Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ginger’s most generous Christmas gift

I received a package yesterday from my dominant girlfriend Ginger. To my surprise, it was her Dream Lover 2000 device along with the remote and accessories to be able to use it with a computer. For those not familiar with the Dream Lover 2000, here is the website. Ginger has used it the past two years in training her husband.
I called her up and thanked her for the gift but I was also curious as to why she no longer needed it. Ginger feels her hubby has been properly trained by the device and she is ready to take things to a new level. She plans on getting her husband pierced the week between Christmas and New Years and will be installing a more permanent chastity device for long-term wear on him. Her hubby is off that week which will give him time to adjust to the new device before he has to go back to work.
As of yesterday Ginger has not made a final decision on the device. She has narrowed it down to 2. It will be either a Lori’s chastity device or one from Mature Metal. From our conversation she seemed to be leaning toward the Queen’s Keep from Mature Metal as she likes the idea of adding the spike strip for c/b play.
Ginger’s lifestyle has taken on a new direction lately. Ginger pretty much played the field, especially on her business travels, but recently she and her lover Dante have become more serious with each other. Dante is the stud she met at the CFNM party we attended back in April of 2012. Dante has recently gotten an apartment that is closer to Ginger’s house so they can spend more time together. Ginger’s hubby cooks dinner for them and is now required to clean Dante’s apartment as well as Ginger’s house.
I must confess that I am a little envious of Ginger as her femdom marriage seems to keep evolving. I sometimes feel that James and I are stagnant but I am excited about the idea of playing around with the Dream Lover 2000. It works in accordance with a CB 3000 and CB 6000. We have both so we can start using it right away.


  1. I received the following e-mail about this post from a regular reader and thought it worthy to share:

    Mistress Kathleen, Was reading your last post with a lot of interest. My wife has also talked about me getting a PA and getting a device
    that would be 100% secure. I hope your friend Ginger knows that the piercing needs to be really well healed before you can use it for chastity. I've heard on planning for at least a three month healing period.

    I wanted to ask a fairly personal question, though. From your description of Ginger's marriage and her relationship with her bf, it sounds like they are almost in a poly relationship at this point, which strikes me as a very dangerous situation. We have played a little with cuckolding, and I get the extreme humiliation that is such a turn-on. It can quite erotic. But at the end of the day, I need to know my wife still loves me, and the guy is not as important to her as our relationship. I think if I lost that, it would be fatal to the marriage.

    Thought I would share with you my wife's plans for me for 2014. She told me this past weekend her goal is to deny me any enjoyable orgasms for the entire year. She wants me to get by on regular milkings and occasional ruined orgasms. But none that I would enjoy. This both scares the hell out of me, but also excites me a great
    deal. I'm more than a little concerned about how this will change me. But love that my wife wants to impose this on me, and tells me she thinks it will be good for our marriage.

    Thankfully, she did say if I gave it a real try, but she saw it was affecting me badly, she would call it off. But she wants me to give it my best effort to do this for her. How can I possibly say no to that?

    1. Dear reader:

      I'm sure if you asked Ginger 10 years ago if she could ever envision the kind of femdom marriage she has now, she would have said NO. But it is not poly because she does not have sex with her husband. And he seems to like it that way. I can tell you from what I have seen, he loves being a cuckold. He was the one who pushed Ginger into this kind of marriage. In fact, I remember when they attended my ClubFEM group and I talked with Ginger who was a novice at the time and she was upset that her husband kept bringing up the subject of cuckolding. It was an obsession for him. Now he got what he wanted and you know the old saying about being careful what you wished for.

      This I can say from my personal observation, I truly believe that deep down Ginger loves her husband. In a lot of ways she does the things that she does to him because she loves him.

      Your wife sounds like a smart woman whom you can trust. This I do know, I love my husband and like your wife, I would stop any activity or lifestyle if I felt it was harmful to him. That is the responsibility of every Domme.

  2. Dear Ms Kathleen.

    I wish to know what James and Ginger's hubby have done, that other men don't do, to be able to become cuckolded by their wives.

    Thank you!

  3. Wow. Ginger's current relationship with hubby is highly erotic, but also frightening as hell. Does she allow him to worship her orally or there's no sexual activity at all? Do they still have some life together ? Wow.. it's crazy that I am quite often dreaming about the same progression, I have a really nice girlfriend, but now we play also quite on the humiliation note and I've been already cuckolded three times. Please, Ms Kathleen, keep us informed. Thank you