Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hubby’s two month chastity ends with ruined orgasm

It’s finally March (Spring can’t come soon enough) and yesterday marked two months since James had his last orgasm. We were both off with no real plans so I decided Saturday afternoon was a good time to end his denial period. But how to go about it? I really didn’t have a plan so I decided to make it up as I went along.
I had a lot of fun putting him in bondage a couple weeks ago, so much so that I decided to do it again, only not nearly as involved. I had James undress and lie face up on the massage table. I was completely dressed in street clothes, jeans and a sweatshirt, no leather or fetish attire. I told James to think of it as an exercise in CFNM (Clothed Women, naked men). But the truth be told, I didn’t feel like dressing up.
I took the roll of Saran Wrap and ran it across his chest, under the table and back across his body several times. His arms were at his side so they also became bound as I wrapped him up. I did the same around his knees. In a matter of minutes, he was completely immobile.
I then fetched the key to his CB6000 and unlocked him and eased the device off of him, along with the DL 2000. His denied penis sprang to attention. I got my Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator and began a tease and deny session, turning the Wand on low and running it against his balls, along the side of his penis and over the head. I was careful to only stimulate him for a few seconds at time, turning the Wand on and off, on and off, on and off, just a few seconds at a time, as I traced the edges of the head of his cock, along the outside of his shaft and pressed the Wand against his swollen balls.
“Don’t you dare cum until I give you permission.”
I kept up the teasing for a good ten to fifteen minutes and James was literally whimpering. He was right on the edge. I took my turkey baster and filled it with warm, bordering on hot water. I began to drip the water onto the sweep spot on the underside of his penis. A few drops, then I stopped, a few more drops, then I stopped again. James’ body began to convulse as he tried his best to hold back. His cock was literally pulsating with each beat of his heart. I decide to add some more stimulation, not physical, but mental. I began to humiliate him in a teasing manner.
“Derik called me the other night. He can’t make it for St. Patrick’s Day weekend but he wants me to meet him in Vegas the week of April 7th. And he wants to take me on a cruise the week of May 12th. Is that okay by you?”
James continued to twitch as I continued to drip the water on his penis. I got the Magic Wand and turned it on low and pressed it against his balls.
“So you will be home all alone for two weeks this Spring. I’ll be sure to leave you a long list of chores to do while another man is romancing your wife in Vegas and on a cruise. What do you think about that?”
James’s body began to quiver so I turned off the Wand and I stopped dripping the water. James couldn’t hold back. He shot his load in spurts and from his reaction, it was not pleasurable. He moaned and his body trembled as he shot his load way up in the air in several intervals, most of it landing on the Saran Wrap that covered his chest but some of it landed all the way up on his neck and face.
“Did I give you permission to cum?” I took my hand and gave his balls a firm slap.
James apologized but then he said, “Please … it’s on fire”.
“Please? Please what?”
James said his cock was burning. I knew what he really wanted but he knew better than to ask. He wanted me to stroke him to another orgasm to relieve his discomfort.
“Sorry, you came without permission. You’ll have to suffer.”
I went and got an ice pack and placed it on his still erect cock. When it went limp, I reinstalled the CB6000, but without the DL2000, and locked him back up. I cut him free from the Saran Wrap and told him to go take a cold shower to further ease his discomfort. I have to admit, I really enjoyed ruining his orgasm. It was actually funny, seeing his body twisting and that pained looked on his face as he tried to hold back but was unable as he shot his load in spurts.
About an hour later, I told him to take me out to dinner. We were out for several hours between dinner and a brief stop at the mall. When we got home, James did some laundry and I got on the computer. Then we settled in for a night of television. Around 10pm I asked James how his cock felt. He told me it was still burning but not as bad as it was earlier.
I threw out a proposition. I told him that I would give him another orgasm to clean out his plumbing but it would be in the form of a challenge. I would give him a hand job while I sat on his face. He had to hold off until I climaxed twice. If he succeeded, I would take two weeks off his next denial period so he would only be denied for 6 weeks. But if he failed, I would add 2 additional weeks onto the two months so he would be denied for 10 weeks. That was my offer. He could take it or leave it. Naturally he took it.
We went into my bedroom and I allowed James to remove his clothes and the CB6000. He lied down on my bed. I took off my clothes and sat on his face. James tongued me while I leaned forward and stoked his cock with my hand. I could have held off longer than I did but I wanted that first orgasm. I had James bring his hands up to play with my nipples. James continued to lick me while I stroked him. I came first.
“Okay, that’s one. Now comes the hard part.”
James continued to lick me as I stroked him faster. He was on the edge and I knew I had him. No way was he going to win this contest.
“Do it, James!”
That’s all it took. Just hearing me say that did him in. He exploded.
“That’s a good boy.”
I climbed off of his face and wiped him and my hand with a towel. I then changed places with him and had him crawl between my legs so I could have my second orgasm. I made him work for it but it was well worth the wait.
When we were done, James had to reinstall his CB6000 with the knowledge that it would be 10 weeks before he got relief again. But the good news for him is that the burning in his cock went away. I guess he needed a proper cleaning out but now he will pay with two more additional weeks of denial.


  1. Wow. Haven been denied now for 35 days (my longest), I understand that getting "only" a ruined orgasm at the end of a long chaste period isn't as bad as I might ever believed. Who doesn't want a real, big, regular, full-blown, face-melting orgasm right? On the other hand ...... knowing that it will cause my mind and body to struggle with the appropriate amount and type of attention my Mistress needs for a couple days following is something I don't want either.

    For me, at the end of the day, I simply remember who I am, what my role is and the undeniable fact that such decision are not up to me. The more I more experience and time I get in my role and her submissive, the I am able to focus on what I am doing here. In doing so, I genuinely do find great joy in my role as Her slave because it's true, I DO get my pleasure from providing her pleasure.

  2. You are a great Domme!

  3. Beautiful and Classy too!