Sunday, July 14, 2013

An observation about male orgasm denial

It’s been a week since hubby was allowed an orgasm, not once but twice, after being denied for two months. I noticed a definite drop in his enthusiasm for submission last Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday. Don’t get me wrong, he was still the same sweet man and he was respectful toward me but he didn’t seem very interested in femdom interactions of D&S play. In fact, he seemed rather cold as if wasn’t interested in any intimate interaction with me. He also was rather lazy when it came to doing his chores.
Around Wednesday he began to show more fervor and zeal for this lifestyle he has chosen and steered us toward. He was once again controllable via his sex drive. Thus it is my observation that a male who is denied for a prolonged period of time needs a couple of days of down time after he has finally been granted permission to orgasm. Not only does his body need a few days but his mind and emotions need a few days. I will keep this in mind for the next time.
Last night we had a wonderful D&S session. It is stinking hot and humid here today but yesterday it was cloudy and a little cooler. Therefore, I wore my new custom leather pants last night and gave hubby an over the lap spanking with my leather paddle. I also allowed hubby to worship the leather as it clung to my body.


This was all a precursor to a wonderful and lengthy session of female body worship. I am not seeing anyone right now so hubby is my entire outlet for sexual pleasure. Last night hubby performed lots of body worship, toe sucking, ass licking, and pussy eating. Hubby also used my vibrator on my clit and hand penetrated me with my large black dildo (the one on the far right).
I usually only want to feel the large one inside me when I am very excited. I have had lovers almost that big so I am accustomed to the size. It fills me in a way few men can and over the years hubby has become quite good at using this dildo on me in the slow sensual way that I like. I swear he is almost as humiliated by having to pleasure me with a dildo as he is when I cuckold him.
We did some Queening with me sitting on his face as he penetrated my ass deeply with his tongue. And the night ended with me relaxed on the bed with hubby between my legs licking my pussy. I had three or four excellent orgasms. Hubby was in chastity the entire time as our sex life has returned to what is normal for us.



  1. I totally concur with your observation on male orgasm denial from the male perspective. It takes me nearly a week to get my head back into the proper submissive mindset after being allowed to orgasm.
    When my wife does offer to allow my orgasm, my body wants it badly, but my mind is saying, "no don't do it!". I can almost see myself in permanent orgasm denial and we have only been involved in denial for a little over a year.

  2. Ummm...

    It is exciting to know he's humiliated when he has to use the large dildo to satisfy his Wife.

    Congratulations once again.

    1. You should see how he acts when I tell him to fetch my big black dildo. He hesitates and his body language betrays him. He is deeply humiliated which turns me on all the more. And I have to tell you, the feeling of being penetrated with such a big dildo while hubby is simultaneously licking my clit always brings me the most pleasurable and intense orgasms, usually total body orgasms. Pure Bliss.

    2. I adore your blog....

  3. Ms Kathleen,
    In my opinion, just a few days of downtime after an orgasm is remarkably short for a man.
    The neurochemical changes after a male orgasm normally causes indolence, detachment and loss of kinkiness for 2-3 weeks. However, chemistry is not all. Being forced to eat his own cum, being put back in his chastity belt, and the excellence of Your domination are probable reasons for the shortening of james’ refractory period. From my own experience, I can say that the full force of my desperation to touch and caress my Wife and to lick Her to orgasms instead of having orgasms myself only arrives after about three weeks.

    1. Three weeks? You don't want to lick your wife to orgasm for three whole weeks? Hubby was craving femdom again after three days and by six days he was very eager to perform body worship on me. I didn't notice any noticeable drop off in his passion or enthusiasm for performing cunninglus. I swear, if it took him three weeks to bounce back from having an orgasm, I'd be taking a serious look into permanent denial.

  4. Ms Kathleen,
    Of course I want to lick Her, but I’m not desperate for it until three weeks after my orgasm.
    It might explain why I haven’t had an orgasm for more than a year.

  5. My boyfriend and I are quite new to this. He seems to research more than I, seeing as work overtakes most of my life. I have definitely noticed at least a few days of reluctance after he orgasms. He still tries to do his chores and be attentive, but his phone tends to take control more than I can. After those few days and a few pluggings/ being locked up/ punishments, he remembers who is in control. He seems to enjoy not orgasming as much as I enjoy denying. I know he's a little torn but pleasing his goddess is his main goal and he knows what he has to do.