Wednesday, January 1, 2014

James rewarded for being a wonderful husband

Happy New Year everyone! Last night James and I went out with some vanilla friends. I couldn’t arrange any kind of D&S night so I decided to have a more traditional New Years. We had a great time. We drove into the western mountains of PA and went to a resort. Very fancy place. Our vanilla friends knew someone who worked there and they got us dinner reservations and afterward we went to a private party there complete with band, party favors and a champagne toast. At midnight they shot off fireworks.
James “volunteered” to be the designated driver so other than one small glass of champagne, he didn’t drink. As far as domination goes, he wore his CB3000 but the DL 2000 does not work outside our home, so I could not use that. But he did wear a pair of my panties underneath his dress pants. James was very well dressed and he looked quite handsome. I noticed quite a lot of women checking him out and that made me smile. If only they knew how I keep this handsome man sexually denied and under my control.
After the fireworks we headed back and didn’t get home until 2:00am. I was still a bit tipsy and I allowed James to undress me and plant kisses all over my body. That’s when I made my decision about ending his denial period. James has been such a wonderful husband in 2013. I know he likes to be dominated and humiliated but I felt he deserved some physical pleasure. I wanted to give him a special treat.
I removed his CB3000 and told him to lie on the bed. I removed my bra and I rubbed my breasts over his body. James’ absolute favorite way to have an orgasm is against my breasts. Even before we ever got involved with femdom, when we had intercourse and regular sex, he would often request if he could climax against my soft breasts. So last night I gave him this special treat. I rubbed my breasts against his erection and I gave him permission to have a pleasurable orgasm. He came very quickly and in buckets. I wiped my breasts clean with a towel and then I asked him if he could have another one. So I trapped his cock against my breasts again and told him he had two minutes to try to have another one. He did.
I reminded him it was a special treat and not to expect it again anytime soon. I told him to reinstall the CB300 complete with the Dream Lover. I haven’t set his new denial goal yet but I am thinking not until early March. And more than likely I will go back to giving him only humiliating orgasms. But last night I felt it important to bring in the New Year showing my hubby how much I appreciate his submission.


  1. How lovely of you to treat James that way Ms Kathleen, sounds like you had a wonderful evening - James especially. Wishing you both a very happy and enjoyable 2014.


  2. What a lovely way to see the new year in Ms Kathleen. I too wish you both a very happy 2014.