Sunday, August 11, 2013

See what happens when you tempt me? Hubby gets the caning of his life

One of the reasons I started this blog was for personal motivation. If I was going to start over again with the femdom lifestyle after a two year hiatus I knew I was going to need something to keep me motivated. My first go around with femdom I was fortunate and blessed to have several mentors. I was also part of a femdom group, ClubFEM. All of that helped to keep me motivated and moving forward with the training and domming of my husband. However, once I lost contact with my mentors and was no longer active in a group, the fire within slowly became extinguished. Other things in life distracted me and occupied my time and attention.
This time around I decided that writing a blog, where I could share past experiences and current events and receive ideas from others, would keep me motivated. So far it has worked and sometimes even better than I expected. I find myself doing things I never would have done on my own if I didn’t have this blog.
A few weeks ago a gentleman from my femdom past wrote me asked if he could send me some self-made, hand-crafted Delrin canes. I gave him a mailing address (a PO Box) and last week the canes arrived.


I was expecting one or two canes. He sent me seven canes, of various lengths and thickness.

I must confess that holding the canes in my hand, inspecting the craftsmanship of the handles, giving each one a practice swing, and hearing them “swish” through the air, got me very excited. I couldn’t wait to try them out.

I own several wooden canes and use them from time to time on hubby’s bottom but had I not received this most generous gift of the Delrin canes, the thought of administering a severe caning to hubby’s bottom would not have entered my mind. The canes were more than a gift, they were a temptation and a challenge to expand both my limits when it comes to administering discipline and hubby’s limits to endure a harsh caning in order to please his Mistress.

So last night I showed hubby what was in the box he had retrieved from the PO Box with the words “For Kathleen’s Eyes Only”. I dressed in my custom made leather pants,

laid the canes out on the bed and called him into the bedroom. He immediately dropped to his knees, hugged my waist and begged me to punish him. He was overcome with submission.


I asked him if he wanted a light caning, a moderate caning or a harsh caning. He was so excited from the sight of all those canes laying side by side each other I knew he wasn’t about to say “light caning”. He said “moderate caning”. But I wanted to challenge him so I said “what if I’m in the mood to administer a harsh caning. Will you endure it for me?” Of course he said “yes, Mistress, your will be done!”
I tied him face down to the bed and I began with the lone black cane as that was the thinnest. I administered ten strokes and it really cut him. I moved to the white cane with the black handle for ten more. It didn’t take hubby long to realize these were heavy duty canes that hurt like hell. He was squirming big time, begging for mercy after about stroke number 5 from the second cane. Once I reached the tenth stroke (twentieth stroke counting the first cane) I took a break and rested in my chair, drinking a glass of ice water as hubby caught his breath.
I gave him five to ten minutes before I started up again. I moved down the line, ten each from the other five canes. I was slow and deliberate, tapping each cane three times against his bottom before drawing it back and flicking my wrist. I forgot what a skill it is to administers a proper caning. It is an art-form and I love doing it. What is really nasty is when you try to hit the exact same spot with two consecutive strokes. James hates that but I enjoy challenging myself to see how good I can get with my aim.
I got a lot of mileage out of his discipline session. I made him apologize for things I had made a mental note of recently, nothing all that bad but just those little things that he does that bugs me from time to time, things he needs to work on to be a better submissive to me. I also made him promise to add a few household projects to his list of chores in the coming weeks. The screen in the basement door needs fixed and the sink in my bathroom is not draining as fast as it should be. Of course he was very eager to see things my way as I dished out his discipline.
The little canes were especially wicked.

It might have to do more with his bottom being tender and very sensitive by the time I got around to them but he really seemed to jump and flinch from those. Lastly, I ended by opening my toy box and getting my favorite wooden cane that was lying near the bottom but still easily accessible.


Ten final strokes for a grand total of 80! Hubby was literally whimpering by the time I was done. I examined his well caned bottom and it was a sight to behold. I would say he has endured overall harsher whippings but this was definitely the most severe caning that I can recall dishing out.  And to be honest, I could have caned him much harder. I felt as if I was holding back, especially toward the end. Maybe next time I’ll go even harder.
I left him there, still tied to the bed for a short while to contemplate the discipline he had just endured. Then I returned to tend to his cuts and welts with much care and love, soothing them with peroxide (ouch, burning), anti-bacteria cream and finally a healing aloe.
I untied hubby and allowed him to worship my body, ending with me having several orgasms from his most eager and passionate tongue. See what happens when you motivate me with ideas and gifts?

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  1. Ms Kathleen,
    Your blogging is really a win-win situation. You get inspiration, your husband gets the domination he’s asked for, and we your readers get the arousing account of your sessions.
    Thank you!