Saturday, January 28, 2017

New boots and another long awaited update

Hello everybody, it’s been a long time. I’ve been meaning to write to thank all of you for the wonderful emails. It’s nice to know that you miss me and my posts. James and I are doing great. We are still happily married and I still dominate him. Our lifestyle has leveled off and I feel we have achieved a proper balance. I no longer cuckold him, although he brings it up once and awhile. I think he craves to experience that intense humiliation again but to be honest it was difficult. I had a blast doing it and I have no regrets but the older I get the harder it is to maintain several intimate relationships at the same time. I know that doesn’t jive with many men’s fantasies but that is the reality when it comes to my life, at least for now.  

Oh, but don’t think we still don’t have great sessions, because we do. I love to deny him for long periods of time and most of his orgasms are ruined orgasms. I still discipline him, punish him and keep him on his toes. And I still wear fetish outfits for him. His leather and boot fetishes are as strong as ever. I call them his fetishes but truthfully I too have a leather and boot fetish. I love wearing leather boots and outfits during sessions, especially in the winter months. 

For Christmas, James bought me new boots from Fernando Berlin. They are called “High Elegance” and they are black leather thigh high with six inch heels.


I don’t like heels that big but James screwed up when he ordered them but since I only wear them in the bedroom, I manage. We have had some fantastic boot domination sessions with the new boots. I’ve included a few pictures for your enjoyment.
The other night we played and I went all out for him. I wore the boots with my custom made leather pants and a leather halter top. I was literally neck to toe in leather. I relaxed on the bed and invited James to worship my boots.


He was totally naked of course. I had my long riding crop in hand which gave me access to his body when I needed to encourage him. After he worshiped my boots, I had him lie on the floor and I probed his body with the six inch heels. Heels this big are difficult to walk in but they are great to use as weapons for nipple play and CBT. I even did a little bit of trampling but I held onto the bed posts to maintain my balance. James suffered but maybe next time he will remember to order heels in the three to four inch range.  
After the trampling, he performed leather pants worship, licking my crotch while I closed my legs around his head, trapping him there. This got us both very excited. I had him remove my boots and put them back in the box to keep them nice. Then I had him lay on the bed face down while I got my floggers and I dished out some discipline. The floggers are soft and not too severe so he was able to drift into subspace.  
I had him roll over and I removed my pants and I sat on his face. I rode his face and he orally pleasured me until I had multiple orgasms. Finally, I decided to allow him to climax. Another Christmas gift he got me a Shibari Halo cordless Vibrator Massager. I ran it across his privates and played with him until he was on edge. He knows to tell me right when he is about to climax. I timed it perfectly and removed the vibrator just as he was climaxing, making him suffer another ruined orgasm. It was priceless. 
So there you have it, an update on our lives. I hope you all are well and happy. I pray 2017 will be a wonderful and prosperous year for all of us.