Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hubby gets spanked in front of my girlfriend

I know I haven’t posted much lately but its summer time and I’ve been out having fun. I try not to neglect hubby but there really hasn’t been much time for D&S play. I’ve been going out with my friend Amanda and I’ve shared with her bits and pieces of my lifestyle with James. I even told her that I had a “male friend” who I was going away with on a vacation. I’ve humiliated James in front of her a couple of times but I’ve wanted to do more. It’s a fine line to walk. I know she is very curious and intrigued but she is like that timid animal that if not approached correctly, it would be easy to scare her off. Finally I got her to agree to watch me spank James, as long as it wasn’t anything sexual. No nudity.  

So last night after we got back from our night out, Amanda and I relaxed in my living room while James served us a late night snack. I prepared hubby the night before, telling him of my plans, not for his benefit but for Amanda’s. I wanted it to go smoothly. James was very excited, I could tell by the bulge of his swollen balls in the tight shorts he was wearing as he served us.  

Finally the time was right. I ordered James to fetch my leather paddle from my bedroom. He was wearing a white tee-shirt and tight navy shorts. I had him hand me the paddle, remove his shorts and lay across my lap. He was still wearing black underwear. I’m not sure if Amanda noticed his chastity device or not. The dark underwear covers it pretty good. I was totally clothed, wearing blue jeans. I spread my legs and pulled the CB6000 between my jeans covered thighs then closed them tightly.  

I started by spanking his underwear covered ass, just as a warmup and to keep things light for Amanda. I didn’t include her, didn’t talk to her while I spanked James but I kept looking over at her to make sure she was okay with the scene. She was watching very intently. Her body language told me she was a little uncomfortable but definitely fascinated by what she was witnessing. 

I decided to be a little bolder so I hiked hubby’s underwear into the crack of his ass, exposing his cute butt cheeks. I began to spank him harder while I scolded him. I added some humiliated by informing him that I had a long list of chores I expected him to do while I went away. I continued to spank him harder and harder and James began to become most penitent, agreeing to be a good hubby and doing what he was told. James seemed to be extra humiliated with Amanda there watching him in such a vulnerable state.  
I ended his spanking by having hubby count out the final 10. His ass was a nice bright shade of pink with some red. It wasn’t the hardest spanking he’s received, not even close, but it was more than I had planned. I ordered him to put his shorts on and go clean up the kitchen. 

I’m not sure how Amanda felt about it. She is a girl of few words anyways and she didn’t offer much feedback. The only thing she said was “does he like being spanked like that?” Which I assured her he does. Amanda seems to be intrigued with dominating a man but she definitely always comes back to making sure James is happy in this arrangement. That shows she has a good heart, yet I sense there is a budding Domme wanting to come out.   

She didn’t leave right away, so that’s a good sign. She stayed and we watched a little television. James refilled our drinks once but he spent the rest of the time in the kitchen. Amanda eventually left. It will be interesting to see what she says to me the next time we get together, after last night has a chance to sink in. Baby steps, but if nothing else, last night allowed me to have a much overdue D&S session with hubby.


  1. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I always enjoy the read, and to learn something. I am vanilla in experience, but I have been trying things on my own.

  2. That sounds like so much fun for all involved. So many men have this fantasy - of being humiliated in front of their wives' girlfriends. I'm sure James was grateful, and expressed it appropriately? And I hope Amanda learns to enjoy his humiliation and wants to see more. That will add so much to everyone's experience!

  3. I can surely relate to how you friend Amanda feels, as it was not so long ago I was being introduced to a fem-lead lifestyle from a girlfriend and her submissive husband. This while coming off an unpleasant divorce. So the apprehension and bewilderment she could feel about weather James enjoys spankings and cuckolding seems natural. Perhaps you could suggest some articles and websites, along with blogs (although I do find yours probably the most interesting and realistic) to help her along. Perhaps I am reading way too much into her reaction but I concur with your analysis that there is a Domme in there. It just takes a bit get it out. Have a wonderful weekend with your lover.

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  5. My humiliation was a bit more public. At dances or weddings my gf loved to get me hard under the table then send me for drinks with an obvious hard on. She always said that the next time, she would sit on my lap facing me. Slip my cock out through my fly and secretly get my hard. Then she planned on jumping off my lap to go dance or something leaving me struggling to hide my erection which would be impossible to get back in my pants.