Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hard spanking from his Goddess in Leather

After playing around with the pictures he took of me (loading them on the computer, cropping them, etc.) hubby has been very aroused, so aroused that last night (after we got back from a very nice dinner) he begged me to put on my new custom-fit leather pants and give him an over the lap spanking. And when I say he begged, I mean he begged. It was both sweet and a little pathetic at the same time. But I loved it. I love to hear a man beg, especially my husband. Not many men are good at begging. James has gotten better at it over the years but last night was perfect begging, just the right combination of sincerity, worshipfulness, desperation and sexual frustration. It turned me on.
So I made a deal with him. I would put on my new pants and administer a spanking with my leather paddle but if he had an accident, if he had an unauthorized orgasm and screwed up our denial schedule, or if he had another wet dream when he slept, then I was going to get him pierced and install a permanent chastity device. James was so desperate to see me in my pants again that he agreed.
I didn’t make a production out of it and no Sgt. Pepper’s jacket, just my leather bra and the pants, no boots. As soon as James saw me sitting on the edge of my bed with paddle in hand, he fell to his knees and asked permission to kiss and lick my pants. I granted him permission. He started at my feet and worked his way up. To say he was full of passion would be the understatement of the year. He was really getting me excited as I could feel his tongue through the leather.


I ordered him to climb across my lap. His chastity device was in the way but I wasn’t about to let him out so I opened my legs a bit and tucked it between the inside of my thighs. I told James not to move, not to hump and not to wiggle else I would end our session.


I took the leather paddle and I did very little in the way of a warm-up. I started our moderate and I took it to hard in no time. I really blistered his ass and he seemed to love it. He was deep in subspace and he just laid there like a statue, not saying a word, not even a grunt or a moan. I continued and I could feel his swollen penis between my legs shrinking inside its cage, which told me he was in pain, yet not a sound. I continued until he finally yelled out his safe word. His ass was bright red and scorching hot.
I soothed it with my bare hands and now I was dripping wet from excitement. I rolled him off of my lap and I undid the belt and unzipped my pants. I ordered him to open the zippers on the pants at the ankles and to pull off my pants and carefully hang them up. As he did this, I removed my panties and I commanded him to crawl between my legs. He orally serviced me and it didn’t take long for me to climax.  
Hubby was a good boy and his denial schedule is still on track. I examined him this morning, no traces of a wet dream, he was leaking pre-cum just from my slightest touch and his balls are still very full. Six more days to go.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goddess in Leather

Here are the pictures I promised.

Yes, it is me with the fiery red hair. Most of the pictures I posted in the early days of my blog (including the one in the title) were from 2001-2004 when my hair was much shorter and lighter. I was born a natural redhead but over time my hair became lighter and I was more of a strawberry blonde. But now I color it red again. You might recognize the hat. It's the same PVC hat from the picture in my blog title.
James took some pictures of me in my new outfit from inside the confinement room. I love this jacket. I forget what they called it but I call it my Sgt. Pepper’s jacket.

The pants are custom fit soft lamb skin leather. They’re black but a lighter shade than the jacket. I’m not sure why. I thought they would be the exact same color.

The boots are older but I thought they looked good with my new outfit. They are a pair of Two Lips boots I bought probably ten years ago. They’re in dire need of a good polish. Any volunteers?


The rest of these pics were taken upstairs where the lighting was better. Here I am with a pair of pumps instead of the boots. This shows how the pants were custom fit for my calves and ankles. You can see the zipper, which is a must with pants that fit this tight.


My ex-lover Thomas called me Thunder Thighs. I know I need to get back to the gym and lose some weight but who wouldn’t want to hop across my lap for a spanking?


That’s all for now. My poor hubby had to take these pictures (so blame him for the non-professional quality) and he wanted so bad to worship me in my leather. But what were the odds that he'd have an “accident” since he’s been denied for so long? Pretty darn high. I’m afraid he’ll just have to wait.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Custom made leather outfit arrives

I am so excited, my custom made leather jacket and pants arrived today. These are the clothes I ordered when I was out in Vegas. I tried them on as soon as I got home today. I can't wait to wear them for a session. I probably should hold off until after July 6th as not to tempt James during these most intense days of his chastity. But I can't wait. I want James to see me. The jacket is just gorgeous.

Maybe I'll forbid him from touching. That sounds too cruel, I know, but I think he will have to look but not touch until we pass the two month orgasm denial period. If only he hadn't had that wet dream back in May. Oh well, his loss for now. Maybe I'll have him take some pictures of me. That will drive him crazy. As soon as I get a few pictures of my new outfit, I will post a couple on my blog.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Denial starting to get to hubby

James has been irritable lately so I think the denial process is starting to really get to him. He hasn't had an orgasm since the morning of May 6th. He hasn't had a conscious orgasm since the end of March. My goal is to deny him for two straight months.

Hubby had a wet dream in the wee hours of the morning on May 6th. We had a prolonged tease and denial session the night of May 4th and I guess it was too intense because while he was sleeping during the morning of the 6th, he ejaculated inside his chastity device. I thought I had posted an entry about that episode but I can't find it on my blog so I must not have hit the update button or I was distracted by something and never finished the post or who the hell knows at this point?

It will be two months come July 6th. We are getting close but James is starting to show signs of the strain. He was punished this weekend for his recent behavior but to be fair to him, I think the denial process played into how he acted last week. I am determined to make our goal this time. I will not make the same mistakes. No teasing and denial sessions or intense play until he passes the two month mark which will be July 6th. I just hope his body and mind do not rebel with another wet dream.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Balcony

Directed by: Joseph Strick 

Starring: Shelley Winters,
Peter Falk,
Leonard Nimoy,
Lee Grant 

Released: 1963 

Language: English 

Length: 84 minutes

One area of the female domination lifestyle that my husband and I really enjoyed back when we first got started with all this was role-playing. I remember when we did all of Elise Sutton’s psychoanalysis of the submissive male procedures together and how much fun we had. She had this one procedure that encouraged the woman to create her own unique role-playing scenarios: Queen/servant; Teacher/pupil; Female Boss/male employee; Nurse/patient; Police Woman/suspect; Female prison guard/male prisoner, and numerous others. 

She encouraged the women doing this procedure to really get into the roles and if they had difficulty, she suggested they pretend they were actresses doing a role in a movie. I don’t know about other women but I had a blast because I’ve always been a bit of a ham. I’ve always liked Halloween. I love to dress up in costumes and play make-believe. Since I was little girl I enjoyed pretending I was someone else.  

Unfortunately over the years my husband and I have gotten away from this with the exception of our favorite role-playing scenario when I administer to him an enema. Outside of that, I can’t remember the last time we did any kind of real elaborate role-playing in the bedroom. That might have to change because writing this movie got me to thinking about how much fun I used to have role-playing.  

This issue’s movie review also got me to thinking about when I did phone calls. Some clients wanted to engage in role-playing over the phone which I rarely did but I enjoyed hearing about their fantasies. One client told me about his experiences at a place he used to frequent in Greenwich Village. I believe it was called ‘Village Fantasies’ and it was a place where women would role-play a paying client’s fantasies. These women were not necessarily professional Mistresses, although some were, but most were actresses who were not currently employed so they did this while hoping to one day land a part on Broadway.  

According to my phone client, these women were really good at role-playing the most complicated fantasies. No sex was permitted but it was not about sex, it was about psychodramas that may have had sexual overtones but the purpose was to delve into fantasies and allow a client to live them out.  

That brings me to the movie I've chosen to review for this issue, “The Balcony”. It was originally a play written by French dramatist Jean Genet. When "The Balcony" was first staged it was deemed too scandalous for Paris audiences and had to be produced at the “Arts Theatre Club” in London in 1957. Set in an unnamed city that is experiencing a revolutionary uprising in the streets, most of the action takes place in an upmarket brothel in which its Madam, Irma, coordinates elaborate role-playing scenarios for paying clients. Genet uses this setting to explore roles of power in society.

In the first few scenes patrons assume the roles of a Bishop who forgives a penitent woman, a Judge who punishes a female thief, and a General who rides his female human horse. Meanwhile, a revolution is progressing outside in the city and the occupants of the brothel anxiously await the arrival of the Chief of Police. Chantal, one of the prostitutes, has quit the brothel to become the embodiment of the spirit of the revolution. An Envoy from the Queen arrives and reveals that the pillars of society (the Chief Justice, the Bishop, the General, etc.) have all been killed in the uprising. Using the costumes and props in Irma's "house of illusions" (the traditional French name for a brothel), the patrons' roles are realized when they pose in public as the figures of authority in a counter-revolutionary effort to restore order and the status quo.  
In November 1961, Genet met the American film director Joseph Strick, with whom he agreed to a cinematic adaption of the play. Director Joseph Strick took on quite a daunting task with his film adaptation. The film version of “The Balcony” was released in 1963, directed by Strick. It starred Shelley Winters, Peter Falk, Lee Grant and Leonard Nimoy. The film garnered nominations for George J. Folsey for an Academy Award for Best Cinematography and for Ben Maddow for a Writers Guild of America award.
Obviously I never saw the play but I came across this film recently and decided to review it for Predominant. “The Balcony” is very racy at times and definitely pushes the envelope for society in 1963, but it is the film's subtle humor that keeps it from becoming serious. The wild fantasies played out inside the brothel are turned into something that can put an end to the violent revolution. While the film is mainly comedic, Genet’s societal metaphors do abound. Genet's play seems at first to be about how sex binds, but it's more a post-modern sort of play, where all is an illusion and we play roles. In Genet's world, our choices are governed by sex and there is truth to that. I’m sure ninety-nine percent of the role-playing that went on at ‘Village Fantasies’ had sexual elements.  
The first three clients that we see in the brothel are very flaky and it is easy to judge them as being “weirdoes”. Their fantasies and how they act them out seem way over the top but perhaps that is how all fantasies appear to those who don’t share them nor understand them. In preparing to write this review, I went back and researched some of Elise’s comments about role-playing. In her Q&A forum, one woman asked her about her husband’s desire to role-play that he is being executed and he wanted his wife to be the executioner. Elise wrote; 
“People have all sorts of fantasies and I do not judge them as being weird or perverted. It may simply be a case where he (the woman’s husband) saw a movie or read a story as a child where a dominant woman executed a man and this stirred his submissive nature. So he desires to act it out. It is no different than a man wanting to be dominated by Catwoman.  
I added a section to my site where people share their role-playing fantasies and how they acted them out. If you would read these, you will see that people's FemDom fantasies are quite a variety. As long as these fantasies do not become obsessions and as long as the people acting them out stay rooted and grounded in reality, I see no problems with it. Role-playing can actually be a healthy thing as it gives people a safe outlet to explore secret desires. The key here is the word "playing". It is just that. Adults playing make believe by becoming characters and acting out fantasies.”  
Elise’s response to this question would also apply to the clients of the brothel we see in “The Balcony”.  
The first client (Jeff Corey) is a gas station attendant who role-plays that he is a Bishop and he wants the prostitute/role-playing actress (Joyce Jameson – you might remember her best as the dizzy blonde Skippy in the old “Andy Griffith Show”) to confess her naughty sins to him. The client wants her to tell him really ‘nasty’ sins but when he seems disappointed by her confessions (which we never hear), the girl gets frustrated and lets it slip that she had thought long and hard for a week to come up with the most naughty sins her imagination could think of. This makes the client question her about whether the sins are real (which is what he wants) or merely make-believe. The girl quickly recovers and assures him that all the sins she has confessed are indeed real, that she did them all, which causes the client to become excited and he falls back into his role as Bishop where he proceeds to forgive her for her sins.  
The next client we see is a milkman (Kent Smith) who role-plays that he is a General. The girl assigned to him (Arnette Jens) pretends to be his horse, albeit a rebellious horse with a sassy mouth. The General wants her rebellious because his fantasy is to break her. What is rather interesting about this scene is that it is obvious that the General wants to dominate the woman yet the prostitute/actress is totally in control and she has the General in the palms of her hands, making sassy remarks that often humiliate the General. The session goes into a strange direction when the General wants to pretend he is being buried with honor as the girl drapes flags across his body.
We are distracted from the General’s session when we hear a woman’s voice in the next room yelling “Lick it! Lick it!” 
The film takes us to the next room where we see a client (Peter Brocco), an accountant, dressed as a Judge on his hands and knees before an African-American woman (Ruby Dee). She is ordering him to lick her shoes. The client stops because he is not ready yet for that part of the fantasy and he returns to the bench where he questions the woman about her crimes as she sits on the witness stand. The woman is accused of being a thief and the ‘Judge’ wants her to explain what she stole and why she stole it. When the woman explains that she took some bread because she was hungry, the Judge becomes very excited and encourages her to continue. Finally, once the woman has gone into the details about her crimes and the Judge is about to pronounce his sentence, the woman reverses the D&S dynamic by ordering the Judge to crawl before her and "Lick it!" This is the crux of his fantasy, to be a man of power who debases himself before a woman by licking her shoes.
During these three fantasies, we see the Madam Irma (Shelley Winters) and her file clerk Carmen (Lee Grant), a woman who was once one of the prostitutes but who was promoted by the Madam, watching all the fantasies over a television screen in a kind of a master-control room with lots of filing cabinets that gives us the impression that the brothel has hundreds of clients. Each fantasy is staged in rooms with eloborate sets and costumes and Irma monitors everything from the control room, intervening should a session go too long or gets out of hand. It is during the Judge’s session where he is licking the woman’s shoes that Carmen makes it known to Irma that she longs to become one of the prostitutes/actresses again, even for just a session. In fact, the Judge’s session was one that Carmen used to perform and she makes the comment that she was much better at it than the current girl. I find that hard to believe because Ruby Dee is superb although we later find out that Lee Grant can also be quite good when it comes to role-playing.


The Balcony is a place where mortal men go to live out their fantasies. It is a modern day dream castle, where men can escape from the hardships of the real world and act out lives of important people that they may never have the opportunity of becoming. It is a place where men go to fulfill not just their sexual fantasies, but also their dreams. If one wants to become the Bishop; he can go to the Balcony and demand that women tell him their sins. If one wants to become the strongest General in the English army with a trusty steed by his side, all that he needs to do is go to the Balcony and a woman will become his sidekick. If one wants to be a powerful Judge who is humbled by the sexuality of woman, the Balcony can make this fantasy come true. Rooted with deep political and sexual undertones, this black comedy allows us to watch as three men live out their fantasies as their troubled country is rocked right outside the doors by a gang of rebels.  

With the revolution happening outside, the business has been tough, but the ladies seem to be surviving. Everyone is happy, until Peter Falk enters the scene. Falk gives a performance of sustained intensity as a man who thinks he's in charge of his destiny. He plays the Police chief who is trying to bring the rebels outside to justice. He is also the man who is dating the Madam Irma (she is also the owner of the brothel). The Police chief also has a favorite fantasy, as he likes it when Irma role-plays that she is the Queen. She uses this fantasy to keep the macho police chief in line.  

He does not know how to bring the rebels to justice and keep the moral of the people and troops together when a real-life Bishop, a General, and a Supreme Court Justice have all been murdered. Then he finds his answer in the least of places when Irma comes up with the idea that her current three clients could become stand-ins for the actual leaders of the country. After much persuasion, they say "yes" and begin their voyage outside into the "real world" wearing the masks of their fantasies. The three unknowns head out onto the city to bring peace and justice to the unknowing people. They do not care that they do not have the training for this power. All they care about is being able to feel like they have the power if only for just one moment. 

At first they succeed, but soon the power becomes too much for these men as they begin to believe they could actually run the country. This angers the police chief but Irma keeps him at bay when he tries to shoot one of the three men (upon their return) as even the guns and bullets inside the brothel are fakes. The Madam proclaims, "We don't allow death in here."  

Next we are introduced to the Leonard Nimoy character, Roger. He is the leader of the rebellion and the enemy of the police chief. Earlier in the film Peter Falk asks Irma why none of her clients ever want to pretend they are the chief of police. Seeing how most men want to pretend they are men of authority like a Bishop, a General and a Judge, Falk is offended that nobody ever wants to role-play that they are him, seeing how he views himself as a powerful man. This all changes when Roger visits the brothel. He wants to role-play that he is the chief of police, his sworn enemy. 

Carmen begs the Madame to allow her to do Roger’s fantasy. She agrees and the girl concocts an elaborate fantasy where he is dressed as the chief of police and she appears as a beautiful Goddess of Nature.  

However, the fantasy is interrupted when Falk discovers that Nimoy is present at the brothel. He bursts into the room and the men begin to fight. Irma has been monitoring the room and she pulls an alarm which sends all of her girls into the room where they proceed to force the men to the floor and they strip them naked. Once naked, in a kind of a CFNM humiliation, the men no longer feel macho enough to fight each other.

The two men hide together, get thrown some bath towels and slowly leave the Balcony discussing "power" as if they were friends. Madame Irma closes the film by addressing the audience: “Their illusions at home are even less realistic than here at the Balcony.” 

“The Balcony” is an odd film and a black comedy that audiences in 2013 will not find very funny. However, it really was a daring attempt to put Genet’s play on the big screen at a time when the American public was scarcely ready for it. From what I understand, the movie “The Balcony” is, on many levels, "tamer" than the stage version. The castration of a character is eliminated as are most homosexual references and exposed skin is kept to a minimum. Nonetheless, much of the acting is terrific, especially the lesser-known actresses Ruby Dee, Lee Grant, Joyce Jameson and Arnette Jens. Winters gives a solid performance as the Madame and both Falk and Nimoy are sufficient, although we know they can be much better by their later works.  

I enjoyed this movie however I wouldn’t recommend buying it unless you can find it for a bargain. It is one of those movies that is so different and such a departure from the kinds of films you would expect to see in 1963 with actors of Winters, Falk and Nimoy’s talent, that you find yourself wondering if it is an actual film or a crazy episode of “The Twilight Zone”.  

Nevertheless, the film did remind me of how wild and fun role-playing can be. One of the benefits of the female domination lifestyle is that it allows us the chance to explore different aspects of our natures, and this exploration can include playing make-believe from time to time. If nothing else, “The Balcony” has motivated me to explore role-playing again. But you don’t have to see this film to reacquaint yourself with the joys of role-playing. Still, if you ever come across “The Balcony” it is worth 84 minutes of your time.
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


Not entirely useless tasks

Okay, holding a dime against the wall with his nose can be classified as a useless task but having him scrub the bathroom floor with a toothbrush has its purpose. The tile in the bathroom never looked better when hubby was done. Today he will do likewise to the kitchen floor. Hubby is putting to great use all of those free toothbrushes we accumulated over the years after each visit to the dentist. His knees are very sore this morning so being the kind Mistress that I am, I permitted him to put on a pair of kneepads for the kitchen floor scrubbing.
Last night while I was watching television, hubby was objectified as my human drink holder. He stood next to the couch, balancing a pillow on his head, while holding my glass. He was wearing a blindfold and he had earplugs in his ears so he couldn’t even enjoy the sound of the movie.
I posted a movie review yesterday afternoon while hubby was scrubbing the bathroom. Today I will post another movie review as he is doing the kitchen. Then I’m off with a girlfriend to the outlet mall. Tonight I will objectify hubby again as he will be my ottoman, with his blindfold and earplugs, as I relax and read a good book. Tomorrow he returns to work and back to reality. I’m betting he will have a much better appreciation of utilizing his and his Mistress’ time more wisely.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Million Eyes of Su-Muru

Directed by: Lindsay Shonteff 

Starring:  Frankie Avalon,
George Nader,
Shirley Eaton,
Wilfred Hyde White,
Klaus Kinski,
Maria Rohm 

Released: 1967 

Language: English 

Length: 95 minutes

In seeking movies to review with Femdom themes, one thing that caught my attention was how many science fiction and spy movies from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s that had the plot of diabolical women attempting to take over the world (and of course the brave and daring men who ultimately foiled their plans). Films such as “In Like Flint” (1967) where James Coburn finds that a group of women have banded together to take over the world through subliminal brainwashing in beauty salons they own. 

Even television had the series “Planet Earth” (1974) where a man awakens from suspended animation and finds himself in the 22nd century, where he finds that women rule the world and that men are slaves called Dinks. He is captured and sold as a slave, but escapes and hooks up with a male rebel movement. 

Finally, the movie I settled on for this review was the 1967 spy movie “The Million Eyes of Su-Muru”. In doing my research for the film, I read about a popular scene where a half-naked George Nader is whipped by Shirley Eaton. You remember Shirley Eaton, don’t you? She was the Golden Girl from “Goldfinger” and her image covered in gold paint is indelibly burnt into the minds of sixties spy fans.
The movie also has a memorable thigh-crushing scene (referenced in Elise Sutton’s book, “Searching for Wanda”) where witnessing a male’s demise is nothing more than entertainment for a group of sadistic women. I decided to review the film, however, finding a copy was about as simple as finding a bathroom when driving across the desert between southern Utah and Las Vegas. The only thing I could get on Amazon was the movie poster. Even old vintage movie sites had nothing. The only DVD I could find with this movie was from a 1989 episode of “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.  
You remember that show don’t you? It ran on the Comedy Channel. It was a series where a man and his robot sidekicks are trapped on a space station by an evil scientist and forced to watch a selection of bad movies, initially (but not especially limited to) science fiction B-movies. To keep sane, the man and his robots provide a running commentary on each film, making fun of its flaws and wisecracking their way through each reel. Each film is presented with a superimposition of the man and robots' silhouettes along the bottom of the screen.
Sadly, this was the version of “The Million Eyes of Su-Muru” that I was forced to watch, and it made it very difficult to review the film. Fortunately, I also found some clips of this movie on the internet, including the beginning, the infamous drowning scene, the thigh crushing scene, the whipping scene and the gun shooting, island exploding ending. So between the “Mystery Science Theater 3000” version and the clips I got off the Internet, I was able to watch and review “The Million Eyes of Su-Muru”. 
Sumuru was originally created for an eight part radio serial on the B.B.C. Sax Rohmer (creator of the famous Fu Manchu novels), rewrote the serial as a novel titled “The Sins of Sumuru”. The American paperback publisher, Fawcett, which was looking for material for first edition paperbacks saw great possibilities for the character and published it as “Nude in Mink” in May, 1950. It sold so well they had a second printing the same month and they wanted more. Another series was born. There are nine titles, but only five novels.
Who was Sumuru? It was said that she was an ice-cold, fascinating genius whose hypnotic powers impelled all men to do her bidding. It was said she was a fanatic who ruled her followers with oriental despots. But what was the truth? Nobody really knew although two men knew part of it -- Sir Miles Tristram and Dr. Steel Maitland of the Secret Service. But Tristram died by the hand of a beautiful woman and his secret died with him. That left Maitland alone to follow the trail through Sumuru's shadowy underworld. 
Sumuru spent most of the novels lolling around nude on mink rugs smoking endless cigarettes or stalking around in high heels sipping liqueur and pondering how ugliness was the root of all that was wrong with the modern world. 
American International Pictures brought the character of Sumuru (spelled Su-Muru for the movie) to the big screen in 1967. Shirley Eaton starred as Su-Muru. The film also starred Frankie Avalon and George Nader as a couple of wise-cracking secret agents. The plot involved Su-Muru planning to remove all of the men who are currently in power and replace them with her army of women, most of whom are shown in skimpy (for 1967) bikinis or tight mini-skirts. 
American International bragged that for the film they assembled the most gorgeous cross-section of feminine glamour ever gathered together in a single locale (the film was primarily shot in Hong Kong). Each woman came from practically every major city in the world. 
The romantic city of Vienna was represented by Marie Rohm, an exciting blonde who was a full-fledged member of Su-Muru's top guard. 
From Rome came Krista Nell, truly a Roman beauty who in recent years had been considered one of the Continental cinema's big discoveries. She frequently worked in French and German studios in addition to her native Italy. 
The beautiful belle from Berlin was the striking Ursula Rank, a former television model who became a most popular cinema attraction in Europe. She portrays the chief executioner in "The Million Eyes of Su-Muru."  
From Belgium came the vivacious Denise Davreaux, who ranked among the most beautiful Eurasian girls in the world. Her father was a Belgian business executive and her mother Chinese.

Representing Hong Kong was the exciting Mary Cheng, who took time off from her regular job of staff supervisor at the Hong Kong Hilton, to portray a part in the film. 
Blonde Jill Hamilton hailed from Australia's harbor city of Sydney while Lisa Gray, one of the most-acclaimed show dancers to tour the Far East, came from far off Puerto Rico. 
To complete the assemblage of world beauty were Christine Lok, Margaret Cheung and Louise Lee, who claimed Shanghai as their birthplace. 
The film opens with a Chinese funeral procession. A group of young men march along behind the coffin, while on the side of the road, a girl watches on. Then we hear a voice-over from Sumuru herself (Shirley Eaton): 
’This is the funeral of the richest man in the world…
These are his seventeen sons…
Soon they will share his fate…
Along with all other men who oppose my will…
The eyes of this girl are watching them…
As maybe, some other girl’s eyes are watching you…
I have a million eyes…
For I am Sumuru!’

A bomb goes off as the procession crosses a bridge and the seventeen sons are killed, and the titles roll. 
The blonde assassin, Erno (Ursula Rank), returns by boat to her oriental headquarters. Outside are armed female guards. She walks into a room full of beautiful women. The women are seated comfortably, sipping champagne, smoking cigarettes, and they are obviously enthralled by something as they stare intently downward toward the middle of the room. As Ursula Rank gets her own glimpse, we see an oriental man with his mouth taped shut, struggling as an attractive brunette (played by Denise Davreaux with an amused and devious look on her face) has her legs wrapped around the man’s neck, squeezing her thighs tightly around the sides of the struggling man’s face.
The brunette looks toward Erno and asks; “Mercy?” Erno shakes her head ‘No’ and with that, the brunette snaps the man’s neck with her thighs, instantly killing him.

From what I gather, this scene has become a favorite among submissive men who have seen this film. I guess it is kind of a masochist’s ultimate fantasy, to be toyed with and tormented by a dominant female while other dominant women look on with amusement. The fact that it ends in death makes it the ultimate sacrifice for the cause. Even the gang at “Mystery Science Theater 3000” commented that it wasn’t such a bad way to go.  
Next, we meet Su-Muru in the flesh. She lives on the island with her own private army of women. But there is a problem with one of her disciples. One girl, operating out of Rome, has done the unthinkable - she has fallen in love! Su-Muru decides to travel to Italy and ‘take care’ of the traitor personally. A voice over provides another piece of Su-Muru’s manifesto:  
‘In the war against mankind, to achieve our aim, a world of peace and beauty ruled by women, we have but one weakness, which must be rooted out and destroyed…Love!’ 
We see these words put into action, when three women in black bikinis, drown a woman in a white bikini in the ocean. It is a rather intense and disturbing scene by 1967 standards.

Still in Rome, next we meet C.I.A. agent Nick West (George Nader). He is greeted by Sir Anthony Baisbrook (Wilfred Hyde-White), who works for ‘Her Majesty’s Government’. It appears that the girl who was killed, is the secretary for the made-up Syronesian Chief Of Security, Colonel Medika (Jon Fong). Sir Anthony asks West to find out who the killer is. Along for the ride is Tommy Carter (Frankie Avalon).  
West meets with Medika and they plan how the investigation will take place. But soon after the meeting, Medika is kidnapped by Su-Muru’s agents, and West is left to solve the remainder of the puzzle, along with a little help from Carter. 
They discover that behind the killing is a world-wide organization of women plotting the enslavement of mankind. Led by the beautiful and sadistic Su-Muru, the women plan to become the Mistresses to the eleven most powerful men in the world. Once in place, they will enslave these men. However, one man, Syronesian President Boong (Klaus Kinsky), cannot be brainwashed by female power because he is a homosexual and prefers men. Therefore, Su-Muru plans to assassinate President Boong.
After finding a dead woman in his hotel bed, Nick, suspecting a frame-up, flees with Carter to Hong Kong to warn President Boong. Su-Muru's assistants follow them, however, and Nick is abducted and taken to the organization's island headquarters. 
Su-Muru shows Nick around, showing him her male victims and how they are being tortured. She uses men as guinea pigs for science experiments. When Nick asks why a certain man is not screaming from the obvious painful experiment, she explains that they cut out his tongue. Su-Muru makes no bones about the fact that she likes to torture and kill men. One method is with a special gun that turns men into stone. She shows Nick how it works by shooting a man they have caged. The man happens to be President Boong’s security agent.  
Su-Muru makes a deal with Nick. Since he has the same facial profile as the man she just turned into stone, she can use him in her plot against the President. Should he refuse, he too will be tortured and killed. If he accepts, she will free him. Su-Muru explains that her organization is exclusively female but they still use many men to advance their cause. It’s just that most men don’t realize it.  
Naturally, Su-Muru finds Nick to be attractive, telling him that deep down, no matter how strong and self efficient she may be, she is still a woman with certain needs. She kisses him and he returns her kiss (and it is implied that she uses him for sex). 
Nick accepts Su-Muru’s offer, figuring it will buy him some time. She has him pose as Boong's new security chief and introduces the president to Helga (Maria Rohm), one of Su-Muru's agents, whose job is to carry out the assassination. Nick does not know this.  
When face to face with the President, Helga has a change of heart, but when Boong calls for his guards to apprehend Helga, one of them is in fact an agent for Su-Muru. The oriental woman grabs Helga’s gun and shots Boong, turning him to stone. However, it turns out that she in fact killed his double. Boong appears from the next room unharmed.  
Nick takes Helga into custody but on the way down the elevator, she tells him how she couldn’t go through with the assassination and wants to leave Su-Muru’s organization. Nick knows that her life is in danger, so he tells her to find Tommy Carter and gives her the name of the hotel where he is staying. Su-Muru shows up with her female guards and recaptures Nick. Helga escapes and runs to Tommy’s hotel. Helga appeals to Tommy for help, while Nick is taken back to Su-Muru's torture chambers.  
While Tommy is flirting with Helga in his hotel room, we see Nick chained up and being whipped with a bullwhip by Su-Muru.
The cocky Nick (talking with ease, showing no ill-effects that would befall a man who was being severely whipped) begins with the wise-cracks.  
“It’s a privilege, oh Leader of the World, to be on the receiving end of your generosity.” 
“I was saving it up until you were ready for it… like a ripe apple on a tree. The only thing is how (should I torture you)? The method? It could be something of Ingrid’s. She has assets, electrical equipment, all kinds of devices, as there are ancient, tradition arts known in these parts that have been used for centuries with unfailing success.” 
“Why don’t you keep talking and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble. You’ll bore me to death.” 
At which Shirley Eaton punches George Nader in the gut.  
“We’ll leave you now, Mr. West, and I’ll be thinking of the most exquisite tortures, and so will you.”
Tommy and Helga win the aid of the Hong Kong police against Su-Muru's army. They invade the island and during the ensuing battle, Tommy rescues Nick just before Su-Muru's island is destroyed by a huge explosion. Nick is still alive because just prior to the invasion, Su-Muru has had enough of Nick’s wise-cracking and orders one of her guards (Denise Davreaux - the same brunette that crushed the man to death with her thighs early in the film) to kill him. The guard decides that before she kills Nick, she might as well enjoy the hunk. She shoots his chain free from the wall and by the chain she drags him into a cell where she begins to kiss him passionately. She is still kissing him when a Hong Kong policeman reaches Nick to free him. Nick is having so much fun making out with the sadistic female guard that he hadn’t even noticed all the shooting going on around him. In fact, he brings Denise Davreaux along with him when he is rescued. 
Su-Muru escapes into a secret cave prior to the island exploding. On the boat, Tommy, Nick, the men’s new love interests, and Sir Anthony Baisbrook watch the explosion. Sir Anthony Baisbrook makes the observation “No human being could have survived that.” To which Nick remarks, “whoever said she was human?”  
Obviously she didn’t die in the explosion since Shirley Eaton returned as Su-Muru in the 1969 sequel “The Seven Secrets of Su-Muru” (also called “Rio 70” for the US release in 1970 and later renamed "The Girl from Rio" for the DVD).  
Harry Alan Towers produced “The Million Eyes of Su-Muru”. Harry Allan Towers was kind of the UK's answer to Russ Meyers with his cult-like films that featured beautiful, dominant women. Maria Rohm was Towers girlfriend and often appeared in his films.  
Just like the “Our Man Flint” movies and others, “The Million Eyes of Su-Muru” was made as a parody of the 60's spy movies. It is campy with lots of humor, thus it is not to be taken seriously, although both Avalon and Nader complained that their funniest lines were cut as Harry Allan Towers ended up making the end product much differently (more serious) than the male lead actors were led to believe. That is why both of them turned down doing the sequel.  
There is plenty of Femdom imagery in this movie to thrill the readers of my blog. The Denise Davreaux thigh crushing scene and the scene where Shirley Eaton whips George Nader are at the top of the list. Shirley Eaton is wonderful in this movie with her dominant facial expressions.  
Eaton gets fantastic dramatic mileage out of her cigarette holder and many of her femme fatales smoke during this movie. The smoking adds to their dominant and sadistic personas.
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars