Sunday, March 16, 2014

Nipple Torture

I was going through my toy-chest yesterday looking for nothing in particular when I came across a pair of nipple clamps. Actually I came across two sets of nipple clamps and for the life of me I don’t recall when or where I purchased either pair. I’m sure it was sometime between 1999-2004 when we used to frequent fetish stores, like the Outer Skin in Pittsburgh or Dream Dresser in DC. In the early days of the lifestyle I was known to go a little wild in these places, buying outfits and new toys.


It was a rather expensive hobby but James never complained. If anything, he encouraged me because he knew he would be on the receiving end of most of my purchases. It was not uncommon for us to drop a cool grand at the Outer Skin in a single trip. A new leather corset or a leather bra and thong set, a new whip or two, some sexy pantyhose, a couple of bondage/torture devices for hubby and before we knew it we had far exceeded our budget. 
I have bags of stuff, some of it rarely used. One of these days I will lay out my collection and take some photos and post them on my blog. I think you would enjoy seeing some of the wild stuff I bought over the years. The great thing about my collection is that each piece has a story behind it. When I come across an old item I immediately recall past sessions I had with James (and in a few instances, other men), how I used the item within a session and the result the item had on the session.
Getting back to the nipple clamps, James has always been a wimp when it comes to nipple torture. He can take a rather severe beating to his buttocks, he can take having his cock slapped around and his balls squeezed and twisted but for some reason he has a phobia about his nipples being pinched. I use the word phobia because I really believe it is more mental than physical. He also doesn’t do well with having clothespins placed on his cock and balls. He hates to be pinched, even when I do it with my fingers.
When I came across the nipple clamps yesterday I had the urge to use them on him. It’s been years since he had to endure nipple torture so I decided to see if I could expand his limits in this area. After all, his thresholds for other things have changed over the years, so it was worth a try.
James had no idea what I had planned. All he knew is that I wanted to play with him, which got him excited. I wanted to use the confinement room for our session but it’s still a little too chilly in there. Not that I couldn’t have managed since I decided to dress in leather. I wore a pair of leather pants and I could have worn my leather jacket, but the room was too cold for a naked sub. Hopefully in a few weeks we can start using the confinement room again.
I took James to the utility room off the laundry room. It’s a small room where the hot water heater is located but there is some heat in there. I had James strip naked and I put wrist cuffs on him and tied the cuffs to hooks that are in the beam that hangs from the ceiling. Before James made the confinement room, we used to play in this room on occasion. It’s a great place for a discipline session if you want to string the sub up with his hands bound over his head.
I wore my custom fit leather pants and a leather bra (becoming my favorite outfit as it is easy to put on and off) with black pumps.

The only toys I brought with me were my leather paddle, the remote to the DL2000 and both sets of nipple clamps. The first pair of nipple clamps are adjustable with the turn of a screw. They have black rubber tips and are attached to each other with a foot long chain. The second set are neither adjustable nor attached with a chain. But they are larger and more severe as the tip of each clamp is sharper with no rubber padding.

Once I had James’ hands bound above his head, I began to caress his skin with my hands as I teased him a little, squeezing his balls that were swelling against the ring of his CB6000. After this brief warm-up, I produced the first set of nipple clamps, the ones with the rubber tips attached to each other by a chain. James flinched from just the sight of them. On second reflection I probably should have blindfolded him but I didn’t think about it at the time.
I encouraged him to relax as I set the screws to a mild setting and carefully placed them on his nipples. James was able to handle it and once he relaxed I tightened the screws a little to make it more intense. James gasped but again he was able to handle it. I got my paddle and walked behind him and gave his ass eight to ten swats. Then I walked back to the front and took the chain in my hand and pulled on it, causing James to wince in pain.
“See, you can handle it. You’ve denied me the pleasure of torturing your nipples for all these years. Don’t I deserve to play with your nipples when I’m in the mood?”
James nodded his head in agreement.
I released my grip on the chain and walked back behind him and gave him another ten whacks with the paddle. I circled him, rotating between grabbing the chain and tugging on his nipples, administering six to ten swats to his ass with my paddle and using the remote to send moderate pulses to his DL2000. I kept doing this rotation over and over until I lost track of how many cycles.
Finally, I removed the nipple clamps and grabbed his sensitive nipples with my fingers and twisted them. James yelled out, begging for mercy, but he didn’t use his safe word so I knew he was fine. I kept twisting his nipples as I slightly pressed my knee against his balls, lifting them and trapping them against his CB6000 until he buckled forward in pain. I released my grip and backed away so he could catch his breath.
“You did very good with those nipple clamps. You pleased your Goddess. Now let me see if you can handle these.”
I got the other set of clamps and attached the first one to his right nipple. James screamed and whined but I admonished him to suffer for his Goddess. I attached the other one to his left nipple and stepped back. James was definitely uncomfortable. Having his arms lifted with his hands bound above his head made the nipple torture even more intense.
“Just do it for one minute. I’ll take them off but I want you to endure one minute for me.”
James did endure and overcame the pain to please his Goddess. I kept my promise and removed them after only one minute. I circled him again, giving his ass another ten wallops with the paddle. I reached under his legs and gabbed and twisted his balls. He winched again but didn’t seem to mind too much as pre-cum was dripping from the CB6000. That told me he was enjoying the sensual torture.
I walked back in front of him and took his head in my hands and gave him a kiss. Then I pulled my breasts out of my bra and I rubbed my nipples against his very sensitive nipples. James gasped a little and tried to back up but I grabbed him and brought him close with a tight embrace. I moved my nipples up and down across his nipples dancing with him a little, his hands swinging from the hook above, restricting his movement.
Now it was time for one last torture. I bent down and bit on his nipple, first the right one. James let out a loud scream. Then I bit the left one. James gasped but it was apparent his right nipple was more sensitive than the left one.
The entire scene had me in a heightened state of arousal, seeing him strung up like that with his ass a nice shade of pink, his nipples very red and his balls enlarged and struggling against the ring of the CB6000. I wanted him to orally pleasure me but I liked seeing him in that vulnerable position. What to do next?
I excused myself and went upstairs and fetched the Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator. I came back down to the utility room and pulled a chair that was in the laundry room into the utility room doorway. I took off my pants and carefully laid them on the washing machine. I removed my panties and I sat in the chair. I began to masturbate, running the Magic Wand against my clit. James had to watch me and he groaned from his cock swelling inside the CB6000. I wanted to torment him a little by sending love pulses to the DL2000 but I couldn’t reach the remote which was on the table next to the hot water heater, and I wasn’t about to interrupt my own pleasure to go fetch it. I was on the edge and I turned up the vibrator and it only took a few seconds at that setting to give me a very pleasurable orgasm.
I took my panties and wiped myself with them and then I placed the panties in James’ mouth. I left him there, still bound, for another ten minutes while I put my toys away. I freed James and took him to my bedroom where he orally pleasured me until I had another orgasm. It didn’t come right away and James had to really work at it with his tongue but he was very excited from our session so he had more than enough endurance to do the job.
This morning, I asked him how his nipples felt. They’re still sore and sensitive but I am proud of my hubby. He still doesn’t like nipple play but now I know he can endure more than he thought he could.