Thursday, June 30, 2011

Female Supremacy

In addition to the D/s and sexual changes in my marriage, the dynamics outside the bedroom were just as profound. The first time I heard “female supremacy” was from Mistress Morgan (I found a few pictures of Morgan from when she had her site).

The following is more about our visit to see Morgan (from Elise Sutton’s book, “Female Domination”);

“We arrived at the restored Victorian residence which was located minutes from downtown Pittsburgh in a safe, upscale neighborhood. We made our way up the long staircase, rang the bell and Morgan's friendly face appeared around a half open door. She was stunningly beautiful with long black hair and big brown eyes. The inside of her place was clean, bright and spotless. Morgan wore a gorgeous one-piece black leather corset with buckles down the center. She also wore thigh-high black leather boots. This was the perfect outfit for my husband as he has an enormous leather fetish.
Morgan had told me to bring along an outfit. I brought a short, sexy, black dress that exposed major cleavage. James had told me that I looked very dominant in this dress. Morgan showed me to her bathroom to change while she entertained James in her living room. Morgan had my husband strip totally naked and she placed some wrist and ankle cuffs on him. She made him sit on the floor of her living room awaiting my entrance. When I emerged in my tight dress, Morgan complimented me on how beautiful I looked. She invited me to sit on her couch and she asked me if I wanted James to sit next to me or did I prefer that he remain on the floor. This totally shocked me but I must say that the sight of my husband naked at the feet of two women did turn me on.

I made the decision that James had to remain on the floor. Morgan sat across from us and she took her time as she interviewed us about our past experiences and our future goals in the female domination lifestyle. After answering a series of her questions, I took another look at my husband. I loved seeing him in such a vulnerable state.”

It was during this conversation that Morgan told me that she was a female supremacist and that her boyfriend was not allowed to sit on the furniture without her permission. She got me to think in terms of me ‘owning’ James. She got me to think in terms of owning everything from James’ body to his time to his/our possessions. A simple act like sitting on the furniture was not to be taken for granted by my husband. This was a radical way of thinking to me but I liked it.

Morgan was the one who told me about Elise Sutton’s site. In those days Elise’s site was called “Elise Sutton’s Female Superiority Page”. Female Superiority? Female Supremacy? Did these women really believe they were superior to men?

Truth be told, I didn’t really believe I was superior to my husband or that women were superior to men. But the more I read Elise’s site, it made sense. She wasn’t advocating that women were inherently or genetically better than men. She was saying that women should be in authority over men because males needed female guidance in order to lead fulfilling lives.  She was saying it was her observation that men are happier when they are under female control. ‘Authority’ is a synonym of the word ‘superiority’ and ‘control’ is a synonym of the word ‘supremacy’. When you say ‘female authority’ and ‘female control’ that doesn’t sound as radical as ‘female superiority’ or ‘female supremacy’.

I began to institute this new way of thinking into my marriage. James was all for it because he had been fantasizing about being dominated by a woman since he was a boy. However, he soon found out that living this way was not all fun and games and orgasms. I never implemented the furniture restrictions but I began to require that he get my permission before he did almost anything. I also slowly required that he do more housework. He loved it at first but it became mundane. He found out that I could not dress up in fetish outfits every night and threaten him with a whip. That was totally unrealistic. James had to learn to do chores for me out of his devotion to me. He didn’t always respond to this way of thinking and that was a source of contention between us.

It’s like most things in life, on paper Elise’s philosophy was impeccable, but in practice it was not that easy. I equate it to learning a theory in college. Theory is just that. Realism is much different. That’s not a knock on Morgan or Elise or anyone else. I embraced most of what these women shared with me, and I will admit that the loving female authority philosophy improved my marriage and to a large extent improved my life, but there were pitfalls and I had to learn to adjust.

As much as I would have loved for my husband to do most of the household chores and the cooking, it was unrealistic to expect that out of a man who worked a job fifty to sixty hours a week. However, I was able to get him to help out more around the house, and that in itself was a major improvement, and I was able to get him programmed to ask my permission for what he used to take for granted. If he wanted to stop somewhere on his way home from work, he had to call and get my permission, and if I denied his request, he learned to obey me, even when he didn’t want to obey me. This was a major change in our marriage and I loved controlling my husband. I didn’t want to micromanage his life but I liked being in charge.

Did we have a female supremacy marriage? I think we did but only in that we viewed the wife as having the final say. I was never a dictator. I was more of an even-tempered boss of the marriage. In a future post I’ll talk about how I disciplined and punished my husband when he displeased me. We are slowly getting back to that place of female authority and female control within our marriage but we’re not there yet.

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