Monday, June 24, 2013

Denial starting to get to hubby

James has been irritable lately so I think the denial process is starting to really get to him. He hasn't had an orgasm since the morning of May 6th. He hasn't had a conscious orgasm since the end of March. My goal is to deny him for two straight months.

Hubby had a wet dream in the wee hours of the morning on May 6th. We had a prolonged tease and denial session the night of May 4th and I guess it was too intense because while he was sleeping during the morning of the 6th, he ejaculated inside his chastity device. I thought I had posted an entry about that episode but I can't find it on my blog so I must not have hit the update button or I was distracted by something and never finished the post or who the hell knows at this point?

It will be two months come July 6th. We are getting close but James is starting to show signs of the strain. He was punished this weekend for his recent behavior but to be fair to him, I think the denial process played into how he acted last week. I am determined to make our goal this time. I will not make the same mistakes. No teasing and denial sessions or intense play until he passes the two month mark which will be July 6th. I just hope his body and mind do not rebel with another wet dream.

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  1. i hope that you both make the two month mark. Owner and i found that after i had been locked and denied for a prolonged period (just over two months in this case) it didn't take much for Owner to trigger an unplanned significant leak from just through a combination of ball slapping/caning and nipple play. i was very apologetic and i think Owner was equally surprised at the effect She had as i was still in chastity at the time.