Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Live sessions

The first phone client who came to session with me in person was from Chicago. He was about my age, maybe a few years younger. He flew into Pittsburgh and drove to a resort about an hour from where I lived. I broke the news to my husband that I was going to be spending the entire day with this gentleman. All of my preparation and training were put to the test, and although I could tell he was hesitant, to his credit my husband submitted to my wishes.

I drove to the resort and met my client. We had exchanged photos and he was even better looking in person. He was very tall and handsome. I should also point out that he was single. We had lunch and established a comfort level. I had my husband call me every hour on my phone as an extra safety precaution. After lunch, my client and I went to his room where I changed into a leather outfit and he stripped naked.

My session with him mostly consisted of boot worship, ass worship/face sitting (with me being totally clothed), some c/b play and me spanking him. It lasted two hours, maybe a little longer. Afterwards, we hung out and went to dinner. I drove home that night and he flew home the next day. That one session cost him a pretty penny between airfare, renting a car, the hotel room, buying me lunch and dinner, and of course my financial tribute for the session.

But the best part of the session was this new power I had over my husband. I teased him for days, making him wonder whether or not I had sex with this guy (which I didn’t). When he asked, my answer was ‘what if I did, what business is it of yours?’ This was all part of getting my husband to become less jealous and to accept that I can do whatever I want, within limits naturally, and that he could trust me to always keep his best interests in mind while I was exploring my dominance. After a few days of teasing him I finally told my husband the truth.

The next client I met for an in-person session flew into Baltimore and got a hotel next to the airport. I had my husband drive me to this appointment and he had to wait in the car outside the hotel while I dommed this older gentleman. I don’t recall the exact details of that session but I remember that he was a little bit too frisky at first so I handcuffed his hands behind his back. But other than his initial enthusiasm when he first caught sight of me dressed in my fetish outfit, he was very sweet and we had a good session.

The next phone client that I agreed to meet in person was ten years younger and very good looking. He claimed he was well-endowed and had been used by a DC professional Mistress to cuckold her husband (while he watched). This client gave me the woman’s website address and I contacted her to verify if whether or not this was true. She told me it was.

Prior to meeting him, I got a lot of mileage out of this by teasing my husband during our personal FemDom sessions. I had my husband to the place where he was ready to accept being my cuckold, and I played it up for all it was worth, but the truth was I wasn’t ready yet. I loved playing the cuckolding mind games with my hubby and I loved how he was no longer jealous when I interacted with other men, be they submissive men over the phone, or be they live FemDom sessions, or be they men I met out at clubs when I went dancing with my sisters. I had even kissed a few men I had met at the clubs but I wasn’t yet comfortable doing anything beyond that. However, I knew agreeing to meet this particular phone client was going to be tempting.

This client wanted to be dominated and he wanted me to whip and punish his cock because, according to him, he had slept with too many women in his past. We talked about it during our phone calls and this is what he wanted. We met for dinner and there was instant and mutual attraction. Then he got a hotel room. I brought the outfit he wanted me to wear; my leather corset, a pair of tight leather shorts and my knee length leather boots. I also brought my light deerskin flogger.

I got dressed in my outfit and he stripped naked for me. I tied him face up on the bed and when he gained his full erection I saw that he was being truthful when he said he was well-endowed. I did some teasing and denial with him, getting him very excited, than I took my soft flogger and began to whip his cock. The session was so freaking hot. I whipped his cock with a rhythm that had him on the edge of orgasm. A few times I accidently got his balls squarely which hurt him enough that it broke the mood, but he bounced back immediately. He asked me to whip him faster and harder, which I did and he couldn’t hold back so he finally climaxed, shooting his ‘load’ way up in the air and it landed all over his chest. I was very, very aroused from this session.

I didn’t want to have sex with him but I needed sexual relief. I took off my leather shorts and I climbed on his face and had him orally pleasure me. He was very good at it and I came quickly.

The next time I dominated my husband, I was taking him with my strap-on when I broke the news to him that another man had eaten his wife’s pussy. He climaxed almost instantly. I knew then and there that I had my hubby trained to accept whatever I wanted to do with whomever I wanted to do it with, and deep down I knew he was enjoying this dynamic of our marriage.

So did I ever take a lover and make my hubby into a cuckold? I’ll let you know the answer to that question in a future post.


  1. MsKathleen-

    Very nice. I enjoyed how you provided insights into your own objectives, methods and internal psycho-emotional state.

    It's instructive to see how your step-by-step method gradually eroded your husband's sense of married entitlement. Informing him that your Pussy was no longer his exclusive territory for oral worship must have been a watershed event for him, as evidenced by his orgasm upon learning the truth.