Thursday, June 27, 2013

Goddess in Leather

Here are the pictures I promised.

Yes, it is me with the fiery red hair. Most of the pictures I posted in the early days of my blog (including the one in the title) were from 2001-2004 when my hair was much shorter and lighter. I was born a natural redhead but over time my hair became lighter and I was more of a strawberry blonde. But now I color it red again. You might recognize the hat. It's the same PVC hat from the picture in my blog title.
James took some pictures of me in my new outfit from inside the confinement room. I love this jacket. I forget what they called it but I call it my Sgt. Pepper’s jacket.

The pants are custom fit soft lamb skin leather. They’re black but a lighter shade than the jacket. I’m not sure why. I thought they would be the exact same color.

The boots are older but I thought they looked good with my new outfit. They are a pair of Two Lips boots I bought probably ten years ago. They’re in dire need of a good polish. Any volunteers?


The rest of these pics were taken upstairs where the lighting was better. Here I am with a pair of pumps instead of the boots. This shows how the pants were custom fit for my calves and ankles. You can see the zipper, which is a must with pants that fit this tight.


My ex-lover Thomas called me Thunder Thighs. I know I need to get back to the gym and lose some weight but who wouldn’t want to hop across my lap for a spanking?


That’s all for now. My poor hubby had to take these pictures (so blame him for the non-professional quality) and he wanted so bad to worship me in my leather. But what were the odds that he'd have an “accident” since he’s been denied for so long? Pretty darn high. I’m afraid he’ll just have to wait.


  1. very sexy Miss Kathleen your husband is a lucky man

  2. Ms Kathleen:

    Thank you for posting these photos. You look fabulous. I like your hair color, too. You've motivated me to want to get my wife a pair of form-fitting lambskin leather pants. I'll admit it - I'm a leather fetishist, as well as her submissive.