Saturday, July 20, 2013

The horrid LFA Paddle

It has been well documented on this blog how I’ve reconnected with my friend Ginger from my ClubFEM days. One of the nice things about having a blog is that on occasion it reconnects me with people from my past. It is always nice to hear from former phone clients, fans of my movie reviews, femdom couples I’ve met and perhaps “played” with in the past, and people from my days in ClubFEM.
Take the other day. I received the following e-mail:

“Ms Kathleen, I was researching Dr. Jane Foxx and came across your wonderful Blog. I came across the many books of Dr. Foxx who it turned out lived not far from me. I have had some familiarity with people in the Columbus area: Miss Erica Kent, Domina Alexandra Snow and Her lovely ladies at Wicked Eden, but had never come across the mysterious Dr. Foxx. Your blog post cleared some of that up.  I continued to read Your blog, fascinated and perhaps even a bit envious of James. And then I came across the picture of the paddle with the holes and the LFA inscription.  


You may not remember me but I am the gentleman who made that paddle for you and I'm glad to see it being used. And "yes" I agree with your assessment that it can be a most horrid implement. I've also sent similar implements to Akasha, Club FEM Houston, Ms. Elise Sutton, Miss Erica Kent and Domina Alexandra Snow. The items are not made for sale, simply a creation of love and as gifts for select Ladies. As I look across the living room I see a similar wood paddle in a brass umbrella stand with other such 'tools' (the stand conveniently moved when we have guests).” 
Of course I remember this gentleman. It’s been what, ten … eleven years? But I remember him because not only did he inscribe “LFA” on the paddle for “Loving Female Authority” (Elise Sutton’s famous adage) but he also inscribed my name on the paddle.


And it is indeed a most horrid paddle. In fact, I’ve always used it more as a visual tool. It looks great hanging in the confinement room, perhaps the last thing James sees before I enclose him in total darkness or a constant reminder to him if I happen to discipline him inside the confinement room, the paddle being illuminated with the light of the basement shining through the narrow doorway. It is rare that I actually use that paddle because it packs such a nasty wallop. But I have used it on him so the possibility is always there in his mind, as the paddle just hangs there on one of the hooks.

Receiving this e-mail brought the paddle front and center to my mind. So last night, as I was disciplining hubby inside the confinement room (nothing too intense at first, just a little ole attitude adjustment session), after I had dished out some “loving female authority” with a flogger and my short handle riding crop, the paddle caught my attention. I told James about the e-mail I received and we reminisced about the first time I ever used that paddle on him (after all, I had to use it since this gentleman put so much work into making it) and the awful bruises it left on poor hubby’s bottom. I didn’t even hit him very hard with it but I must have given him ten or more smacks that night and it is a heavy paddle and those awful holes had hubby dancing and begging for mercy. It was a lovely memory for me but not so much for James.
Anywho, getting back to last night, after my verbal walk down memory lane, I grabbed the LFA paddle, James was bound against the rubber matted wall, and I told him that I wanted him to take five moderate to hard smacks for me, you know for old time’s sake. He counted them out as I did them very slowly and deliberate. After number five, his very red bottom was quivering a little. I soothed his very warm flesh with some aloe which got me in the mood for some strap-on play. There is something about touching a man’s reddened and warmed ass that makes me want to take him with a strap-on.


I chose the purple one and strapped it around my waist.

It was getting very humid inside the confinement room so we retired to my bedroom and did the strap-on session on a comfy bed in a nice, air-conditioned bedroom. The night ended with James orally pleasuring me as he remained denied.
Thanks again to the gentleman who made me the horrid LFA paddle.

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