Friday, November 29, 2013

Hubby’s constant reminder during Thanksgiving dinner

After our pantyhose worship session last weekend, hubby’s tongue developed blisters from licking the pantyhose for such a prolonged length of time. I contemplated making him lick me in leather on Sunday night but decided to give the poor dear a break. However, Wednesday night I could no longer contain myself, and although hubby’s soreness from the blisters had subsided, they were still there causing him some minor discomfort.
James had been inquiring as to when I would be wearing my custom-fit leather pants again, so I figured why not the night before Thanksgiving seeing we were both in a festive mood, excited about the long holiday weekend. I wore the pants along with a pair of boots and I commanded James to worship me in my leather.
Normally he would have lost himself in the taste and smell of the leather but it didn’t take too many licks before he slowed down. When I asked him what was wrong, he said he was excited by my leather but his tongue was hurting again.
“Too bad, you wanted me in leather so you’ll just have to make the sacrifice. Now get back to it.”
To his credit, hubby pushed through the pain and licked my boots and my skin tight leather pants all over. When he got to my crotch, I made him simulate that he was eating pussy, commanding he lick harder and faster so I could feel his tongue through the leather. The leather really did a number on his tongue but James kept at it until I gave him permission to stop.
I removed my leather pants and had him orally pleasure me. Again, hubby pushed through the pain and licked me until I climaxed. I must confess that knowing that James was uncomfortable while he was orally pleasuring me made me all the more aroused which brought on my orgasm rather quickly (much to his relief).
I wish I could say the end results were due to my well calculated and wicked imagination but the truth be told, it was a total and unexpected byproduct. During Thanksgiving dinner, shared with family in a complete vanilla and traditional environment, hubby’s sore tongue was a constant reminder of my dominance. Each time he partook of certain foods (gravy, cranberry sauce, etc.) it burned his tongued which made for a most painful dinner. I picked up that he was in discomfort which made me smile, knowing I was dominating him in this most unusual way. He tried to blunt the pain by sucking on ice cubes in his cold drink but I was not about to allow that. Therefore, I changed out his drink to warm cider.
When we got home, it was time to put his tongue to more use. We did another Queening session, albeit bare skin this time. As much as I would have loved to have put on pantyhose or leather to add to his predicament, I decided to show him a little mercy. The queening session led to him orally servicing me yet again and this time I made sure he had to lick me for a long time before I climaxed. His pain was truly my pleasure.