Saturday, November 8, 2014

My new corset and a most punitive and harsh discipline session

Hi everyone. First, let me thank you for all the kind e-mails I have received. I’m sorry I haven’t written any of you back but I thank you for understanding why I’ve taken a sabbatical from blogging. I have no idea if and when I'll be a regular blogger again but I promised to post from time to time if anything noteworthy happened in our lifestyle.  

Overall, things have been rather mundane. This hasn’t been the best autumn for us when it comes to femdom as life keeps getting in the way. Family issues, health issues, work issues, you know how it is. But we try to still play on occasion and hubby has been obedient in doing his chores and tending to my needs, for the most part. 

I promised to write about Halloween but I didn’t go out this year. It was a rainy night and I just wasn’t feeling it.  

My new corset arrived and as promised here are a few pictures.



James got very excited when he saw me in it. I added my thigh high boots and leather opera gloves to the outfit and needless to say, it led to a most erotic night with plenty of leather licking and body worship performed by James. This put me in the mood to administer an attitude adjustment to my hubby. Not that he wasn’t a good boy but I don’t want him to ever become complacent. He can always do better.  

I wasn’t sure which implements to use but I saw my collection of Delrin canes which are most severe. Yes, I was in the mood for a harsh session.

I restrained James on my bed using nylon ropes. I proceeded to administer 10 strikes each with 6 different Delrin canes. James’ bottom was a little tender from only getting spankings with my hands or my hairbrush over the past month. It has been a while since he had endured these dreaded canes. He was excited at first but before long I had him flinching, whining and begging. I administered a total of 60 as I lectured him on how his submission had been less than stellar lately and I reminded him that just because I have taken a break from dating, I was still a liberated woman who was free to have an active love life outside our marriage if and when I meet the right man. When I was done with his caning he had some nasty looking welts and stripes across his ass. 
I untied him, turned him over and took the short cane and I cupped his balls in my hand and I gave them 5 moderate smacks, hard enough to cause a bruise across his right testicle. James let out a loud scream. I didn’t mean to hit his balls that hard, but oh well, it happens.   
I then removed my panties and sat on his face and had him give me a rim job to my ass for a few minutes before I slid my pussy over his mouth and had him tongue me to orgasm. It was the best session we’ve had this autumn. The next day, James bought me flowers and promised to improve in his servitude. He needed an attitude adjustment and I was more than happy to give him one.
Not sure when I will post again but if something special happens, be it a great session or a lifestyle change, I’m sure I will share.



  1. Life is full of twists and turns. However, our FLM/FLR remain regardless of the level of activity. Discipline also comes in many forms when lifes issue consume our time. Please blog when You can. We will wait for and enjoy Your posts.

  2. a very erotic evening for you and a very well deserved lesson for him. Frankly I think it is good his balls were bruised and its good he was hit as hard as he was. I love your attitude of "it happens" yes it does and no need for apologies

  3. Ms Kathleen,

    Thank You so much for blessing us with an update to Your blog and for the wonderful photos - You look stunning in Your new corset! i loved hearing about the punishment James endured and i was glad to hear that he responded properly by getting You flowers as a demonstration of his appreciation of his well deserved correction.

    I will patiently await Your next blog update and would like to extend my best wishes to You both.

  4. What a gorgeous leathery shape and thanks for letting your fans know you are continuing to be the dominant lady we miss,

    luv, Caro.

  5. You look spectacular in the new corset and i would have gladly traded places with James - even knowing that an accidental strike would fall upon one of my testicles. Your blog is a testament to how a Female Led Relationship can work well even with the distractions of everyday life. You are both an inspiration to all of us who enjoy such a relationship. Thank you.

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