Monday, October 10, 2011

Ball busting

One of the more interesting dominant women I met back when I was the Head Mistress of the MD/DC chapter of ClubFEM was a woman from Norfolk, VA. I received an e-mail from a woman who wanted to attend our socials. We exchanged phone numbers and she began to call me up almost weekly to talk about her FemDom marriage. Her name was Michelle and she was married to her husband Gary and they were not only into FemDom but also S&M.

Michelle wanted to join ClubFEM but she lived over 3 hours away and she was very busy. She said she had a time-consuming career and on the weekends she taught a karate class. What she was looking for was a mentor and someone to share ideas with. I was willing to talk with her over the phone once a week but it didn’t take too long before it became apparent that Michelle was way more advanced than any of us in ClubFEM when it came to how she played with her husband.

Michelle told me all about her attic and all the BDSM gear they had and how intense her sessions were with her husband. They were into some very heavy S&M and I ended up asking her more questions about her lifestyle than she asked about mine. Michelle talked about how she used PGS tens units and engaged in electricity play and how she drilled holes into a jock cup and fitted her husband with the cup and inserted an electric catheter in his penis and attached metal wires and prongs and all of this wild stuff that I had no idea what she was talking about. It was kind of freaky to me to tell you the truth.

I told her our ClubFEM group was very tame compared to how she played with her husband but Michelle said she wanted to join a group so she could publically humiliate him and she wanted to share ideas with the other women in the group. I was totally honest with her and told her that some of the women in my group were barely able to administer a spanking to their husbands without feeling weird. I could image how they would have felt if Michelle were there telling the group her tales of what goes on in her attic.

Michelle never made it to a ClubFEM social but she still called me up from time to time to discuss how her FemDom marriage was progressing. I told Elise about Michelle and I interviewed her for one of the 2006 issues of Predominant.

One of the things that Michelle told me about was how she loved to engage in ball busting. She loved to tie her husband down to the bed or on a bondage table and bust his balls, either with a whip or by kicking him with her boots or by kneeing him in the balls. Michelle told me that nothing got her more aroused than busting a man’s balls. She actually confessed to me that she had injured her husband on one occasion to the point that he had to be treated at a local hospital. His testicles had become very swollen and she was afraid she had done permanent damage.

He turned out to be okay but that episode scared her enough that she decided she needed another submissive male to play with. She said that while she loved busting her husband’s balls, she realized that he could only take so much.

The last time I talked with Michelle, which had to be 4 or 5 years ago, she had placed ads on some BDSM sites like looking for another submissive. She wanted to introduce another man into her sessions with her husband. This new sub would have to allow her to bust his balls and he had to be open to some forced-bi sessions with her husband because she was training Gary to become her lezzy slut. I wonder if she ever found someone who fit the bill.

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  1. My Master busts my balls daily. She originally did it to break me as a man and to completely submit to her. Whenever there was a disagreement, she would order me to my knees and kick me as hard as she could repeatedly. I eventually became so much under her control that her kicks would cause me enormous erections. After she is done kicking me, I am ordered to kiss her feet and lick her soles and thank her feet for causing me so much pain.