Sunday, March 31, 2013

Denial goal falls two days short

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray” or in this case, the best laid plan of a dominant wife will have to wait for another day. I came up with what I thought was a rather creative way to allow my hubby a humiliating orgasm on March 31, ending two months of denial. However, we fell two days short of that goal due to an “accident” during his discipline session on Friday night. I probably should have postponed his weekly discipline session knowing he has been on edge sexually as of late, due to being denied for so long. But I guess you can say we flew too close to the sun and got burned. I take my share of the responsibility on this but of course he shoulders the bulk of the blame and will be punished accordingly.
Friday night I was in the mood to discipline hubby and I was in the mood to add a little flavor to it by dressing in leather bra, leather thong and my thigh high leather boots. I began with an over the lap spanking with my hairbrush (hubby in chastity) but the poor dear got too excited and started to experience some discomfort from his balls being so full and swollen and the plastic ring of the chastity device restricting the blood flow. His balls were turning purple so I had to make a decision … end the session or allow him out of chastity. I made the wrong choice and should have known better but what can I say, I was in the mood to dominate him. I put my faith in his ability to place mind over body. I thought he could hold back his orgasm if I didn’t touch his erection. I was sadly mistaken.
After I unlocked his chastity device and he painfully was able to remove it from his expanded testicles, I knew I couldn’t put him back over my lap. If his erection touched my soft thighs for a second I knew he would have difficulty not climaxing.
So I had the idea that I would place him in bondage in a stand up position and a more severe discipline session might make him go limp. It’s worked in the past. We have hooks in the doorframe of the doorway leading from my bedroom to my bathroom. James is tall so he was able to stretch his arms out over his head while keeping his feet firmly on the floor. Standing on a stool I tied his wrists to the hooks using leather wrist cuffs. Once he was secured, I began to whip his backside with my riding crop. As is normal during our discipline sessions, I graded his performance in doing his chores and his overall level of servitude over the past week. I pointed out where he could improve as well as verbalize to him what was expected of him in the week to come.
As I was whipping his buttocks with the crop, increasing the severity, I noticed he was not going limp at all. In fact, he was dripping an unusual amount of pre-cum. That should have been a red flag for me to stop, but again I wanted to see if he could resist. Besides, there have only been a few occasions when hubby has climaxed during a session without any physical stimulation.
I switched to the cane, figuring the pain from the dreaded cane would decrease his sexual excitement and as a result lessen his erection. I figured it might help if I could get his mind to focus on something else so I ordered him to count each stroke of the cane. We got to about 7 or 8 when he let out a scream and he shot his load all over the bathroom floor.
If it’s of any consolation, I can tell you it was not a pleasurable orgasm. He tried to hold back and he was feeling the brunt of my cane as he was climaxing. I was not really upset, in fact I was kind of amazed at what I just witnessed. But I gave him 5 more hard blows with the cane as a way of expressing my displeasure before I untied him and made him clean up his mess.
I felt a little sorry for him so I allowed him to worship my boots and my body (his erection still very, very stiff) and orally pleasure me. Then my kindness overflowed as I ordered him to masturbate in front of me and permitted him another orgasm if he could do it in 60 seconds. He did.
My purpose of allowing him the second orgasm was for health concerns. I wasn’t sure his plumbing got a full cleaning with the first orgasm seeing it happened without any physical stimulation. I wanted to be sure that all got properly flushed out before I placed him back in chastity.
His punishment for the unauthorized orgasm? Two more months of denial. I have a delicious plan in place for his next orgasm which if all goes according to plan will take place on May 31. And for the fun of it, I plan on keeping track of how many orgasms I have between now and then. It’s good to have goals, even if you don’t quite reach them.


  1. Thank you for a very informative post. I've been experimenting with orgasm control on my fiancee with varying levels of success. she's also had orgasms without physical stimulation which has been very frustrating for me. I think it's time to move towards some chastity routine.


  2. Ms Kathleen,
    It’s impressive that he can orgasm without any physical stimulation.
    Perhaps you should have a bowl of ice at hand next time, if he gets too aroused – so you won’t have to remove his chastity belt.
    To the best of my knowledge, there are no medical reasons to allow him an orgasm – although I’ve made extensive research on the matter.

    1. Unless I want to do prostate milkings on him, I feel it is wise to allow a man as young as my husband to clean out his plumbing every now and again. I used to allow him an orgasm every two weeks to a month at the longest but since he just demonstrated to me that he can refrain for nearly two months, that is my new goal.

      If I can get him to the two month threshold, that means he will only receive 6 orgasms per year. That will be the first step to a potential future of permanent denial.

      I've thought about permanent denial for him when he reaches his retirement years but never was sure about the practicality of it. You have to walk before you can run so getting him to the two month stage will be a big step for us.

  3. Ms Kathleen,

    i am sorry to hear that you missed your goal by only a couple of days and i sympathise with hubby having had a similar 'accident' or two (though not whilst being caned) in the past. When locked for long enough i am amazed how little direct or indirect stimulus can take one beyond the point of no return. The only consolation being, as also appears to have been the case with hubby, that the end is also not enjoyable - rather very frustratingly disappointing.


  4. Hello Ma`am, I enjoy your site & would like to relate a little about me. I`m a submissive transvestite & only dress in my home. I`d like to go out dressed but my wife won`t allow it. I`ve been a Sissy since age 12 & have been dressing with my wife`s knowledge since 2 years before we married. I`m 50 & have a girlish figure. I have very large nipples & a girlish fanny. Also,according to my wife I have" Legs that most women would kill for".I feel skirts & dresses were meant for feminine types like myself.I feel my place is in the role as a submissive sissy,not a dom male. I`ve been on the receiving end of bare bottom spankings since a young age & it continues to this day. I don`t think I`d be happy without them. I`ve a need to be controlled in my marriage which means orgasms also. I`d never have married someone who didn`t understand that.
    This past Friday marked 9 wks. without ejaculating.The longest being denied,4 1/2 months.Difference of me & most others being denied is not in chastity device.
    My wife announced this past Friday that I was in desperate need of a spanking an that it was long overdue. I too... like your hubby was on the verge of ejaculating while being spanked. It was within the first 15 min of a bare hand spanking. I told my wife I was about to cum ...she stopped slapping my bare bottom immediately. She gave me a few minutes to recover...then started with a pine wood paddle. I lost my desire of cumming for a few moments...till I got use to the paddle. When she had me good and warm she switched to a maple paddle. She gave me a sound spanking with the maple till I started to plead with her to please let me have a breather. I was granted 5 min from the paddle while she spanked me with her bare hand. After the brake she took out the ash wood paddle ... which had me crying like a little girl after 20 minutes. My bottom was throbbing when she put it down. She switched back to the pine, then to the maple again. She finished up with a leather paddle,using it for about 30 min. When the paddling was done...I was very sore. I`m not sure how many strokes I received since she didn`t care about counting . I can tell you it was a total of 1 hr. 15 min that my sissy ass got paddled. It was one of the worst I`ve received in a long time. She said I can expect the same the next night. On Saturday night I did get a spanking once again starting with her bare hand & finishing with the leather paddle. She took it easy on me using only the pine out of all the wood paddles she owns. She spent 45 minutes paddling my bare bottom before taking me with her strapon . I did however get paddled again each time I was about to cum... from the reaming she was giving me. I have cum in the past from penetration alone. I spent almost 2 hrs. impaled on the end of her 8 incher. My bottom still feels all the attention it was givin...from the weekend.
    Anytime I show signs of cumming ... I always lose that urge when she takes out the heavy woods. I was very grateful she didn`t use the Oak or Hickory.
    In the beginning the longest I could last was 1 week, but today it is months at a time I`m denied. Her next goal will be 6 months which will start at the beginning of June.
    There is nothing that causes a submissive to feel more inadequate or controlled than denying them an orgasm. What makes me feel totally controlled is the fact that I comply with her wishes of never touching myself unless given chastity device necessary. Also, I `m not allowed to cum unless I have something up my ass. She thinks all subs deserve to cum in that manner. I have not ejaculated without her permission in over 5 yrs. Last year I was allowed to cum 5 times...this year only once so far. I guess as time goes on... I will be denied for longer periods. I`m not sure if I will ever be able to hold out for a year. I say this because the last time I came it was from just thinking about sex while she was putting on her strapon. I don`t know if she will ever cuckold me...But I will accept it if she chooses to.

  5. Well, I don't find so exciting the idea of James trying to reach an orgasm in a short number of seconds. On the other hand the idea of counting your orgasms wereas he is under chastity sounds good. mmm...More exciting if it includes some of them with other men.
    I can imagine him licking pussy and ass frustrated and excited. He must enjoy those humiliating moments.