Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leather Flea Market this Saturday in Rockville, MD

Ginger finally wrote me back and she’s definitely down with doing something for Halloween but not on October 31 because she has other plans that night. She suggested we do something either this Saturday, October 26, or next Saturday, November 2.
Ginger also told me that this coming Saturday there is a Leather Flea Market in Rockville Maryland at the Crown Plaza hotel. There will be 50 vendors selling goodies from whips to leather and latex clothing to corsets to kinky footwear to all types of toys. She suggested that perhaps James and I could meet her and her hubby there and we could all go shopping together. Afterwards we could have dinner and then return to her place where she and I could dominate James prior to granting him permission to finally release in a yet to be determined humiliating way.
Sounds like a plan to me. Here is the link for the Leather Flea Market. We will not be going to the play party since we are not members of this group but I’m sure our own little private party back at Ginger’s place will be second to none.

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