Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Old reliable when it comes to D&S bedroom play

I’m very excited about my new high-tech toy and can’t wait to utilize it over Memorial Day weekend. Thomas and I are going to Louisville, Kentucky for the holiday weekend. James will have a long list of chores to do while I’m away and when he is not doing his chores, I expect him to be inside the confinement room. I will be able to monitor him on my lap-top and i-Phone.  
This past weekend I allowed James outside of the confinement room the whole weekend. It was just the two of us. We went to dinner Friday night and Saturday night I decided to “play” with my hubby, seeing how we will be apart from Thursday till Memorial Day. I figured a D&S session was in order and would do him some good.
However, I have to tell you I wasn’t really in the mood. I dressed in leather from neck to toe hoping that would trigger some chemistry. James was naked and I told him to “lose yourself in the leather”. He ran his hands all over my leather pants and the leather jacket I was wearing and he pressed his denied and caged penis against my leather clad ass. But something was off. I don’t know, he felt too dominant to me. I don’t like it when James is standing on my level as he touches me. Therefore, I ordered him to get on his knees and to worship my boots with his tongue. That was much better but still, I wasn’t getting the vibe.
I had James lie across my lap and I administered a spanking with a wooden paddle. As I was spanking him I teased him how Thomas was taking me away from him for Memorial Day weekend and how James would be spending lots of time all alone in the confinement room and how I would be monitoring him from afar. This got James excited, I could tell because he was thrusting his hips up and down on my lap. I grabbed my short handle riding crop and gave him 5 very hard smacks. He yelped as I got him in a sweet spot with the third smack of the crop. It hurt so much that he went limp inside his little chastity cage. Served him right for trying to dry hump my lap without permission.
The session was not going well and I was getting hot (as in uncomfortably warm) in all that leather. I had James lie face up on my bed as I took off my boots and stripped out of my jacket and pants. I was wearing leather bra and thong underneath. I straddled his face and had him lick my thong. That was what I needed. That did the trick, old reliable, having my denied hubby licking my crotch. That got me excited.
I had James slide up toward the headboard and I removed my thong. I grabbed the headboard and I pressed my pussy against his nose and mouth. I rode his face hard and fast, smothering him, as I rocked back and forth focusing totally on “getting off”. I looked back and hubby had filled his cage and his balls were nice and full. He was as excited as I was, and I kept riding his face until I climaxed, not once, but at least twice.
Hubby was panting and gasping for air when I finally climbed off of him. So it didn’t start out as a quality D&S session but falling back to old reliable made it both enjoyable and satisfying for me, and I’m sure for hubby as well. 


  1. It can happen (feeling off). Glad you saved the session with the old standby. It seems totally appropriate use of him, too, given that he is locked and frustrated. Bravo to you!

    How's it going to work with the confinemet room while you are away?

  2. Ms K,

    The confinement room seems like an awesome idea especially since you'll be able to monitor him remotely. I struggle getting into the mood at times, but your solution is certainly better than simply walking away.


  3. Ms Kathleen, that is one very hot update! I'm sure hubby must have enjoyed that as much as you. I agree with Nicole Desjardins, the idea of being able to keep an eye on hubby from a remote location via your lap-top or i-phone is a splendid ideas. It's an interesting concept of high tech meeting the old tradition of a disciplined lifestyle. Is there a 'hand'-free link in the confinement room that allows you to update your instructions....?