Sunday, August 25, 2013

Punishing hubby part 2: 50 strokes with my new cane collection

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, last night I told James to fetch one of the dining room chairs and place it in the center of the living room. Once the chair was in place, I told him I wanted him completely naked. He looked at me kind of funny as if he wasn’t sure if he should be aroused or worried. Once he was naked I ordered him to walk behind the chair, bend over the back and grab the seat. His ass was sticking straight out which made it an inviting and easy target. 
I was totally clothed, no leather, no lingerie, nothing sexual about the way I was dressed. I was in tee-shirt and lose fitting shorts. I fetched my new cane collection and James began to plead with me. I explained to him that the caning was just a further extension of his punishment for his unauthorized orgasm and it was not negotiable.  
I only used two canes, the thickest ones (the second and third canes from the bottom in the picture below)

I started out with thinnest of the two (the white cane with the basic brown handle) and dished out 20 moderate strokes, tapping his buttocks three times, drawing the cane back half way and flicking my wrist and forearm bringing the cane sharply across his ass. I rotated between left and right cheek, sometimes getting both.
James flinched in pain from the very first stroke, his ass still showing a few marks of the caning two weeks ago, although the marks were now faded and could only be seen in a bright light. After the 20 warm-up strokes, I took a rest on the couch. James begged me, promising he had learned his lesson, asking for mercy. I almost waivered as I hadn’t counted on him reacting that way from the warm-up strokes. There was no sexual buildup for him and the position I had him in bending over the chair made the caning extra painful. But I made my decision, I would stick to the 50, and the final 30 would be severe.
I grabbed the thickest cane (the white cane with the black handle). I tapped his buttocks three times and drew the cane all the way back and let go with a full swing. James really jumped. I ordered him to hold as still as possible else I would restrain him and add an additional 50 to his punishment. I lectured him that he needed to show more self-control and he needed to suck it up and endure his punishments like an obedient husband.
I continued with his caning, dishing out 29 more for a total of 50. For the final 10, I told James to shout out with each stroke, “I will never climax again without Kathleen’s permission.” The final 5 were extra hard. I’m not sure which one did it but one of his welts actually broke open and started to bleed.
I made him remain in that position for several minutes as I admired my handiwork. Then I soothed his wounds with aloe and anti-bacteria cream. I image some of those welts will not be going away for quite a few days, maybe weeks.
I have to admit that I got aroused from caning hubby’s bottom but I didn’t want there to be any sexual activity because I wanted it to be totally about punishment. However, last night I couldn’t help touching myself as I laid in bed, thinking about those welts and James’ contrite and remorseful attitude during and after his punishment. I was going to pleasure myself but I wanted him there with me. It was now around 2:00am and it had been a good six hours since his punishment.
I got up, went to James’s bedroom and woke him up. I told him to join me in my bedroom. He was about half out of it but I didn’t care. I ordered him under my sheets (it was chilly here last night) and between my legs. James snapped right to it and he licked me with much reverence and love. I could feel the love. He licked me until I had several orgasms. I allowed him to spend the rest of the night in my bed with me.


  1. Ms Kathleen.

    It sounds like justice has been done.

    I admire James for taking his punishment without restraint. Your set of canes look quick wicked and I can't imagine how he would stay in position for 30 severe strokes.

    Respect also to your good self for the resolve to administer the punishment with a good degree of severity.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.



  2. While a good caning is a wonderful punishment, especially because it is so dreaded in the mind of a subbie, 50 strokes still feels like too light of a beating.

    I feel this article really states it best:

    "For a proper beating, keep at it for at least thirty minutes, something around 300 strokes or so should get the message across."

    1. Some good advice on Julie's blog, especially when she talks about the "strike zone" of where to whip a man. But 300 strokes? Depends on the implement. I've administered whippings and spankings where I've exceeded 300. We've had sessions where I have used my entire arsenal of paddles, floggers, crops, whips and wooden canes.

      However, 300 with my new Delrin canes would be most brutal, a little too brutal. These canes are not for the faint of heart. I love to see a man's bottom with some nice marks and welts but I do not like to see a man's flesh looking like something out of a butcher shop. That's more of a turn off than a turn on for me.

    2. I totally agree, 300 strokes with the Delrin canes would only be for a heavy masochist and Sadist. Plastic canes are very cruel and for a special kind of masochist / Sadist.

      Referring back to Julie's blog, I believe she is using the number of strokes as a way of stating a time frame: that a thorough beating must last at least a half an hour, and she is estimating that at around 300 strokes. She recommends a heavy wooden paddle, a thick leather strap, thick belt, or tawse, and a thick rattan cane. Rotation of the instruments is recommended. Personally I prefer the leather implements, especially when they are thick and heavy, really get me into that space. Also the wooden paddle. For me the cane is much more of focussed pain and different kind of punishment.

      I think the number of strokes / amount of time, combined with the thick leather implements or heavy wooden paddle is to make sure that the right mind space is achieved. It is a major emotional release for the submissive, and without this kind of workout, they may be a little restless, always searching for something.