Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013: College boy with leather fetish makes for stimulating night

Thursday night was definitely one for the books. Halloween afforded me the opportunity to wear my custom-fit leather outfit out in public.


As promised, hubby stayed home while my single female friend Amanda and I went out bar hopping. Amanda doesn’t drink so there was no need to bring hubby along as our designated driver. He spent the night locked up in the confinement room in chastity, with a butt plug inserted, and wearing a pair of my panties.
Amanda couldn’t believe my outfit and wondered where on earth I got such an ensemble. I told her Vegas. When she asked what I was supposed to be, I told her “a Dominatrix”. Amanda is a little on the na├»ve side being a small town girl. She didn’t know what a Dominatrix was (or she played dumb). I just told her to google it sometime and left it at that.
Amanda dressed as Red Riding Hood with a red hooded robe that she made herself. But something was sorely lacking. What she was wearing under the robe just didn’t work. So I got on-line and looked up red riding hood costumes and saw the following picture.

Amanda is short and kind of built like the woman in this picture so that gave me an idea. I knew I had enough accessories to spice up her outfit. I made sure to close the bedroom door so she couldn’t see what I was doing but I went into my toy chest and I got my leather corset, pvc glovelettes, and my pair of old two lips knee high leather boots. 

Again, Amanda wondered where I got all this stuff but she didn’t seem to mind as I altered her costume. The boots were a little too big for her feet but I stuffed some insoles in there and pulled a pair of thick socks on her feet and she was able to make it work. Her walking would be difficult all night but she was pretty psyched with how sexy I made her costume. The boots really hugged her lower legs as she has nice calf muscles.
I checked in on James one final time before we headed out. I didn’t want to go too local so we drove 20 miles to a college town that has a lot of nice bars. The first couple we hit were dead. In fact, I was disappointed in the lack of people out and about this Halloween. I guess everyone was waiting for the weekend. But at least the college kids were out having a good time.
A young girl sitting next to us at the bar overheard me commenting on how dead things were and she told us about a Halloween party taking place in this bar which is located in the basement of the local Democrat club. She said the place is always crowded every Thursday night because it is pitcher night. She also said there was a good mix of young and old (not sure what she meant by that) at this place.
Amanda and I headed over there and sure enough, there was a line to get in. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long. The place was packed with about half the people dressed in costumes, the other half dressed as if it were any other Thursday night. And I have no idea what the girl at the other bar meant by a nice mix of young and old but all I saw were young twenty-somethings. Amanda is ten years younger than I am and she said she felt old. You can imagine how I felt.
There was no place to sit as all the tables were taken. After we stood around for about 30 minutes, two nice young men gave up their seat at the bar for us. It’s a good thing because our feet were killing us standing in our boots.
On any other night, nobody would have given us two seconds of attention as we were surrounded by lots of young, hot looking college chicks. But the magic of Halloween, leather and boots began to work in our favor. A number of guys, and gals, as they crowded the bar to order pitchers and drinks commented on my leather Sgt. Peppers leather jacket and skin-tight leather pants. A few, both guys and gals, actually asked permission to touch both my jacket and my pants. I eventually got hot in my jacket and had to take it off and put it over the back of the barstool. I covered it with Amanda’s coat so it wouldn’t get dirty. Underneath I was wearing a leather halter-top.
Amanda also got plenty of attention in her outfit and this one guy struck up a real long conversation with her. Amanda is currently seeking a boyfriend so this night was definitely good for her self-esteem. I could tell she really enjoyed the attention she was getting from several young men, this one in particular.
The highlight of the night was when this young, probably 21 or 22, man who kept staring at my pants and boots all night, finally crowded next to me at the bar. He was cute in a geekish/computer nerd kind of way, and I picked up on the vibe that was coming from him. He was submissive who probably fantasized about dominant women all the time, and now here was one in person, in all my leather glory.
I knew he wouldn't muster the courage to say anything to me so I decided to give him a thrill. I started to talk with him and after the ice was broken a bit, I allowed him to run his hands over my leather pants. I now had this kid in the palm of my hand. The question would be “what was I to do with him?”
I could have teased him all night, got his hopes up and then dumped him in a cruel, Dominatrix way. Or I could toy with him, string him along only to run out the clock and leave him spellbound and frustrated. Or I could give him the thrill of this young life.
I am a compassionate woman at heart and thanks to what I have learned from my hubby, I realize how hard it is for submissive men to have actual experiences with dominant women. I had zero desire to have sex with this young man as he wasn’t my type. But I found him to be cute and I was attracted to his bashfulness and submissive nature. I decided to allow him to worship me, if the opportunity and circumstances would permit.
The place was beyond loud so I didn’t really care who all could hear our conversation (probably no one) so after an hour of seducing my admirer, I asked him if he wanted to worship me in my leather. He didn’t hesitate, and he knew exactly what I meant, which told me he must have been a consumer of femdom porn. So I asked him if he lived alone. He didn’t. He shared a house with four other guys but said he had his own room.
No way was I going to go for that. So I asked him if he would be willing to get a hotel room, and only if it was decent like the Hampton’s Inn I saw on the edge of town. He said he didn’t have the money for that and his parents monitor his credit card activity. Just hearing the word “parents” made me reconsider. I felt like some kind of a Succubus.
But I was too excited to back out now. So I asked Amanda if I could borrow the keys to her SUV and promised to be back in about 30 minutes. Amanda was still enjoying the company of the guy she was flirting with so she gave me the keys without hesitation. She knew she could trust me.
I put on my leather jacket, took my young submissive by the hand and led him to Amanda’s SUV. I didn’t like where it was parked so I moved it to the back of the parking lot and backed it into a spot that was against a wall. We then moved to the backseat where I allowed him to touch my boots and my pants. He had a very noticeable erection which I purposely brushed up against with my hand. My instincts inside the bar were correct. His package was small and he was not lover material.
I leaned against the door and gave him permission to lick the leather on my boots and my pants. I eventually guided his head to my crotch and ordered him to lick the leather with long, passionate strokes of his tongue as if he were eating pussy. He was very nervous, his hands were shaking a little, and I wondered several time if he had ever been with a girl before. But I didn’t ask. I just allowed him to bask in the taste and aroma of the leather.
I was getting very excited and had he gotten the hotel room, I probably would have allowed him to eat my pussy. I’m sure he will look back on this night the rest of his life and kick himself for not springing for a $129 hotel room.
I allowed him to lick and touch my leather for a good 20 minutes or so before I had to push him away. As I sat up he got a little bold and started to kiss me. I allowed him to kiss my neck and the sides of my face but I denied his attempts to kiss my lips. He was one horny male so I figured I needed to add a little femdom to keep him in that mind space. I told him to give me his cell number and I wanted him to go home and wait on my call. I told him it would be a surprise. That got him to leave immediately and eagerly.
I went back inside the bar and got Amanda. She was ready and in a great mood as she had exchanged phone numbers with her own young admirer. I told her if she wanted, she could bring him along, but to her credit, Amanda does not put out on a first meeting or even a first date.
We started the drive home and on the edge of town, I had her stop at the Hampton Inn. I told her I needed to use the bathroom but I went inside the lobby and used a pay phone and called my young submissive (I didn’t want him to have my number). He was already in his room as I had commanded. It was very late and I had to talk softly but I ordered him to masturbate for me but to hold back until I gave him permission. I have experience with this from my days as a phone Mistress.
After toying with him for maybe five minutes, I gave him the order to “Do It”. I could hear him grunting and then relaxing. He got all quiet and I knew he had obeyed my command. I told him he had pleased his Mistress and with that I bid him a good night. Before I hung up he asked if he could see me again. I told him it was doubtful and that I lived in Washington DC (a white lie for his benefit) and rarely get to this neck of the woods. But I’ll keep his number just in case I ever need him to serve me in some capacity.
When I got home, I told James all about it. He said he would have given anything to have had an experience like that when he was in college. He then shared with me about a time he was in college and was at a bar with his friends. There was an older woman sitting at the bar in a black lace top, spandex pants and she had a pair of handcuffs hanging from her belt. He said he was too nervous to approach her and his buddies all made smart comments about her saying she was probably a Witch. James said he regrets not approaching her, wondering what might have happened if he had.
As he was telling me his story I could tell he was jealous of the young man I had dominated. For my part, I was still very much turned on from the experience. I allowed James to pick up where my young submissive left off. I allowed James to worship my pants, knowing another male had his lips all over them a few hours earlier.

I then slid them down and had James orally service me. It was now after 4:00am in the morning. Needless to say, I called off the next day. But I made James go into work.


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