Sunday, February 16, 2014

B&D Valentine’s weekend

I woke up Friday morning to find a lovely card and a small gift-wrapped box sitting next to the answering machine. James had to head out to work extra early on Friday so he decided to surprise me by not making me wait until Friday night for my Valentine’s Day gift. I opened the box and it was a lovely diamond pendant with the words “I love you” inscribed on the back. The card was handwritten on the inside with James sharing words of his devotion to me. It was very lovely.
I had gotten James a card and my plan was to have a B&D session with him as his Valentine’s gift. I say B&D because bondage and domination is a combination that James absolutely loves.  The problem with a quality B&D session is that it takes a lot of thought and work from the Domme. I usually don’t have the time or the energy to construct an elaborate B&D session. Why do you think professional Dommes charge $300 and up for a B&D session? The outfit, the equipment, the time and the skill.
So that was my plan but there was no way I was going to be able to pull this off Friday night. Like most the east coast, we got dumped on Thursday with over a foot of snow. The roads were so bad that James didn’t make it in to work. Therefore he had to go in early on Friday and stay late. Plus we were both tired from shoveling snow (yes, I helped). So James had to take a rain check (or snow check) as I decided to delay his “gift” until Saturday. Friday night we went to dinner (actually had a reservation this year) and returned home and watched a movie.
Yesterday I gave James his gift. After lunch, he was out clearing the walkways and driveway from the additional 3 inches of snow we got Friday night while I got things ready. I told James to shower and meet me in the room where we keep the massage table. I told him there was no need for him to get dressed. The only thing I wanted on his body was the CB6000 with the DL2000.
When James came into the room he saw me in my custom leather pants, knee high leather boots, leather bra, and leather opera gloves. He saw the massage table covered with a sheet and towels with his ankle and wrist cuffs attached with rope to the top of the table legs. Hanging from a hook in the ceiling above the table was the black pumpkin enema bag. On the desk next to the table was my flogger, my short handle riding crop, a rubber mouth gag, rubber tubing, a plastic funnel, a pitcher, the DL 2000 remote, an egg timer and a roll of saran wrap.
I ordered James to lick my boots to help set the proper mood and after 10 minutes or so I had him lay face up on the table. I had him roll on his side and I lubed the aluminum butt-plug shaped enema nozzle and slowly inserted it deep inside of him, then I had him roll back over so he was on his back. I fastened the leather cuffs to his wrists and ankles and locked them in place. I took the saran wrap and mummified him, running the wrap under the table and across his body for several layers. The only part of his body that wasn’t covered was his face, his balls and his chastity device. He was in complete bondage.
I took the rubber mouth gag and inserted it in his mouth and fastened the buckle around the back of his head. I told James that since he would be unable to say his safe word or use hand signals, that if he needed me to stop at any time, he was to give out three short grunts, kind of like Morse code. Once the gag was in place, I had him practice our signal just make sure he could do it and I could hear it clearly.
I cut a very short piece of the rubber tubing and pushed it through the hole in the gag and took the other end and attached it to the funnel. I was able to push the funnel down tightly into the hole of his gag so it stayed in place on its own. Next, I took the pitcher and went across the hall into the bathroom and filled the pitcher with lukewarm water. I returned and poured 90% of the water into the top of the enema bag. With James eyeing my every move (he was able to raise his head just enough to see) I undid the belt on my pants and slid them down. I squatted and deposited a golden shower into the pitcher, which was now 10% water, 90% me. I sat the pitcher on the desk and pulled up my pants and buckled the belt.
I took my gloved hands and ran them over James’s wrapped body, flicking his swollen balls with my fingers as if I were flicking a fly off the wall. James cringed in pain. I moved my hand to the clasp on the enema tubing and moved it to the first position, releasing the warm water and slowly filling my bound hubby. I took the pitcher and poured a small amount into the funnel which ran through the gag and filled his mouth.
“Wait until I give you permission.”
I took the DL2000 remote and sent an intense love pulse to his caged cock. I took the riding crop and began to smack his balls.
“Swallow it, James!”
He gulped down what was in his mouth. I took the pitcher and poured him another mouthful. I moved the clasp on the enema bag to the second position, filling him faster.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart!”
I gave him another love pulse with the DL200 remote. I smacked his balls some more.
“Swallow it, James!”
Another love pulse, a few more smacks to his balls. Then I grabbed my flogger and began to whip his chest and thighs. It made an incredible sound slapping against the saran wrap. I whipped his caged cock and balls, he whimpered, then I moved back to whipping his chest and thighs some more.
“Is everything okay? Nod your head if you want me to continue?”
He nodded his head.
I poured a little more from the pitcher into the mouth gag and I opened the clasp on the enema bag all the way. I squeezed the bag, forcing the rest of the water inside my bound hubby.
I smacked his caged cock and his balls with the flogger.
“Swallow it, James!”
I grabbed the remote and gave him another intense love pulse. I was getting very excited by now. I would have loved to have sat on his face and had him lick me while I continued to torment his genitals but I didn’t trust the table to hold that much weight.
I pulled the desk chair up to the table and sat down, placing my boots up on his stomach.
“Does hubby feel bloated?”
I pressed on his stomach with my boots.
“Let’s set this timer to 5 minutes. When it goes off, I’ll set you free.”
As the timer ticked, I took the riding crop and slapped his body, my boots still resting on his stomach as I sat in the chair. I smacked his wrapped nipples, his chest, his thighs, the bottoms of his feet and of course his balls. By now his balls were purple with a little bruising. I took the remote and gave him a few more love pulses, going from moderate to severe back to moderate. James jerked a little each time but the saran wrap made it difficult to move.
“Are you in discomfort from the enema?”
James shook his head, “Yes”.
“Just another 90 seconds. Suffer for your Goddess.”
I gave him another severe love pulse.
Finally, the timer went off. I took scissors and cut the saran wrap from the table and un-wrapped his body. I took the gag out of his mouth and unlocked the restraints. I helped James up as he held a towel against himself so he wouldn’t leak. I handed him the empty enema bag and he made his wall across the hall to the bathroom.
I commanded him to dispel the enema, shower off, rinse out his mouth and brush his teeth, drink two full glasses of water (so he wouldn’t be dehydrated) and meet me in my bedroom.
I took off my leather clothes and waited in bed, reading a book until James arrived. I had him orally pleasure me until I was satisfied. I thought about unlocking him and giving him a Valentine’s Day orgasm but I decided against it. I want him to wait until March.
And so went our B&D Valentine’s Day session. I know it doesn't sound like a long session but trust me, it was over an hour, about 85 minutes from the time he worshipped my boots to when the timer went off and I cut him free. I know he appreciates me and all I went through to put that “scene” together, and he’d better. Anyone can buy a gift and a card. My gift took lots of thought, energy and love.


  1. Ms Kathleen - what a wonderful treat. Glad you and James were able to have a great time together.


  2. That was a very thoughtful gift. As a sub, I do appreciate the time and effort it takes to carry out such a scene. I'm sure he'll remember it fondly.

  3. It is my dream to be enslaved in a FemDom marriage like this.This is what I call a woman treating her man with love.