Thursday, September 20, 2012

Welcoming suggestions from my readers

I’ve decided to make my blog more of an audience participation blog, at least for the time being. The inspiration for this was the list of wonderful suggestions Aberrant Goddess posted on my August 12th entry about creative ways I could utilize the confinement room. Since then, I have received other ideas, mostly through private e-mails, of how I should dominate and punish my hubby.  

I like to think I have a little creativity but I must admit that I do have a tendancy to allow things to become mundane. The confinement room has infused some fresh excitement into my femdom marriage but I don’t want to fall into the comfortable habit of just locking my hubby in there while I go about my business, both socially and domestically. So I welcome input and creative ideas from my readers. And it doesn’t just have to be about me utilizing the confinement room. I am seeking new ideas on ways I can punish, discipline and humiliate my husband. He wanted cruel, so I ask … “How can I make him ‘regret’ (maybe regret is not the best word, perhaps a better word would be ‘question’) the day he asked me to treat him more cruelly.” 

I want to humiliate him, emasculate him and drive him deeper into submission. But I am afraid I lack the creativity to make this happen on my own. I enjoy keeping him in chastity. I enjoy disciplining him. I enjoy making him into my cuckold. And so far I like having the confinement room at my disposal. But let’s put our minds together and see what else I can do (remember it must be safe and healthy) to my hubby.

I ask that you post your ideas on here for all to read. I am not against receiving private e-mails but I would rather any audience participation be open on this blog. If you feel your idea might be too over the top, then by all means send it to me in a private e-mail. I will not judge anyone. If I don't like an idea or feel it is too 'out there' for us, I will just ignore it.