Monday, December 30, 2013

Having fun with the Dream Lover 2000

Oh yeah, I am definitely loving this device. It might be one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve received in years. But I don’t think hubby feels the same way. I can see how in the wrong hands (wink, wink) the DL 2000 could be most cruel.
Now that we got the darn thing working right, I don’t know how I lived without it. I love the “pager” button to summons hubby whenever I need him. It works inside our entire house. Over the Christmas holiday, as I was relaxing on the couch watching my favorite Christmas movies, all I had to do was “summons” James with a push of a button and he came running to re-fill my drink or prepare me a snack. With the pager button he gets a quick, short intense pulse to his genitals. When I summons him, if he doesn’t get to me within 10 seconds, I push the “high” (severe) button to discipline him. He hates that one so James has caught on rather quickly that its best not to procrastinate when I need him.
And now that hubby has finally figured out how I can use it with my iPhone, he is never out of my reach as long as he is home. For example, the other day as I was in my car, parked at the store, I called him to check to see if he had finished one of his chores. He had not, so using my DL 2000 iPhone app, I was able to discipline him, right there from my car. The possibilities are endless. Like I said, this can be a most wicked invention in the wrong hands.
It didn’t start out very good. We couldn’t get the DL 2000 to work with hubby’s CB6000 chastity device. So I had to put him back in the CB3000. He likes the CB6000 better but until he can figure out how to get the Dream Lover to work with the CB6000, he will have to sacrifice for me and wear the CB3000.
James also had trouble figuring out how I could use it with my laptop and iPhone. It didn’t work at first but to his credit, he finally figured it out. James is tech savvy so I knew he could resolve it.
Last night was a real blast. After a wonderful massage, we retired to the bedroom and I had hubby go down on me. With remote in hand, I used the DL 2000 to correct his performance as he was pleasuring me. When I hit the ‘mild’ button that meant I wanted him to go slower. When I hit the ‘moderate’ button that meant I wanted him to go faster. And when I hit the ‘severe’ button that just meant I wanted to keep him off balance, torture him a little to add to my pleasure. It was a lot of fun, at least for me anyways.
One positive side-effect of the DL 2000 is that it seems to have cured James from leaking so much pre-cum. He has been on the edge of having an accident several times in recent weeks, but when I was using the Dream Lover last night, he was fairly limp the whole time he was pleasuring me. The anticipation of my ‘love pulses’ limited his arousal and kept him under control.
Tomorrow night is the big night. The question is, do I allow hubby an orgasm to bring in the new year or do I make him wait until January 6? I haven’t decided yet.


  1. Might be too late and might not be any of my business, but if the above is a question, I vote January 6...

  2. we explored the DL2000 web site. What a neat device and tool. However, it is not inexpensive. As senior citizens on fixed incomes, i am afraid we will not be able to buy one. Rather sad for us, but perhaps You will generously document Your future use on James. Thank You