Saturday, February 23, 2013

Best rendering of a Dominatrix in a movie

Starring: Gudrun Landgrebe
Mathieu Carriere
Hanns Zischler
Gabriele Lafari  

Released: 1983 

Language: German
(also available with English dubbing) 

Length: 106 minutes

Here on this Oscars Weekend I got to thinking, what if there was an awards category for “Best rendering of a Dominatrix in a movie”.  

Over the years I’ve seen some very good portrayals as I’ve reviewed movies for “Predominant”. And I’ve seen some really bad depictions as well. But if I had to choose a winner for “Best rendering of a Dominatrix in a movie”, regardless of the year, I believe I would go with Gudrun Landgrebe in the 1983 German film “Die Flambierte Frau”.  

Gudrun Landgrebe was a little known German actress but “Die Flambierte Frau” gave her instant international fame. While her Domination scenes were short and they only made up a small portion of the film, Gudrun was truly remarkable to watch. Her look, her intensity, her seduction and her raw female power were absolutely captivating.

“Die Flambierte Frau” was a big box-office hit when it opened in Germany in 1983. However, when it was released in the United States under the title “Woman in Flames”, it failed to catch on. Perhaps the poor job of dubbing the English voiceovers contributed to the lack of enthusiasm in the United States. The film may have done better with subtitles. Or just maybe it was lost in translation when it came to the films content. The German audience and movie critics were much more fervent in their appreciation of the film, even if they couldn’t agree on the film’s meaning. One thing is for certain, if you were at all interested in female domination, “Woman in Flames” was must see art.  

The movie begins with housewife Eva (Gudrun Landgrebe) walking out on her possessive husband after a dinner-party. Eva is bored with her life. As a stay-at-home housewife, she has few skills. Prior to moving out, she confesses her boredom to her husband. She also lashes out about her frustration of feeling helpless; 

“I can’t boil an egg … I can’t drive a car.” 

Lacking both money and a career, the beautiful Eva meets up with a Madame and inquires about becoming a call-girl. She triumphs over her initial nervousness and becomes a successful call-girl with an upscale clientele. Soon she has plenty of customers. 

Eva hangs out with the other call-girls and through them she meets a charming man named Chris (Mathieu Carriere), who works as a Gigolo. Chris is bisexual and he offers his services to both men and women. Eva falls in love with Chris and the physical attraction is mutual. The primary plot of the film is about the relationship between Eva and Chris. One of the numerous sub-plots (and what I will focus on in my review) is Eva’s journey into the world of FemDom.  

Chris and Eva decide to share an apartment, he works downstairs and she works upstairs. Eva does both In-calls and Out-calls. It is one of her Out-calls that changes both her career path and her life.  

A client requests an Out-call and Eva shows up at his house. He has Eva wear his wife’s apron over her lingerie and he has her do the dishes. He orders her around, playing the part of a chauvinistic male. Perhaps this scene reminded Eva a little too much of her former marriage and her ex-husband, but regardless of her motivation, Eva turns the tables by taking off the apron and ordering the male client to put on the symbol of domestic housework, i.e. the apron.

The man is surprised but he is also excited by her dominance. He puts on the apron and Eva begins to order him around. She puts lipstick on him and begins to feminize him. He loves it. So does Eva.  

And with that, she has discovered her niche in the world of high-class prostitution. She would no longer have to sleep with her clients. Eva becomes a Dominatrix as she quickly realizes that FemDom is a way to obtain a higher income than a regular call-girl.  

Gudrun Landgrebe gives a wonderful performance as Eva. Her provocative smile lights up the screen yet her dominant persona is both chilling and arousing when she dons her Dominatrix garb. Gudrun is both beautiful and sophisticated, a perfect combination for the character of Eva.  

One of the best scenes is when we see Eva doing an In-call at her apartment. Eva is wearing a leather outfit but it’s covered by a see-through negligee. At this time, we are still in the dark to her metamorphosis. She leads her client up the stairs to her section of the apartment.
“Get undressed” Eva commands with her hands on her hips. She looks over her client and begins to verbally assault him in a seductive yet firm voice.  
“You like to accost women at bus stops and whisper to them how sexy you think they are until they begin to blush. You make obscene phone calls at night to women you don’t even know.” 
Walking towards him, hands still on her hips in a dominant posture, she continues. 
“Now tell me what you’ve always dreamed of. What excites you?” 
She walks away, squats down, teasing him, revealing her ass through the negligee.  
“You’ll get nothing from me. Nothing! You’ll never possess a woman like me.” 
Walking toward him again, she examines him, staring intently at him.  
“And when you leave here. You will not even have touched me.” 
She removes her negligee, revealing her leather outfit which consists of spiked heel boots, leather gauntlet gloves, a leather bra that traces the outline of her exposed breasts, a leather garter that attaches by a small chain to her leather panties, with her ass and thighs covered in fishnet stockings. Eva is sexy and desirable yet also intimidating.

She walks ever so close to him, teasing him but being in total control, thus he knows not to dare touch her.  
He begins to confess his secret to her. He tells her of a German barmaid he once met and how he fantasizes about her. In his fantasy he wants the barmaid to take him behind the bar where she would force him to orally pleasure her while she tramples on his hands with her wooden clogs.  
Eva looks at him with piercing eyes as he confesses his submissive desires. He gets down on the floor, laying prostate under a foot-table as he continues to tell her of his secret. Eva commences to trample on his hands with her spiked heels. He moans in pain yet it is pain mixed with ecstasy. 

In a later scene we see Eva posing in a mirror in another Dominatrix outfit complete with leather corset, gloves and boots, awaiting her next client. Once he arrives, we see her placing a collar on him.  

We later see her whipping yet another client who is bound. It is now obvious that Eva is specializing in Female Domination.

The movie cuts back and forth and while we see Eva dominating her clients, we also see Chris having sex with both men and women. Chris knows women. The women that pay for his services are not seeking anything wild or kinky. They want to be touched and romanced. They are married but they want to be unfaithful because their husbands are unfaithful, if not literally then emotionally.  

Chris is bi-sexual and he has a gay lover, Kurt (Hanns Zischler), a close friend he’s been involved with for twelve years. Kurt must keep their relationship private.  Eva knows of Kurt but she is in love with Chris. She hopes they have a future beyond sharing an apartment. Chris likewise has feelings for Eva, so much so that he tells Kurt that he wants to take some time off from seeing him. Kurt is upset and asks Eva to leave Chris, because from his point of view, Eva doesn’t know Chris or understand Chris the way he does. Eva ignores Kurt’s plea.  

Chris can hear what goes on upstairs when Eva is entertaining a client. He doesn’t understand the sounds which are being transmitted from her room because they are different than the normal sounds of sex. Chris is becoming jealous of Eva’s clients as he can sense the chemistry she has with them. Chris starts to question Eva about her money. He wants to know why her clients pay her more than what is normal for a call-girl. He wants to know why her clients tip her so generously. Chris wants to know what Eva is doing with these men, what stirs them to such depths of financial gratitude?  

For his part, Chris understands the sex business as he’s been a Gigolo for many years but he is baffled at Eva’s success. When he questions her about it, Eva tells Chris that she merely treats her clients cruelly and they love her for it. Chris is perplexed.  

Eva’s best friend is a call-girl named Yvonne (Gabriele Lafari). Eva confesses to Yvonne “the other day I was whipping a client who was chained down. It started very harmlessly, as always, but then I couldn’t stop, it was just like a compulsion. Have you ever been scared of yourself like that?”  

Yvonne doesn’t know how to answer Eva other than to say “I refuse to see masochists”. But not Eva. She specializes in dominating men and she loves doing it.  

Chris uses an audio tape recorder to record one of Eva’s sessions. When he plays back the tape, he is shocked at how cruel she is with her client. The client begs her to go light because he can’t tell his wife that he fell down the stairs again (which was meant to explain his bruises). Eva shows no mercy and orders him to prepare to receive his punishment. From the tape we don’t know what she is doing to him but by his groans we can surmise that whatever it is, it is quite painful.  

Although he outwardly acts shocked and upset at Eva’s brand of “professional sex”, inwardly Chris is curious and, whether he admits or not, he is aroused.  

Chris sneaks upstairs and watches Eva dominate one of her clients. Eva notices that Chris is watching, she makes eye contact with him, but she just ignores him as she continues to place her client in tight bondage. She attaches weights to her client’s nipples and chokes him with a chain that she forces in his mouth.
Chris watches and is fascination but he is also scared. How can the beautiful Eva, the woman with the winning smile and sweet personality, be so cruel? Chris can’t stand it any longer, so he runs out of the room. Unfazed, Eva continues with her session. 
After the session, as the client thanks Eva and begins to exit the apartment, Chris attacks him and warns him to never come back again as he throws him out the door.  
Eva confronts Chris by saying “Did you see everything you wanted to?” 
The next night, over dinner, Chris tells Eva that he wants to marry her and have a child with her. Eva is open to the idea of having a child with him but she tells him she is no longer the marrying type. Eva then describes to Chris a dream, a dream she had where she was whipping him. Chris asks whether or not he liked it. Eva tells him that in her dream, he most definitely enjoyed it.  
I found this scene to be the most pivotal part of the film. It signaled a significant change in Eva. Before, she would have jumped at the prospect of marrying Chris. But her dream reveals her new attitude. Any man in Eva’s life would have to submit to her. No man would ever possess her again.  
The roles become reversed. Before it was Eva desiring Chris but now it is Chris wanting Eva, yet Eva begins to resist him. What she is in fact resisting is another man trying to control her. Chris wants to know where she is going when she leaves the apartment and Eva begins to resent him. Eva starts to believe that perhaps she doesn’t love Chris but rather what he represented to her, a charming man who is a great lover, in other words the man of her youthful dreams. But things have changed for Eva. She no longer wants to marry the man of her youthful dreams. She is now an independent woman who enjoys dominating men. What she tells her clients also applies to Chris. No man is worthy of her and no man will ever possess her.  
Without telling her, Chris invests all their money in the art gallery-restaurant of his dreams. For Eva this is the absolute end.  
''I fell in love with a gigolo,'' she says with disdain. ''I don't want to grow old with the owner of a restaurant.''  
Eva decides to leave Chris. He becomes desperate and begs Eva to kiss him. She refuses and he hits her. The movie takes a bizarre turn when we see Chris pouring alcohol on Eva and lighting her on fire. The movie is headed toward a horrible ending until we see the next scene. We see Eva meeting Yvonne at a bar. We realize that Chris was only fantasizing that he had killed Eva. Although the film is not clear, I believe Chris was visualizing his internal feelings that he was deeply hurt because Eva had rejected him. Some critics came to the conclusion that he had actually tried to kill her but she escaped. That to me is impossible because she would have suffered major burns all over her body. The next time we see Eva, she is as beautiful as ever.  
The movie ends with Eva getting the last laugh (literally) as Chris has Eva and Yvonne physically removed from a Gay bar he has opened with Kurt. Eva finds it amusing and her laughter signals her victory. The independent woman has won. 
Director-writer-producer Robert Van Ackerman billed “Die Flambierte Frau” as a romantic drama. The film was popular in West Germany and its critics delved into what they perceived as the cultural and sexual politics of the film. Some said the film describes an obsessive love story where love is nothing but a commodity. Others said the film was a look at modern Berlin and the complexity of the new psyche in West Germany, where money can buy anything except true love. 
To me, “Die Flambierte Frau” is about a beautiful, intelligent and sexual woman who grows tired of male dominance and she uses her sexuality to gain the upper hand. It is no accident that Eva requests to become a call-girl. Eva wasn’t dragged into this profession kicking and screaming. She chose this profession and she used it as a means for self-examination and self-discovery.  
What she discovers is that sex needn’t place her in the submissive position to men. Eva discovers that sexual power can turn the tables and instead of selling her body for money or affection or love, she could make men pay her for what they really needed, namely female domination. In the end, Eva found the greatest commodities of all; self-worth and self-respect.


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine’s Day 2013

I’m having a wonderful Valentine’s weekend so far. I made a late dinner reservation for me and hubby at a local Italian restaurant. James bought me roses and chocolates just like last year and when he got home from work, I had a special surprise for him.
I was going through my toy box trying to decide how I wanted to make this Valentine’s Day memorable for us both. I had several ideas but my eyes kept going back to the black pumpkin enema bag. Just seeing it made me excited as our last enema session was so much fun. I know a lot of people are not into the “water sports” but I love playing the naughty, dominant nurse (I need to get me a nurses fetish outfit). Giving my hubby an enema makes him so vulnerable. It is a real turn-on for me.
However, seeing this was Valentine’s Day, I decided my newer five quart Olympic sized enema bag that is red in color was more appropriate than the black bag. So I fetched it from the basement and played around with it. I was able to attach the tubing and aluminum nozzle from the black pumpkin bag to the red five quart bag. I laid out my leather paddle and I was all set.
In honor of Valentine’s Day, I dressed in red lingerie with the exception of my black thigh high leather boots. When hubby got home (expecting dinner and a movie night) I surprised him by standing in the hallway, dressed in my outfit and holding the enema bag in my hand. An immediate bulge appeared in his slacks but he verbally asked “do we have to do the enema?” Wrong thing to say because the thought that he didn’t want the enema simply made me want to do it to him all the more.
I told James to undress and wait for me in the bedroom as I went and filled the bag with warm, soapy water. I then waltzed into the bedroom and attached the bag with a hook to the ceiling fan above my bed. In its expanded condition, the red five quart bag resembled a large Valentine’s Day heart. I teased my nervous hubby. “This is my Valentine from me to you, do you like it? It’s so much more intimate than a card, don’t you think?”
I could tell by his body language that James was not in the mood for an enema, which just made me all the more aroused. I knew he would be suffering for my pleasure. I took my hands and pressed on his shoulders driving him to a kneeling position. As James was before me on his knees, I ordered him to stare at the enema bag. I taunted him, “All of that soapy warm water will soon be inside of you, all of it, and you will become very crampy and very uncomfortable. You are going to suffer for your Mistress as you pleasure her. The flowers and candy were nice but your sacrifice for my pleasure will be your real gift to me on this most special day.”
I took the black tubing and the attached butt-plug nozzle and swung it back and forth to further tease him. The erotic mood was broken momentarily when one of our cats sprung out of nowhere and began to bat at the tubing. I had to chuckle (now that would make for a most unusual “you tube” video, don’t you think?) before removing the cat from the bedroom.
With the temporary distraction removed, we started up again as I sat on the edge of the bed and ordered my hubby to worship my boots. He hung out there for around ten minutes, licking the leather and sucking the heels and probably would have preferred to stay there longer, delaying the inevitable. But I had other plans for my slave so I ordered him to lie across my lap. I grabbed my leather paddle and administered 22 hard smacks to each cheek (we’ve been together for 22 years and 22 Valentine’s Days). Hubby’s bottom was surprisingly sensitive as he winched and twisted his body with each “kiss” from my paddle. When I was done, his bottom was a nice shade of Valentine’s Day red.
I commanded him to get up and go fetch some towels to cover my bed. Once they were in place, I ordered James to assume the position upon the bed and prepare for his enema. I put on a latex glove and lubricated his anus in a very sensual way. Then I slowly inserted the butt-plug shaped nozzle. Once it was secure, I climbed on top of him  and simulated as if I were wearing a strap-on. I thrust my hips and humped him as if the butt-plug nozzle were attached to a strap-on harness. It was pretend but my weight pressing against him helped to drive the nozzle deeper inside.
I reached back behind me and grabbed the tubing and undid the clasp which allowed the water to flow inside of him. I told James to let me know when he felt full of the water. Once he expressed to me that he didn’t think he could take anymore, I clasped the tube shut and I had him carefully roll over on his back, with the nozzle still inside of him.
I pulled my breasts out of the red bra and climbed on top of my vulnerable hubby. I took his hands and placed them on me. I told him that he would have to orally pleasure me before I would allow him to relieve himself of the enema water. My original goal was to use my session with James as foreplay and to save myself for Thomas but I was too excited to wait. I was very horny.
James was semi-erect, a little soft from the discomfort of the enema. I removed my red panties and inched my way up until I was sitting on his face. I was so turned on and I began to grind my pussy against his mouth. He licked me with passion and I came rather quickly. But that was just the first orgasm. I wanted more.
I had him turn over on his side and I released a little more water. I wanted him to take more than he had the last time. I wanted to expand his limits. I only gave him probably an additional half quart (for a total of roughly 3 at the most). I then rolled him back over and sat back on his face. He continued to eat my pussy and I took my right hand and reached behind me and pushed on his bloated stomach. His whimpers against my pussy made me all the more excited and I came for a second time as he continued to tongue me. I had him lick me some more until I couldn’t take it. I literally collapsed on top of him.
I slowly climbed off the bed and unhooked the enema bag from the ceiling fan. I helped James up and handed him the bag, with the nozzle still embedded deep inside of him. I let him retire to my bathroom seeing it was the shortest walk for the poor dear. He was in there for a while so I pulled the covers over me and took a nap.
Unlike last year, I decided to keep hubby denied. James and I did make our late dinner reservation and we toasted 22 years of love.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Public Humiliation

I shared this experience once before within another post but it’s worthy of its own entry. It was 2002 or 2003 and I was really getting into the lifestyle. I was so into it that one day I decided to publically humiliate my husband. Normally I would never openly humiliate him in front of his family or friends or co-workers but I had this wild idea of playing on his fears of us being “outed” here in this conservative community.
James was at work and I called him and told him I needed to switch cars. He was working at his desk that day so I told him to expect me around 2:00 and I would come to his desk and exchange car keys. I decided to dress head to toe in leather. I wore leather pants, ankle boots, leather gloves and a leather jacket which I zipped up. I was black leather from neck to toe.
I waltzed into his office and demanded his keys. You should have seen his face. He turned soooo red. I think he was afraid that I was going to order him to drop to his knees and grovel before me in front of his co-workers. I didn’t but I swear his hands were shaking as he handed me his keys. I tossed my keys on his desk and then slowly strolled out of his office, getting lots of admiring stares from the men he worked with and some judgmental looks from the women. I didn’t care. James was extremely embarrassed and I loved it.
When he got home, I asked him if any of his co-workers said anything to him. He said one of the younger women came up to him and remarked on how good his wife looked. Oh, and she also asked him if I drove a motorcycle. I guess she figured if I was wearing all that leather I must be a biker babe. I bet his face turned two shades of red when she asked him about the motorcycle. I’m just sorry I didn’t stay around longer to see it for myself.
And to top it off, I stopped at the local market on my way home to fetch a few items and I ran into his aunt. We talked and she looked at me as if I had two heads. She’s always liked me and thought me to be such a sweet girl and a wonderful spouse for her nephew. However, seeing me in all that leather obviously was perplexing to her but she didn’t say a word to me. When I conveyed this to James, he about had the big one. He was scared that his aunt would tell members of his immediate family about seeing me wearing all that wicked leather. As far as we know, she didn’t say a thing, or if she did it never got back to us. Anywho, I sure did play on my husband’s insecurities that day and I teased him about it for weeks. Heck, I still tease him about it to this day, with the warning that I might do it again when he least expects it.  

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Humiliating Hubby

Based on the feedback I get, it is obvious how much some of you enjoy reading about my husband’s humiliation. Why is that? Does it turn you on because you fantasize about a woman humiliating you? I will probably never fully understand the mind of the submissive male but if humiliation is what you want, I am more than happy to share some of our experiences with you.

I was thinking the other day that I should sit down and write about some of the delicious ways I’ve humiliated my hubby, especially in the past, back when we were active in ClubFEM and we were seeking out other femdom couples to play with. I always do my best in front of an audience.
Take the time we had a show and tell night at ClubFEM. Each dominant wife had to publically share a unique way she dominates her hubby in front of the group. I was Head Mistress at the time so I went last. I had an idea in mind as to what I was going to share with the group but another lady took my idea in her presentation. I watched as women shared spankings, feminization, c/b torture, pony play, one woman demonstrated the “humbler” device, so I was running out of ideas. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning.
It was my turn and James had no idea what I was going to do. So I stepped forward in front of the group and had James kneeling next to me, wearing only a collar and a pair of my panties. I then did something that shocked the group (and in the process my hubby).
I told the group to follow us and I led James by the leash that I attached to his collar to the bathroom which was right off the finished basement of Alex’s house. It was a large bathroom with a shower stall and a separate tub. I ordered James to lie face down in the tub. I then announced to the group which had crammed into the bathroom (some could only peek their heads inside the doorway) that my demonstration would be “how to administer a golden shower”.
You should have seen James’ face. He was terrified. We had done this a number of times in our private play sessions but never in front of others, and especially not in front of a dozen or more people. I undid the snap of my fetish outfit (I honestly do not remember what I was wearing that night but I seem to recall it had a snap at my crotch area) and I straddled James and I began to administer a golden shower all over his body. I saw jaws of some of the people of our group literally dropping open as I did this. Even they were shocked. But I thrived on the public humiliation of my husband. In fact, I decided to really show off.
I ordered James to open his mouth and I redirected my aim and squirted a little of my “champagne” in his mouth. I then ordered him to close his mouth and in my most bitchy voice I commanded “Swallow it, slave!”
My humiliated hubby gulped it down which made even more jaws drop open. I reattached my snap and adjusted my outfit as I stepped out of the tub to the applause of some of the ladies of the group. Poor hubby was lying there in the tub all wet and humiliated. One by one they all filed out of the bathroom as I told James to shower off before returning to the group.
I have no idea if my little demonstration was put into practice by any of the other couples within their private D&S playtimes, but one thing was for sure, it made a lasting impression. When I think back on some of things I used to do to James during that phase of exploring this lifestyle together it makes be chuckle. I have a few other “blasts from the past” goodies I’ll share in future posts.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Starring: Tura Satana
Lori Williams
Susan Bernard
Stuart Lancaster
Paul Trinka
Dennis Busch 

Directed by Russ Meyers

Released: 1965 

Length: 83 minutes

I suppose it would be an injustice for a column dedicated to female domination movies not to review Russ Meyer’s 1965 film “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” Decades before Hollywood and television began celebrating the powerful woman through characters such as "Xena: Warrior Princess" and “Lara Croft, Tomb Raider”, Russ Meyer brought forth his quintessential female image of a strong, towering woman with large breasts, who dominates all the men around her, demands sexual satisfaction and casts them off once she is done using them. 

After inventing the skin flick with "The Immoral Mr. Teas" (1959), by the mid-1960s, Meyer had moved beyond the nudie market. In films such as "Lorna," "Mud Honey," and "Faster, Pussycat" Russ Meyer branched out into the wider exploitation market dominated by American-International Pictures. Of all his early films, "Faster, Pussycat" has found the widest audience. And while it made money in 1965, it now enjoys a cult following and has had huge grosses in Germany and France, has had a punk rock band named after it and can be seen on American television on Turner Classic Movies. That’s where I saw it.  

While the film is known for combining sex and violence, the reason this movie is worthy of a Femdom movie review is because of the film’s image of powerful, dominant women.

Meyer's women are no doubt captivating to those with a fetish for strong women with large breasts. But are the women’s breasts presented as objects of desire or are they weapons used to intimidate men? Tura Satana, who plays the lead in "Faster, Pussycat," is extraordinary in appearance. Her makeup, with its slashes of Kabuki-style eyebrows, looks intimidating. She never smiles but she does show off her abundant cleavage as if it is a symbol of female power.

The feminist and lesbian film critic B. Ruby Rich, writing at length on "Pussycat" in the Village Voice, said she dismissed "Pussycat" in 1965 as just a skin flick. Seeing it again during its revival at New York's Film Forum, she had a different reaction, viewing it now as female fantasy, its images of "female empowerment".  

That is not surprising since Meyer, from the beginning of his career and almost without exception, filmed only situations in which women wreak their will upon men. 

“Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!” shows the thrillingly lethal consequences when aggravated go-go dancers get bored. Russ Meyer's black-and-white desert melodrama opens with crazed half-naked women dancing in shadow and thrusting their breasts into the camera, while a pompous male voice in overdub details the horrors of the "predatory female" for its nervous target audience, the sexually paranoid heterosexual male sitting alone in Pussycat theatres across the country.

Meyer unabashedly exploited his own fantasies of a world of dominant, sexually supercharged women who ruthlessly take out their anxieties on any man who crosses their path, or is lured into their "web." 
After the opening scene, we see Tura Satana as the black-clad Dominatrix, racing her Porsche in the desert against cars driven by her female lover (Haji) and another go-go dancer (Lori Williams). They kidnap a young girl (Susan Bernard), after Satana breaks the back of her boyfriend with one swift karate move. The three macho babes are thrill-seekers. There is the hot blonde (Lori Williams), tough and always horny, the gorgeous Lesbian (Haji) with both sadist and masochistic impulses; and of course there is the leader, the head Dominatrix (Tura Satana), scary-yet-desirable with her black stretch jumpsuit, leather boots and accessories.  
After Satana kills the All-American boy with her bare hands and the women kidnap his “girlie” girlfriend, they stop for gas and the talkative attendant (Mickey Foxx) chatters away about "seeing America first," his eyes glued to Satana's cleavage. 
"You won't find it down there, Columbus!" she sneers.

This movie is full of that kind of campy dialogue. We are treated to other such Satana one-liners as: "Honey, we don't like nothing soft." and "I don't beat clocks, just people." and my favorite "I don't ever try anything, I just do it." 

Back to the story, the gas attendant tells the aggressive females that an old man, who lives in the desert with his two sons, has a hoard of money hidden on his property. One of the sons, who is named Vegetable (Dennis Busch), is muscle-bound but dim-witted, and they see him carrying his father to their pickup truck. Billie (Lori Williams) flips out over the muscular lad and you can see the lust in her eyes.

Following the truck to an isolated desert shack, they concoct a story to explain their prisoner and ask the perverted old man (Stuart Lancaster) if they can use his water. He agrees but only because he wants to get his hands on the young, innocent girl. 

We get to watch the women bathe in the water from the water tank, they act tough and macho and there is plenty to stir the submissive desires within the targeted male audience.

This leads up to the scene when the old coot invites the women for dinner. The father and his sons sit down at dinner with the women (all dressed in bulging bikinis, halter tops, etc.), and when Billie says something Satana doesn't like, she simply stands up and belts her. 

How does the father respond? With the chauvinistic comment, "Women! They let 'em vote, smoke and drive, even put 'em in pants! And what happens? A Democrat for president!" 

Later, the father orders his muscular son to assault Satana, who discourages him with her karate skills, and then tries to crush him against a wall with her Porsche. The victim uses his strength to hold off the car. Meyer uses quick cuts between the victim, the spinning wheels and a stiletto heel jamming down on the gas pedal.  

The muscular son is a typical Meyer male buffoon — the hunk who can't fuck — and the director gets plenty of comic mileage counter-pointing the oversexed women with the impotent men in the film. The father wants to molest the young girl but he is a cripple and the other son is the nice guy who doesn’t know how to react when Satana tries to seduce him.  
The film ends in tragedy for all three women, but not before they wreak plenty of havoc and Meyer indulges the audience with plenty of Femdom imagery. "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! is not a very good film when it comes to plot, acting or dialogue. However, the film was daring for its time and it broke new ground when it came to the portrayal of women. I’m sure to the submissive male living in 1965, watching these three dominant, well-endowed females on the screen for 83 minutes was pure Nirvana. 
None of the lead females went on to do other films of consequence. In fact, Satana became a dental hygienist.  
And Russ Meyer passed away in 2004. On his tombstone it reads;  
Russ Meyer
King of the Nudies
‘I Was Glad to Do It’

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars