Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Leather Pants Smother

Not much to report lately. I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a very traditional Holiday spent mostly with family. I did the cooking (I like to cook Holiday meals) and hubby did everything else from the cleaning of the house to cleaning all the dirty dishes.

Saturday night we played a little. We went to dinner and the movies and saw the new James Bond flick (I loved it). I wore a pair of tight leather pants which really turned James on (my hubby, not James Bond but my how I would love to dominate Daniel Craig, what a body). When we got home I could tell hubby was in the mood to be dominated. Seeing me in my leather pants all night was driving him wild.
I had him lie face up on the couch and I sat on his face, still wearing my leather pants. I ordered him to lick and hubby lost himself in the taste and the aroma of the leather. I smothered him for as long as he could take, allowing him to come up for air when needed but my, was he ever passionate. I do believe he could have stayed under my leather clad ass all night.
I was getting very turned on so we retired to the bedroom where I removed the pants and had hubby orally pleasure me. It was the perfect cap to a wonderful night.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Marital Bliss

It is always flattering to be pursued by men, especially as a happily married woman. Take this week for example. Thomas called me up and asked if he could see me this weekend. Dwight called me seeking another date. And Chris, the young man who I went out with last New Year’s Eve, wrote me and inquired about my plans for this upcoming New Year’s Eve. You know when I was single I don’t ever recall having more than one suitor at any given time. But then again, I was a “good girl” who had a reputation for being a good girl. Now I am a cuckoldress who likes sex, so I am not naïve as to why I am in demand. But I still have my standards and I don’t like to be taken for granted. Therefore, I decided to spend the weekend with my subby hubby. I might decide to go out with my suitors in the future but not this weekend.

Last night I had a wonderful time with my hubby. First, I feminized him. I dressed him up in white silky lingerie and then I dressed him in his pink sissy dress and blonde wig. He will not admit it but I can tell by his swollen balls and his partially erect penis (he was in chastity) that he loves the feel of the silky lingerie against his skin. But he hates the dress and the wig. I know it humiliates him and makes him feel silly but I wanted him to wear it for my entertainment.

After he was feminized, I had him sit in my vanity chair and I dolled him up with a touch of make-up and lipstick. Nothing overly elaborate but just enough to make him look pretty for me. Then I ordered him to set up the massage table. I was in the mood to be pampered.

Hubby gave me a wonderful full body massage that lasted for 90 minutes. I was so relaxed by the time he was done. My body was nice and slicked up from the BioTone massage crème. As I was still on the table, I pointed to my pussy and my feminized hubby proceeded to go down on me. I brought his hands up to my breasts so he could stimulate my nipples while he was licking my clit. I held off for as long I could because I wanted the pleasure to last. Poor hubby had to lick me for a good 20 minutes before I finally climaxed. And I held his face there for another 5 minutes until I had another one. Now I was totally relaxed.

It is during times like this that I wish I were a petite woman because I would love to have hubby pick me up and carry me to my bed. But he’s had some back issues in the past and I am a full-figured gal so I made my own way to my bed. I allowed my feminized hubby to remove the dress and wig. The poor baby was soaking wet with sweat underneath. How uncomfortable he must have been during the 2 full hours of giving me a massage and performing body worship. However, he sacrificed for my pleasure and did as he was told, without once complaining.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Interracial humiliation

I went on a double date last night with my friend Ginger. Before I get into some of the details, I made a most interesting discovery about my hubby. He refuses to admit it but I could tell the interracial aspect of me being with a black man humiliated him even more than when I dated Thomas or Chase or some of the men from my past. Now I need to point out that my hubby has never displayed any prejudice toward any race or ethnicity but I believe my hubby is sexually intimidated by black men. I really do. He’ll probably never admit it but I could sense it in him. Just the thought of a black man being with his wife definitely added to his humiliation this weekend. I picked up on it and I played on his insecurities. I went as far as to tease him about me possibly getting laid by a BBC (big black cock).

I used the term BBC frequently this week to get inside of his head, whereas the truth is I really had no plans of sleeping with Dwight. For one thing, the logistics were going to be difficult what with the distance and double dating with Ginger. For another thing, I am not all that attracted to Dwight, although I do find his body to be sexy and I know from rubbing against him and feeling him up on Halloween that he is well endowed. I must confess that I was curious about Dwight and what sex with him might be like. Now his friend Dante has it all: looks, body and package. I know because I saw him naked at the CFNM party. Plus Ginger has told me all about her sexual adventures with him.

Friday night I had James prepare me by shaving my legs and applying moisturizing cream to my skin. He was noticeable more humiliated than usual and he was an easy target to tease as I kept emphasizing how he was making me desirable for another man, a man he had never met, a big black man, a BBC.  Then yesterday afternoon I had James help dress me for my date and his humiliation continued. I played on his insecurities as he was in chastity helping his wife look sexy for her date. I reminded him how Ginger’s hubby must watch her and Dante and from what she has told me, she’s made her hubby “fluff” Dante prior to him having sex with her. James recoiled at the thought but I tormented him by reminding him that as my cuckold, he has no say in the matter. I make the decisions what goes on in our sex life.

I departed around 3:00 with James left home alone in chastity and wearing my panties. I drove to Ginger’s house and I was met at the door by her hubby who was partially feminized, in chastity and of course wearing his Dream-Lover device. Ginger still keeps him off guard by sending various electrical stimulations to his genitals via the training device. He served me a glass of white wine and then he had to go and finish assisting his wife. Ginger and I had e-mailed each other during the week and we both agreed that it was only fitting that we would have our hubbies prepare us for our dates.

We met the “boys” at a restaurant in Rockville. Ginger and I got there a little early so we sat at the bar until they arrived. After a nice dinner we walked to the nearby Metro station and took the train to Georgetown where we walked to a nightclub. Dante knew the DJ working there and we got VIP seating. It was very loud but we danced and had a great time. Ginger and Dante have amazing chemistry together. She is one wild and crazy chick.

I flirted with Dwight and we pretty much picked up where we left off at the Halloween party. But if I had to do it over again, I would have worn my leather pants. Dwight seemed to have a leather fetish and I didn’t sense the same passion coming from him. Of course I wasn't dressed as a Dominatrix or carrying a whip like I was the last time he saw me. Nonetheless we danced and I also met some of his male friends, all who were African-American. Again, it was very loud and not the kind of music I’m accustomed to but as they say “when in Rome”. Dwight became rather frisky as the night went on, and so did his one friend, Higgs (that’s what they called him) who took a noticeable liking to me. I danced with both men. This one dance I was out there with all 3 men, Dante, Dwight and Higgs, and I was putting on quite a show. Too bad James wasn’t there to see it. Three aggressive black men touching and groping his sweet, fair skinned wife and she rubbing against them like a woman who was horny for some BBC. It was quite the show.

We left the club after midnight and took the Metro back to Rockville. Ginger invited the boys back to her place. Dwight declined because he had to work today (I was relieved because while I like Dwight and I was turned on, I didn’t want to go there). However, Dante accepted Ginger’s offer so he came with us. It was well after 2:00am when we arrived back at her house. Ginger’s hubby had already gone to bed but she got him up and had him serve us drinks. The poor man, Ginger was in rare form dishing out the verbal humiliation and using the Dream Lover to punish him in front of everyone. At one point she whispered to me about us dominating her hubby in front of Dante, like we used to do in our ClubFEM days, but I was very tired and not in the mood.  

I made my way to her spare bedroom and closed the door. Once I was alone, I called James. He was in bed but no doubt worried about me. I took the opportunity to play more mind games with my hubby, teasing him how I had acted a bit slutty with my date at the club, dancing with him and his friends. To add extra humiliation to the equation, I made James think that Dwight was there with me at Ginger’s house. I teased that we were having a private party and I was very horny for BBC. And with that I wished my hubby pleasant dreams. My, what must have been going through his mind as he went back to bed?

Although I had the door closed, I could hear Ginger, her hubby and Dante. They made their way to her bedroom and I couldn’t help but hear Ginger and Dante getting it on (not that I wanted to but it was impossible not to hear them as they were very loud). I’m pretty sure Ginger’s hubby was forced to watch.

Once I fell to sleep, I didn’t hear another thing as I was out like a light. When I got up this morning I didn’t see any of them. I made it back home this afternoon and I’ve yet to tell hubby what did (and didn’t) happen for real last night, and he’s dying to know. I think I’ll string him along for a few days. And who knows? I doubt that I go out with Dwight again (just no real chemistry there) but if the correct situation would present itself in the future, I would love to force hubby to watch me with a BBC. I believe that would really humiliate James. I’ll add it to my list of future femdom goals.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Riding the Horse

I placed hubby in his confinement room the other night and I got to thinking about other ways to discipline/punish him that would take very little effort on my part. Then I recalled reading (in one of Elise Sutton's books) about a punishment technique called "Riding the Horse". I remembered seeing a picture of that somewhere so I did a search and found it.

Here is the link: http://elisesutton.homestead.com/horse.html

I'm thinking about having my hubby design one for me. He really got excited about making his own little prision but how will he feel about making the dreaded horse knowing full well I will make very good use of it?

Here are some additional links and feedback (including alternative designs and safety issues) from people who have used the "horse".




Some of the feedback I found to be interesting:

"My submissive husband needed some additional incentives to meet his physical fitness goals. He was resisting taking advanced swimming lessons in order to meet the Navy Seals fitness standards so I have given him some additional wooden horse challenges. Now when he is on the horse he has to either balance a plastic wine glass on a board held in his mouth, memorize a love poem, or suck the contents of bottle suspened just high enough so he must be on his toes to reach it. Of course if he fails on any of these tasks longer riding time is in order with more punishments. He is now taking swmming lessons and making progress but has a long way to go so he will be spending a lot of time on the horse. It is such an effective motivator."


"My wife sets the wooden horse just a few centimeters below my crotch,she then sits on my shoulders for as long as I can take her weight, as soon as she feels me start to weaken she starts to ride me down. no matter how much distress I am in she continues to sit and bounce untill she is satisfied."


"The horse I am made to ride is made out of two wooden cupboard doors hinged so that they form a tressel. They two sides are held quite widely apart at floor level by a wooden stay, hinged in the middle allowing the horse to be folded away after use. A triangle shaped timber top completes the horse.The height means that both heels are off the floor by about 15 -20 mm. The first 15 minutes is easy enough, but but soon one is “riding” the horse as the fatigue means that leg support diminishes and constant shifting is required to ease the discomfort. My hands are usually tied behind my back which makes me lean forward and increases the discomfort."

Gives me a lot to think about between the various designs and possible usage.

In another matter, under my Venus in Furs entry below, a gentleman asked what I was holding in my hand in the picture under the heading of my blog. He was hoping it was a whip. Here is more of that picture. You can clearly see it is a riding crop. If I showed you more, you would see a naked man on his knees before me. Who is the man? My hubby? A former client? Someone from my ClubFem days? I'll never tell.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

8 years of Femdom movie reviews

Here are the films I reviewed for Predominant over the past 8 years. I do not want to re-post my reviews in my blog but if there is a film that you are interested in, feel free to write me and I'll be glad to send you my review for the film.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The Graduate (1967)

Portrait of a Dominatrix (1999)

Ed Wood (1994)

Sunset Boulevard (1950)

Female (1933)

The Blue Angel (1930)

Love Me Like You Hate Me (2010) 


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Fetishes (1997)

Maitresse (1976)

The Choirboys (1977)

Red Shoe Diaries 6: How I Met My Husband (1995)

Preaching to the Perverted (1997)

Fashionistas (The Vegas Show)

Belle de Jour (1967)

The Notorious Bettie Page (2006)

Bitter Moon (1992)

Die Flambierte Frau (1983)

Holy Smoke (1999)

Love and Human Remains (1993)

Jess Franco's Venus in Furs (1969)

Tabloid (2011)

Massimo Dallamano’s Venus in Furs (1969)


Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Venus in Furs (1994)

Gorgeous Glamorous Goddesses

Myra Breckinridge (1970)

Zumanity (The Vegas Show)

Faster Pussy Cat! Kill! Kill! (1965)

The Book of Revelation (2006)

Satan in High Heels (1962)

Punish Me (2006)

New Love in Tokyo (1994)

My Tutor (1983)

The Million Eyes Of Su-Muru (1967)

The Balcony (1963)

Audition (1999)

Real Men (1987)

Joseph Marzano's Venus in Furs (1967)


Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

Psychopathia Sexualis (2006)

The Dominant Stepmother (2008)

Walk All Over Me (2007)

Cuckold Husband (2010)


Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

Seduction: The Cruel Woman (1985)

Exit to Eden (1995)

Going Under (2004)

The Libertine (1968)

The Cool Surface (1993)

Masoch (1980)


Rating: 1 out of 5 stars

Didn’t Do It For Love (1997)

Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS (1975)

Massimo Dallamano’s "Venus in Furs"

Another year and 4 more movie reviews for the e-zine “Predominant’. In 2012, I reviewed the very short film “Love Me Like You Hate Me” (2010), the Italian film “Masoch” (1980), Massimo Dallamano’s rendition of “Venus in Furs” (1969), and finally the Joe Marzano/Lou Campa 1967 sexploitation version of “Venus in Furs”. I have now reviewed four different films with the name “Venus in Furs”, and none of them have anything in common other than using the title from the famous Sacher-Masoch novel.
I must say that I really enjoyed the Massimo Dallamano’s rendition of “Venus in Furs” (1969) but I must warn you, it is very hard to find a copy that will play on a United States DVD player. The movie was originally released with the title “Le malizie di Venere” (The slyness of Venus). Later when the film was dubbed in English, it was re-titled “Devil in the Flesh”. And when the English rights to the film was obtained by ‘Shameless Entertainment’ and they released it on DVD, they simply cut to the chase and renamed it “Venus in Furs”. Confused yet?
Oh, and did I mention that there are two films released in 1969 with the title “Venus in Furs”, this one and the Jess Franco movie “Venus in Furs”, which had nothing to do with Sacher-Masoch’s book, other than the title. In the September/October 2010 issue of Predominant, I reviewed the 1969 Jess Franco movie “Venus in Furs”. Once I got past my initial disappointment of the misleading name and reviewed the film purely on its own merit, I realized that Jess Franco had made a superb movie. It had D&S elements, it had Franco’s trademark “surrealism” and thanks to the jazz music the movie also had an excellent soundtrack. I gave the movie 4 out of 5 stars.
Back to Massimo Dallamano’s rendition of “Venus in Furs”, not only are there four different films called “Venus in Furs” but there are three different films called “Devil in the Flesh” and the 1969 Massimo Dallamano film goes by both names.  And don’t get me started on the different region codes and cross platforms of DVD’s. For those not familiar with region codes, the United States is region 1 and Europe region 2 and other parts of the world have other region codes. You can’t watch a region 2 DVD on a region 1 DVD player and vice versa. So I ended up ordering the ‘Shameless Entertainment’ English DVD of the 1969 Massimo Dallamano’s film “Devil in the Flesh” which is also called “Venus in Furs”. I got it off of Amazon but I had to order the United Kingdom region 0 DVD because there isn’t one available in region 1. As it turned out, I couldn’t watch a region 0 DVD on my DVD player. However, I tried it on my computer DVD drive and ‘Walla!’ it played thus I was able to review the film.
I was pleasantly surprised when I watched Massimo Dallamano’s rendition of Sacher-Masoch’s “Venus in Furs.” It’s a surprisingly faithful adaptation of the novel. Dallamano moves the Sacher-Masoch story to the present day (which in this case is 1969 when the movie was made). The end of the 1960’s proves to be an ideal setting for Leopold von Sacher-Masoch’s sexuality what with the female liberation movement combined with a swinging, free-love culture.
Those familiar with the novel know that the lead character Severin (much like the author) likes to be dominated, whipped and humiliated by women. Wanda is a hesitant participant at first but she ends up going beyond what Severin desired. They embark on a romance and after they have sex for the first time, Wanda shows Severin her scrap book which has pictures of her when she was a strip-tease dancer. In one of the pictures she is holding a whip. Severin asks her if she would recreate her dance routine for him. Wanda fetches the whip and she performs the erotic dance, flinging the whip around. Wanda accidentally strikes Severin across his face with the whip, she apologizes profusely but Severin smiles and he becomes even more passionate. He kisses her and then he rolls over on the bed with his naked back exposed. Severin takes the opportunity to tell Wanda about his sexual proclivities.
“Do it again. Come on whip me.”
Wanda complies and begins to whip his back. All the while we hear more of his inner thoughts. 
“My flesh burns but the pain gives me such infinite pleasure.” 

Throughout the movie we hear Severin’s innermost thoughts and between this and his many conversations with Wanda we learn about the depths of Severin’s submissive desires. He wants to be owned by a woman. He wants to worship a woman. And he wants to be utterly dominated and humiliated by a woman.  

“In love there are only masters and slaves. Those who dominate and those who are dominated.” 

Wanda is intrigued by Severin’s submission and their romance continues, as does the game of cat and mouse. The romance continues (yes the movie proceeds at a very slow pace but I didn’t have a problem with it because I felt it was important for the story development). The couple goes horseback riding. They bring the horses back to the stable and the owner of the stable invites them to watch the breeding of two of his finest horses. We see two horses snuggling next to each other, obviously flirting as if they are about to mate. The owner of the horses explains to Wanda how the male horse is only there to get the female horse aroused. He plans to breed her with a different horse, a stud horse.  

Once the mare is ready, the owner removes the colt and he brings in the stallion who mounts the mare and begins to fuck her from behind doggy style (or is it horsey style, whichever it is I felt they showed the stud horse humping the female horse way too long for my taste. It bordered on animal porn there for a minute but if you’ve ever watched two horses in action, at least you come to understand the phrase ‘he’s hung like a horse’). Wanda seems fascinated by all of this as if she now understands the role of Severin in her life. He is the colt and she is the mare. He is there merely to play with, to arouse her, but only studs will get to fuck her.  

The couple comes across a stream where a young man of twenty is fishing. Taking a page out of what they had witnessed with the horses, Wanda sits on a rock and Severin caresses her legs in order to arouse her. The young man fishing can’t help but notice the beautiful Wanda. She asks Severin one final time if this is what he really wants then she seduces the young man. She takes him off into the woods and has sex with him while Severin watches from a safe distance. After the young man leaves her, Severin snuggles next to her on the ground. The sexually fulfilled Wanda tells Severin that she feels all the more in love with him now that she knows he will give her such freedom. Severin proposes marriage to her and Wanda accepts. 

Wanda: “I want to betray you. I want to bring you to desperation.” 

Severin: “Be cruel to me, as nature is cruel, destroying that which it has created.”
They get married and as a wedding present Severin gives Wanda a fur coat. Wanda puts it on, basking in the pleasure of feeling the fur against her naked skin. She asks Severin why furs are so fascinating. He explains that “furs represent both power and femininity and it exalts a woman’s animal instincts and increases her desire.” 

Wanda is thrilled being married to Severin. She truly loves him and in the early days (weeks, months) of the marriage, she acts like any new bride, beaming with happiness. She can hardly keep her hands off of him and she looks at him with eyes of adoration.  

Severin buys Wanda a mansion complete with a statue of Venus and an oriental gong that she can sound to summon him. Wanda hires two maids, two lesbians who are lovers. Severin encourages Wanda to beat him but he desires more than just physical cruelty from her; he wants to be humiliated as well. He will play the role of Wanda’s servant and chauffeur, Gregor, driving Wanda to various engagements including her trysts with other men.  

Wanda is enticed by Severin’s masochism but she is not entirely happy with the arrangement. She is conflicted. It’s not that she objects to having sex with other men but she’s not entirely comfortable with Severin’s strange mix of physical passivity and emotional manipulation. Severin shows signs of being controlling and he becomes jealous whenever Wanda refuses to share with him where she goes or who she sees socially. While Severin wishes to be the submissive partner physically and sexually, he also wants to remain in psychological control of the games he and Wanda are playing.

Wanda commissions a painter to create a portrait of her; naked, holding her whip.

When the painting is finished, with Severin being there to witness the unveiling, Wanda removes her robe and jumps into the arms of the painter. Wanda takes him by the hand and leads him to her bedroom. She assures the nervous painter that her husband is perfectly fine with this arrangement. Severin watches through the bedroom screen as the painter makes love to his wife.

“Seeing her with another man makes me suffer. I feel a terrible pain pounding in my temple. And yet she looks so beautiful… I have never suffered so much.”

When he is done making love to her, the painter leaves as Severin enters the bedroom. He removes his shirt and kneels to caress Wanda’s body. But Wanda snaps at him, “Don’t you touch me.” 

This is the first time Wanda has cheated on Severin as his wife and she begins to cry. He tries to comfort her but she slaps him hard across his face and yells at him to “get out”. Severin asks “what’s wrong?” Wanda grabs her whip and in a fury, she brutally whips Severin, cutting his face several times and leaving marks all over his body.

“I hate you! Get out! You disgust me! Get out! Get out!”


The next day, all seems forgiven and Severin is Wanda’s chauffer again. The dominant/submissive elements of the marriage are becoming far more complicated than they appear to be on the surface, and there is in fact a power struggle being conducted by Wanda and Severin. Wanda begins to treat Severin more cruelly.  
When she picks up a macho biker as her latest sex toy, he too is drawn into her D&S games. She makes Severin exit the vehicle so she can have sex with the biker in the back seat of the car. As if that isn’t emasculating enough, she orders Severin to walk far enough away from the car so he can’t watch her having sex with the biker (in doing this she is now taking away that which Severin enjoys the most about their cuckolding arrangement). When Severin hesitates to leave, the biker runs him off, thinking Severin is but Wanda’s chauffer, not knowing he is in reality her husband. The biker becomes Wanda’s stallion and she encourages her new stud to treat her emasculated husband as cruelly as she does.  
Later on we see Wanda and the biker back at her house, having sex in her bedroom. Severin takes up his usual position behind the screen so he can watch. The biker notices Severin and he jumps off the bed and grabs him. He orders Severin to leave but Severin tells him that he has every right to be there. When the biker asks Wanda what Severin is talking about, she nonchalantly lights a cigarette and says,
“May I present my husband. That’s how he gets his pleasure. He’s a degenerate.”

Severin is no longer happy with this arrangement and he begins to question his submissive desires.  
“Love does not unite a man and a woman, it separates them, turning them into implacable enemies. There is no truce in the war between the sexes. Only winners and losers. Only masters and slaves.” 
The next day Wanda is having lunch with her lover. When she asks her husband where he’s been, he confesses to her about his unhappy status. She tells him that he cannot move her with his emotions and she verbally dresses him down in front of her lover, calling him an idiot and telling him he is powerless and not a real man. Severin lashes out by calling her a Bitch. Wanda slaps him across the face, which would normally send Severin off into subspace but not this time. Instead, he goes to his room and packs. 

He has decided to leave Wanda and begin a new life. He comes to a tourist stop that is full of prostitutes. One of the prostitutes reminds him of Wanda (the prostitute is also played by Laura Antonelli). He picks her up and they go to a hotel room. As his mind recalls all the times and all the ways Wanda mistreated him, he takes his anger out on the prostitute, slapping her around. The hotel manager and a security guard hear the abuse taking place and they bust into the room and subdue Severin. The guard is about to arrest him when the prostitute begs them not to do it. She claims it was all her fault and to please leave Severin alone. The men relent and leave the room. 

It turns out that the prostitute is accustomed to being treated cruelly by men and she wants to stay with Severin. She calls him Master and promises she will do whatever he wants her to do.

Severin seems excited about this and he whispers in her ear what he wants her to do. She looks intrigued and she eagerly agrees to his request. And what does Severin want her to do? He wants her to whip him. The movie ends with the prostitute whipping Severin. She is laughing happily as she flogs him and Severin has a peaceful look on his face as he gladly endures her whip.  
Régis Vallée is quite good in the role of Severin, avoiding the temptation to play him as a milquetoast submissive man. And the stunningly beautiful Laura Antonelli is equally good as Wanda, a dominant woman by nature but one who is not sure she really wants to fulfill that role.  
This rendition of “Venus in Furs” has an abundance of visual style, with plenty of classic late 60s/early 70s sets. Both Régis Vallée and Laura Antonelli are beautiful people that are just as easy to look at clothed or unclothed (and Laura Antonelli is unclothed for a considerable proportion of the movie’s running time).  

The movie is your typical foreign film from this era in that it can be drawn out at times with gaps in dialogue and a less than flattering musical score. And don’t expect the whipping scenes to be on par with what you see today on Femdom websites. They never show Wanda actually whipping Severin. We see her using the whip and then we see Severin with cuts on his face and body but we never actually see whip making contact with flesh. And the sex scenes are more R rated than X rated but if you like seeing a beautiful woman topless and men kissing and touching her naked skin, you’ll no doubt find the film to be plenty enough erotic. 

I found the dialogue between Severin and Wanda to be rather profound as it related to the power dynamics and the internal struggles of those power dynamics within their relationship. Overall this movie is a wonderful portrayal of the Sacher-Masoch novel and bringing it into more modern times really worked for me.
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
I’ve yet to sign on for another year for “Predominant” and as of today I am leaning toward 2012 being my last. But I have yet to make a final decision because I do enjoy searching for these kinds of movies, watching them and writing my opinion of them.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Severe Spanking and Corner Time for Hubby

Last night was a throwback to the good old fundamentals of a successful femdom marriage. No outfit, no confinement room, no drama, just a dose of good old fashion discipline. I simply stripped down to just bra and panties, I had James strip completely naked and I ordered him across my lap as I sat on the edge of my bed. I started with a wooden hairbrush and I said very little other than going over his list of chores I expected to be done this weekend. I spanked his buttocks until they were a nice shade of pink, and in some spots bright red.

I had him stand with his nose to the corner for 30 minutes to ponder his punishment and his list of chores. After the 30 minutes were up, I came back into the bedroom and ordered him to fetch my wooden Spencer Paddle. He assumed the position back across my lap and I blistered his bottom with the paddle, rotating cheeks, until he became most penitent with urgent promises to be a good and obedient hubby. It was also during this rather severe spanking that I teased him about the Halloween party and my dancing and flirting with the muscular and caramel-skinned Dwight and how I would be going out with him.

After his spanking, I took joy in feeling the heat that was searing forth from hubby’s buttocks, groping him with my hands. I examined his bottom closely which was dark red in spots with a couple of modest bruises. Then I ordered him back to the corner for another 30 minutes while I called Dwight on the phone. Ginger had e-mailed me this week and told me how Dante and Dwight wanted to go on a double date with us. James had to listen to my phone conversation with Dwight where I confirmed plans to go on the double date next Saturday night.

Talking with Dwight, flirting with him on the phone while hubby was forced to listen, facing the wall, made me very wet. So wet that after I got off the phone, I removed my panties and reclined on the bed. I ordered James to orally pleasure me, him still locked in chastity with his ass still red from his spanking and his face red with humiliation.

All in all, a very lovely night.