Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hubby hates the Dream Lover 2000

This most wickedly clever device has really done a number on James’ mind. It’s funny because he likes to be controlled by a woman and I’ve utilized technology to control James in the past with electric cock rings, intercoms, surveillance cameras, etc. But the Dream Lover 2000 has taken things to a new level in control.
Perhaps I am at fault for how I use the device but I can’t seem to help myself. When I want something from hubby, I want it now and the remote control is just so handy to use to summons James, and to punish him when he is too slow with his response. I’ve also come to really enjoy having the remote control in hand while James is orally pleasuring me. I love to press the button and send ‘love pulses’ to his genitals while he is licking me. It gets me more excited but he hates it as it has made what was an act of worship for him and turned it more into torture. He just never knows when I’m going to press that damn remote so he is constantly on edge. His insecurity and his discomfort just adds to my pleasure (am I a bad person for enjoying this?) but I admit that I feel a little sorry for him.
Then there is the ability for me to dominate him from a distance, using a phone app to activate the Dream Lover 2000 while I am at work or out with a girlfriend, I’ll send ‘love pulses’ to let him know that I’m thinking about him. Of course ‘love pulses’ can be mild or severe, depending on my mood. Like I said before, it is a very wicked invention and in the wrong hands, it can be downright cruel. At times, I feel like being a little cruel, not too cruel, but hey, they made the severe setting for a reason, right? It would be a shame not to use it every now and then. If all I ever did was use the mild or moderate settings, I don’t think it would be as effective of a training device. I like to keep James off balance. I like to keep him guessing.
The downside to this is that my poor hubby is on pins and needles. He actually fears me. Well, maybe not me but he fears me having access to the remote or the phone app. I love having this much control but I don’t want him on pins and needles all the time. I want him to enjoy this lifestyle as much as I do.
Therefore, we have come to a compromise. He only has to wear the Dream Lover Monday nights, Wednesday nights, Friday nights and all day Saturday. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday he is free to move around the house without any fear that I am going to summons him or discipline him with the press of the DL 2000 remote. We will give this a try and see how things work out.


  1. Seems like quite a few of my readers think I am making a mistake by compromising with James about wearing the DL 2000. Here is an example of the e-mails I have been receiving;

    "Dear Kathleen, i am very glad that You are enjoying the Dream Lover device. i wonder if perhaps james simply needs to get used to it more. it is very new really, and perhaps using it more will lead to his acceptance of Your right to use it as You like. Perhaps Mistress Ginger could offer some insights on its longer term use. i think that if james simply accepts your wisdom, he will become calmer and more submissive to You, and less on edge. Perhaps he could say some affirmations or engage in self training to help him accept Your use of the Dream Lover. Your wishes should be paramount."

    I probably should have eased him into the DL 2000 a little more slowly, like I did with chastity. I think we will stay on this new schedule for a few months and then hopefully I can slowly move James back to every day wear of the DL 2000.

  2. Replies
    1. Lately not as much due to some technical difficulties we've had with the device. It was used when we got it so perhaps a brand new one could be worn all the time. But we still use it. I might get a new one down the road.

  3. Would you consider the DL2000 worth the high price tag? My girlfriend is a switch who dones't like whips/floggers when doming me. Sounds like the DL2000 could be for her!

  4. The DL2000 would be perfect for your situation! But I am pretty sure you will be very sorry you suggested it.

  5. Would you say the DL2000 gives enough motivation to the person wearing it to follow your every command or is it just enough to get their attention? My fiancé likes control and I have a hard time breaking focus from work she wants it to be enough my attention will be completely on what she says when im with her.

  6. So many articles on male chastity show how a woman can keep a man under control, but the DL2000 is an invention that is going to bring women to a whole new dimension of dominance: Complete Superior Control. With all the features including phone apps, GPS tracking, tamper detection, etc., there's no way for a man to escape. No matter where he is, he can be monitored with every step he takes. Me personally, I can't think of anything that I want more than a woman to train me with this device.