Sunday, November 17, 2013

A night of Boot worship and Trampling

Things have been rather mundane since Halloween. Other than locking hubby in the confinement room several times, I haven’t been “playing” with him. Just haven’t been in the mood. But last night I finally made time for a session.
This was triggered on Friday night when we went out to dinner and I caught hubby glancing downward at all the boots women were wearing. It’s that time of year around here, late fall and winter, you see a plethora of boots. I’ll wear them out in public myself from time to time, but it does seem that boots are in style big time with younger women and a man who has a boot fetish, like my dear James, is like a kid in a candy store.
I don’t mind that he looks, as long as he doesn’t gawk, because I know what it represents to him. He is not lusting after the women. He is lusting after their boots. But it’s even more complicated than that. Boots without a female wearing them does next to nothing for him. It took me a long time to understand this. James gets nothing out of my boots unless I am wearing them. The fetish is not really boots but it is women in boots. That is a more correct labeling of his fetish. He doesn’t have a boot fetish. He has a woman wearing boots fetish. He wants to lick the boots but only if they adorn the feet and legs of a woman. Don’t get me wrong. James can lose himself in the taste and smell of the leather (his favorite) but I think he likes the feeling of being brought low, to be on his knees at the boots of a woman as she towers over him in a superior position.
He also likes spiked heels. That is getting harder to see as more and more boots seem to have a flat or chunky heel for comfort. But we saw a few women with spiked heels on their boots and those are the ones that always get a longer stare from my hubby. And it was such a pair of boots that he saw that made me tease James that perhaps he was in need of a boot worship session and since he likes spiked heels, perhaps a trampling session was in order. So last night I put on my thigh-high leather boots, along with my leather thong, a leather bra and elbow length leather gloves.


I ordered my naked hubby (he was of course still in chastity) to kneel before me as I sat on the edge of my bed. I commanded him to worship my boots, to make love to them with his mouth and tongue. I took in the show and I became aroused watching my husband humbling himself at my boots. I allowed him to lose himself in his fetish as he sucked the spiked heels of the boots, the pointed toe of each boot and he licked them all the way up to my thighs. I especially enjoy the feel of his tongue against my calves and the back of my knees, the leather is a barrier but on these particular boots it is a soft leather, so I can still feel his tongue. It is like a gentle caress.
I do believe he could have stayed there all night but I had other plans. I had him lie on his back on the floor, up close to the wall next to my closet. I towered over him and I probed his body with my right heel. I placed it on his ball sac which is accessible even when he is in chastity, I used the heel to separate his testicles, and I pressed down on his ball sac until James began to wince in pain.
“You wanted to be trampled by spiked heels, didn’t you?”
I took the heel and moved it to his nipples. I grinded it against him, first on his left nipple, then his right one. I put just enough weight on him until he winced (I kept my other foot firmly on the ground). I moved the heel to his mouth and had him deep throat it, sliding it in and out, ordering him to suck it as if it were a dildo.
“You want to be trampled by boots? This isn’t trampling. Roll over.”
James rolled over on his stomach. I placed my hand on the inside of the opened closet door to balance myself and I placed my right boot on his left ass cheek. I then lifted my other foot off the ground and placed it on his right cheek. I was standing on his ass, full weight, my spiked heels digging into his meaty flesh. James let out a loud grunt.
I am not an expert on trampling but way back in 2000, James and I attended the BR 2000 BDSM event in DC and one of the classes was by a Mistress who demonstrated how to trample a man. She showed where you could and couldn’t apply your full weight based on the male’s skeleton structure. I wish I could remember but that was 13 years ago and the only place I knew for sure was a man’s ass. The woman who did the demo actually walked across her slave’s body, both his front side and backside, but I am not a small woman so I was not about to risk my hubby’s health, therefore I kept the full weight trampling to his ass. This is not easy, by the way. Hubby has a firm buttocks but it is still like standing on Jello. It was a good thing I had a firm grip on the closet doorway to balance myself.
“Do you like being my human carpet?”
I stepped down off of him with my left boot and I took the right one and pressed it into his upper back, moving my heel left to right, grinded the heel sharply into his back which made little indentation marks all over him. When I was done playing with him in this manner, I had him stand up and I examined his body. He had spiked heel marks all over his back and ass. His nipples also had marks and his ball sac had a deep purple bruise. I guess the restriction from the CB6000 ring made it a little too taunt for even mild trampling. But he survived and now he wears my mark.
It was now time for my pleasure. I had James remove my boots and put them away. I relaxed on the bed and had him perform body worship. I allowed him to lick my leather thong but it wasn’t long before I removed it and had him orally service me. James was very passionate and I basked in the pleasure. I climaxed multiple times before I allowed him to stop. James was of course denied.

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