Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine’s Day 2013

I’m having a wonderful Valentine’s weekend so far. I made a late dinner reservation for me and hubby at a local Italian restaurant. James bought me roses and chocolates just like last year and when he got home from work, I had a special surprise for him.
I was going through my toy box trying to decide how I wanted to make this Valentine’s Day memorable for us both. I had several ideas but my eyes kept going back to the black pumpkin enema bag. Just seeing it made me excited as our last enema session was so much fun. I know a lot of people are not into the “water sports” but I love playing the naughty, dominant nurse (I need to get me a nurses fetish outfit). Giving my hubby an enema makes him so vulnerable. It is a real turn-on for me.
However, seeing this was Valentine’s Day, I decided my newer five quart Olympic sized enema bag that is red in color was more appropriate than the black bag. So I fetched it from the basement and played around with it. I was able to attach the tubing and aluminum nozzle from the black pumpkin bag to the red five quart bag. I laid out my leather paddle and I was all set.
In honor of Valentine’s Day, I dressed in red lingerie with the exception of my black thigh high leather boots. When hubby got home (expecting dinner and a movie night) I surprised him by standing in the hallway, dressed in my outfit and holding the enema bag in my hand. An immediate bulge appeared in his slacks but he verbally asked “do we have to do the enema?” Wrong thing to say because the thought that he didn’t want the enema simply made me want to do it to him all the more.
I told James to undress and wait for me in the bedroom as I went and filled the bag with warm, soapy water. I then waltzed into the bedroom and attached the bag with a hook to the ceiling fan above my bed. In its expanded condition, the red five quart bag resembled a large Valentine’s Day heart. I teased my nervous hubby. “This is my Valentine from me to you, do you like it? It’s so much more intimate than a card, don’t you think?”
I could tell by his body language that James was not in the mood for an enema, which just made me all the more aroused. I knew he would be suffering for my pleasure. I took my hands and pressed on his shoulders driving him to a kneeling position. As James was before me on his knees, I ordered him to stare at the enema bag. I taunted him, “All of that soapy warm water will soon be inside of you, all of it, and you will become very crampy and very uncomfortable. You are going to suffer for your Mistress as you pleasure her. The flowers and candy were nice but your sacrifice for my pleasure will be your real gift to me on this most special day.”
I took the black tubing and the attached butt-plug nozzle and swung it back and forth to further tease him. The erotic mood was broken momentarily when one of our cats sprung out of nowhere and began to bat at the tubing. I had to chuckle (now that would make for a most unusual “you tube” video, don’t you think?) before removing the cat from the bedroom.
With the temporary distraction removed, we started up again as I sat on the edge of the bed and ordered my hubby to worship my boots. He hung out there for around ten minutes, licking the leather and sucking the heels and probably would have preferred to stay there longer, delaying the inevitable. But I had other plans for my slave so I ordered him to lie across my lap. I grabbed my leather paddle and administered 22 hard smacks to each cheek (we’ve been together for 22 years and 22 Valentine’s Days). Hubby’s bottom was surprisingly sensitive as he winched and twisted his body with each “kiss” from my paddle. When I was done, his bottom was a nice shade of Valentine’s Day red.
I commanded him to get up and go fetch some towels to cover my bed. Once they were in place, I ordered James to assume the position upon the bed and prepare for his enema. I put on a latex glove and lubricated his anus in a very sensual way. Then I slowly inserted the butt-plug shaped nozzle. Once it was secure, I climbed on top of him  and simulated as if I were wearing a strap-on. I thrust my hips and humped him as if the butt-plug nozzle were attached to a strap-on harness. It was pretend but my weight pressing against him helped to drive the nozzle deeper inside.
I reached back behind me and grabbed the tubing and undid the clasp which allowed the water to flow inside of him. I told James to let me know when he felt full of the water. Once he expressed to me that he didn’t think he could take anymore, I clasped the tube shut and I had him carefully roll over on his back, with the nozzle still inside of him.
I pulled my breasts out of the red bra and climbed on top of my vulnerable hubby. I took his hands and placed them on me. I told him that he would have to orally pleasure me before I would allow him to relieve himself of the enema water. My original goal was to use my session with James as foreplay and to save myself for Thomas but I was too excited to wait. I was very horny.
James was semi-erect, a little soft from the discomfort of the enema. I removed my red panties and inched my way up until I was sitting on his face. I was so turned on and I began to grind my pussy against his mouth. He licked me with passion and I came rather quickly. But that was just the first orgasm. I wanted more.
I had him turn over on his side and I released a little more water. I wanted him to take more than he had the last time. I wanted to expand his limits. I only gave him probably an additional half quart (for a total of roughly 3 at the most). I then rolled him back over and sat back on his face. He continued to eat my pussy and I took my right hand and reached behind me and pushed on his bloated stomach. His whimpers against my pussy made me all the more excited and I came for a second time as he continued to tongue me. I had him lick me some more until I couldn’t take it. I literally collapsed on top of him.
I slowly climbed off the bed and unhooked the enema bag from the ceiling fan. I helped James up and handed him the bag, with the nozzle still embedded deep inside of him. I let him retire to my bathroom seeing it was the shortest walk for the poor dear. He was in there for a while so I pulled the covers over me and took a nap.
Unlike last year, I decided to keep hubby denied. James and I did make our late dinner reservation and we toasted 22 years of love.

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  1. Wow Ms Kathleen! Very erotic. The fact that you are turned on by James' discomfort, and come even faster when he is suffering, is a big part of why this arrangement works so well for the two of you (I suspect). My wife will indulge me somewhat, but she does not enjoy it the way you do. She does enjoy the power a little bit, but only modestly. I wonder how dinner was for James after the water sports? In a previous post, you had mentioned that James had cramps for a while after that sort of thing?

    You are mean to tease us with your mention of Thomas! I am sure there are now a thousand men out there creating the details of your evening without your husband. I am most looking forward to your interactions with James as you were getting ready for your date, when you came home, and when you eventually released him from his cell. I wonder what his interaction with James was? I would so love to hear that you have made James wash and wax Thomas's car, in full view of all of your neighbors, while you and Thomas make love. James would be locked out of the house with no keys or phone. Annnnnnnnd... you might let Thomas, with your coaching, "inspect" the car washing, finding problems and requiring corrections.

    Thank you for your wonderful account of your Valentines Day Ms Kathleen!!!!