Sunday, July 7, 2013

Success! Two month denial goal achieved. Hubby rewarded with intense, humiliating orgasm

My original idea of having hubby hump my boots in front of an audience did not pan out as Ginger and her hubby had other plans this weekend. So I went with plan B and it couldn’t have worked out any better.
I’ve been intrigued with Pavlovian conditioning, training hubby to come on my command without any physical stimulation. However, I knew that would take immense training and since I haven’t been training him along that line, I figured that would be near impossible. Nonetheless, I had in my head the idea of making hubby climax on my command after just the smallest amount of physical stimulation. We’ve been able to achieve that before during some of our past sessions but not on the scale I was thinking about. I wanted to take him to the edge and make him stay there on the edge until I granted him permission to go over the edge. He would have to suffer for this orgasm. He would have to earn it.
My inspiration came the other day when I was exercising using a set of resistance bands. I went down into the confinement room to have a look around in order to figure out how to take what I had in my head and create a workable session. I played around with several possible scenarios until I decided on a course of action. I snapped a couple of pictures that I could share with you on my blog so you could get a visual picture of what I had in mind.
Last night was the big night and like I said, it couldn’t have worked out much better. It is times like last night that I wish I had a paid site where I could post videos of our sessions. You had to see it to really appreciate it. I hope I can do it justice with my description.
It is hot and humid this weekend so the less clothes the better. I dressed in black leather bra and black leather thong with the black Two Lips leather boots. Hubby was of course naked but it was a real challenge getting him out of his chastity device. I thought I was going to have to cut the thing off as his balls were so full I couldn’t slip the ring off of him. I had to smear lube all over his skin and the ring and apply ice to his balls to get them to shrink a little. Hubby winced in pain as I was finally able to pull him free from the plastic ring.
Whenever we head to the confinement room, hubby doesn’t know what’s coming next. Am I going to lock him in there and leave him? Am I going to discipline him or punish him? Am I going to stay there and play with him?
Using wrist and ankle cuffs I bound him in a stand up position, facing out, against the padded wall of the confinement room. I used the middle row of hooks to bind his hands instead of the upper hooks for reasons you will see in a minute. Therefore his hands were spread out, away from his body, but parallel with his waist.


I took two rubber resistance tubing bands (which I use for exercising) and I stretched one diagonally from left top to right bottom and another from right top to left bottom, crossing them to make an “X” right at his cock and balls.


The rubber tubing was very taut and I pulled his cock against the “X” where the two pieces crossed, which separated his penis from his testicles. The tubing touched the sides of his cock, right at the base and slightly touched each testicle but I was careful to make sure that his sensitive and pleasure areas were not being touched or stimulated.


I stood in front of him and ordered him to thrust his hips and hump the air. The rubber tubing caused just enough stimulation to take him to the edge but there was zero stimulation to his sweet spots, the head of the penis, his shaft or the underside of his cock, and just the smallest amount of pressure to his balls. I then began to verbally dominate my hubby. I told him how pleased I was that he went two entire months in chastity without a single accident. I told him that the next time I might expand his denial time by an additional week. My next goal will be 9 weeks so he’d better concentrate and have a good one tonight.
I then told him that although I failed to record each and every one as I had hoped, by my calculation, between being frequently orally pleasured by him, being fucked and orally pleasured by Thomas, being fingered to orgasm as I was kissing a young man when I was out in Vegas, and the occasional pleasuring of myself, I had at least 50 orgasms since he last had one. I admonished him to think about that. We are the exact same age, we are happily married and yet his wife gets to enjoy 50+ orgasms to each one he is permitted to have. Then I teased, “Do you think we can get to 100 to 1 in the future?”
I ordered James to hump the air faster. His erection was stiffer than I’ve seen it in some time and he was dripping pre-cum into a small puddle below him on the rubber floor of the confinement room.

I continued with my teasing and taunting, telling him what a sight I was beholding, how pathetic he looked humping away at nothing. I teased that I should video this pitiful spectacle and post it on my blog so the whole world could see what kind of a man I’m married to.
I read his body language, paying close attention to his cock, watching how it was throbbing and pulsating, trying my best to judge how close he may be to climaxing. Each time he seemed like he was about to climax, I would order him to stop humping and to relax his body. I then grabbed one of the resistance bands, stretched it toward me, and let it go. It snapped hard against this cock and balls, making hubby yelp out in pain. It was enough to shock his mind away from wanting to climax, if only for a few seconds. I then ordered him to resume humping the air and the buildup began all over again.
We did this for about 30 minutes, he would thrust his hips, being stimulated just enough by the rubber bands and my verbal humiliation to take him to the edge of climax, than I would order him to stop and I would pull one of the bands and snap it hard against his balls. And we would go again and again.
After about 30 minutes, I took things up a notch. I retrieved a dildo and lubed it up in front of him.
I ordered him to lean forward as far from the wall as possible. The resistance bands made it difficult for him but I was able to get my hand in behind him and slide the dildo into his anus. He whined as it did not go in as smoothly as he’s accustomed to but it went in nonetheless. I explained to him that he would have to press his ass against the padded wall so that the dildo would stay in place and he was to bend at the stomach and lean his head and shoulders as far forward and down as he could as if he were bowing to me. Then I ordered him to continue with the humping motion.
The effect was twofold. Not only were the resistance bands still slightly stimulating the base of his cock at the sides as well as his balls, but the dildo was trying to escape his anus each time he thrust forward, only to hit the wall and be pushed back into him as his body sprang back. He was now fucking himself with the dildo.
His head and shoulders were bent down, his chin halfway between his chest and his belly button, the bands and wrist cuffs preventing him from bending any further as he continued to thrust his hips back and forth, his ass against the mat, the dildo sliding in and out. By now his body was really sweating and each time he gave a thrust he made the sound of a suction cup, as his ass was sticking to the mat, pulling free and sticking again. This got me excited so I leaned against the side wall, raised my leg and extended my boot to his face and ordered him to lick it. This went on for several minutes and hubby began to sweat profusely from this most intense workout.
Finally my leg got tired so I lowered my foot and removed my boots. I took the right boot in my hand and held it to his face so he could continue to lick it and smell the leather. He continued to thrust his hips, the dildo still fucking him each time he sprang back toward the wall.
I could see it in his eyes that he was straddling between physical pleasure and humiliation. On the one hand he had the sexual buildup that was happening in his testicles, awaiting the inevitable climax, and the stimulation of his prostrate from the dildo sliding in and out of his anus, and the stimulation of the rubber resistance bands slightly rubbing against the base of his cock. But on the other hand he had to be deeply humiliated that this is how I decided he must achieve his orgasm. I was making him work hard for it. If I had allowed him to hump my boots or rub against any part of my body, he no doubt would have climaxed in a matter of seconds. But we were at it already for a good 45 minutes and he was stuck on the edge. Again, each time I thought he might cum, I ordered him to stop with the humping, which also stopped all physical stimulation.
I’m convinced I could have strung him along like this for hours but the heat that was being produced from his body inside the small space of the confinement room was making me uncomfortably warm. I had the door open and was blowing a fan on me but after almost 60 minutes that was no longer good enough. It was time to allow my hubby to achieve his precious orgasm.
I stood to the side to try to get out of the line of fire (the best I could as the room isn’t wide enough) and I took my fingers and I twisted his nipples. I ordered him to continue to hump away, the bands and the dido once again doing their work, and I told him to concentrate on my voice. The extra stimulation of me playing with his nipples was more than he could handle. His penis was throbbing up and down with every beat of his heart. I ordered him to hump faster and I gave his nipples a firmer pinch. He was ready and so was I. I gave him the command, “DO IT, JAMES! DO IT NOW!”
And with that, he shot his load way up in the air and across the room, most of it landing on the rubber floor but some of it splashing on me. As he climaxed, I took my hand and began to slap his balls real fast. He winced in pain but he shot more, in long spurts. I squeezed and twisted his balls and even more came out of him, some covering my hand. I placed my hand to his mouth and ordered him to lick it clean of his disgusting spunk while I slapped his cock with my other hand until he was done squirting. And it was disgusting, two months worth of buildup all over the confinement room floor and some on my sweaty skin. I carefully stepped around it all, removed the resistance bands and unlocked his wrist and ankle cuffs from the wall. I stepped to the back of the confinement room and ordered James to get down on all fours.
I commanded him to lick his sticky mess off of my body. I was also covered in my own sweat so I was in need of a human washcloth. He was actually kneeling in his own spunk as I directed his mouth to my arms, my stomach, my thighs, my legs and my feet. He licked me totally clean with a tongue bath. I even allowed him to clean off my leather thong with his tongue.
At one point, as he was licking my left foot, I took my right foot and pressed his head down to the rubber floor and commanded him to lick up all the mess he had made, even that which was on the rubber floor. He hesitated and I knew the idea was repulsive to him. I repeated my command, “You heard me, lick it up. You made this mess, so you must clean it up. Lick it all up and do it NOW!”

He loves it when I talk to him like that. I enjoyed watching my hubby humiliating himself for my entertainment. But I took it easy on him. He really squirted a lot and I didn’t want him to get sick as the floor hadn’t been cleaned in a while, so after he licked up just a small amount of his spunk that was on the floor, I reached for a towel and dropped it next to this face. I gave him permission to wipe up the rest with the towel. I figured he had endured enough humiliation for one night.
Because he was covered in sweat (among other disgusting things) I told him to take a shower, brush his teeth, gargle with mouth wash and then join me in my bedroom. I felt like I was also in need of a shower (his tongue bath was no replacement for a real one) so I jumped into my shower real quick to wash off as he was cleaning up in the other bathroom. Then I climbed into bed and awaited my hubby. He joined me and he knew what to do. Because of his intense orgasm he wasn’t nearly as passionate as he’s been lately, yet he licked me with a humble and worshipful attitude. He seemed at peace between my legs.
I asked him if the two months of denial were worth it for this special moment. He nodded that they were so I let him stay there as long as he wanted. He kissed the inside of my thighs and gently kissed and licked my pussy. It took me awhile (I prefer harder and faster licking but I allowed him to go at his pace on this night). Finally I climaxed and then about ten minutes later, I came again. He kept licking as I dozed off. He fell asleep between my thighs. When I awoke I tapped him on the shoulders and sent him to his bedroom.
This morning I gave him another special treat. I allowed him to masturbate in front of me one final time before I locked him back in chastity. I was totally clothed in bum around shorts and shirt, nothing sexy or fetish. I had him kneel naked before me and I looked him in the eyes as he stroked it for me. He once again came on my command, this time into a hand towel I was holding. I wanted to make sure his plumbing was all cleaned out before he went back into chastity. If all goes well, it will be 9 weeks, September 8, before he gets to have another one.



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