Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tease and Denial with the Hitachi Magic Wand

Last night I was in the mood for a marathon tease and denial session. James seems to have settled in with being denied for long periods of time, which on the one hand is a good thing because it shows how well he has been trained, but on the other hand I like it when he feels sexually frustrated during the denial process. It is more fun for me that way.
So last night I decided to challenge him. I came across his old CB2000 chastity device the other day and that is what sparked my idea for a marathon tease and denial session. He is much more comfortable in the CB6000 but what I liked about the old CB2000 was the little cage that entrapped his penis. The CB3000 and 6000 are shaped like a small plastic penis, which makes sense, but for a tease and denial session I think the CB2000 was better because it allowed the Dom more access to the flesh. Therefore I had James put on his CB2000.
I dressed in my leather bra and leather thong. I had James lie naked face up on the massage/bondage table and I placed him in bondage by mummifying him to the table with saran wrap and duct tape. I first ran the roll of saran wrap across his body and under the table and back around his body again, across his chest and legs, with his arms to his side, until he was totally immobile. The only areas I didn’t wrap were his head and the CB2000. I then took duct tape and wrapped it over the saran wrap to make for a tighter bondage.
I went and fetched my Hitachi Magic Wand massager and I began to run it across his swollen and exposed balls. I started with the light setting and it didn’t take long before I noticed pre-cum dripping from the front of the CB2000 cage. Next I took the magic wand and ran it over and underneath the cage. James began to groan and moan from the sensation. I moved the magic wand around, still on the low setting, alternating between his balls and the cage. This went on for a good 30 minutes. I was meticulous and methodical in my teasing.  
I climbed on top of the table and sat on his face, still wearing my leather thong, as I continued to run the vibrator against the CB2000. I turned the vibrator to the high setting and I pressed it against his balls. James began to twist and I knew I had him on edge. I turned off the magic wand for about a minute to let him cool off, then I went back at it, doing 30 second intervals of having the wand on, then turning it off, then back on again, and so on, keeping it exclusively against his very swollen balls. The ring from the CB2000 was noticeably digging into this flesh and his cock had expanded inside the cage, making it obviously uncomfortable. James’ body was responding to the pleasure and the pain from my T&D session. His groans against my leather thong were sending shivers through my body.
I was becoming very excited. Therefore I removed my thong and ordered my bound hubby to orally pleasure me as I continued with the T&D session. His penis was bursting, trying to escape the cage. I took the magic wand vibrator and touched it against the tip of his cock as it pressed through the small bars of the CB2000. This most sensitive area was being tortured by the magic wand, driving my poor hubby wild with pleasure, pain and frustration.
I was also on the edge from his sweet licks. I ordered him to suck my clit as I turned the vibrator back to low and placed it against his balls. I wanted the pleasure I was feeling to last so I held back as long as I could. Finally I could no longer hold off. I humped my hubby’s face in a violent manner, practically smothering him as I climaxed. While I was having my orgasm, I took my hand and slapped his balls, which caused him to scream into my soaking wet pussy, sending more pleasure my way. I began to flick his balls with my fingers as he moaned against my pussy. I climaxed again.
I climbed off the table and hubby’s cock was pulsating inside the cage, his balls were all purple and very swollen. He was on the edge and then some, but he was a very good boy and hadn’t climaxed. I went and fetched an ice bag and filled it with ice cubes from the freezer. I placed the ice bag against his balls until they subsided enough for me to remove the CB2000. It was not easy. He had leaked so much pre-cum that it was like glue that sealed the cage to his flesh. He moaned and winched as I pulled his penis from the cage. His penis sprang to an immediate and full erection.
I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the duct tape and saran wrap, pulling it from his body. I ordered him to take a cold shower, reinstall his CB6000 and join me in the bedroom. I thought about dominating him, maybe using my strap-on or administering a whipping, but I was very mellow from my orgasms. Yet, I wanted more. As he was taking his shower, I ran the magic wand against my clit, becoming aroused all over again. When hubby joined me in the bedroom, I had him crawl under the sheet and go down on me until I had one final orgasm for the night. It took me awhile and James had to lick me long and hard but I was finally able to climax. Poor James was breathing heavy and he looked totally exhausted.
I invited him to cuddle with me. I was nice and relaxed and hubby was nice and secure and frustrated in his CB6000. Just the way I like him.


  1. Fabulous. My wife doesn't do denial - my climaxes seem to be very important to her. I wish i could get her to understand that longterm denial makes me more submissive and under her spell. Instead, she insists that I climax several times a week. I don't mean to complain - I'm very happy with our relationship. I just can't help but think that she is missing out on something very powerful that comes from denying me release.

  2. Mmm! Just the name "Marathon tease and denial" sounds hard, as it was.
    I absolutely agree with you about the pleasure of suffering the time in chastity.
    That was a great torture, because precum just comes out when a man is very very very excited.
    Experimenting an erection and having sex without cumming is so frustrating.
    You are wicked.

  3. I suspect a while ago you would have had allowed hubby relief but thrilled that you seem to be sticking to the 2 month schedule, great. Keep him locked!

  4. Sounds lovely, I'm the same as George above, I love being teased, no pain though. The longer the better, but when I cum, I just want to cum again & again.
    My partner likes to tease, but it's never seems long enough, she gets off on it when I cum.