Tuesday, June 28, 2011


When you become involved in a FemDom marriage, it’s almost inevitable that the topic of cuckolding will come up. The majority of the women I encountered in this lifestyle did not practice cuckolding, nor did they seem all that interested in doing so. But the men were a different story. A lot of my clients wanted to discuss it and a lot of the women in my chapter of ClubFEM said their husbands had brought up the subject with them.

I could relate because my husband was the first person I ever heard use the word cuckolding. The idea of cuckolding excited my husband and we would joke around about me dating other men. He had this fetish for cuckoldry but it was only a fantasy, so I would play along and tease him about it. The phone calls allowed me an opportunity to explore this fetish more as I increased the level of teasing.  Although I wasn’t dating my clients, I figured this would be appealing to my hubby because I was talking with other men about very intimate issues.

But to my surprise my husband became jealous of me doing phone calls, especially if I liked a particular client. That just goes to show that men sometimes just don’t know what they want. Some clients would send me gifts and cards. It was a real challenge for my husband to go to the mailbox and see cards and packages addressed to me with the words “For Kathleen’s eyes only!” He wanted to read the cards, but I wouldn’t let him. I suppose the possibility of dating another man was there, should I happen to find a client in whom I was interested, but I wasn’t looking. There were arguments over this and he received disciplinarian measures to deal with his jealousy. But all of that soon became a thing of the past. 

The next time cuckolding seriously entered into our conversation was when I was starting ClubFEM. I had to communicate with the Head Mistress of the national ClubFEM, Mistress Dee, and one night I called her on the phone to ask her a question and her husband answered and told me she was getting ready for her date. He put Dee on the phone and I said something like “I won’t keep you since you and your husband are getting ready to go out on a date.” Her reply to me was, “Gene can better answer your questions about ClubFEM because he handles the administration stuff. He’ll be here all night. I’m getting ready for a date with my boyfriend, not my husband.”

That proclamation made Dee late for her date because we spent the next 30 minutes on the phone talking about cuckolding and how it worked within her marriage. I was totally captivated. Naturally I told my husband and teased him mercilessly about it. For the first time I was interested in cuckolding. I thought to myself, “to kiss another man, to be intimate with another man while still being married to a faithful spouse, I could see me enjoying that kind of arrangement.”

I still kept it as fantasy talk between me and my husband, but the topic seemed to become more prevalent during our playtime. And my husband could tell there was a change in me when we discussed it. I was actually serious about it (if a perfect situation would present itself).

James had a hard time dealing with jealousy but there are ways of dealing with jealousy in the FemDom lifestyle that make it a moot point. I began to train him to accept whatever I wanted to do with whomever I wanted to do it with. I figured if we were going to truly have a FemDom marriage, jealousy could have no part in it.

The next training opportunity when it came to cuckolding was when a new couple joined my chapter of ClubFEM. They were a very attractive couple, she was tall and curvy and he was big and muscular. They both were really into fitness. I’ll call them Staci and Joe. Staci and I became friends and one night we were talking on the phone and she told me that her husband wanted her to cuckold him. She said it seemed as if that’s all he wanted to talk about during sex.

Staci didn’t want to do it because they had kids at home but one of their favorite things to do as a couple was to go out to a club and she would dance and flirt with men all night while her husband watched from a distance. Staci asked me if my husband and I wanted to join them the next time they did this. It sounded like fun so I agreed.

Since they had kids and couldn’t stay out real late, we agreed to meet them at a club in Baltimore, which was close to where they lived. Staci and I both dressed daringly and we acted like we were single gals on the prowl. Our husbands sat at a rear table and watched us all night.

According to James, Staci’s husband was really into it. Staci and I danced with a lot of guys. She was amazing as she bumped and grinded against her dance partners, giving her husband quite the show.

It took me a little time to warm up to the atmosphere of the club, but I think I did myself proud for a married woman who hadn’t done this in years. I even kissed this one guy on the dance floor which really tested my husband’s ability to suppress his jealousy. On the drive home he admitted to me that he became very aroused watching me flirt with other men. It was harmless fun although another important step in training my husband.

The next challenge was when a few of my phone clients wanted to “play with me” in person and were willing to travel to me and pay me for a live session. I originally became a phone Mistress as a potential training ground to becoming a professional Dominatrix. Therefore I decided to take that next step but only with a select few clients that I had been talking with for at least a year and in whom I was totally comfortable with.

I will discuss this in more detail and elaborate on my personal experience with cuckolding in future posts.


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  2. I wish I had been sitting on the back seat of that car listening to the conversation.Mmm...

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