Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back in the saddle again

Most of my play sessions with my husband have always involved some form of body worship. I love the idea of being put on a pedestal and worshipped by my man. I also enjoy hitting all of his trigger points which for my husband involves a lot of teasing and denial, some form of c/b play and face-sitting. Constantly reminding him of his place in our relationship and his place in general is also a big hit with him and drives him into subspace immediately.

Discipline sessions begin slowly and erotically. I usually start with my hand and then progress to a light flogger or two. After his bottom is warmed up and he is slowly going under my spell, I break out the heavy duty items such as my Spencer’s paddle, Tawse, Cat O’Nine and possibly a cane or two.

I have more of what you’d call an eclectic collection of pieces when it comes to my fetish wardrobe. I really like my leather corset which I enjoy wearing with a leather skirt or pair of leather shorts. And I have a pair of knee length boots that lace up the back which are my favorites.

My husband has a strong leather fetish and actually, all I have to do is put on a pair of leather pants and have him simulate oral servitude. The taste and smell of the leather takes him into subspace and once he is at that place, I will have him remove my pants and then real body worship will commence.

However, a few years back we hit some bumps and I went into my wilderness period where I didn’t feel like dominating him. Coming off of that has been difficult.

Recently, James and I had our first "real" D/s session in some time. It was awkward and frustrating. I thought “do I really want to start back into this?” My first problem was finding an outfit to wear. James is very visually oriented and he has a strong leather fetish. I got myself into the best shape of my life during our first go around with this lifestyle but I’ve gained a little weight and few of my old outfits were fitting me.

"Ugggh! Screw this!", I thought. My bedroom was a mess. I had thrown leather clothes all over the place looking for an outfit that fit comfortably. I finally settled on a leather bra, a leather thong, a pair of knee high leather boots and my favorite pair of elbow length leather gloves. I was exhausted from just getting dressed.

Do you guys have any idea how time-consuming it is for the woman to dress for sex? D/s is really the bizarro world (the opposite) from the vanilla world. In the vanilla world, people undress to have sex. I have to dress up to have sex. That can be a royal pain so keep that in mind the next time you want to be dominated by your Mistress. She goes through a lot of trouble preparing for a D/s session. You better appreciate her.

Once I was dressed, I called James into the room. He took off his clothes and he got an immediate erection. He worshipped my boots and I began to relax enough to enjoy it (a little). I allowed him to perform body worship. He must have really missed licking leather because he was more interested in licking my boots, my thong and my gloves than he was kissing my skin.

I had him lay across the bed and I administered my first hard discipline session to James in some time. I started with a flogger. He made the request that he wanted to be spanked over my lap. I agreed so I sat on the edge of the bed and James climbed across my lap. I spanked him with my gloved hand and a leather paddle. James squirmed almost immediately. It was obvious that he had not been spanked in a while. His buttocks were very sensitive so I took it easy on him.

After his spanking, I ordered him to resume with the body worship. I took off my bra and thong. To be honest, I wasn’t all that excited. My frustration from finding an outfit that fit me carried over into our D/s session. But as James began to worship my body, I gained enough arousal to enjoy it. It took him awhile but he was finally able to bring me to orgasm with his tongue.

Since it’s been awhile, I decided to be nice and give him some sexual relief. I asked him how he wanted his orgasm. He said against my breasts. He lied on the bed and I rubbed my breasts against his penis. When he told me he was ready, I gave him the order, “DO IT!” He climaxed on my command. I told him to savor it because his orgasms will remain rare.

Overall, it was just like old times. The session was not all that great and we’ve got a ways to go to recapture that old D/s magic, but at least I’m back in the saddle again.

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