Friday, May 31, 2013

Being fitted for custom made leather outfits

I just got back from Louisville this past Monday and now I am heading to Las Vegas with my friend Ginger. It’s a long story but Ginger wrote me and she is going out there for her job and she invited me to go with her. We will be staying at the Cosmopolitan. While we are there, Ginger is going to be measured for custom fit fetish wear. And she has arranged it so I will also be measured. Not sure what all I will end up buying but if I go through the time-consuming task of being measured from neck to foot, I’m sure I will come away with at least a pair of new leather pants and/or boots.
It should be a blast, with us two married women set loose on the Vegas strip, while our cuckolded hubbies stay home and tend to their chores. Technology will play a key part. I monitored hubby while I was in Kentucky and I will be doing the same from Vegas. And of course Ginger has been using technology longer than I have when it comes to domming her hubby. She can send pulses of punishment straight from her computer to his Dream Lover chastity device.
I can see it now. Us gals coming back to our room after a night of partying in Vegas. I get on my computer to monitor my hubby who is inside the confinement room, in chastity, wearing my panties. I might call him on his cell phone and wake him up, perhaps have him humiliate himself for our entertainment as we watch from my computer screen, laughing and giggling. And then Ginger gets on her computer and sends “pulses of love” to her hubby’s Dream Lover, waking him up. The 3 hour time difference will make it all the more wicked. It might be 1am Vegas time but it will be 4am eastern time.
Ginger wants to hit one of the Day Clubs, where all the young hunky guys hang out pool side. I’m not sure that’s my thing but she’ll probably drag me along with her. Ginger said she has a contact at the Encore Beach Club. It’s supposed to hit 103 on Sunday. A day in the hot sun with my fair skin, I don’t think so unless she can swing a cabana. We’ll see. Ginger acts (and looks) like she can hang with the young crowd. Ginger has the body for a Day Club. I’ve accepted and embraced my age. Personally, I think I have a better chance of snagging me a young stud at a dark night club, when I’m wearing a tight pair of leather pants, dancing up a storm with Ginger. We’ll put on a show that will make men notice. My confidence comes from my dominance.
If I get a custom made leather outfit, I’ll be sure to have my hubby take some pictures when I get home and perhaps I’ll post a few on my blog.

Hubby has been wonderful. We had a discipline session Wednesday night when I broke the news that I was heading out again. I did the session inside the confinement room. Hubby was bound to the wall and whipped with my long handle riding crop and then I took him with my strap-on. It was while I was taking him with the strap-on that I told him about Vegas. I think he was relieved that I was going with Ginger and not Thomas again. Thomas and I had a lot of fun in Louisville but I’m looking forward to a girl’s trip. 

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  1. Dear Ms Kathleen,

    just love reading of your continuing humilation, punishment and cuckolding of your hubby. How is his orgasm denial coming along and are you still counting your tally of climaxes, how long is it to his next humiliating release?

    I look forward to each new post,