Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Forced Feminization and Gender Role Reversal

I’ve been receiving quite a few e-mails from women lately thanking me for my blog. This does my heart good. Apparently my blog is giving these ladies new ideas on ways they can dominate their men. Glad I can be of service.
Thinking of ways to dominate your man, I had a wild hair up my butt the other day and did something to James I hadn’t done in years. It was Saturday morning and James was still in bed. I don’t why I remembered this. Maybe I had a dream but I awoke and recalled the time I went into his bedroom, tied him to his bed, forced feminized him and took him with my strap-on. That was years ago but it was so much fun. Therefore I decided to do it again.
I went into his bedroom early Saturday morning and undressed him, put wrist cuffs on him and tied them to his bed post. I also made him take several swigs of strong mouth wash and spit it into a cup as I didn’t want to deal with morning breath. Then I went and fetched some old lingerie, all white lace and silk. I began the process of feminizing him, sliding stockings over his legs, putting a garter belt on him and attaching the stockings to the garter. I also put a bra on him.
Then I retrieved the fun stuff: lipstick, foundation, blush, eye shadow and mascara. With hubby totally helpless and perplexed, I pulled a chair up next to his bed and slowly and patiently transformed him into a girl. It was Saturday morning so he was still wearing the DL 2000 so he knew better than to complain. He took it like a good sport as I had to keep wiping some off and reapplying his make-up to get it to look right. James doesn’t have the features to make a pretty woman but I must say I had him looking very feminine.
I held up a mirror to show him how beautiful he looked (which embarrassed him) and I had fun teasing him about it. Now it was time for my strap-on but I wanted to do something different. The last time we did this I was also looking very feminine as I too was wearing lingerie. If I recall correctly, James had a big hard-on the last time as I teased him that he was my lesbian lover, my lipstick lesbian lover.
But this time I had the wild idea of a total gender reversal. So I excused myself and returned to my bedroom to look around my closet. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for but then I spotted one of his sports jackets. That gave me a crazy idea. I went back to his room and fumbled around his closet. He couldn’t see what I was doing. I grabbed a white dress shirt and one of his ties. I returned to my room and put on his dress shirt, his tie and the sports jacket. Then I went into my bathroom and wetted my hair and slicked it straight back, kind of like Michael Douglass as Gordon Gekko in “Wall Street”. I had no make-up on and I kind of looked like a man. Well, maybe not a man but definitely a very masculine woman.
To put the final touches, I put on my strap-on harness and a flesh tone dildo, complete with balls. I wanted to also put on some pants but I knew that would be difficult with my erect dildo around my waist. Plus I didn’t want to waste any more time.
I returned to James and you should have seen the look on his face. He was totally shocked by my masculine appearance. I teased him about what a pretty girl he made as I lubed his anus and the dildo. Then I threw his legs up over my shoulders and I penetrated him with the strap-on. In a total gender reversal, I was the man and he was woman. I took off the jacket but I fucked him wearing his dress shirt and tie. He did not get to see my breasts, not even my cleavage. I kissed him and took him with the strap-on as if he were a virgin bride, all decked out in white lingerie. It was so freaking hot.
I took him with the dildo for at least ten minutes. I might have gone longer but I hadn’t had breakfast yet so I became weak. But after I withdrew the dildo and removed the harness, I sat on his face and had him lick my pussy until I climaxed. It didn’t take long. Then I collapsed next to him on the bed, undid the wrist cuffs and ordered him to cook me a nice breakfast. I napped until it was ready. It was a crazy Saturday morning but a heck of a lot of fun.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Being pampered + DL 2000 + ball gag dildo harness = memorable Saturday night

I’ll be brief with this as I don’t have much time but I wanted to share what I did with James on Saturday night. He was of course in chastity and wearing the Dream Lover 2000 device and I had requested a night of being pampered.
James bathed me (warm bubble bath), shaved my legs (while I soaked in the tub) and then we retreated to the massage table where he gave me a wonderful full body massage. I was very nice to him, not once using the DL 2000 as I wanted to relax and enjoy being pampered. I became very aroused during the massage but I wanted more than just body worship and oral servitude. I was in the mood for a good fucking but the problem is I am not seeing anyone locally. Yes, there is Derik but he lives on the west coast and we are probably not going to be seeing each other until March. So what was I to do? Obviously I wasn’t going to allow my husband this honor.
Then it hit me. The ball gag dildo harness I had bought when I was in Vegas with Ginger back in September. It’s been awhile since we played with that wonderful toy. So after my massage, we retired to the bedroom and I allowed James to worship my body for a few minutes to further my arousal. Then I ordered him to fetch the ball gag harness from my toy chest.

I buckled it around his head, the gag securely in his mouth, and I ordered hubby to pleasure me with it. I lied back on the bed and using his face and his neck muscles, James carefully guided the dildo inside of me and he began to fuck me with it. It felt fantastic but I decided to train him how I wanted to be pleasured. Therefore, I reached over on my night stand and grabbed the DL 2000 remote. Using the same code system we use when he is orally pleasuring me, I trained hubby when to go slower, when to go faster, and when to hold still with the dildo that was strapped to his face.

The beauty of the face harness gag was that a few times I gave James a “severe” love pulse and his grunts of discomfort were muffled by the ball gag. I had a blast, and the pleasure was wonderful. I usually have difficulty climaxing from penis/dildo penetration unless my clit is also being stimulated. But as the pleasure built, I had the most intense, full body orgasm that I’ve experienced in some time. It absolutely drained me. And from the way James basically collapsed when I gave him permission to withdraw the dildo, he was also drained from exhaustion. He really had a workout pleasuring me this way, using his neck muscles, gagging, and being trained with the DL 2000 all at the same time.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hubby hates the Dream Lover 2000

This most wickedly clever device has really done a number on James’ mind. It’s funny because he likes to be controlled by a woman and I’ve utilized technology to control James in the past with electric cock rings, intercoms, surveillance cameras, etc. But the Dream Lover 2000 has taken things to a new level in control.
Perhaps I am at fault for how I use the device but I can’t seem to help myself. When I want something from hubby, I want it now and the remote control is just so handy to use to summons James, and to punish him when he is too slow with his response. I’ve also come to really enjoy having the remote control in hand while James is orally pleasuring me. I love to press the button and send ‘love pulses’ to his genitals while he is licking me. It gets me more excited but he hates it as it has made what was an act of worship for him and turned it more into torture. He just never knows when I’m going to press that damn remote so he is constantly on edge. His insecurity and his discomfort just adds to my pleasure (am I a bad person for enjoying this?) but I admit that I feel a little sorry for him.
Then there is the ability for me to dominate him from a distance, using a phone app to activate the Dream Lover 2000 while I am at work or out with a girlfriend, I’ll send ‘love pulses’ to let him know that I’m thinking about him. Of course ‘love pulses’ can be mild or severe, depending on my mood. Like I said before, it is a very wicked invention and in the wrong hands, it can be downright cruel. At times, I feel like being a little cruel, not too cruel, but hey, they made the severe setting for a reason, right? It would be a shame not to use it every now and then. If all I ever did was use the mild or moderate settings, I don’t think it would be as effective of a training device. I like to keep James off balance. I like to keep him guessing.
The downside to this is that my poor hubby is on pins and needles. He actually fears me. Well, maybe not me but he fears me having access to the remote or the phone app. I love having this much control but I don’t want him on pins and needles all the time. I want him to enjoy this lifestyle as much as I do.
Therefore, we have come to a compromise. He only has to wear the Dream Lover Monday nights, Wednesday nights, Friday nights and all day Saturday. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday he is free to move around the house without any fear that I am going to summons him or discipline him with the press of the DL 2000 remote. We will give this a try and see how things work out.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Directors: Michael Curtiz, William A. Wellman, William Dieterle  

Starring:  Ruth Chatterton,
George Brent,
Lois Wilson,
Johnny Mack Brown,
Ruth Donnelly 

Released: 1933 

Length: 60 minutes

Before there was the Motion Picture Association of America's (MPAA) film-rating system, there was the Motion Picture Production Code, better known as the Morality Code, or simply “The Code”. Many of the Black and White films that us movie buffs love were produced during “The Code” years. That was approximately 1934 up until it weakened in the 1960’s and was abandoned in favor of the MPAA rating system in 1968.  

Films in the late 1920s and early 30s reflected the liberal attitudes of the day and could include sexual innuendos, references to homosexuality, miscegenation, illegal drug use, infidelity, and profane language, as well as women in their undergarments. Such behavior was common in the liberal climate of cities at that time, although it often shocked audiences in rural areas. 

By 1934, theatre revenues were slumping (likely, in part, due to the Depression) and those in the film industry were unhappy with the prospect of losing even more of their audience, particularly in heavily Catholic cities (New York, Boston, Chicago, etc). 

Thus, was born “The Code” with the establishment of a special bureau (eventually christened The Breen Office, after Joseph Ignatius Breen, a former public relations executive), whose purpose was to review scripts and finished prints in order to ensure that they adhered to the new Code. 

Many fans of Classical Hollywood cinema today prefer pre-Code films for their audacious attitude toward conventional morality, and their presentation of more "mature" or risqué themes generally not seen again in film until the collapse of the code system. 

Popular character roles during what is now known as “Pre-Code” Hollywood, include tough-talking, assertive women, and prostitutes. 

Recently on Turner Classic Movies, they honored “Pre-Code” Hollywood, showing some of Warner Brother’s “Forbidden Treasures” movies. One movie that caught my attention was “Female”. 

The movie trailer was most enticing. It beings with these words boldly printed across the screen; 

Most women hide their desires.
Here’s the story of one who openly flaunts them.
Ruth Chatteron stars in “Female” 

As a girl who made a career out of bossing men.
“Female” shows how modern women hunt men.
And what they do after they capture them.  

“Female” is a short film, a mere 60 minutes, but Ruth Chatteron is tremendous portraying a powerful women who likes to use men for her sexual pleasure, then discard them.  

The first 40 minutes are the best when it celebrates female empowerment. However, the prevailing social order of the 1930’s is restored by the film's end; as this dominant woman is finally tamed by a man, or at least her love for a man. Nevertheless, the plot and the fast-paced dialogue make “Female” a ground-breaking film when it comes to the portrayal of a dominant and powerful woman. As you watch this film, you must remember that this film was released in 1933. Such a female character today would not raise an eyebrow because we have become accustomed to seeing powerful female executives and assertive women, both in real life and in movies. But “Female” is about a powerful woman who likes to sleep around and she uses her position of power to facilitate her sexual conquests.

Ruth Chatterton stars as Alison Drake, known to her employees as “Miss D.” Having inherited an automobile factory from her father, she runs it brilliantly. In charge of her secretarial pool, “Pett” Pettigrew (Ferdinand Gottschalk), describes her as “a superwoman. She’s never found a man worthy of her and she never will!” 
She admits, “I treat men the way they’ve always treated women.” 
When it comes to men, she may not always buy, but she certainly does a lot of shopping. This was the element of the script that raised a red flag over at the Studio Relations Committee (SRC), the practically toothless enforcers of the Production Code at that time. Mark A. Vieira, in his excellent book “Sin in Soft Focus: Pre-Code Hollywood”, reprints a letter sent from the head of the SRC to Warner Brothers objecting to the plot of Female:  
“...It is made very plain that she has been in the habit of sustaining her freedom from marriage, and at the same time satisfying a too definitely indicated sex hunger, by frequently inviting any young man who may appeal to her to her home and there bringing about a seduction. After having satisfied her desires with these various males, she pays no further attention to them other than to reward them with bonuses. And in the event that they become importunate, she has them transferred...”
Wingate insisted Warner Brothers eliminate this material from the film. Warner Brothers agreed and then, as most studios did at this time, completely ignored his request. The film was released with all its salaciousness intact. After Joseph Breen instituted a Production Code crackdown in mid-1934, "Female" was placed on his list of films never to be re-released under any circumstances. The film sat untouched in the vaults until the Breen Office ended in the 1950’s.  
In “Female”, Alison is cynical about love and casually seduces the attractive men in her company, but her meaningless affairs only add to her boredom and confirm her belief that men, like women, can be bought with money and power. In her private life, she is passionate and bold in her pursuit of male companionship, which she frequently finds among the ranks of her own employees and executives; the problem is that these men can't abide the fact that back at work, she's all business.  
One night, in search of excitement, Alison goes to a shooting gallery and meets Jim Thorne, who declines her sexual advances. The next day, when Jim shows up at her office, Alison learns that he is the renowned engineer she is expecting. She coolly discusses business with him and then invites him to her home. Expecting another conquest, Alison is surprised when Jim rebuffs her again.  
I love it when he tells her, “I suppose you think you’re too superior for love and marriage.”
Determined to break him, Alison successfully gets Jim alone on a country picnic, and this time, he succumbs to her charms. When he asks her to marry him, though, it is she who turns him down. Furious, he quits his job with her and leaves town.
Alison, realizing that she is truly in love, follows him, but misses a very critical business meeting. When she finally catches up with Jim, she tearfully admits that she was willing to risk bankruptcy to find him. This time, he willingly accepts her.
In addition to seeing a 70 year-old film deal with a sexually-strong female character, “Female” has a number of interesting background details. The exterior of Miss D’s home and love nest is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House, located in the Hollywood Hills. Chatterton and the man who plays the one guy who says no without a ring, George Brent, were married at the time this film was made. There was a veritable merry-go-round of directors who worked on this film. William Dieterle began the film with cameraman Sid Hickox. When Dieterle fell ill, the film was taken over and completed by William Wellman using cameraman Ernest Haller. At that point Warner Brothers decided the lead “boy toy,” George Blackwood, was not up to the job. They replaced him with Johnny Mack Brown and brought in Michael Curtiz who ended up re-shooting half the movie and gaining the final directorial credit. 
What I love most about it is the sassy Ruth Chatteron walking in Female Authority and Female Power, portraying female sexual liberation thirty years before the Women’s Liberation movement. I also like the fact the title says it all. “Female”, meaning that it is the female nature to be strong, assertive, powerful and liberated, even as she seeks a male partner.
The ending is 1930 morality still steeped in patriarchy, after all, the Tigress can be wild and free as long as she is tamed in the end by a so-called ‘Real Man’. But I doubt if the audience bought it in 1930 and I know audiences today will identify with the Alison of the first 40 minutes of the film.  
So check your programming guide and if you ever see “Female” being shown again on Turner Classic Movies, you might want to record it and watch it. You may not find it physically erotic when compared to today’s Hollywood portrayals of dominant and powerful woman, but I think you will appreciate the intellectual eroticism of “Female”.
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Notorious Bettie Page

Directed by: Mary Harron 

Starring:  Gretchen Mol,
Chris Bauer,
Jared Harris,
Sarah Paulson,
Cara Seymore 

Released: 2006 

HBO Films 

Length: 90 minutes

“The Notorious Bettie Page” begins with a publicity-seeking smut hunt conducted by Senator Estes Kefauver (David Strathairn). As Bettie waits to testify before a Senate subcommittee, we get a backward glance at her life. Born in the early twenties, she had a strict, religious mother and a father who the film hints may have abused her.  

The film stars Gretchen Mol (“Boardwalk Empire”) as Bettie, and focuses primarily on the 1950's and Bettie's quick ascension in the modeling world. There are plenty of interesting facts about Bettie the film sets forth, including her discovery in 1950 by an African-American New York cop (Kevin Carroll) who dabbles in photography, as we learn that he's the one who suggests Bettie give herself the haircut, complete with the very distinctive bangs, that would become her trademark.

From there, Bettie has some success as a model, but earns additional money on the side doing suggestive photography for "private clubs," which ultimately leads to her first nude work. Bettie Page's allure is often attributed to the ultimate "girl next door" aspect of her pictures, which managed to almost always mix in a feeling of innocence, even when the photos were revealing. Mol does a wonderful job of portraying these differing aspects of Bettie; we see her as the one who initiates taking her top off in a photo for the first time, but instead of coming off as a suggestive comment, she seems like someone who simply feels very natural when naked and doesn't see it as having directly sexual connotations. 

Bettie Page appeared in coy nudie-cutie magazines like ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Wink’ and in highly unconvincing lesbian bondage movies with titles like “Sally’s Punishment.” As the naughty girl next door, in black lace and stiletto heels, she domesticated fetishism. Bettie was quite a celebrity in her day and today she has become a cult icon.  


The look of “The Notorious Bettie Page” is great, with most of the picture shot in black and white to evoke the feeling of a 1950's era film. The black and white also allows for a lot of stock footage from the era to be inserted. There are also a handful of scenes shot in color, as Bettie makes several trips to Florida, where she meets photographer Bunny Yeager, who would take some of Bettie's most famous photos, including her Playboy pictorial. These sequences are in a vibrant Technicolor that also seems fitting and help accentuate how much Gretchen Mol resembles Bettie Page during the photo sequences.


Mol does a beautiful job of capturing Page’s unrelenting and anachronistic cheeriness. Today her photos look like nothing wilder than what you would see on the cover of a men’s magazine and the bondage sequences seem very tame, more like girl's playing around. Perhaps Page’s powerful erotic pull has to do with the sheer goody willingness that emanates from every photo she takes. “Even when she has no clothes on she doesn’t look naked,” says one photographer.  

Bettie Page has been a cult figure for years, the subject of quasi-scholarly books and grainy videos. Director Russ Meyer (“Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!”) described her once as "the nicest girl you'd ever want to meet."   

For the readers of my blog, the most interesting aspect of “The Notorious Bettie Page” is that we get to meet Irving Klaw through the film’s portrayal of the legendary fetish photographer.

Klaw makes Bettie Page notorious because it was her fetish photos and her bondage films that separated her from the many other models that appeared nude in ‘Playboy’ and other men’s magazines. When her New York actor boyfriend, Marvin (Jonathan Woodward), registers his disgust at some photos of Bettie as a Dominatrix in a Fetish magazine, she can’t understand what he’s riled about. The pictures, she thought, were just for fun. No one actually got hurt—she and the other girls were just horsing around.


It is her innocence that makes Bettie Page such a fascinating character. The film examines her religious faith and how she reconciles that with her naughty profession. One gets the feeling watching this film that Bettie never viewed sex as being ‘dirty’ and she never viewed posing with whips while wearing leather boots and corsets as being ‘perverted’. She only began to feel guilty when other people judged her. Other people considered sex to be ‘dirty’, the naked female form to be ‘immoral’ and domination and submission to be ‘decadent’. Bettie had the faith of a child and she was able to see the world with innocence.  

All of that innocence disappeared when the government put the clamps on Irving Klaw and summoned Bettie to testify before the United States Senate during the juvenile delinquency hearings. Bettie begins to feel guilty and she seeks and finds redemption by embracing her roots, returning to church and giving her life over to Christ.   

The film doesn't defend Bettie or Klaw or the men that bought his photos, but rather it presents them as mundane laborers in the world of sex, finding a market and supplying it. Irving Klaw worked with his sister Paula. "Boots and shoes, shoes and boots," Paula muses to Bettie. "They can't get enough of them. Why? I guess it takes all kinds to make a world."

The tone of the movie is subdued and reflective. It does not defend pornography, but regards it with subdued nostalgia for a more innocent time. In the Senate hearings, a father testifies that his son died while attempting to tie himself up in a manner he saw in one of Klaw's bondage films.  The movie feels sympathy for the father. The movie also lets us see that Irving and Paula Klaw were not evil. In fact, they treated Bettie and the other models like family. The film presents their photo sessions as light hearted and fun. And their clients, such as pioneering fetish photographer and bondage artist John Willie, were so awed by the opportunity to photograph beautiful women like Bettie Page, that they treat the models as Goddesses.

Bettie abruptly disappeared into a life devoted to Jesus and was resolutely private about her life until her passing in December 2008. But she was never apologetic about her career choices. Harron respects this; “It was only after Adam and Eve sinned that they had to put clothes on,” is Page’s attitude at the end of the film when she is passing out church pamphlets in the park.  
And that in a nutshell was the fascinating life of Bettie Page. She did not know she was involved in what society and religion considered to be sin until society and religion placed their guilt and their sinful thoughts over on to her. People who campaign against ‘smut’ usually do so because of their own sinful thoughts. It is so much easier to point the finger at others and to place the blame on the ills of society than it is to come to terms with one's own sexuality.  
The government succeeded in closing down Irving Klaw. They won the battle but lost the war when it comes to fetish-oriented erotica. Klaw burned most of his photos but his sister saved about twenty percent and those pictures have been viewed by millions of people over the Internet.

And Bettie Page is more notorious than ever.



Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

James rewarded for being a wonderful husband

Happy New Year everyone! Last night James and I went out with some vanilla friends. I couldn’t arrange any kind of D&S night so I decided to have a more traditional New Years. We had a great time. We drove into the western mountains of PA and went to a resort. Very fancy place. Our vanilla friends knew someone who worked there and they got us dinner reservations and afterward we went to a private party there complete with band, party favors and a champagne toast. At midnight they shot off fireworks.
James “volunteered” to be the designated driver so other than one small glass of champagne, he didn’t drink. As far as domination goes, he wore his CB3000 but the DL 2000 does not work outside our home, so I could not use that. But he did wear a pair of my panties underneath his dress pants. James was very well dressed and he looked quite handsome. I noticed quite a lot of women checking him out and that made me smile. If only they knew how I keep this handsome man sexually denied and under my control.
After the fireworks we headed back and didn’t get home until 2:00am. I was still a bit tipsy and I allowed James to undress me and plant kisses all over my body. That’s when I made my decision about ending his denial period. James has been such a wonderful husband in 2013. I know he likes to be dominated and humiliated but I felt he deserved some physical pleasure. I wanted to give him a special treat.
I removed his CB3000 and told him to lie on the bed. I removed my bra and I rubbed my breasts over his body. James’ absolute favorite way to have an orgasm is against my breasts. Even before we ever got involved with femdom, when we had intercourse and regular sex, he would often request if he could climax against my soft breasts. So last night I gave him this special treat. I rubbed my breasts against his erection and I gave him permission to have a pleasurable orgasm. He came very quickly and in buckets. I wiped my breasts clean with a towel and then I asked him if he could have another one. So I trapped his cock against my breasts again and told him he had two minutes to try to have another one. He did.
I reminded him it was a special treat and not to expect it again anytime soon. I told him to reinstall the CB300 complete with the Dream Lover. I haven’t set his new denial goal yet but I am thinking not until early March. And more than likely I will go back to giving him only humiliating orgasms. But last night I felt it important to bring in the New Year showing my hubby how much I appreciate his submission.