexual relief because he becomes a little irritable. Overall his service to me has been impeccable this week. He’s been working longer hours than usual at the office yet he still comes home and does his chores each night, including fixing my dinner. He didn’t complain but I could tell little things were irritating him. Therefore I decided to give him sexual relief this weekend. However, I found myself in a rather ornery mood yesterday so I decided to have some D&S fun.
Last night, I tied James face up on my bed and we engaged in a tease and denial session. I knew this was going to be difficult for him so I held out a reward/punishment scenario to make it interesting. I told James he was not to climax until I gave him the verbal say so. If he could refrain for 30 minutes of intense tease and denial play, I would reward him by giving him the week off from cooking dinner. If he failed, he would have to wear his chastity device for the entire week, including under his clothes at work. And of course he would still have to cook me dinner each night and do some additional chores that I assigned him.
James had one request. Normally when we engage in tease and denial play, I like to rub my body on him to enhance the teasing. He said to make it fair, I should abstain from touching any part of his body with my body. In other words, I wouldn’t suck or bite his nipples with my mouth, I wouldn’t rub my breasts against his cock, and I wouldn’t caress various parts of his body with my hands. That sounded fair enough so I agreed. In fact, I told him I would take it a step further. I would not touch his penis with any of my whips or toys and I would not entice him by showing him my naked body. I would remain clothed the entire time and to take it even further, I would blindfold him since he has said in the past that looking at my pretty face when we are in the midst of an intense D&S session really turns him on (a sentiment that I find very sweet and flattering).
Now I must say that my suggestion of blindfolding him was a little devious on my part. I knew that if I blindfolded him, it would heighten his senses and thus make it more difficult for him to hold back as I teased him. But he agreed to the blindfold so all’s fair in love and femdom.
I blindfolded him and I began to tease him by gently running my feather duster over his chest, stomach and legs. As I was doing this, I sensually whispered to him and teased him with my voice, reminding him how he was my slave, my bitch, my sissy and of course, my cuckold. I verbally went over again the details of my recent sexual fling with my young date as I cruelly made James listen in over the phone.
I didn’t touch his cock with the feather duster yet my soft dominant words and the sensuality of feeling the soft duster on other parts of his body had his cock very stiff and I could see it slightly pulsating each time the duster got close.
Next, I positioned my face within inches of his throbbing erection and I began to blow on it as if I were trying to cool off a hot plate of food. Again, it pulsated up and down and I could tell he was on the edge.
We were now 15 minutes into our little game. I went and got my turkey baster and filled it with warm water. I began to drip the warm water on his throbbing erection as I continued to verbally tease him. He was oh so close but he was impressively fighting off his orgasm with his will power. I realized my soft, teasing tone was not getting the job done so I went in with the heavy artillery. I know how much he loves it when I get real firm in my speech so I switched and I began to verbally humiliate him in my most bitchy voice as I continued to drip the warm water on his cock.
I said things such as:
“Look at you, James. How pathetic. How pathetic are you to allow your wife to dominate you like this? Look at our marriage, James? I can come and go as I please but you must get my permission to do anything. You do all the cooking and housework. You wear my panties and stay home like a good little hubby while your beautiful wife goes out and fucks other men. How pathetic is that? Huh, tell me! Aren’t you a sorry excuse for a man?”
James was really struggling, trying to twist his body to avoid the slow dripping water. He was right on the edge so I moved in for the kill.
“It’s only going to get worse, James. I am going to have a very active social life where I fuck lots of hot, well-endowed young men. Whereas you will be home, in chastity, wearing my panties, doing chores for me. The only attention you’ll get is when I decide to whip you.”
I was exaggerating of course but I know he loves it when I talk this way.
“That’s all you’re good for, to be my whipping post when I need to take out my frustrations. To be my sissy maid to clean my house. To work hard to make me money, which I control and you only get a pittance of an allowance. And to be there to get me ready for my dates and to be there when I return home to lick me clean, isn’t that right?.”
That’s all it took. As I said these words in my most bitchy voice, his sperm squired way up in the air in spurts as he let out a loud scream as it was obviously a painful orgasm. He said afterward that it burned like hell as he was releasing all of that pent up sperm.
When I checked the time, we had been at it for 25 minutes. He lost and once again, I came out on top. To celebrate, I removed his blindfold, took off my clothes and I straddled his face and had him lick me to my own orgasm. Of course my orgasm was very pleasurable.
I’m giving him a free day today for some much needed rest. He’s going to need it. He has a busy week ahead of him with some extra chores that will be added to his list. But before he retired to bed last night, I gave him a long hug and told him how much I appreciated him. 

He confessed to me that his penis was still burning so he asked if he could masturbate. I granted him permission but I made him do it in front of me. I assisted as he was stroking himself by giving him the verbal command, “Do it, James. Do it NOW”. And on cue, he climaxed.
I really do love him but I’m not about to back off our little bet. I plan on working him extra hard this week around the house. He loves it when I’m a little cruel and he wouldn’t have it any other way.